Payal Lost Her Hair

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Payal was a very beautiful girl she was from the Mountain states where she lived with her family, She had a petite figure but her best feature was her hair which hung below her butt long, thick and beautiful like a silk curtain. She was living with her parents and had just completed her class 12th her father was in a normal job and her mother a house wife. Payal loved her life and she was her own favourite person she loved to get ready everyday, she would take her time to take care of her hair and most days were going great for her.

Payal went to study in a different city she had qualified for a good college so her parents also allowed her to move. First 2 of the 5 year course were fine for her, she saw a lot of girls from her college were working part time jobs after college or in-between school to earn some extra money to support their lives. She too got attracted to the thought, she asked one of her friends who was a local to help her find a suitable job. It took some time but her friend managed to get her an interview, the office was of a cosmetic exporter. Other than her there were only 3 people working in the office while the factory had a number of workers.

She went for the interview and found out the boss was a very friendly person, she liked him immediately and thought this could be the perfect first job. Her interview was very good but the main issue was her college timings, the job required her to be at work between 10am-5pm which was exactly similar to her college timing. After coming back from her interview she asked her friends how they managed college with work to which they told her attendance wasn’t an issue if she applies for the “Work with Study Scheme” which was present at her college. She went and spoke with one of programme leaders who suggested and applied for her. The role she was called for was of personal secretary. A week after giving the interview she was asked to join, hearing this she became very happy and thanked her friend. She was contemplating whether to inform her parents or not but decided she should, her parents weren’t very excited about it as they wanted her to focus on her studies but her dad convinced her mother to allow her as she would learn something while studying.

She wanted to be the best looking girl at the office on her first day so she took her time to do good make up, chose a very beautiful looking shirt and skirt to wear. Last was her hair she thought about what she should do with it for a few minutes then decide to make a very pretty looking top bun. After getting ready she went to work. Her boss was very happy to see her there the other girls at office not so much as she looked far more beautiful than her. She was given a desk and chair inside her bosses cabin which made her feel really special.

Her boss was in her mid 20s he was a big hair fetish, Payal wasn’t a qualified candidate the sole purpose of him hiring her was her hair. When she had come for the interview her long beautiful hair attracted him and this was the main reason he decided to hire her. He wanted to get close to her so he decided to give her a space inside his cabin.

The first few days of work were great for Payal she was very happy her boss was giving her special treatment in teaching the work. He started texting her on whatsap after a few days which she didn’t think of much and started talking to him over it. He would often joke to her both on whatsap and in office. In first 2 months he became more of friend for her, she liked talking but maintained the decorum between a boss and an employee. In between the conversations she found out more about him, his parents were both living abroad while he was living alone in the city. He confessed to her how much he liked her long hair and would want to see her in different hair do’s at times. Payal too was getting friendlier with him joking with him, he requested payal on whatsap if she would allow him to touch her hair once. Payal thought there was no issue in it so she said he sure can, the next day when she was typing a letter dictated by him he got up from his chair and walked towards her. He stood behind her and started looking at what she was typing. He would often do that so she didn’t mind at all after a few seconds he slowly touched her bun she didn’t feel it at first but then he pressed it Payal realized what she was doing, she just turned and gave him a smile. This became a regular thing when she had open hair he would often touch them some times play with them and when she had a bun he would press at will.

After 3 months of work he started with his plan on a small holiday there weren’t many people in the office just the watchman, Payal and her boss were there. He pretended as if someone was calling him he came and sat on the sofa which was adjacent to Payal’s desk. ‘Oh great this can be a very good business opportunity let me think about it I will let you know” He spoke over the phone. When he kept the phone down Payal out of curiousity asked him if he was starting another business.

Boss- “it’s a secret I wont tell you”

Payal now more curious- ‘I’m your PA you should tell all secrets to me”

He knew payal would fall for it so he played with her for a few minutes before telling her what was going on. He said he found a buyer in Untied States who deals in Hair, payal was very confused at first she had never heard of anything like this. This was beyond payal’s head so he started explaining her how hair is used in other countries and even in India to make wigs and accessories, slowly and steadily she understood what he was talking about. After explaining her everything and showing her the profits of the business he told payal he had an offer for her too.

Payal- What offer sir?

Boss- How old are you?

Payal- 22

Boss- Well not many people get the opportunity I am giving you at this age. It’s a new business so I will need proper help in this I’m ready to offer you a 30% partnership in this new venture.

Payal became really happy and started thanking him for it, he however asked payal to keep this a secret until the first order is dispatched. She was so happy about getting this opportunity that she agreed without thinking.  He asked him to do a research on the trade and get back to him. After 2-3 hours of research she found out more on the topic.

Payal- I have one question?

Boss- What?

Payal- How will we get hair for this?

Boss- I have a way to get things don’t worry.  He said with a smile on his face

Payal didn’t think of it much as while working for him she had understood he was a very good businessman. A week passed he would often joke about cutting hair of one of the 3 girls working in his office to which payal and him both would laugh. Payal didn’t like Neha much so she would often ask him to cut Neha’s hair first. Her hair wasn’t as long as Payal but it was till her waist and looked very beautiful.  On satuday afternoon he informed her that we have to send a sample of our product to the buyer, she asked how will he do it as at the time there was no sample available. He looked at the door and said its time we cut Neha’s hair we have one week, we need to figure out a way to do it. Payal wo so lost in these things she forgot how immoral it was and gave him a nod.

They brainstormed for a few hours on how to get Neha to cut her hair then the boss gave a definite answer.

Boss- Its very simple I know Neha for a very long time she often needs money for things. I will just offer her some cash for a hair cut

Payal- Will she agree?

Boss- Yes definetly she will I will ask her alone.

Payal was anxious to know if she would do it, she wanted it to happen quickly to get a sample ready for the business opportunity given to her. Also, she had personal issues with Neha who often would act very proud because of her beautiful hair. Later that night he texted Payal telling her Neha had agreed now they just needed to find a place to cut her hair and secure the ponytail properly, he asked her if she would accompany him tomorrow to find the right hairstylist. She agreed to it as she wanted do more work for this opportunity. The next morning he picked her up from her hostel and took her on a ride thru the city they went to different parlours but weren’t satisfied with their work. Late afternoon he said there was a small parlour near his place. When they reached there she looked at it, the place didn’t look like a parlour it looked like a small mens salon.

They went in she saw there was a middle aged man in the shop now her doubt were quite clear it wasn’t a parlour at all. Rather than enquiring why he chose a barbershop Payal felt giddy thinking how Neha would look getting her hair chopped at this place He enquired with the barber if he was equipped to cut girls hair, the barber said yes he was but he could only give short hair cuts.

Boss- Well there is a certain way we need you to cut the hair we need the ponytails and other small hairs you have to cut them in a way you can give us everything intact.

The barber thought for a few minutes then with a little less confident said yes he could do it. Should we do a rehearsal of how he will do it?

Payal- How?

Boss- Just sit here I will show him what to do?

As stupid and lost in her thoughts as she was she sat on the chair, he signaled the barber to start his work. After Payal sat on the chair he opened her bun, her long locks fell all over the back of the chair like a waterfall. The barber looked quite impressed with her hair, he took a comb and started combing her hair properly. She felt odd that she was sitting there and the barber was combing her hair her boss was standing beside her touching her ends. Once the barber was done combing he started sectioning her hair the top was separated first he used a rubber band to make a ponytail on top, he then sectioned the hair on the left and made a ponytail third was her right side and lastly the back. It looked very funny the way he had sectioned and made ponytails on each part of her head she laughed at it and so did her boss.

In between them both laughing the barber placed a big white cape over her and secured it on her neck. He started taking pictures of her while laughing she was hiding her face acting weird, without their knowledge the barber picked up a pair of clippers in his hand and removed the guard. They were both busy looking at the funny side of things, the barber turned the chair towards her boss who was making a video. The in matter of seconds placed them right on her forehead and before anything was understood or said the barber made 3 passes from the base of her forehead to the base of the ponytail.

There was a look of shock and sadness on the face of Payal as well as on that of her boss, they were so shocked at what had happened that before they could stop him the barber continued making more passes in merely minutes reducing Payal’s top to skin. During the final pass he held her ponytail up and shaved it off her head completely removing it.

Boss- Wait!! What I just asked you to show me how you will do it not to actually cut her hair

Barber- How else would I show you ?

Payal started crying looking at the barber holding all the hair which was a few minutes ago on top of her head in the barber’s hand. Leaving the phone on the side still on recording he consoled Payal, after half n hour of crying and consoling they realized there was nothing that could be done to fix this. He kept his hand on Payal’s shoulders then signalled the barber to complete what he started. The chair was turned towards the mirror that’s when Payal first saw herself “noooooo” She yelled in agony and started crying again. She looked like a balding man with no hair on top but enough on sides. Her boss kept his hand on her shoulder again trying to console her the barber without giving much thought to the matter continued with his work he placed the clippers near her right ear and started shaving off the right side in 5 minutes he carefully removed the ponytail on the right side. Next was the turn for the one on left he worked for a few minutes and off came the left ponytail. Lastly, he worked and removed the pony tail at the back of her head. She couldn’t believe at what she was looking all her crowning glory was gone. She was bald just some small stubble was on her head, a waterfall of tears had replaced the waterfall of her hair.

When she came in she was giddy how Neha would look without her precious locks now she had lost them all. The barber removed the cape announcing he was done, he then handed her the 4 ponytails he tails which consisted of all her hair. She looked at then and started weeping again, her boss took the tails and paid the barber. She felt very shy coming out of the shop bald but he quickly got her into the car and drove her straight to his place.

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