Peter’s Mom Makes A Sissy Boy, Dad Makes Him A Man

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Tthis story contains graphic sexual content.


Peter’s mom would take him with her to her salon when she got her hair done. He would get it trimmed there. Whe he was 15 his mother dropped him off and the woman said this is a very special day. You’re going to get a makeover..She told the girl to take her to the feminization room and prepare her.

Peter thought it was odd that the woman referred to him as her. The sign on the door said Feminization Room. There was one old fashioned leather barbers chair with porcelain arms rests and one table with stirrups. There was also a strange looking padded bench. All three pieces had leather straps.

The girl Michele, was pretty and petite and a few years older. She told him to remove all of his clothes and get onto the table. She then attached cups to his chest and a third one over his penis. He started to get hard, and she said don’t worry, that’s completely normal. He was partially sitting up, when she put his legs into the stirrups. She then strapped his arms and legs down.

He asked what are you doing. She said your mom ordered a full makeover and feminization for you sweetie. The suction cups will increase your breasts and give you nice little boobs. I think you’re scheduled for b cups like mine. The suction cup on your penis will really reduce your man hood and shrink your dick and balls to almost nothing.

Then we’ll do a cut, wash and set, and full makeup. When we’re done you will look like a lovely young girl.

Finally we’ll get you properly fucked for the first time on the feminization bench.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I felt the suction cups turn on, and I was hard as a rock. After about 90 minutes I was released from the stirrups and moved from the table to the barbers chair where strapped in, and in a push up bra, my hair was washed and set and makeup and lipstick was applied.

I looked like a pretty sissy boy. She said now for the finishing touch. This will make a woman out of you. Bend over the bench and we’ll get you strapped in.

As I bent over, she strapped my waist and legs to the device and she slowly pumped it up and it as it got tighter, it pushed my butt up.

She said this will be extremely painful but I think you will find it amazing and a new experience you will never forget.

Looking forward I could see her attaching a very large strap on. From behind me I could hear her say, this is going to be so much fun. I am going to really enjoy this.

As she slowly slipped it in, I almost fainted and screamed. She proceeded to drill my ass reaming me for what seemed like forever.

I have setup appointments every two weeks to stretch that tight little butt of yours.

My mother has recently remarried. My stepfather could not believe when he saw me after my makeover. I normally wore regular jeans without the bra and makeup. But after a few weeks of my makeovers, my hair was usually still coiffed and set so I still looked like a girl most of the time. He was not aware of the special treatments they were giving me at the salon.

One Saturday I was out with my stepfather and we pulled into a parking lot up to a barbershop. He said let’s go, it’s about time you got a real man’s haircut.

As we walked in, I could see this was a no nonsense old fashioned barber shop. There were 10 barbers lined up with old fashioned leather barber chairs. I was told to take a number. There were dozens of kids mostly all getting buzzed and sheared.

When my number was called, my stepfather said get into the chair. The barber said is this yours, I thought he was a girl. Paul said yeah, his mother took him to her salon and he came home looking like a sissy boy. We need to make him a man today. The barber laughed and said we can do that. How about a nice flattop? My stepfather said that sounds good. The barber said if you give me any trouble I’ll strap you down and shave you like a cue ball.

As he picked up the clipper and was about to run them over the top of my head, I jumped out of the chair and made a run for the door.

The barber said grab him Charlie and the barber at the front grabbed me and he and my stepfather dragged me back to Paul who strapped me into the waiting barber’s chair.

I still had the tissue around my neck, and once again he tied the cape tightly around me.

I warned you, you little fagot. I’m going to really enjoy skinning you. With that he picked up his Oster clippers and started peeling off my shoulder length bobed sissy boy hair. In less than five minutes I had a perfect flattop with the sides shaved high and tight.

My step father said, he still looks like a girl, I don’t know what they’re doing to him. It’s like they’re turning him into a sissy boy.

The barber said I can give him a marine induction cut, and shave it all off. Yeah, Paul said, go ahead and skin him.

Smiling, the barber said one cue ball coming right up. I sat there in horror as he changed attachments and fired up his Oster 76 clippers with a 00000 attachment. He ran them over my head and skinned me.

I was completely bald.

When we got home, my mother saw me and cried. My stepfather said he made a man out of me, and told her they had to strap me down. We’ll keep him like this from now on.

My mother secretly took me back to her salon where the women were horrified when they saw me. They did my makeup and gave me a very feminine wig with curls in a nice French bob.

Michele said you really need a good fucking and said to bend over. She strapped me tight to the bench, pumping my ass up in the air . She took off my wig.

I just got a new especially large strap on just for you. I think you’ll really enjoy it. It was so painful as she shoved it in me. I screamed and came like I’ve never come before.

Sitting in the barbers chair they covered my head in a special wax to stimulate rapid hair growth.

After a week my stepfather couldn’t believe how fast my hair grew back, already over my ears and almost shoulder length.

Paul took me back to the barber shop where the barber said he really needs a haircut, what a sissy boy.

You better buzz him like a cue ball. He picked up his Oster 76 clippers, changed to a 00000 attachment and said with these I can do that in less than a minute. He than proceeded to skin me.

I better shave him bald. He lathered my head and shaved me with a straight razor. He repeated this to make sure I was totally bald.

This repeated between my mother’s salon and my stepfathers barbershop for several months. I began looking forward to both my buzz cuts and shavings, as well as Michele’s sessions on her feminization bench drilling me. I’m not sure which I liked better, mom’s salon or dad’s barbershop.

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    1. A couple of people were offended by some of the content, so I deleted it. They mentioned underage and incest, although the fathers were of different girls. But I understand their concern.

      Thank you for your comments. I do find some sexual content related to young women at the barber shop to be quite erotic. I loved my experiences getting buzzed at the barber shop as a young girl.

  1. His stepdad should have her taken feminized to the barbers make over and then serving the barber as ‘gurl’ both holes filled and plugged, one big plug up the ass and one dildo plug in the mouth …. Nice idea your tale

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