Penny’s Decision

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Penny is a beautiful woman, she stands 5’7″ tall, has a beautiful figure, but; her greatest assett is her Beautiful Auburn hair that cascades to her ankels. It is a true sight to be hold, with redish brown colors shinning through, when the sunlight hits it what a site to behold, a true work of art in and of itself. Penny’s, hair is truely her crowning glory.

Paula’s Sister -in-Law is Penny, so after seeing Paula’s bald head, Penny asked what happened Paula? Paula pulled out the CD, put it into the CD player, then sits down on the couch. Penny sits next to her as they watch for the first time Paula’s makeovers. Penny is just amazed as she watches, becomming spell bound and think of herself as Paula.

Penny watches as each new haircut is done and sits in awe of what was transpiring in front of her on the screen. Penny is a little arroused by the mulitple styles and hair falling with every cut taken. Now, Penny is really thinking to herself about shaving her head to honor Paula’s cancer. Penny thinks to herself, to be a true Sister-in-Law, a real sympathizer, she should shave her head? Plus she has never had her hair cut in 20 years, this thought is also weighing on her very heavely. Penny thinks to herself could I cut all my beautiful hair? It has been a long time since Penny had short hair, back 20 years ago she had her hair cut to her waist? The thought of cutting it all off was an enticing thought as she watched Paulas CD. Should I get a Bald cut? How would I go about doing this? Would I do like Paula and do it in stages and different styles? The decision to cut her hair was a big decision. Penny’s hair at ankle length was 66″ long. Penny pulled her hair from its ful length and piled it on her lap, she stroked it, watched the CD some more and cried a tear. The thought of doing what Paula had done was weighing on Penny’s mind, To cut or not to cut? To cut it all off Bald or to cut it to a short 3/4″ Pixie cut? Oh Lord what should I do?

Penny opened up to Paula and said: ” What would you think Paula, if I said I am seriously thinking about cutting all my hair off like yours to a bald cut, so you would not feel bad everytine you saw me with my long hair to my ankles?” Paula said: “Oh no Penny, please do not cut your beautiful hair off, keep it long as it is, I appreciate your kind thoughts of me with no hair, but; you do not need to do that for me Penny. OK?” Penny nodded her head, but; deep down inside Penny said to herself that it would be a sacrifice, her crowning glory, to be shaved to bald, BUT; Paula is a great Sister-in-law, Penny thought. Further more,I will be caring for her daily soon, for her to constantly see my long hair would not be right, plus the thought to Penny of getting all her long hair buzzed off was really exillerating, she was excited at the thought of being caped up and clippered toa crew cut. Then the thought came to her, especially after the long hair was clippered off, when only stubble was left, the part about the pure white shaving cream and a straight razor, peeling off any hair left, to a smooth shinny bald head, was a thoughtthat was appealing, exciting, exhilerating and was working on her mind.

Penny said good night to Paula and drove home. All night long Penny thought about all her long hair being clippered off just like Paula had done. The CD ran over and over in her mond all night long. Penny now could see this happening, Penny now knew what she had to do and nothing short of a bald head would appease her now. It was 6 am and Penny could not sleep, the thought of being caped up, all he long hair clippered off was too much. Penny had breakfast and by 7:30 am was dressed. Penny said I have to do this now before I back out, but; she faultered when she reached for her keys on the table, she stooped over to pick the keys off the floor, Penny’s long hair fell forward in front of her, she picked the keys up, stood up, brushed the hair back, then looked at herself in the mirror. Penny saw a 50 year old woman looking back at her, for an instance she saw herself in a bald head and shed a tear. Out the door Penny went, she knew what she was going to do now, no backing out now, a head shave is what she was going to do for her excitement and for her Paula.

It was about 8:45 am when Penny arrived at the shop and walked thru the door. I looked up and said: ” Penny, what brings you here?” Penny answered back: ” I saw the CD of Paulas and her Bald head, it got me to thinking, you know Paula is my Sister – in – Law and as such I will be taking care of her. So I saw the video and thought about Paula and her seeing me with all this hair, well I just cannot do that to paula, so I have decided to ask you to shave my head OC.” I looked at Penny and said: ” Really Penny, do you really want me to shave your head Bald like Paulas?” Penny responded: Yes, I want you to shave my head like Paula’s. I have been thinking about cutting it short since Cindy had her hair cut short into tht nice Pixie Cut, but; now with Paulas prediciment, well I am really getting excited thinking about getting all this ankle length hair shorn, and getting a head shave like Paula did, I mean it is exciting to watch and I have made the decision to shave my head now OC is that OK?” “WOW, I said, so when do you want to do this big change Penny? I mean now with a lot of women here or later to night say after hours at 5pm?” Penny looked around the shop and said: “Maybe I should come back at 5pm OC, thinking about it now, I would like it to be private and not a bunch of the ladies around and gawking and their OHH’s and Awes, yes OC I should ome back at 5pm and be in private like Paula did it, your right OC, so see ya at 5pm OK?” Inodded and Ok and Penny left saying “SEE YA AT 5PM OC OK then.”

The day went by as usual, the time flew by as usual, but; the thought of Penny, her beautiful Auburn hair with Reddish highlights, glissening in the daylight, shimmering as it fell to her ankles was one thought I kept seeing, then Penny walking into the salon, sitting down in the chair, being caped up, asking me to be shaven was getting to me. I was really waiting for 5 pm, it could not come fast enough, as the time went by slowly, I became obsessed with Penny comming in, asking me to shave her bald, actually having her head shaved. I was really getting very excited about the event that was about to be taking place at 5pm. I kept looking at the clock every hour waiting in anticipation, what a day this was going to be.

Finally it was 4:30 pm, I had no more customers and was cleaning up the hair and the booth around the chair, anticipating Penny’s arrival, when the door opened, I looked up it was 5:05pm and Penny came walking in the door, I looked at her with her Auburn hair flowing behind her almost touching the floor, as it changed colors of Auburn and reddish high lights, such a beautiful sight to behold, yet soon to be all shaved off, seeing it all laid out on the table as 66″ of pure glory cut off to stubble. Penny said: “OC, hello, I am ready plus I told Paula to meet me here,  I wanted her to be present when I do this shave, is that OK OC?” What could I say? I nodded and finished cleaning up the area, while awaiting Paula’s arrival.

I talked with Penny about how did she want to go about doing this shave. I asked did she want it like Paula’s was done doing many styles or? Penny replied: “Oc I have thought about it and over the years before I grew my hair out to see how long it would grow to, I had all those styles, Yet I found it exciting watching Paula get different hair cuts, yet for me I was thinking lets just do a nice loose ponytail on the crown and just start clipper cutting at the nape to the crown, then the sides and then the top all the hair in a ponytial and all being cut off till a nice stubble cut is there. The latered up with shaving lather and shaved clean with a razor. Is that Ok OC?” About that time in walked Paula. I said “Ok with me Penny soulds like a plan.” Paula asked : “Did I miss something?” Penny then explained to Paula what she had said to me about how the cutting was to be done and then added: “Oh Paula, you get to hold the ponytail, while I watch and OC does the clipping.” Paula said: “I cannot believe you are going to be doing this cut Penny, but; I love you for doing it Penny, you just do not know how much it means to me, you cutting all your beautiful hair, you do not have to do it Penny, really we can go home and I love you.” Penny said : “Oh Paula this is what I want to do, so let me do it OK?” Paula said: “OK Penny it is your decision, Oh God I love you for doing this.” I said: “Well looks like we are going to do this, so lets do it.”

I got the CD recorder and we started with Penny walking into the salon. Pennys hair was down flowing as she walked into the salon. At the desk I asked Penny what are we doing today? Penny replied: ” I was thinking about Paula, my sister-in-law, she shaved her head here, I got to feeling guilty about taking care of her during her chemo treatments, what with her head shaved and me with all this mane I have. So I decided to shave my head like Paula’s was done, this way, I will not fel so bad, plus I think it is time i cut this long ankle length hair off anyways?” I replied: “Well thats interesting and very thoughtful of you to do that, but; that is a lot of hair all being cut off at once, so let me ask you, are you really sure you want to go that short all at once?” Penny replied: ” OC I really have thought about this all night, I had dreams of doing this, Yes, I want to do this now OK?’ my meek reply was “OK”

As Paula caught the act, we walked to the salon chair, before I seated Penny, I reached back and pulled all her hair up into the right hand, then I motioned for Penny to be seated, Penny took a seat in the chair as I let the hair fall behind the chair. The hair fell downward, swinging as it spireled to the floor and laid there with a thud. I looked at the hair on the floor and thought to myself this was going to be one of the longest to shortest cut I had ever done. I pulled out a new cape, put it around penny’s neck, fastened it, then had Paula put the carmera in the tripod and come make a ponytail at Pennys crown and hold it while I was going to clipper the hair. Paula made a nice Ponytail at the crown of Paula’s head. I got the clippers and snapped them on, Penny jumped at the sound as she knew what was going to happen next. I raised the clippers up to the nape of Penny, Penny was looking at the mirror which reflected to the mirror behind me as I raised th clipper and said: “Ready or not here we go.” Penny watched with wide eyes as the clippers made a nice path of severd hair leaving a wide white skin showing. Penny watched and said:”Oh my God, that feels so warm, the new white showing, wont be long now huh OC?” I said “No Penny it will be all cut off sooner hen you know, Paula laughted and said: ” Soon you will be bald as I am Penny.” Penny watched and each passig more hair was severed and more white was showing. After the nape was finished, I moved to the right side and went over the ear and up to the sides, then the front of the ear and the side burns. With each passing more hair was severed, the ponytail was now elevated as the whole right side was bare skin. It was odd to see severed hair in a ponytail, hair not falling all over the place, but; still in tack as a ponytail. I next moved to the Left side and started with the sideburn over ear and back side to the nape. Three fourths of the hair was severed, hanging in a ponytail, bare skin showing in a short 1/8th ” buzz cut. Penny was amazed, Paula was in awe and I was enjoying every moment of this cutting. I said: “Almost done, all we have now is the top to do.” Penny commented: “Wow I look so different with all that hair in a long ponytail and a stubbled head, Oh lets get it done and on with the lathering and shaving OK?” I took th clippers to the top of the head and started at the left side, plowing into the hair at the front of the head and going back to the crown. The hair fell off and was again a bigger part of the severed ponytail. A pass down the middle then to the right side and the ponytail was now severed full, the long hair that once covered Pennys head was now servered and the ponytail was limp as Paula held one end in hand and the rest of the hair fell to its full length. The hair was laid in Penny’s lap. Penny held all the hair and said: “Good bye to my once long mane of pride and now enter a soon to be bald headed lady.” With that said Penny gave the hair to Paula, Paula laid the hair on the counter in front of Penny and said: “I cannot believe what you have done Penny, Wow what a scarifice.” Paula then gave Penny a big hug and said: You, thought the cutting was fun, wait till you get a straught razor cut.”

Penny looked at her new self in the mirror and said: ” I do not look bad in a buzz cut, never have had my hair this short before, yet I like it.” She said this while rubbing her hands over the syubbled ends and just excited about what she had just done and yet smiling like a person who won a 10K race. I got a warm towel and covered Pennys head before the shaving was to commence. I then reached back and got the shaving machine to dispense fresh white warm lather. I pulled the towel off Penny’s head and then applied the shavng cream. Penny was now in a pure excited mood as I rubbed the lather into the scalp. Penny was relaxed and watched as I reached for the Straight Razor. I then started at the Top of the head and stroked the Razor to the crown, a nice white smooth bald path showed through as I rinsed the razor in the warm running water at the sink. With each pass Penny and Paula were amazed, I was enjoying them enjoying the moment of the shaving to a smooth Bald head. When the last stroke came, Penny was elated and said: “Paula now I look like you, I love this bald head.” I washed her head with a nice warm towel and then put some oil on the scalp to take away any razor burn feeling.  Penny then reached up and touched the Bald head saying; “Oh how wonderful this feels, it is like a baby’s smooth butt, I love it. So glad I did this.”

Paula got up out of the chair, gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek saying: “Enjoyed this so much OC will never forget it and now have a CD of it like Paula’s” Penny then took her hair and we put it in a plastic bag, Penny then said: “Think I will sell it on a Hair for sale site, what do you think OC?” I said: “It should sell for a fantastic price Penny, a beautiful spire of hair, plus you have a CD of the cutting to sell also?” Penny and Paula hugged me as we walked to the front door. I locked the shop up and suggested we all go out for a dinner on me. Penny and Paula said : “OC you will have the pleasure of dinning two bald Beauties that had the pleasure of you doing their hair.” I nodded and we all had a laugh as we went to dinner.

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