Peter and Marie Visit to Jessi’s Barber Shop

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Pete and Marie Visit to Jessi’s Barber Shop

By JimB (C)opyright May 2001

Maria is married to a man named Bill.

She was getting her summer hair cut at “Jessi’s Barber Shop” and has a flashback to her teen years where she took her brother Peter to the barber shop.

Her flashback begins when she enters the barber shop as she sees a fourteen year old girl with a similar length of hair as she had when she was fourteen.

Now at thirty-three, she recalls her past experiences.

Marie walked down Main Street window shopping.

Her eyes caught an attractive display in the window. She placed the package on the ground so she could get a better look at the interesting package.

As she leaned forward, her long blonde hair moved forward to cover her left eyes. She quickly moved it over her shoulder, remembering she was going to get a summer trim.

She looked closely at the item and the price tag and mentally placed them on her wish list.

Telling herself it would make a nice present for Bill.

She picked up her packages and walked to her car a couple of blocks away. She drove to Jessi’s Barber Shop.

She was about fifteen minutes early and Jessi, who has cut her hair before, was cutting the young girl’s hair.

She stopped and greeted Marie.

“Got one ahead of you,” Diana said.

“Have get a soft drink and relax.”

She watched Jessi starting to comb and part her wet hair to one side of this fourteen year old girl.

Jessi asked the girl, “How would you like me to cut your hair?”

The girl looked in the mirror and replied in a low soft voice telling Jessi her requests.

Jessi started cutting and shortening her hair.

With her clippers and comb she clippered her hair short on the back and sides.

Then, she placed the comb on her forehead and slowly moved it back and moving, the now attachmentless, clippers over the comb.  Leaving behind hair clippered to a little less than half and inch.

She repeated this movement once on each side of the first clipping.

Jessi removed the attachment and started, on the right of the girls head, clipping her hair to her scalp.

Maria noticed the little girl just say there witching, in the mirror over the waiting chairs, and smiling as Jessi clippered her hair short.

With the clipping done, Jessi was standing on the right side of her barber chair with shaving lather in her left palm and showing the shaving lather to the girl.

She looked at Jessi and said, “YES”.

Jessi began spreading the shaving lather over the back and sides of her head.

With her straight razor sharpened, Jessi began shaving the right side of the girl’s head.  Slowly shaving to the back and to the left side.

Leaving behind nothing but smoothed shaved skin.

About fifteen minutes later Jessi had made her a new young lady.

She paid and gave Jessi a nice tip for her work and advice.

Diana looked at Marie who was holding a magazine.

But, at the same time watching Diana’s work.

“Your turn.

“Just step over to the sink for a shampoo,” Diana said.

“Okay, be right there,” Marie said.

After the shampoo, Jessi placed a towel on Marie’s head and walked her to her barber chair.

Marie cleared her throat and said, “I’ve promised Bill I would try something different as we are going on a summer trip.

“I don’t want my long hair as it requires too much time to maintain.

“Bill said I might consider getting a shorter hair cut.

“What do you think Diana?”

Diana put down her comb and picked up the scissors in the cabinet.

“Well, to start with, your facial features indicated you would look good with a “short hair cut.

“It would be very little time in upkeep compared to the time it takes you now.

“It will make you feel and look like a lady of the 1990’s.

“The question is!

“If you want your hair to be shorter in length.  I would have to do a lot of cutting with the scissors and finally use the clippers to finish your new look.”

Marie swallowed hard and remembered fifteen years back when she was taking her brother to the barber shop. She used to take him and usually wait for about forty-five minutes as there were no appointments.

Just walk-ins.

Her memory flashed back several years when the family was going a vacation and her mother asked her to take brother, Peter, to the barber shop for his summer hair cut.

It was on a hot Saturday morning and close to her fourteenth birthday.

She had set her alarm to wake her up early.  She started to take her shower and wake her sleeping brother.

She combed and brushed her long baby fine hair she had since she was a baby.

She felt like a girl turning into a woman.  Her breasts had developed a lot quicker than most the girls her age.

Her interest in boys was also developing as well.

She had her eyes and mind on a couple of hot boys on the football team at her high school. The boys, who appealed to her, always had the shortest hair cuts.

She made no secret about it.

She enjoyed walking by Jessi’s Barber Shop and peeping in as she walked slowly by.

She picked the note laying on the kitchen table giving the barber, Jessi, instructions to give her brother a short summer hair cut.

Marie’s mom asked her to take him early in the morning, as this was one of the little details which needed to be done before they left for their family summer trip.

They arrived at the barber shop and sat down in the waiting chair. Other than the boy in the barber chair, there was no one waiting except her brother.

She remembered it was the weekend before the Fourth of July.  A weekend she would never forget.

She placed her brother in the waiting chair next to her. She sat where she had a better view of the Jessi working on her customer.

She watched how Rick, who she knew from school, sat down as they glanced at each other briefly smiling.

Jessi asked Rick how he wanted his hair cut .

“Give me a very short cut,” Rick answered as Jessi placed the cape around his’s neck and placed a white towel which he fastened with some clips.

“More like a Marine hair cut,” Rick continued.

“Leave some on the top so I can brush it back.”

With those words, Jessi picked up her clippers and started to buzz Rick’s sides and back followed by a “short flat top”.

As she watched the layers of hair fall to the ground, her eyes stared at Rick’s sides and back.

She was getting excited as she saw the clean skin showing.

And, wondered what it would feel like if it was her in the barber chair.

The Jessi made some small talk with Rick.

She picked up her straight razor and placed some shaving cream on and along his ears and down the back of his neck.

Jessi noticed for the last few minutes Marie’s eyes were trained on Rick’s head.

She took her razor and stropped it several times on the leather strap on the side of the barber chair. She slowly shaved up and around his ears and down the sides of the neck.

This process took about three minutes.

Jessi removed the cape and white paper towel.

She picked up the small brush and brushed off the fine hairs which fell on Rick’s shoulders.

“There you go sir,” Jessi said proudly.

“See you soon, Rick,” she said as she cleaned up the remaining hair left over from Rick’s head.

Looking at Marie who was next in seating order and said, “I’ll be right back, you’re next.”

Marie of course knew she was referring to her brother, not her.

She relaxed back in her waiting chair as she tapped her brother on the shoulder informing him to get ready. Before she knew it Jessi had returned.

Marie stood up and handed Jessi the note giving her the instructions.

“Hum, Marie, your mom said both of you are to get a summer hair cut,” Jessi told her.

Marie’s eyes widened and she looked at Jessi saying, “There must be a mistake.

“She didn’t tell me I was to get a short hair cut!”

“Here’s the note,” Jessi held the paper showing it to Marie’s disbelieving eyes.

Her emotions did not accept what was written.

The note clearly stated, “Jessi, “please” give Marie and Pete a short summer hair cut.

“Last summer you used clippers and gave Peter a very short hair cut.

“Please make sure you give both of my children “a very short hair cuts” with a razor trim.”

Marie’s eyes had tears running down her cheeks.  She was helped to the barber chair by her brother and Jessi.

Marie’s strange fancies were about to come true.

Jessi offered Marie a soft paper towel to wipe her tears.

Inwardly, though, Marie was wondering what it would feel like and what she would look like.

This was really happening.

Jessi placed the cape around Marie’s young neck.

Picking up her scissors, she started cutting Marie’s hair, until now reached well below her shoulders. Jessi placed the scissors just below her neck and took about four cuts as she moved the scissors from the left side to the right side of Marie’s head.

The bulk of her long hair fell in her lap and shoulders.

The remaining hair fell on the floor.

Marie was watching as she saw her fourteen years of hair being snipped before her eyes.

“Okay Maria,” Jessi said.

“Now hold still, the clippers won’t cut you.

“They are design to removed hair within a preset distance from your scalp.”

Marie listened to Jessi’s instructions.

She already knew what to expect as she had brought Peter to the barber shop several times before in the past.

Jessi reached behind her and picked the clippers which were hanging under the shelf.

She removed the attachment.

She turned and held them in front of Marie’s face, letting her get accustomed to the soft noise and trying to assure her it will be all right.

She’s just doing what her mom’s note said.

There was a momentary click. The sound was fast and quiet.

She walked on her left side. Using her comb she began using the clippers and comb to the side of her head.

Gently pressing the comb closer to her scalp, covering more and more area.

Sitting like a statue in shock and not believing what was happening, she gripped the barber chair tightly.

She had mixed emotions about what was happening to her.

Her brother, Peter, was now sitting in the waiting chair which only a few minutes ago she had occupied.

Pete’s eyes were watching as her eyes were doing to Rick a few minutes ago.

She watched, in the mirror about the waiting chairs, as the sides of her head were being clippered close to her scalp.

Jessi moved as quickly as possible.

But, to Marie it seemed like endless amount of time.

Jessi had both sides clippered as short as possible as she titled Marie’s head toward her breasts.

Marie, sat in shock and feeling helpless.

Jessi quickly clippered Marie’s hair on the back of her nape and neck

She placed the comb closer to the top of Marie’s head.

She started from the left side and kept working her way up to the center of her head.

When finished on the left side, she moved to the right side and continued to work up towards the top of Marie’s.

Finally, with the left and the right sides were now blended into each other leaving her head clippered very short.

She took her straight razor and stropping it back and forth on the leather strap on the barber chair.

She pressed her hand on the shaving cream dispenser, giving hot lather in her palm.

She spread the lather around her ears and on the back of her neck.

She told Maria, “To hold very still and “do as I tell you”.

“As the straight razor is very sharp.”

She did as she was told.  Almost in a Master-Slave relationship.

Jessi finished shaving her neck and around the ears.

Just a very thin layer remained.

She saw no purpose in shaving the rest of her head.

Marie, her head nearly shaven, in some ways closer then her mother instructed Jessi to do in the note.

Maria was not crying.

Rather adjusting to her new image and the attitude of her new “very short” hair cut.

Jessi removed the cape which she had placed around Maria’s neck and placed some talcum power on a brush and dusted it on the back of Marie’s neck.

“Marie, your hair should grow back quickly,” Jessi told her.

“And, I am only following the instruction your mother told her in the note.”

Marie stepped out of the barber chair, walking over piles of fourteen years of hair on the floor.

Weeping just a little, she eyes her brother said, “YOU NEXT.”

After Peter got his summer short hair cut.

Maria paid Jessi and both walked out of the barber shop on the way home.

Peter was in a happy mood, feeling his new very short hair cut.

Marie tried to get use to her new hair cut and wondered how this mistake happened in the first place.

She asked Peter if he knew anything about the note their mom wrote to Jessi.

Peter did not answer.

She raised her voice and grabbed his arm and said, “Who wrote the NOTE?”

“Well, Mom called me on the phone from work yesterday and made sure she wrote down exactly what she said.”

“Only, only ..!” Peter hesitated.

Marie now felt she was onto something and demanded to know.

“ONLY WHAT?” she said and Peter now knew he was cornered.

“Only I added your name to the list,” he said in a soft low voice.

“I did not think it would really happen.”

“Thanks a lot,” Maria told him.

“How am I going to explain my new very short hair cut to mom, my friends, and other family?”

She felt a tapping on her shoulders and back.

“Marie, MARIE!

“Are you okay!

“Are you all right?” Jessi said.

“Do you want to come back some other time?”

Marie woke up from what was a daydream memory.

It took a minute or so for her to understand what had just happened to her.

Jessi offer Marie some cold water and shortly Marie was feeling better.

“Give me a “very” short hair cut with the clippers,” Maria told Jessi as she felt she was ready for a different “very” short hair cut would make on her and in her lifestyle.

With that statement Jessi picked up the scissors and started to cutting the long hair on Marie’s shoulders as short as she could.

She picked up her new clippers which were in the drawer behind her and began giving her a flat top.

Using the comb and scissors she clipped her hair closed.

But, not as close as Jess had several years ago.

Marie smiled happily as Jessi clippered, without any attachment, her to a very short hair cut.

Jessi removed the cape and began flowing shaving lather in her palm of her left hand.

Showing it to Maria, who smiled.  Jessi began lather Maria’s head.

She was sure going to look and feel different.

Marie, smiling, knowing how the hair cut was going feel and what to look forward to.

Jessi stropped her straight razor and began shaving Maria’s head.

Jessi finished and handed Marie a hand mirror and turned the barber chair around to show her the finished hair cut.

Marie was pleased and happy with her new hair cut. She rubbed her fresh shaven hair cut.

She was sure Bill would be surprised and pleased with her “very” clippered short hair cut.

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