The Pirate Queens Revenge

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The high seas are a brutal mistress fit for only the strongest men and a few select women. Women of extraordinary fortitude and guile. Annie was one such woman. Born on a Caribbean plantation to field hand parents and destined for life of servitude she had grown up tough and strong. At 14 the plantation owner’s son had noticed her blooming beauty and decided it was his to take. The abuse continued for weeks until at last she fled.

Over the next 6 months she ran from hiding place to hiding place, mere steps ahead of the slave catchers sworn to take her back to face a living hell.

So, she chose to keep running.

Then one day, with the hunters close behind, she found salvation in the form of a handsome young pirate captain. In return for passage she willingly gave to him what that dandy had taken by force. A voyage of three days became a week. A week became a month. Three days later she proved herself in the fray when a British naval vessel attempted to board them.

Her reward was a fair share of the spoils and the respect of the crew. Over the next 5 years she proved herself tough and resourceful time and time again and when her lover was killed fighting for a Spanish prize the men were more than happy to let her take his place.

And so, life was good. She fought, fucked and drank as she wished and was the equal to any man. She lived life on her terms and no one told her what to do.

Then one day in her 4th year as a Pirate Queen fate dealt her a hand she could only have hopped for…

The prize was a British transport. The fancy kind with a proud naval frigate in escort. Like the hunter she had become she steered a careful course using islets and quays for cover. As night fell they silently beat to quarters and quickly fell upon their prey. The crew never stood a chance.

An hour later the pirates stood guard on the frigate’s deck in red coats. At first light, they took their prize…

“You mans…get b’low and find out what we gots!” Anna ordered with excitement.

Chest after chest of fine goods came up from the hold. Fine china, jewels, flowing silken gowns and…Lady’s underwear?

“Now why we gots dese lady’s drawers and no lady?” she asked her crew. “Get yas b’low deck and tear it up. Deys gots to be a fine lady hea somewhere’s”

Alas, to avail. Look as they might there was nary a sign of that fine lady to be found.

As they gathered in the Captains quarters Annie sighed and loudly proclaimed “I’s guess dey is no fine lady on dis boat after all. Might as well we jus set her on fire and sink her to da bottom.”

“Ay Cap’n” answered the first mate, a scared up giant of a man. “You dare, strike a torch and start with the Capt’n’s birth.”

The torch was lit and the dry wood of the bed took the flames. In seconds the room was filled with the reek of burning oak.

Annie cried out “Common…les go!” and nodded to the first mate who slammed the door shut with a wink and a toothy grin.

As smoke gathered at the ceiling Annie and the men remained silent. Seconds later their patience was rewarded as a petite young woman with flowing locks the color of polished copper came flying out of a hidden closet, right into the arms of a towering ebony giant.

“Nice to meet ya Princess” he said with a smile as he lifted her from the deck and slung her slight frame over his massive shoulder.

Up the ladders the went. by the time they reached the main deck the ship’s stern was engulfed in flames. The booty had been transferred to the Raider’s hold and all that remained was to leave the hulk to the sea’s cold, dark embrace.

They didn’t have much time for niceties so, the first mate simply tossed the slight red head to the men to the men waiting in the launch.

She caught only flashes of broad smiles, huge grins and knowing eyes as they pressed her into the bilges. She attempted to rise but, a heavy booted foot was planted on her chest and held her down.

The odor of old, stinking bilge water mixed with the scent of burning wood and the poor girl retched.

By the time they reached the deck of the pirate ship the prize was burning to the waterline and as they got under way the poor red head could only look back in sorrow as the once mighty ship dipped its stern beneath the waves and sank from the sight of men.

“Dats right honey girl.” said Annie as she walked up behind her, “yous gots no wheres to go. Best yous remember dat.”

The redhead swung around, claws flashing. She would teach this black she devil a lesson in humility…

Annie caught her wrists with ease and bent the smaller woman’s arms backwards. Through her pain the petite girl heard the pirate queen say “Ohhh, Dis one she got’s spunk! I gonna have to teach yous some ma…”

The redhead looked up as Annie stopped in mid word.

A look of consternation crossed the pirate Queen’s she leaned in closer to take in her captive’s face.

“I knows you girly!” she said in surprise

“I hardly think so!” answered the red head with indignation.

“Oh yes, yes I does. I’s NEVEH forgets a face. You’s dat girly was promised to my master’s boy…dat McGregor girl…ah…ah Jujou, das it. You’s Jujou.

“That, that is my name. And WHO might you be?”

“I’s Annie, the girl yo master fucked first.”

As the crew gathered around the pair Jujou thought “This is bad…”This is VERY bad.”

“Ohhh yes, I’s remembea you lil girly. I’s rememba you reeeal well. Li dat time you wen an told you’s boyfrien I’s too pretty an he had My pappy cuts off alls my hair! An li da time you hads me flogged for stealin food from da pantry wen you’s KNOW it was you wen take dem biscuts. Oh yea girly…I’s rememba you’s reeeal well!

By now the crew had surrounded the pair, the enormous first mate was shaking his head and muttering tsk, tsk, tsk with each revaluation from Annie’s mouth.

“Dis girly…she one real liar,” Annie announced to the crew, “You cans’t trust nothin she say! An she will say anythin to get’s her way!”

“What does we do to dems what breaks dey’s word?” she shouted.

“We makes dem walk da plank!” answered the first mate with a shout.

“What?” replied Jujou. “I…I don’t understand!

“It means you lie…we dump you in the sea for the sharks ta eat sweetie!” answered a crusty old pirate with an eye patch and a peg leg.

“Over the side with her!” yelled another.

The girl screamed in fear as the men lifted her from fer feet and passed her hand to hand to the starboard gunnel.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was just a silly little girl! I’ve changed!”

The men stood her on the gunnel, only their strong hands kept her from plummeting into the deep blue sea below. As she looked down the gray brown shape of an enormous shark cut the surface.

“Ya see that me darling?” asked one of the pirates with a grin. “Those toothy boyos follows us where ever we go. They know we’ll feeds um good! That there one we calls Jack. Jack loves the ladies!”

“NOOO!” she at the top of her lungs. “Please don’t! I’ll do anything you ask! Just please don’t throw me to the sharks!”

“STOP!” Anna’s voice rose above the din.

“You’s say you’s changed? No more lies?”

“Yes! Please don’t kill me I promise I’ll never lie again as long as I live!”

“All right girly. I’s believes ya. Takes her down.”

The men were disappointed but followed their Captain’s lawful order and set Jujou gently down upon the deck.

“What’s you say to tha woman what saved yer life?” Asked the man with the eye patch.

Curtsying deeply Jujou said “I…I…I thank you heartily Anna,,,for saving my life.”

“Anna? Who say you’s can calls me by name? From now on You’s call me Mistress!”

“Mistress! I, why I never…”

The men seized her by the shoulders and began to lift,

All right, all right!” she screamed.

“Thank you…Mistress.”

“Very good. Takes her b’low and puts her in da cage.”

“No, No please!” Jujpu screamed as they dragged her towards a reeking hatch.

“What’s sa matter now Princess?” asked one of her escorts. “You ‘fraid ‘o the dark?’

“Of course not!” she retorted. “It, it just smells awful.”

“Ay! Replied the pirate, “And it’s a mite bit dirty as well. Maybe if ya asks nicely the Capt’n’ll share her cozy lil cabin with ya?”

“Well…that would be nice”

Shares my cabin wit the likes ‘o you’s? Are you’s daft? You’s gonna sleep B’low decks where’s you’s b’longs but, it would be a damn shame if dat beautiful dredd was to gets dirty…wouldn’t it?”

“Yes it would…It IS after all from Paris!”

“Les keep her clean and nice den shall we? Takes it off!”


“I’s say TAKE’s de dress off…NOW!”

“I…I can’t! No!”

Anna grinned broadly at the small woman’s defiance.

“You’s can takes it off now or I’s gonna have da crew does it fo’ ya. De choice is you’s.”

The men began to whistle at the prospect of stripping their captive but, in the end, prudence won out and Jujou began to undress. Soon bodice and skirts were in the hands of the crew and Jujou stood in her underclothing before the men.

“There!” she said. “Are you happy now?”

“No.” answered Anna.

“What more do you want from me?”

“Da rest” said Anna with a smile.

“You CAN NOT be serious!”

“Oh yes…I’s can!”

Jujou’s head fell in shame as she began the task of removing the last of her clothes. The men’s eyes burned into her very soul as one by one each and every piece of clothing was handed over. There was an audible inhalation of collective breath as her bloomers dropped and the crew got their first look at her ivory hips and auburn pubic hair. Embarrassed beyond any measure the poor girl blushed deeply as she vainly attempted to cover her feminine charms. Some of the men actually drooled as they openly stared at the pale petite girl standing before them clad only in stockings and shoes.

“Takes her b’low” Anna ordered. As jujou moved off she called after her. “Don worry! I’s gonna take reeeal good care of dees fo you’s!”

His name was Reese and from all appearances he was a proper Englishman who’d fallen upon tough times. He’d joined the crew in Tortuga and as the newest member of the crew it was his duty to feed the prisoner and bring her her food…such as it was.

Over time she noticed that her victuals began to improve. A bit of bread here, clean fresh water and even the occasional piece of salt pork. One night he even brought her a mug of grog.

What was his game? What did he want?

From the way he stared at her pale naked body she was pretty sure she knew the answer to the second question but the answer to first one…

And so, she began to probe him, looking for a soft spot. Could he be bought for the price of a quick tumble or would he turn for the worldly reward her fiancee would offer for her timely return?

He passed the first test with ease. Rather than sit curled in the corner and wait for him to drop the bowl and leave, she rose and met him at the door. One hand covered demurely her womanhood but as she reached for the bowl of food the other was forced to momentarily reveal her pert, ivory breasts.

Not for long, only long enough for him co catch a glimpse if her lovely rose tipped teats. The next day he held the bowl a bit tighter and she was forced to drop her arm a moment longer. By the end of the week she was no longer covering her breasts and he even spoke to her.

As the ship turned north again he procured permission from Anna to take her above decks while most of the crew was at their mess and “dance” her for exercise. At these times he would also bring up a bucket of warm sea water and and allow her to bathe. The salt was hard on her hair and left it dry, her last bits of clothing had long ago rotted away and the few crew on deck always stared and made rude comments but, it felt divine to wash the stink from her naked body.

As they neared the St Lucia jujou made her move. Before he could close the door to her cell she turned and kissed him passionately on the mouth. He responded in kind and nature took its course. Before long he was finding any reason he could to go below and “check on the prisoner”.

And that was how the plan was hatched. It was a simple plan, one designed to liberate her when next they passed a friendly island. His reward was to be her undying love and what ever gold her father could spare. She knew of course that his only reward would come at the end of the hang man’s rope. Her intended after all was not one to be trifled with.

That night they would passing the island of Nevis. Tonight was the new moon, the weather was fair and warm and the seas calm. He would come to her at the start of third watch and together they would lower the small skiff used to ferry sailors to find water. The plan was working perfectly…until they got caught.

The Rump court commenced at dawn. It took less than a minute to find both defendants guilty and sentence them to walk the plank.

The ship hove to, sails were allowed to slacken and she lost headway. Sentence was pronounced and Reese, hands bound was stripped of his few possessions and taken to the gunnel where a piece of ship’s timber had been affixed to the deck extending some eight feet over the open sea. As the naked bound man was pushed out upon the plank the cook dumped the previous night’s offal in to the sea. The water exploded with action as the various sharks that were the ship’s constant companions vied for their share of the meal. Enormous heads with fierce teeth and soulless black tore at the bounty of garbage and jujou gasped as one bit clean through a mutton bone thicker than her wrist.

Surely they were just trying to scare them. Surely Reese would be hauled back aboard once he begged for mercy!

Only Reese never begged. Wickedly sharp boat hooks tore at his fleas and prodded him outward until at last, he was standing at the extremity of the plank and still, he did not speak a word. Blood ran down his gashed body and dripped into the shark filled sea. Beneath the surface they swam in frenzied circles in anticipation of the feast to come. Time and again the pirates poked him with their gaffs. but Reese stood his ground, determined to give them no entertainment.

As time wore on the trade winds began to pick up. The pirate ship pitched and yawed, and the plank became slick with blood. At last, Reese lost his balance and with a splash, fell headlong into the water. In an instant, the great fish were upon him and as jujou watched with horrified fascination his body was torn asunder and devoured.

The plank was sluiced with water and suddenly…it was her turn.

As the pirates pushed her over the gunnel and onto the plank the poor little redhead fought like a banshee. The pirates laughed at her futile attempts to escape her fate and many unabashedly took advantage of the situation to grope her beautiful young body. In the end, they were too much for her and slowly but surely she too was forced to the end of the plank.

Looking down she could see the number of sharks had grown. Dozens of them circled below her just waiting to taste her tender flesh. At that moment, her spirit broke. The once haughty red head began to cry and wail like a baby. She knelt down upon the plank and begged for mercy.

“Please, please, I’ll do anything! Anything you want but please, don’t kill me!”

They let her go on like that for half an hour but, the crew was heartless and stern were the rules of the sea. The bosun raised his boat hook and aimed at her chest. He pulled it back and prepared to deal the death blow.

Just as his arm began to move, the Pirate Queen’s voice rang out.


Caught off guard, the men turned to look at her.

“So, you’s want to beg fo’ you’s life, eh?” she asked.

Jujou nodded.

“What we’s gonna gets from you’s in return?”

“Anything! Anything you want…I promise…ANYTHING! Just please…don’t kill me!”

“We’s shall see…but first, you’s gonna tells us why dat boy wen help you.”

Jujou related how she’d seduced him with promises of riches and rewards of sex. As she finished the mortified girl hung her head in shame.

“How I’s know you’s not gonna offer up you’s twat to anada one’s ‘o my boys an do dis again, eh?”

“I…I promise on my honor as a Lady that I wont do it again, you have my word.”

“I’s don know ’bout dat. Mos da “Ladies” I know’ed was pretty slippry fishes. Dem don know what promise means. I’s needs mo’ den dat. Hell, all’s you’s gots to do is shake dat dare red mop at’em and most’ll drop de draws den and dare fo’ poke you’s silly!”

“I…I can’t help the color of my hair though I guess I could cover it up…if that is you’ll give me back some clothes.”

“Ha! Give’s one slave like you’s clothes? Neveh! It no my fault you’s neveh takes care ‘o the one’s you’s had! No…I tinks dat red hair got’s to go over da side for de sharks to chew up and shits out anada day.”

As Anna turned away and the bosun again raised his pike jujou made a desperate move.

“LET IT!” she yelled out.

“Wat’s you mean by dat?” Anna asked with a suspicious look.

“I…I mean, my hair, let it go over the side.”

“Wat’s you’s gots in mind” Anna asked with a grin as the realization of what jujou was suggesting hit her. “Tells us”

Jujou struggled to speak. Never in her life had she ever expected to speak these words. “Please Ma’am…cut off all of my hair so I can not seduce the men and let me back on the boat…Please, I beg you.”

The Bosun looked to his Captain. With a slight nod of her head Anna, the Pirate Queen granted her supplicant’s petition. Jujou crawled back up the plank and much to the disappointment of the fish, regained the deck.

They brought her forward and forced her to kneel before the main mast. The peg leg pirate handed her a pair of golden shears, shears she recognized from her own possessions and said “Cut!”

“But…but…”she stammered, “But, I thought one of you would…”

“You’s idea, you’s cuts ’em” answered Anna.

Awkwardly, jujou took a hank of her once beautiful red hair into her hands and cut. She stared at the lifeless thing in her hand for a moment then opened her hand and let it drift away on the sea breeze.

She cut another hank and then another and another. Ruddy threads of gold drifted across the deck and caught on rigging and rails before drifting over the gunnels and into the sea. Anna stared unblinking as she watched the despised red head destroy her own beauty.

An idea began to take root in her head and a smile graced her beautiful face. “Yes! she thought. “Yes, dis goin’ be perfect!”

Snip, snip, snip…slowly but surely jujou’s once beautiful locks were stripped from her pale white scalp. Snip, snip, snip. It was hypnotic and erotic all at once and some of the men began openly masturbating as they watched jujou debase and devastate herself before their leader.

At last, there was no more left to cut. Her once luxurious tresses had been reduces to an uneven stubble no more than a 1/2″ long.

Jujou dropped the shears to the deck. “There, it’s done.” she sullenly stated.

“Not quite” replied Anna. She summoned the peg leg pirate who it happened was the ship’s surgeon.

“Finnish ‘er up!” she ordered.

Grinning broadly, the surgeon turned and opened his kit and in short order produced a wicked looking straight razor and a strop.

The poor girl began to panic as he stropped the razor to a gleaming keenness but, before she could move, strong hands gripped her shoulders and a bucket of sea water was dumped over her head.

Taking jujou’s jaw in his hands the ruffian told the crew “I always wanted to shave a “LADY” bald!” and with a gruff laugh he began.

He started at the front. Right above her eyes and continued back Soon the poor girl was sporting a monk’s tonsure! The men all laughed at this. One called her Friar fuck and another waved his erect cock in her face and said “Ow a ’bout you bless this?”

Even the Queen laughed as she asked her crew “Yous like I’s leave ‘er likes dis?”

“NO!” they roared as one.

“Den wat’s you’s all likes me do?”

“Shave her BALD!” said one.

“Aye,” said another “take it all!”

The surgeon continued and soon the back of her head was bald as well.

Next, he did the right side and then only the left side of jujou’s head had any hair. That didn’t last long either.

And so, jujou, the once vibrant red headed belle of the ball found herself bald on the rocking deck of a pirate ship.

The surgeon soaped his hands and rubbed up a good lather. He spread it over the poor girl’s head and shaved it once again and then once more until at last he was satisfied and pronounced her scalp “as smooth as an Egyptian whore’s ass.”

This got the men rolling on the deck in laughter but, jujou only anted to return to her cell and hide her shame from the light of day.

Anna approached jujou and shoved her. The poor girl went spiraling on her back, legs wide. “You’s missed a spot” she said as she walked away.

She tried to crawl away crabwise but, the men blocked the bald girl’s path. There was no shortage of volunteers to hold her down and the men almost came to blows over who was to hold her legs open…WIDE open. It seemed to jujou like the entire crew was crammed between legs as the surgeon soaped up her pubic hair and began to remove it. By the third pass, jujou was as smooth and bald as the day she was born.

“Now, all de red hair gone!” said the first mate with a snicker as the men released jujou’s legs.

“Not quite” replied the surgeon as he tilted the poor girl;s head back. soaped her up and deftly removed her eyebrows with the razor.

“There!” He proclaimed at last. “No more red hair!”

A cheer went up from the decks and slowly, the men returned to their stations and the ship got under way.

Defeated, the hairless girl lay on the deck. Anna and the first mate approached her.

Put ‘er back in de brig?” he asked.

“No, take’s ‘er to my cabin.”

The next morning the Pirate Queen emerged from her cabin leading her bald slave by a rope around her neck.

“Oh! I’s tellin’ you’s, dis one, she’s know how to licks da pussy!”

All around, the men stared hungrily at the poor defeated girl. Some even smacked their lips as though the thought of her made them thirsty

“What’s you likes me do wit her now?” inquired the first mate.

“You’s know da rule as good as me! Share and share alike!”

Grinning, the giant pirate slung jujou across his shoulder and said to the deck crew, “I be in my birth if yous need me” and headed below.


Six months had passed since jujou’s ship was taken.

A deal had been made with her husband to be. A king’s ransom had been paid, left on a deserted quay for the pirates to pick up. In return they sent a message as to where to find jujou.

She was far out to sea, on a little island that was little more than a sand spit with a few trees for shade. They’d left her food and water so she was in no danger but, as the Man ‘o War that was to take her home approached she couldn’t help but be apprehensive. As it turned out the surgeon had had good reason to shave her head several times and almost daily for a month. After that is seemed he didn’t have to shave her any more.

“It’s the soap!” he told her one night. “A special blend of herbs and coral slime I learned from the natives of Dahomey!” It seemed the natives of that far off placed enjoyed the look and feel of hairlessness in their tropical climate. “Keeps ’em smooth and hairless for quite a few months at a time and after a few applications it’s pretty damned near permanent!”

What would her fiancee think of her new bald look? She was sure he wouldn’t leave her. After all, it was her family’s money that kept him in the accommodations he was used. No, her lack of hair wouldn’t be enough for him to call of the wedding.

“Now, the ‘other thing’…that might be a bit more of a problem.

The ship was dropping anchor in the island’s lee and she could already see her future husband’s face as he quickly boarded the small gig that was to pick her up.

Oddly enough, she’d been naked for so long that she hadn’t even thought to cover up. Absentmindedly she rubbed her growing belly.

“I just wish I knew which crew member was the father…”

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