Peer Pressure

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“Chloe, I think you should change your hair style. You’ve had the same style for so many years.”

“But I like my hair the way it is.”

Even though I like my hair as it is, Tina was right that I’ve had the same style for so long. My long dark hair reached just the top of my bum. There were no layers, it was the same length throughout and trimmed straight across at the ends. Tina grabbed a lock of hair from my head and finger brushed it.

“It’s the new year, and with it comes change!”

“But I like my hair long!”

My best friend, Tina, had long blonde hair, but hers only reached to the middle of her back. And she also had bangs; thick blunt bangs that framed her eyebrows. Her hair style really suited her, for the bangs accentuated her beautiful blue eyes.”Don’t worry, your hair will still be long with the change I have in mind for you.”

“What change? I don’t want my hair cut, Tina!”

“Have you forgotten the dare you lost, Chloe?”

“Oh gosh, I thought you were joking!”

Tina produced a pair of scissors and brandished it in front of my face.

“I wasn’t joking and I didn’t forget. I purposely waited for this perfect moment. It is new year after all, and time for a change!”

I was dumbfounded for a while but then relented, knowing how hard-headed Tina is. She will go through with this no matter what and will get her way.

“Sigh, what do you have in mind?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t butcher your hair if you that’s what you’re thinking. I was thinking of something more suiting since we are best friends. What about we become twins?”

“Twins? What do you mean?”

“Meaning I’ll cut your hair into the same hair style as mine. Then, we’ll look alike, at least the same hair style.”

“You can’t be serious! That means cutting my hair to mid-back length and getting bangs!”

“Yes! You’ll look cute with bangs!”

“Please, no…”

But Tina forced me to sit down at the kitchen stool. Then, she brushed my long hair down my back to smoothen in out.

“You’ve always had hair longer than mine. Don’t you think it’ll be adorable if we both have the same hair style?”

“Please not too short…”

Tina measured out her hair length to see where it reached. She then marked that same length with a comb at my back and then snipped a chunk of hair!


“Tina! You didn’t…”

“Oh yes I did! It’s too late now to back out. I’ll have to finish the cut.”

The worst part was not knowing how much she cut. If I trust that she cut it to the same length as hers, that meant 8 inches of hair had just been snipped off my back!

*snip snip snip*

Tina continued to cut across my back. Every snip of the scissor blade was followed by a soft thud which must be the sound of my heavy hair falling to the floor. It was a sound foreign to me, because for many years, I opted for minor trims only, no more than 1 inch at any time.

After she was done, I brought my hair across my shoulders to examine. I gasped in shock that so much had been cut off! My hair hasn’t been this short for many years. It was still long by normal standards, but short for someone who has kept butt length hair for many years. Before this, my hair was long enough to reach down to my crotch. Now it barely covered my breasts.

“We’re not done yet, Chloe.”

“Tina, you’ve done enough damage for today. Please, no more…”

“Aw, don’t be such a baby. I promise that you’ll look amazing with bangs!”

Tina got me to sit still and sectioned a triangular portion of what would become bangs. She tucked the rest of my hair behind my ears and combed the long front portion down across my face. I’ve always loved having very long ‘bangs’ framing my face. The long veil was so thick that I could not see through them. They hung down my chest covering my breasts.

“Close your eyes, Chloe! You don’t want to get hair in your eyes.”

Tina inserted the scissor blades into the long veil of hair. The cold metal blades against my eyelids was a foreign feeling. Tina hesitated for a while, as if reconsidering cutting off so much hair. Then, she resolutely closed the scissor blades.


The first snip severed more than a foot of hair and it landed on my lap. Unlike cutting the hair at the back, I could see and feel every moment of my bangs being cut! It was terrifying yet strangely sensual at the same time!


Tina snipped off another lock of hair, sending them tumbling to my lap. Now my left eye is revealed and I could see Tina standing in front of me, scissors in hand, poised to snip off another lock of bangs.


I estimated what must be about 15 inches long locks falling from forehead, joining the growing pile on my lap. It was like a nightmare, but yet so real.


Tina continued to work her way across, mercilessly hacking off my bangs, severing the last lock from my forehead. Now I could see through both eyes, for the thick veil which covered them just a few moments ago now lay on a heap on my lap. I felt the ends of my newly cut bangs tickling my eyebrows. Tina soon spared me the dread of not knowing how I look with the new haircut by handing me her pocket mirror.

“Gosh, is that me? I look so different!”

I could not believe how a simple bang cut could entirely change my appearance. The thick blunt bangs rested on my eyebrows, completely covered my forehead and brought out my eyes.

“I would never have dared to cut my bangs. Thanks Tina for the makeover!”

I managed a small smile. Perhaps this new style might suit me after all.

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