The Perfect Sister

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Well here I am standing outside  My slutty older sister’s room. She finally came home after yet another night of partying and probably fucking dozens of guys. I don’t know why and I don’t know how the idea got into my head but shaving her bald seems like the best way to get my revenge. Now before you start judging me and saying I’m a horrible person please hear me out.


My Name is Shelly. My sister is Zoey. And my entire life I’ve just been “Number two”. Nobody including our own parents ever really seemed to care about me. They only had eyes for my “perfect sister”. I was just the nerdy weird kid with nothing better to do than stay inside and play video games all day. I didn’t have many friends to begin with but when I started getting bullied at school buy the popular kids a group my sister just so happened to be a part of it made me an outcast. And the fact that I’m not very pretty to begin with never helped. But the real reason  I’m so pissed this time is because she really crossed the line this time. I was apart of the art club at school. And if I’m being honest it was one of the only things about school I ever liked.


So I decided I would try to enter an art contest held at our school. The winner would get one THOUSAND dollars. So naturally I wanted to win.


I spent day and night working on my gorgeous painting. It took FOREVER but it eventually was completed. When the day came I went to our garage to get it and all I see is…


RED PAINT. That’s ALL there was! Just red paint splattered all over my painting! Immediately knew who It was.


I stomped up our stars to my sisters room with fury in my eyes. I slammed her door open.”WHAT DID YOU DO!?” I yelled at the top of my lungs. At first she seemed confused but quickly understood why I was so mad. She started laughing while saying things like: “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”


During the entire school day I couldn’t get that god damn laughter out of my head. I saw other kids carrying around their own paintings ready to start. And here I was. Sitting in class like any other day when I could be one of them. It made me so mad I started thinking about how I could get her back for taking away the ONE thing I enjoy. And then it hit me.


She took away the one thing that made me happy so why don’t I take away the one thing that makes her happy? That being her beauty. So I started to think of a plan. Our parents are going to be going on a vacation next week. So it will be just me and Zoe.   When I got home I rushed into the bathroom in search of one thing… Clippers…


Eventually next week came and our parents packed their bags and went off. I knew I would have to catch Zoe when she wasn’t expecting it as she is strong enough to fight me and probably win. Knowing she likes to party and drink quite a bit I expected our parents being gone would just make her go out more.


Sure enough I watched as she came stumbling in our house at two in the morning drunk as a skunk. She collapsed into her bed in a pile of her own drool. I saw this as a perfect way to start my plan. I marched downstairs to the bathroom and as I got the Clippers something grabbed my attention. I saw a ominous black bottle in the shower. I grabbed it and then instantly smiled.


It was Nair. My mom uses this occasionally in the shower on her legs. I marched back upstairs with Clippers in one hand and Nair in the other.


So yeah. Now you know why I’m standing over my half naked passed out sister with a look of pure enjoyment on my face for what I’m going to do next.


I took out the duck tape I got while I was downstairs and started wrapping her arms against the bed frame. I also made sure to strip her down to her underwear just in case she had a hidden knife in one of her pockets. After I was done with that I wrapped both of her legs together so even if she did break free she wouldn’t be able to run. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water and splashed it in her face. She woke up coughing while I laughed “What the fuck was that!?” She said her voice raised slightly. “I just figured it would be more satisfying if you were awake for this.” I said grabbing the Clippers with a growing smile on my face. “W-What are you going to do to me Shelly?” She said with a look of fear suddenly present in her eyes. “You see Zoe I’m getting really tired of being everyone’s punching bag…” I said as I started the Clippers. “So to teach you a lesson… I’m going to shave you bald!” I said with the same haunting laughter she gave me when she ruined my painting.


She started squirming “You’re going to WHAT!?” She screamed. “N-No! Get away from me! You are NOT shaving my head!” I ignored her as I sat on top of her stomach to get a better angle. “Ow! Get off me you fat bitch!” She yelled. But I didn’t care about what nonsense came out her mouth about my admittedly chubby body. All I cared about was revenge for all the years of torment I suffered from because of her. She moved her head left and right frantically in a pathetic attempt to stop me from shaving her down. I simply grabbed a handful of her hair and looked her in the eyes and said “This is for the lifetime of pain you put me through.” After saying that Zoe seemed to have stopped moving so much and instead looked like she was thinking to herself.


I drove the buzzing Clippers straight down her head mowing any hair that crossed it’s path into stubble. I expected her to scream but instead she had a look of reminiscent on her face. I kept shaving her hair while saying things like: “It’s all coming off Zoe!” and “Bet you regret being an asshole to me now!” She stayed surprisingly quite through the whole thing as her hair littered the bed. I continued to shave the top of her head mowing most of it down. After I was done laughing at the makeshift receding hairline I had made I continued to buzz the rest with my hungry Clippers. After I was finally finished I squirted the bottle of Nair on her head and started rubbing it in her scalp with my hands.


After letting the Nair stay on her head for a while I took a towel and started rubbing her head with it and sure enough the stubble was erased from her now completely bald head. Her head was as white as snow due to the fact she has always had long hair. I ran my fingers over her head mostly because it was fun and felt good on my palms but also to try to find any missed spots.


After I was done checking I got off of her and said “Ok so I know you’re probably so pissed off you cant even speak but I just want you to know that you deserve this.” I pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the duck tape restricting her left arm and then quickly backed up just in case she tried to swing at me. But she surprisingly didn’t. Even her face remained the same. I left the scissors on her lap and quickly got out of her room and went into mine.


I made sure to lock the door for obvious reasons. My heart was racing. I have never done something that exciting before but before I could think about it I heard a knock on my door. I looked out the peep hole and saw Zoe resembling a cue ball. Before I could say anything she said “I’m not here mess with you I just want to talk.” I responded with “How do I know that?” Zoe held up her hands to show she wast holding anything. I put on a baseball cap just in case she was lying and opened the door to see her standing still in just her underwear. “What do you want?” I said.Then Zoe said something I never thought she would ever say to me…


“I’m sorry” she said tears forming in her eyes. “Huh!?” I was so shocked to see her like this. I was expecting to be cussed out or punched but instead she was genuinely regretful. “I’m sorry for never being a good sister.” She continued while I was stunned in silence. “I’m sorry for prioritizing my ego above you and every thing else.” She rushed over to me and hugged me while crying. “I know I don’t deserve it but if you can give me a second chance to change into the sister you deserve it would mean a lot to me…” She said through a waterfall of tears.


I thought about it for a bit. What if she really has turned a new leaf? Or is this an elaborate trick to try and get back at me? I pulled away from Zoe and told her I would think about it. Zoe composed herself and told me she understands and she will do anything to make it right with me. I went to sleep that night thinking about the future of my relationship with my sister. 


I woke up at first panicked that I slept in for so long before realizing it was a Saturday. As I went down stairs I smelled bacon and something else at the kitchen. I walked there to see my sister cooking bacon with some pancakes. She turned and with a smile greeted me. I sat down at the table as Zoe gave me my plate of pancakes with bacon on the side. At first I was hesitant as I didn’t know whether or not she put something in it. Zoe saw my hesitation and took a bite out of my pancake to prove she didn’t do anything to it. After eating I was about to go up stairs but she stopped me and said we needed to go shopping. I asked her what she meant and she said “come on Shelly you got to update your wardrobe! I’ll pay if that’s what you’re concerned about.” I could tell that she was definitely trying to turn a new leaf so I decided to go with her.


We had a lot of fun together. We went shopping and bought a whole lot of new clothes and makeup. We even had our hair done! Well… My hair done at least.


When we got home Zoe showed me how to apply the makeup properly. The next day I woke up and went to her room only to see she wasn’t there. I went to check the bathroom and saw the light on underneath the door. I knocked to see if she was in there. The door opened and Zoe was standing there in a towel soaking wet. “Oh I’m sorry to disrupt your shower.” I said. “Oh no you didn’t disrupt it I actually could use your help.” She responded. I turned confused. “What do you need help with?” I said. “I need you to shave my head again” Zoe said. “What!?” I responded even more confused. “I know it may seem odd but I think I want to stay bald. Maybe it can be a symbol of how I’ve changed and have let go of my ego.” She said. Then she chuckled and said “And I think I look pretty good with a bald head too.” I chuckle in return and say “Yeah I can always shave you back down to nothing but what will your friends at school say?” I said while rubbing her head. Zoe responded “Fuck what they say! I love my sister! And this bald head represents that!” I chuckle and say “Ok! I’ll help”


I bring a chair from the table to the bathroom for Zoe to sit in. Our father is bald himself so I new that there would be some shaving cream in the bathroom anyway. I took out the shaving cream and start rubbing it onto the stubble that now covers Zoes head. Zoe closes her eyes and smiles clearly enjoying it. I jokingly say “does little kitty like this?” Zoe does her best to emulate the purr of a kitten as I laugh. Due to the fact I didn’t shave Zoes head with a razor we had some complications but in the end she was once again bald as the day I shaved her.


Our parents were at first shocked to see Zoe as bald as The Rock but were even more shocked to see us getting along. When we went to school I got compliments all day for everyone for my new fashion choices. Zoe unfortunately had a lot of people laugh at her and the popular kids wanted nothing to do with her But she never seemed to care.


It’s been quite a while since then. I have become a world famous painter with a husband and two children named Liam and Rachel. Zoe is STILL bald and now is married to a woman named Jessica who owns a barber shop In Hawaii. It’s not a big establishment but it’s popular with the locals. It at first surprised me that she’s into men AND women but I don’t care in my eyes she will always be the perfect sister.

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