Pieces by Pieces

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Pieces by pieces

As the hair drifted down in almost slow motion swaying like feathers in the breeze. She sent the boys to the other room and instructed them to close the door and began begging in desperation for me not to shave her head bald. I picked up another section and held it with a firm grip for a moment and listened to her saying please don’t. I’ll do anything if you stop. I looked at her in the mirror and said you know the deal. Please I need the money you have the kids hair. Ok I told her as I ran the scissors though the section I had gripped. Once again turning it loose and letting it fall touching her face on the way to the cape.

She seen the bulge in my pants growing she softly said I’ll give you a blow if you stop. Once again I picked up another section and pulled it tightly. Holding it up for her to see. Looking me in the eye tough the mirror with her eyebrows raised and those beautiful green eyes opened wide. Said”well?” I released my grip leaving her hair intact.

“Ok” I offered.   

I removed the cape and traded places with her taking the chair as she took to her knees. Still crying she pulled my pants down just far enough. She started performing her part of the new agreement. Still having the scissors in my hand. I had another idea. I picked up a hand full of hair attached to the back of her head and pulled it up almost pulling her off the job. Her eyes looked up at me begging me in silence almost. I just took the scissors and relieved her of the neck strain by slowly crunching though her hair letting her head fall back to her activity. Placing the hair in my lap so she could see that she had lost most of her red locks with any length. She stopped and tried to raise her head. As she did I wrapped my legs around her back pulling her down to position. I reached out for the clippers. The cord was just within reach. I drew them to me picking the clippers off the shelf I snapped them to life. Taking hold of her bangs I placed them to forehead and plowed down the middle all the way to the back. Hair continued to tumble off the sides of the clippers floating into my lap. She quit struggling. She knew any hope of saving her hair was gone. I removed my legs from her back and she raised her head and ask if she should continue or get back in the chair. “Your choice” I replied.

She lowered her head and continued. I shaved another pass and another till her head was completely bare except stubble. I raised her head. My lap was amazingly  full of beautiful red hair and wet with tears. She scooted to the corner laying back against the wall and crying while trying to get the hair out of her mouth. I stood up out of the chair brushing the red hair off to the floor as she watched. Pulled my pants up and offered her a hand up. I placed her back in the chair and made sure that no hair escaped uncut. I went to the sink and started the hot water running. Picked up a hand towel placed it in the hot water and slowly squeezed the excess water out then placed it over her head and face. After a few minutes I raised it off her face. Reached for the shaving cream putting a dab in my hand. She looked puzzled to what I was doing. “No!” She said firmly. So I ask How she wanted her daughters hair cut?  I took my finger and put the cream on her left eyebrow that was mostly shaven anyway. She closed her eyes tightly as I put cream on the right one as well. Reached to the shelf and picked up the razor and started shaving her brow clean and smooth.  She was long out of tears but she was sobbing.

Removing the towel from her head I spread the shaving cream across the top and resumed shaving slowly stopping to rinse and wipe the razor. Strip after strip became smooth and shiny. I finished up bu wiping her head free of cream and admiring my work. She sat in silence also looking at the mirror so again I ask how do do want her hair cut. A nice number two crew cut would work for her.

She cleaned up and called for the girl to come in and sit down it was her turn.

The girl spotting all the hair brown, blond, and red not to mention the fact the others were all hairless objected to the idea. The mother suggested she sit. The little girl informed the group she was sixteen and too old to be bossed around. Then her mother placed her in the chair explaining she was shaved so she would only get a short haircut. Still the daughter resisted and her mom there told her the hair was getting shorter as the struggle continued. The girl gave up and stayed in the chair. The mother turned and appeared to be walking away as she picked up the scissors turned and grabbed a handful of hair for herself nearly pulling the child out of the chair cutting it at the scalp. Then said to me “I was wrong go ahead with the summer cut.” I proceeded to clipper cut the young girl down to the scalp like her mother started with the scissors. Her mother looking on and smiling. Confessed that taking control feels great.   

I married that woman. It was he last time she had her hair touch her ears and was the last time my new step kids had hair at all. She kept them shaved till they graduated high school even shaving them of the morning of the graduation ceremony Just to get in that last time.   



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