Permdemic! : Chapter 3

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“Stacy, babe, how have you been?” Josie gushed as they walked through the door, her long red wavy ponytail bobbing around wherever she moved her head. “And this must be your, er, friend?”

“Girlfriend, actually.” Stacy grinned, bashfully, as Mildred blushed. “And thank you so much for opening up on a Sunday for us. I know how much you like your day off.”

“Well, your message was a bit unusual. Intriguing even. What was it?” She thumbed her phone. “Oh yes, ‘Biggest thing I’ve ever done with my hair, and I’ll bring a friend too.’ “

Josie raised her eyebrows “So, what are we doing, babe?”

Stacy took a deep breath. “You’re going to think I’ve gone mad, but… Perms! Short, tight, curly perms. For both of us.”

Josie looked at her for a moment and then shrieked with laughter. “Yeah, right. You actually had me going there, for a minute. So what are we really doing?”

Stacy looked a bit offended. “I’m serious, Josie. I know perms aren’t exactly popular right now, but I reckon they’re due for a comeback. And me and Mildred are going to be right up there, ahead of the curve, trendsetters. So, are you up for it?”

“O. M. G. You really are serious, aren’t you?” She looked from Stacy to Mildred. “Yeah, why not.” She shrugged. “Always up for something new and exciting, and maybe you’re right, Stace; Maybe perms are due for a comeback.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head, not quite believing what she was about to do.


“Perms?” Allie queried. “Really?”

“Yep.” Stacy assured her colleague, with a wry smile. “They’re both determined that’s what they want.” She shrugged.

“Well. Haven’t done too many of those, recently. Do we even have any solution?”

“Oh, no need for that.” Stacy hefted her bag. “We brought our own.”

“You know I work at the University, right?” She hastily started to explain, in response to the confused looks. “Well, our boss, Dr. Katie, has developed this revolutionary new perm solution. It smells really good, not like the normal stuff, and, er, what was the other thing Millie?”

“Self-neutralising.” Mildred offered, still feeling a bit shy. “So, er, you just need twenty minutes under a dryer, then rinse.”

“Sounds easy enough.” Josie shrugged, again. “But, er, how much of it have you brought?”

“Oh, you can keep the rest. Free samples. We’re trying to build up a market, so any publicity is good for us.”

“Well, I can’t guarantee we’ll use it. Like Allie says, we don’t do a whole lot of perms.”

It was Stacy’s turn to shrug. “Don’t worry. We’ve got gallons of the stuff, back at the lab.”


“So, as close as you can get to this.” Stacy showed her phone to Josie. It was a picture of Katie that she’d quickly snapped that morning.

“Wow, that’s pretty short! Are you sure you’re ready to lose all of this?” She gave a playful tug on Stacy’s long ponytail.

“More than ready.” She replied, smiling. “It’s just been annoying me, recently. It’s time for it to go. Right Millie?”

“Yep.” Mildred confirmed, glancing at Allie in the mirror. “I can’t wait to have it super short, and super curly.”

Josie and Allie exchanged a quick glance, and simultaneously sank their scissors into the girls’ hair. In a matter of moments, the floor was strewn with lengths of blonde and brown hair. Stacy and Mildred giggled as they saw their long tresses replaced with short, ragged bobs.

They were led over to a row of sinks, and they relaxed as the warm water and gentle hands of their hairdressers massaged any cares away.

“Mmmm… that feels so good.” Stacy murmured.

“Yes,” Mildred agreed. “Having my hair washed is always my favourite part of going to the salon. And it’s even nicer with short hair.”

Too soon for Mildred, the shampoo ended and she and Stacy were back in the chairs.

“I’m thinking about two and a half inches all over, to get the curls nice and tight. What do you think, Allie?”

“Let me see the photo? Yeah, that sounds about right.”

The two hairdressers set to work with comb and scissors, and more short snippets of damp hair rained down to join the growing pile. Stacy and Mildred’s smiles were growing too, as they saw their hair reduced to short, layered crops, ready for the perm rods.

“There!” Announced Allie with some satisfaction. “That’s you looking a bit tidier.” She’d actually quite enjoyed cropping Mildred. She didn’t get the chance to cut that much hair off very often, and it was a bit of a thrill.

“Wow! My hair hasn’t been this short since, well, I can’t remember.” Mildred reached up and gingerly ran her hands through the short layers. “I can’t wait for it to be curly.”

“Let’s get started then.” Allie handed her a pack of end papers. “You hand me up one of these for each roller, OK?”


“I can’t remember the last time I did this,” she muttered, half to herself. “Probably back in college!”

“Yeah, well, you never forget.” Josie called over cheerfully. She was just putting her scissors down, having given Stacy an equally short crop. “You ready to be rolled up, babe?”

“Can’t wait.” Stacy replied gleefully.


“So, er, are these all the same?” Josie was peering at the bottles of perm solution.

“Ah, no. Different scents.” Stacy told her. “Strawberry for me, that’s the red cap. And Mildred wants the rose one. Pink cap.”

Josie found the right bottles and passed one to Allie. She unscrewed the red cap and sniffed, cautiously.

“Hey, that really does smell like strawberries. That’s amazing!”

“Yep. Dr. Katie’s a genius!”

“I think she must be. That was always the thing I hated about doing perms, the smell. I tell you what, anyone coming in here for a perm, this is what we’ll be using!”

Allie removed the pink cap and held the bottle up to her nose.

“That is remarkable.” She frowned in thought for a moment. “We should make the most of this. We don’t have to do the super short, super tight perms, like these two. I can see a lot more women going for a perm without that awful ammonia smell. This could be big business for us!”

Josie was concentrating, making sure she covered each roller thoroughly. “Hm, yeah, whatever, babe. I’m just getting a kick out of doing a perm again. It’s actually really satisfying.”

In a few more minutes, Stacy and Mildred found themselves seated under a pair of dryers, their tightly rolled hair covered with thick white nets. Mildred reached out her hand, and Stacy squeezed it.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.” Mildred whispered.

“I know what you mean. It feels like I’ve been thinking about it forever, even though it’s only been, what, like a week? Two weeks?”

“Yeah, something like that. Pretty much as soon as Katie…..” Mildred tailed off. “It’s crazy, really,” she started again. “Just how much we both got affected by Katie’s perm. I mean, yeah, it looks good on her, but it’s almost like….” There was a thought that wouldn’t quite come to her.

“Yeah, I know. Weird eh?” Stacy replied cheerfully. “I guess all we needed was just a little push, to get us to realise just how fabulous curly hair is. After all these years of straightening it.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Mildred smiled back at her.


“I think this is the tightest, curliest perm I’ve ever done!” Announced Josie.

The two girls were back in the hairdressers’ chairs, having their rods methodically removed. They looked at each other and grinned.

“Hmmm.. yes, you’re right.” Allie nodded. “This new solution really is quite something. And the smell is wonderful.” She bent down and sniffed.

“So do you see why we wanted to go curly?” Stacy enquired.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but it does make the whole process a lot easier. I think we should try and push it, Josie. If anyone is thinking about curly hair, maybe this will convince them to come here. We can always use more customers.”

“Yeah sure.” Josie nodded, her ponytail bobbing. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, we could make up some posters. Hey, can we take pictures of you, ladies? I’d actually like some for my portfolio, anyway. I don’t exactly do many perms.”

“Oh, well, yes, sure. Though we’re going to get some back at the university, for the sponsor company. I expect we could send you copies of those?”

“Let’s do some anyway, it won’t take long.”

Mildred and Stacy had their short, tight curls dried off, which only took a few minutes. The curls were then picked out with a wide-toothed comb, and given a quick blast of super-firm hold hairspray.

They both watched, entranced, as the perfect rounded bubbles formed around their heads.

“Oh, Mille, you look wonderful!” Stacy breathed.

“Well so do you!” Mildred replied. “We both do! Thank you so much, Allie, and Josie. I really can’t imagine how it could have turned out any better!” She blushed, wondering whether she had gone too far.

“Oh, it’s our pleasure, dear.” Josie replied. “I know I was a bit sceptical at first, but those curls really do look great on both of you. Who knows? Maybe you’re right, and perms really are due for a comeback!” She laughed a little, not quite sure if she believed what she had just said.

The two girls posed for a few photos, separately and together, giggling as Allie snapped away.

They all hugged each other and exchanged air kisses as they left.

“Thanks again, ladies.” Stacy called back over her shoulder. “I love my hair!” She giggled again, grabbing Midred’s hand as they skipped happily down the pavement.


Once the couple arrived home, Mildred took a seat in front of the vanity. She stared deeply into her reflection with a wide grin on her face. Stacy stood behind her with an equally big smile, and placed her manicured hands on her lover’s rounded perm.

“That feels divine love.” Sighed Mildred as she was delighted by her girlfriend’s fingers

“Likewise love, I just couldn’t resist putting my fingers into your precious curls!” She was captivated as she patted Mildred’s perm.

“You wanna know something? I never really cared much for my appearance, I guess that I just didn’t picture myself as pretty. But now, when I look at myself in the mirror and see my permed reflection, I just don’t feel beautiful, I know I am, just like the curly lady standing behind me.” She declared passionately as she held Stacy’s hands.

“Oh girly! I can’t hold it any longer, come here you pretty permed thing!” She exclaimed,  throwing herself at her lover in a burst of mad passion, kissing her like there was no tomorrow. They started to lose their clothing as they approached the bed, the lights were turned off and a long night of wild love making followed.

The next morning, the bedroom looked like the aftermath of a tornado; clothes and shoes everywhere, pillows and bedding scattered across the floor. The only things undisturbed were the lover’s perms, as not a single curl was out of place when they opened their eyes and faced each other under the covers.

“Morning curly!” They said both in sync. They giggled together and resumed their kissing session for a few minutes before breaking off in order to get ready for work.

As they arrived at work, everyone was stunned by the pair’s new hairdos, but they both walked with pride and confidence, letting everyone in the science building see them. They had dressed up for the occasion, both wearing long, pleated skirts, navy-blue blazers and crisp white buttoned up blouses. Stacy had also taken great trouble to do their make-up to perfection.

One of the lab’s workers questioned Stacy on her sudden change of style.

“We just decided to have a couple’s makeover.” She said smugly as she patted her perm with one hand and held her lover with the other, as they slipped into Katie’s lab.

“My, my! Don’t you guys look lovely, and super curly!” Said Katie with delight as she saw her girls permed.

“Thank you Dr. Katie, we just love it!” Said Mildred

“And we owe it all to you Dr. Williams, really, thank you so much!” Said Stacy with gratitude.

“Well ladies, you can start paying me back by posing for those pictures you promised me.” She pointed towards the photo set up.

“Of course!” They replied in unison, as they took their places and allowed Katie to snap away, each picture devoted to showing off the lovers’ matching perms.

Back at the salon, Josie was checking the computer, while Allie was distributing their new perm solutions amongst the different stations.

“Have we got any email Josie?”

“Hold on hun, oh yeah, we got one from someone at the University?”

She opened it and saw all the attached photos of Stacy and Mildred. A grin slowly spread across her face as she went through each one of them with growing fascination.

“What did they send?” demanded Allie

“Something curly and beautiful…” Responded Allie in an entranced tone.


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