Paying Her Debt

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Well, why did I offer to clear her debt if she shaved her head? It wasn’t because I wanted to particularly punish her. No, I decided to give her the opportunity to punish herself. I’m generous like that.

My boy owns a little barbershop downtown. I told her to show up there around noon. She managed to be on time for the first time since I knew her. She walked in the door looking incredible in a little black dress and these tall black boots. Her ginger hair was loose and covered her fantastic breasts with spiral curls. My boy the barber elbowed me in excitement.

“I can’t wait to shave this bitch bald,” he exclaimed.

I smiled. “Yeah, bitch, get in the fucking chair, but you’re gonna have to get naked first.”

She hesitated. We hadn’t discussed this. Still, probably thinking about how much she owed me (thousands of dollars!), she eventually took everything off, neatly arranging it on the counter. Then she climbed into the chair. A petite woman getting into a big chair usually meant for mem. She looked scared as my boy caped her. As she fucking should be. Again, this was going to be a punishment that she would remember.

“How do you feel about shaving your head?” I asked, “There’s still time to just pay me back the money.”

Looking sad, she replied, “You know that I don’t have it. Besides, this might serve as a good reminder never to gamble again.”


I gave my boy the nod. It was time to start. He smiled. Like a kid being told that he could start opening presents. Think the dude has a bit of a fetish. Just kidding. I knew it. Why do you think that I picked his shop? He took out a big hunting knife. Before she could react, he gathered up her hair in a ponytail and started sawing. It was a sharp knife, but, yeah, it took a full minute for that thick ginger ponytail to come off. She screamed the whole time.

“It’s just hair, bitch,” said my boy, shoving the ponytail in her mouth, “Calm the fuck down.”

Then he got his clippers. Without a guard or any ounce of mercy, he ran them over her scalp. He swiped off both eyebrows as well, which nearly made her choked on her ponytail. Thankfully, she spit it out. Then he flipped up her cape and did her pussy. Without all that hair, she wasn’t as hot anymore. She looked kinda like a hairless rat once he got through with her. She knew this. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she watched her shearing in the mirror. Still, her pussy was dripping wet. We saw it as soon as we flipped up her cape.

“You like this, bitch?” I asked, laughing.

Her face red, she said, “No! I hate this. It’s so humiliating.”

My boy just laughed as he flipped her cape back down. “Yeah, dude, this bitch is definitely getting off on this. We should fuck her once we’re done as a kindness. Cause nobody else would want her like this. Bald as a cueball and so ugly that her big tits aren’t even that appealing. Just freakish looking.”

She hung her head in shame as he wrapped it in a hot towel. Once her scalp was prepped, he lathered it up and used his straight razor smooth. She stayed very still, fearful of even his careful, expert strokes. He gave her pussy and brows the same treatment, of course. Then he used a stinging aftershave. By then, she was so broken by her humiliation that she didn’t even make a peep. She just stood, took off her cape, and got on her knees. And, yeah, I was aroused by the sight of that humbled bald-headed freak on her knees. After she finished servicing us, she got dressed and went home.

I frankly never expected to hear from her again. But, within a week, she called me, asking if I could take her back to the barbershop. I agreed. Though additional punishment would follow.

“Of course,” she said, “I deserve it.”

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