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100% True BTW

I had developed a fondness of watching my girlfriend of 4 years get her hair cut.  When we met she wore a short brunette bob just below her ears, very classic.  One day when we were out on a date and she changed the conversation abruptly.  “I am thinking of changing my hair.”  I replied, curiously whether she meant a new cut or color.  She quickly and nervously blurted out “Short, really short.”  Well I had a particular fondness for short hairstyles but had never really explored my interest in any depth.  The next week she told me she was driving home to get her hair done by a stylist she trusted and wanted to meet up when she got back.  The drive was an hour both ways and she called around 4:40 pm to let me know she was coming back.  Over the phone she commented “I really love my haircut and don’t know how I haven’t done this before!”  When I asked how it looked she blew me off, “You can see it and feel it soon enough.”  When asked how short she had gone she replied “Shorter than you…”  We this peeked my interest and I was not disappointed when she arrived.  The top was a long mushroom cut high over the ears with a tapered nape.  Stunning.  We were just out of college and our lives were just getting started.  This opened up a new facet in our relationship and I began accompanying her to the salon for subsequent haircuts.  Usually I couldn’t see the process but enjoyed evaluating the end result.  One time we went to a new salon that someone recommended as the stylist specialized in short hair.  I decided to go with her.  On the way my wife said “I am thinking of something new for the summer, really short though…”  I replied quickly and honestly “You know I will like it whatever it is.”  She said “Cool, I found a picture of a new cut but don’t want you to see it until you see it on me.”  This peeked my interest and got me thinking of how I could reward her.  With a knowing smile is said, “If it looks really hot I will reward you with any reasonable request.”  “Deal” she said.

We arrived at the salon and found it to be more of an upscale barbershop with an open floor plan.  There were 4 barber chairs and it was quiet with only two stylists and one customer.  Both stylists had really cool edgy bobs.  One had a short bob with a side cut that was down the the skin and the other had a pixie with a long top and a very short fade.  There was a guy in one chair  who was getting a really short back and sides with a pompadour. I was instantly jealous as I began balding around 18 and didn’t have too many haircut options.  Currently I was wearing a short style parted to the side but had never gone any shorter that a 3 on the back and sides with about 3 inches on top.  Unfortunately it was fairly obvious the I was losing my hair but my wife never seemed to care thank goodness!  It was 4:30 and it seemed my wife was the last client of the day.  We approached the reception desk and were greeted by a thin attractive female.  “Hi, I am Chris.  You both getting haircuts?”  “Nope, I replied.  Just my wife.  She has an appointment with Kim.”  “Cool, She will be right with you. Have a seat on the couch.”  We sat down and I immediately noticed I would have full view of the cut.  I was obviously excited as my wife patted my leg “This looks like a great view today!”  I nodded and smiled.

“Hi, I am Kim..  Come with me.”  The other stylist greeting us with a smile.  “What are we doing today.”  My wife stood and walked with her taking out her phone and showing her the screen.  She looked closely at it for about 10 seconds.  “Damn girl, I love it’ Kim said emphatically.  When you made the appointment I knew you wanted a short cut but I had no idea it would be this fun!”  My wife glanced back and gave me a smile as she sat in the chair.  I could hardly sit still but tried to play cool.

“Can I get you a beer?”  Chris startled me as she approached.  “We have a great high gravity IPA if you are into that?”  “Definitely” I said somewhat to abruptly.  “I love your wife’s short bob.  You guys make a cute couple.” She returned shortly with the beer.  “Thanks” I said.  “Welcome” she replied with a flirtatious grin.

As my gaze returned to my wife, I saw her chin tilted down and heard the loud whirr from a very large pink clipper.  I could see the metal blade shine for a brief instant as Kim pushed it up her nape with little to know hesitation.  I knew immediately this experience was going to be more than I anticipated.  She continued working, moving the longer top layer as she shaved the back and sides of my wife head.  She was getting a 360 degree undercut!  I didn’t know a lot about clippers at the time but could clearly see her scalp all around.  I was clear that this was shorter than the #3 I was used to on my own head.  My wife talked casually with Kim while being buzzed while Chris wandered over curiously.  Kim turned off the clippers and they conversed and giggled.  I could not help to wonder what they were saying.

My wife looked my way and smiled.  I must have been obvious that I was gawking.  Without averting her gaze she reached up and ran her hand up her nearly bald nape and blew me a kiss.  She was really getting to me at this point.

“Come with me!” Chris said as she had again snuck up and startled me.  She ushered me toward my wife and guided me toward the chair next to my wife.  With her hand on my shoulder Chris instructed me, “Have a seat.”  My wife said, “You looked lonely over there and could honestly use a cut. Chris is free and will take care of you.”  “Ok” I said with some reservation. It had been about 6 weeks and I was looking a bit shaggy but I usually didn’t go to upscale hair salons.  I made eye contact with Chris as she put a blue cape around me.  “I usually do a 3 on the sides and trim the top a bit, maybe a bit shorter as it is hot out.”  She smiled, “She already picked out your haircut.”  I looked toward my wife whose head was basically half shaved at this point as she asked, “My reward, right?”  She nodded to Chris who placed her hand gently on my shoulder and announced “You will love it.  I give my man this same haircut once a week.”  Kim joined in “Chris, use my Osters.  I am done buzzing her.  I just need to fade her nape and sides with the trimmer. There  is a 00000 in the drawer if you want to do this right!”  At this point I am thinking who gets their hair cut every week and feel that I don’t have much control of this situation.  “Hell yes” Chris replied as she moved toward the counter.  I could see Kim continuing to work on my wife’s cut with another clipper and comb but found myself worried about what was about to happen to me.  Chris grabbed to big pink clippers and removed the blade commenting, “this 0A will not do.”  I quickly realized she was removing the blade Kim used to buzz my wife and replacing with another.  She returned to the back of my chair.  She softly placed her hand on my crown and said “Chin on you chest.”  I inquired “what kind of haircut am I getting?”  Chris softly replied “You are getting peeled stud.”

Almost simultaneous there was a click and the clippers emitted and aggressive whirr that I had just appreciated when I witnessed by wife being shorn by Kim. With her hand on my crown Chris grabbed a fist full on my hair and pulled my head up “Actually, you need to see this.”  Staring head on into the fully mirrored wall with my wife and Kim observing expectantly, she raised the pink osters equipped with the 00000 blade to my forehead and without warning cleared a path directly from the front of my head to the back.  She continued with the shearing without hesitation.  Honestly, I must have blacked out because in a matter of seconds my head was nearly bald.  When she was done with the shearing Chris playfully rubbed my bald pate and commented to my wife “You are gonna love this tonight.”  Looking at myself in the mirror I actually liked the appearance.  Coming back to reality I remembered my wife sitting next to me and made eye contact.  There we were staring at each other looking quite bit different that when we arrived.  The glance we exchanged is one I will remember forever.

Kim was done with my wife’s cut and ushered her to the back for a wash before styling it.  Chris, obviously aware of my stunned state placed here hand on my chest and said “Let’s get you washed up too.”  We proceeded to the back and she and Kim gave me and my wife the most incredible scalp massages.  As we were getting up my wife placed her hand on my forearm and commented “You have never looked hotter.” I blushed instantly.  Then she instructed Chris, “You have already peeled him this tight.  Why not finish it up and shave him smooth?”  With a knowing grin she looked my way saying “How about it sir, want me to shave you smooth.”  At this point I don’t remember my reply and almost instantly I was back in her chair with my wife lathering my head with warm shaving cream.  Chris the expertly shaved my head with a straight blade while my wife and Kim observed.  When she was done she cleaned me with a warm towel and applied an aftershave that immediately thrust me back to reality.

There I was staring into the mirror peeled like a grape with 3 hot chicks staring at me with obvious admiration.  The last thing the was said came from Chris, “This one is on me.  You kids have fun tonight and make sure to come back to get cleaned up next week.”

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