Permanent intern Pt 2

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As they entered the Salon Miss was greeted very warmly and was asked who was the girl and pointed to Sana.

Susan: Oh she’s the one I booked Beth for.
The salon girl looked and Sana from head to toe and said your not going to recognize your self when Beth will be done with you.
Both Susan and the salon girl giggled about it and talked about Susan’s appointment. Then Susan was told to go in and Sana was to take a seat in the waiting area while Beth gets ready for her.
Sana sat on the chair she was just enjoying the cold air from the A.C and reading a magazine. When Beth came she was a big and thick woman in late mid 50’s , she was dressed as an African woman , a long printed maxi , a band on her fore head to stop her hair from coming to her face and her hair were in rollers.
Beth came and shouted loudly “SANAA” hearing her name Sana looked up from the magazine she was reading and saw Beth and placed the magazine down, Beth told her to follow her, on entering the salon area she saw that it was quite luxurious and well lighten, just like the expensive salon, Sana kept following Beth as she looked around and without saying anything she was guided to the far end corner of the salon.
The corner gave a totally different vibe to Sana like this corner was a complete salon in it self . She was standing facing a small stool and a mirror on the wall with a table under it a small sink on the right side and an old big hood dryer chair which was already occupied by a girl in a big plain white cape which covered the girl from neck to toes, Sana tried to look at girl’s face but the big hood and the blurry visor in front of it didn’t allowed her. As Sana was taking that all in she felt a cape being wrapped around her neck by Beth, as Beth tied the cape tightly around her neck making sure no hair was stuck under the cape, Sana said that the cape was too tight, but Beth just said good and released Sana’s hair from the bun.
The thick black hair tumbled down like a black water fall to her waist , Beth just picked up the comb and started combing, it had few tangles but still was manageable, after making sure Beth said I’m not going to wasting water on the useless hair , she just started gathering all the hair in a ponytail and picked a pair of scissors from the table under the mirror and without saying anything or asking from Sana, she started cutting the hair till Sana’s bra band, the firm grip of Beth made sure that Sana was not able to move and the sharp scissors cutting through her thick hair, the scissors kept fighting with Sana’s thick hair and finally won the fight , leaving a trophy of Sana’s half Lehigh of hair in Beth’s hand as she threw them on the floor like trash.
As the grip was released Sana turned around to see how much was cut and got froze as she looked at the pile of hair on the floor Beth wasted no time and told Sana to sit on the stool and face the sink , Sana did that still in shock that what happened and compiled with Beth’s order, as she sat on the stool her head was dunked in the sink without a warning and a cold water burst on her head, Beth’s strong hands made sure that Sana didn’t got up from the sink and started shampooing with all force not caring if the shampoo was going in the girl’s eyes or mouth, after the shampoo a very hard and rough towel dried her hair and was quickly wrapped around her head , allowing Sana to get up from the sink.
As Sana sat up she felt big hands turning her face to the mirror, so Sana turned her self and faced the mirror through the mirror she saw that no one in the salon was paying any attention to her and suddenly Susan just turned her head in the detraction, before they could make eye contact Beth came and stood behind Sana holding a pair of scissors and comb and started removing the towel and said let’s get started.
Through the mirror Sana could see that Beth was very fast in her work and could felt the roughness in customer service, as Beth was sectioning she turned her face to the girl under the dryer and said just 10 more minutes and then you both will switch, the girl didn’t move just said ok. Beth turned to Sana and started combing the section and putting then in clips and before Sana could say anything the cutting began, Beth was a cutting machine, comb cut , comb comb cut cut, she made it look that she was being careless but each cut was done perfectly soon one side was done and Sana could see that she was getting a layer cut as the hair were cut in a increasing length and perfectly matched as the left and right section were done , Sana started to get worried that how short would be the final result as she had already lost half of her length even before the shampoo. Beth didn’t said the word but just kept cutting. When she was done Beth took few steps back to see her handy work and then came closer again this time she again rolled the back section of Sana hair and pushed her head down till it reached her chest, maintaining a firm grip on the head she placed the comb and scissors down on the table and picked up something else, Suddenly a cold metal thin strip touched her nape , Sana would have jumped on this contact but the firm grip held her steady. She felt the metal strip moving down on her nape and Sana realised it was a straight edge razor, Beth was shaving her neck , once the razor completed her work her head was released from the firm grip, she could feel the cold air on her neck.
Sana was feeling weird as she have never felt this but the feeling didn’t last long , as Beth picked up the bowl of paste from the table and placed a heavy rubber cape and tied it, the rubber cape was very heavy and coved Sana from neck to waste leaving the big white cape visible from below which was tied earlier, and started apply paste to Sana’s hair, Beth made sure that every single hair or Sana was covered in paste and then wrapped a transparent plastic wrap on her head covering the hair.
Now all of Sana’s hair were covered in paste under the wrap and was told to get up. As Sana stood from the stool Beth stopped the hood of the girl and raised the hood releasing the girl from the hood. As the girl got up from the hooded chair, Sana saw it was a girl in 20’s, her face was very red from the hot hair of the hood , she had yellowish blond hair , like the cheap dolls hair and they were in tight rollers. Sana and the girl were told to switch places and Sana was now trapped under the dryer, Beth raised Sana’s head and said keep it this way and don’t move then closed the visor of the hood and the hood was turned on, a blast of very hot hair was being thrown on Sana’s hair and face in few seconds she was sweating but kept sitting there, she tried to look out of the visor but due to the pale and blurryness she could on she figures moving , she kept assuming what could be happening but couldn’t be sure.
Sana was sweating heavily and wanted to wipe the sweat from her fore head and face but the heavy rubber cape stopped her. She was not aware how long it have been as the figures have been disappeared for quite some time. Finally the dryer stopped, and the hood was raised, the bright lighting of the salon squrivel her eyes, but quickly got normal and heard Beth saying to the sink, as Sana shifted her herself to the to the stool again she felt the plastic wrap being removed from her head and was dunked in the sink.
After a powerful shampoo her head was again wrapped in a towel hiding the result, Sana was made to sit facing the salon this time , which cause her not to see the result and a hand hair dryer was put to work, lots of pulling , brushing and hot air was used and once the dryer wet quite, Susan was called.
Sana patiently waiting to see the result but she saw Susan coming to her , Susan was in a cape with few strands wrapped in tin foil and was walking towards her. She had a big smile on her face and said “Beth your a genius but I think you have forgotten something”, and pointed to the small section of hair still on the top of the head.
Beth: oh no I didn’t I just wanted to make sure at where you wanted the bangs to fall. (Hearing this Sana was horrified she looked very bad in bangs)
Susan: haha! Oh your such a sweet heart. I was thinking micro would look good, as they won’t bother her during the work. What do you think.
Beth: Well it’s totally up to you as my job is to fulfil the the customer’s demand. So micro it is?
Susan just nodded, during this conversation they talked as Sana was not even there and it didn’t concerned them what her thoughts were on it. Beth swiftly combed the bangs and started cutting the curtain on hair fell in Sana’s lap as the bangs were cut very high. After cutting Beth checked if they were ok and she nodded and went back to the chair she was sitting.
Beth removed the capes from Sana releasing her from its clutches and was told to go to the other end of the salon and ask for Ruby. Sana stood up and started walking like a robot, not daring to look in the mirror from the fear of how she would look.
As she reached the other end of the salon , she saw it was the nail section and asked one of the staff for ruby. She was pointed to a lady sitting few chair away and from the back what she could make out was that Ruby was also a big woman with an updo.
Sana went to Ruby and said Hello, Beth send me to you. Ruby looked at Sana and burst out in laughter and started saying something to her in Spanish. Sana couldn’t make out a work but understood from the hand gesture that she was told to sit in the chair opposite to ruby, as she sat Ruby kept speaking in Spanish in a happy way and then placed Sana’s hand in bowls placed in front of her and then showed her the nail polishes in red colour.
As Sana was not able to understand a single word she just kept smiling and not say anything , Sana thought that she would just stay quiet through all time and would let Ruby do what ever she wants.
Ruby started her work from Sana’s right hand by cutting her half inch long nails and filing them to her fingertips, Ruby kept talking non stop and Sana kept nodding and smiling. Soon nails of both hands were cut and filled, now came a surprise for Sana , as she saw Ruby applying fake nails on her which were as long as her fingers and the horror ran through her mind , that with such long nails how would she be able to do anything, Sana tried to ask others to help her to stop Ruby but everyone was busy, Ruby kept chatting and applied the nails . Then put Sana’s hand under the light and repeated the process on the left hands. Once nails of both hands were fixed she started painting them Bright Red, the colour was so bright that it can be seen even from a mile away. After polishing was done Ruby kept saying something then grabbed Sana’s hand and started guiding her to another station.
There was a young skinny girl in that station no more the 18-19 , she asked Sana to sit in the chair. This station had nothing except for a drawer on the wall and a chair. The girl said Hello I’m Lucy I will be doing your eyebrows, please sit back and rest your head back. Sana did as told and saw the girl holding a pluckers in hand and asked Sana to keep her eyes closed she kept plucking her eyebrows. Sana felt like being tortured but did opened her eyes, and finally after a lots of plucking her left eyebrow was done and the girl moved to the right side and started plucking. Finally Sana was told that she was done , but hand to stay seated as Susan had to confirm if any changes needed to be made.
Sana sat there and rubber her eyebrows as the plucking was hurting , as she took her hands to the eyebrows she was horrified she couldn’t feel her eyebrows on a thine line of hair was left she was panicking. Sana didn’t realised when Susan arrived behind her and pulled her head back, quietly checking her eyebrows and then said to Lucy can you thin bring them bit more higher and thinner , the girl explained it can be done but it won’t look good , but Susan just told her to do it , as Susan kept holding Sana’s face the girl started plucking again doing and then asking to check , Susan said perfect, so the girl did the same on the other eyebrow.
Now Sana was totally ready and was told to get up from the chair and twirl so Susan can see her properly, Sana did as she was told then Susan took Sana’s hand and checked her nails and said in a taunting way, Nice colour and gave a cruel smile, as she smiled Sana looked at Susan, and noticed that her face was glowing even more then before her makeup was freshly done and her hair had some dark red lowlights . Giving her a more powerful look.
Susan noticed Sana looking at her and said “I think you have forgotten the rules”, hearing this Sana lowered her head quickly and said “Sorry Miss, I will not let it happen again” in a loud and clear tone.
Susan : That’s better, we should get back to the , your work is pending and for losing the past 3 hours for your make over you will be staying in the shop late and will cover the time.
Sana wanted to oppose and say that it was not her decision to get the make over so she won’t stay late , but instead only she said “Yes Miss”
Now let’s go there’s lot of work to do. Sana quietly kept her head lowered and followed Susan out of the Salon. On her way out the salon in the waiting area said “I told you won’t recognize your self”, in reply Susan laughing said she haven’t seen her self yet, they both laughed and leaving Sana , feel humiliated.
As they reached the Salon Susan announced their arrival loudly making sure everyone saw Sana in her new look.

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