Plain as a bowl of unflavored oatmeal

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Author note: Occurs canonically after “Use the landing strip as a target” (Search doctorverse for all stories relating to this universe.)


Chapter 1: Dinner get together


The friend group was gathered together again for one of their monthly dinners.  All of the guests, Jamie with her husband Marty, Kirsten with her wife Lena, Brianna, and Darcy, had arrived at George’s house except for Ashley, who was typically late.  

“Where is that girlfriend of yours George?  I’m hungry.’  Jamie chirped at George. 

“You know how she is, she likes to be fashionably late and the center of attention.”  George responded. 

On cue, as if she had heard her name, the door opens and she bursts into the house.  

“Sooooorry, I got distracted doing chores around the house.”  Ashley says. 

George greets her at the door to give her a kiss.  She grabs the sides of his head with both hands, and slips her tongue deep in his mouth while she kisses him.  

“Save it for later, we’re starving!” Kirsten chirps at them.  

Ashley breaks loose and fires back, “Listen, I can’t help it he’s hot as fuck and we got haircuts yesterday.”  

George walks to the kitchen to grab the food for everyone, but not before Ashley slaps him firmly on the ass.  After a fairly usual dinner, some drinks, and some games, the crowd begins to disperse.  

Darcy kicks off the dispersal by declaring, “Alright I’m getting tired, I’m gonna get out of here, plus I think Ashley can’t wait any longer,”  as she finishes the sentence with a laugh. 

“Don’t pretend like we haven’t seen you eyeing George up the whole night Ashley,” says Jamie.

“I don’t know whaaaat you’re talking about,” Ashley responds with a laugh.  

As everyone leaves, George and Ashley notice Brianna still sitting at the table looking morose.  


After dinner chat

George looks over and asks, “Something wrong Brianna?” 

‘Yeah I’m just.. I mean… I’m not sure I should bring you two into my problems.” responds Brianna. 

“You can talk to us about whatever.” George says. 

“Ok so.. I’m frustrated and a little bit jealous.” says Brianna.

“From what?”  Ashley questions. 

“I’m having like, a real hard time trying to find someone, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  Also like, Ashley you got divorced and already have a boyfriend, I haven’t had a date since before you got divorced.”  Brianna responds.  

“To put it bluntly Brianna, maybe you’re too regular of a person, you don’t really stick out in a crowd.  Maybe we can help you out somehow?” Ashley says back.

“I don’t know how you two would help me, also why is it bad to be regular?” Brianna responds. 

“It’s not that it’s baaad to be regular, but if you stand out you get more eyes on you.  How do you look for guys?  Do you use a dating app or something?” Ashley questions.

“Yeah I do.” Brianna responds.

Ashley immediately grabs Brianna’s phone, opens up her dating app then browses her profile.

“Are your main interests seriously books and board games?” Ashley questions.

“I like those things!” Brianna fires back.

“It’s ok to like those things, but lets.. spruce up your profile a little bit with some other stuff.”  Ashley says, as she begins editing Brianna’s profile.

“I don’t want to lie to someone and put stuff I’m not interested in there.”  says Brianna.

“Listen we’re not gonna lie to them, we’re just gonna add some other interests of yours.” says Ashley as she hands the phone back to Brianna.

“Wine tasting, traveling, cuddling… well I do like these things..” Brianna says, “but I don’t see how just doing this is going to help.”   

Brianna secretly adds books and board games back to her interests before locking her phone.



“Well.. what do you think about changing your appearance a little bit?” asks Ashley. 

“What do you mean, what’s wrong with my appearance?” questions Brianna. 

“You know how I said you’re too regular of a person?  If you were a food you’d be unflavored plain oatmeal.”  jokes Ashley.  

Ashley wasn’t exactly wrong, Brianna was as regular as they come.  She was slightly chubby, had light brown hair going slightly past her shoulders, black rimmed glasses, and typically just wore plain t shirts with jeans.  

“I’m not you Ashley, I can’t just completely go all in on whatever style I feel like at the drop of a hat.” Brianna says. 

“Right I know.. but maybe that’s what is holding you back, have you ever thought about maybe just getting a new haircut?” says Ashley, “Maybe something exciting that will make you stand out, and you can keep the rest of your style the same.” 

“If you’re insinuating I get a haircut like yours, there is no chance I can pull that off.  Plus my hair is kind of thinning on the top, short hair doesn’t look good on me.” says Brianna. 

“That’s a fair point,” George says “unless you wanted to try something really radical.”  

“Do I want to know what you mean by radical?”  Brianna questions.

George laughs and responds, “Logically if you can’t do short hair because your hair is thinning, then perhaps you should just have no hair.”  

“Ooooo yesss do it!” says Ashley excitedly, “Let me do it for you!”

“You’re telling me that I should entertain shaving my head bald?  And letting Ashley do it?  Are you two clinically insane?”  responds Brianna. 

Unfortunately for Brianna, she knows they aren’t joking around.  All she has to do is look at their matching horseshoe flattops that they got a couple months ago.  Both of which have been fresh every time Brianna has seen them.   

“I’m going to need more wine to entertain the rest of this conversation.”  jokes Brianna, prompting Ashley to sprint to the kitchen.  

Ashley refills Brianna’s glass and questions her, “So what’s stopping you from doing it?”

“More like what would make me want to do it, you two are going to have to sell me on this.” Brianna responds.  

“There are plenty of reasons!” Ashley says before grabbing Brianna’s phone again to open the dating app. 

“Let’s just look at the available women on here right now,” Ashley says as she starts swiping, “97% of these women look super similar, they’ve all got hair and style similar to yours, the only thing you have different from most of these women are… your glasses.  If you were to shave your head you’d 100% stand out.” 

“I mean that’s a good point, but if I stand out it doesn’t necessarily help me.  I don’t think there are a lot of guys out there who like bald women..” Brianna says. 

“Listen honey, there is someone out there for everyone, even if you have a unique hairstyle,” Ashley says as she laughs and points at her head, “I guarantee there are guys out there who are totally fine with it.”  

“I guess I should have known better to make that kind of statement with you sitting here… “ Brianna says. 

“Another reason Brianna, I think it’d really suit your face and head shape.  Plus with your glasses I think it’d look amazing.” George says. 

“That’s all just theoretical though, there is no way to tell that’s true unless I do it.” Brianna responds.  

“Ok but seriously the biggest reason Brianna, it feels incredible, and unlike anything you’ve ever felt.” says Ashley, “I legitimately have some of the best sex and masturbation of my life with this super short hair.  If my head was completely shaved it would probably feel even better.  I know you’re starving for sex, this would at least give you a totally new experience for when you masturbate.” 

“To be fair, pleasuring myself is pretty regular and boring, maybe some kind of shake up wouldn’t be bad.”  says Brianna.  

“I guarantee if you let me shave your head, you will at least go home and have your best masturbation session in recent memory.”  says Ashley. 

Brianna goes silent and thinks for a while.

“There is a saying that I think about from time to time that might help your decision Brianna.” George says, “A potted plant can grow nicely in a pot, but it can only grow so big in that pot.  To reach it’s full potential it has to leave that pot, and grow outside.  Basically, it might be nice and safe for that plant in it’s pot, but for it to truly grow, it needs to experience change.”

Eventually Brianna cracks and says, “I can’t believe I’m going to say yes to this, but let’s try it.”


Chapter 2: The haircut

The clipping

“YES” shouts Ashley, “Geeeorge, where are your clippers, do you have a razor and shaving cream?”  

“The clippers are under the bathroom counter, I’ll grab a razor and shaving cream from the shower.”  says George, “Grab a chair and a towel, we’ll do it in the guest bathroom.” 

As Ashley gathers the tools, Brianna chugs her glass of wine then makes her way to the guest bathroom.  Ashley sets the chair in the middle of the room facing the giant mirror for Brianna to sit in.  After Brianna sits she wraps the towel around her shoulders and pulls her hair out from underneath it.  She then opens the cabinet under the bathroom counter and pulls out the clippers.  Her eyes sparkle with excitement at the chance to use them on her friend. 

“Oh!  Do you want to see it happening Brianna?  Or do you want to be surprised and just see the end result?”  Ashley questions.

“Well I won’t have my glasses on anyways, so you might as well turn me around so I won’t be trying to squint at the mirror constantly. “ says Brianna.  

Brianna gets up to move positions and sets her glasses on the counter, while Ashley flips the chair around for her to sit back down in, now facing away from the giant mirror.  George returns with the razor and shaving cream, then sets it on the counter for later. 

“You ready to do this?!”  Ashley excitedly asks Brianna.

“I… think so…” Brianna reluctantly responds.

Ashley plugs in the clippers and turns them on to give them a test, the loud whirr freaks out Brianna as she springs from her seat.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, what am I doing, why am I doing this, why am I letting you do this to me?” Brianna says, clearly freaking out. 

“Take some deep breaths Brianna, if you don’t want to do it it’s ok, there’s no pressure here.” George says as he tries to comfort her. 

“I don’t want to do this George, but I need to do this, I need to have personal growth.” Brianna says resolutely, “I just need a minute.”  

Brianna takes some more deep breaths, and paces around the bathroom.  Gathering up the courage to take the plunge and achieve the aforementioned growth.  After a minute of pacing and breathing Brianna has regained her courage, she confidently sits back down in the chair, then drapes the towel over her shoulders. 

“Are you ok now Brianna?” questions Ashley.

“I guess so.. is there anyway you can like start in the back in case I don’t like it?” asks Brianna.

“Yeah there is a way I could do that,” Ashley says as she clicks on the clippers, “but I’m not gonna.”  

Ashley plows the clippers down the middle of Brianna’s head starting at the forehead and pulling back, leaving a large path of stubble in it’s wake.  

“God I hate you sometimes Ashley.” Brianna bemoans. 

Ashley laughs as she responds, “Biiiitch I’m making sure you can’t back out, it’ll be fine.  If I started from the back you’d be thinking the whole time about if you should stop, this takes care of that problem.”

Brianna hated what Ashley just did, but she was right.  If Ashley started from the back and cut it gradually, Brianna would be tempted at every opportunity to stop.  Ashley continues to buzz Brianna’s head, taking off all the hair on the top of her head.  Long strands falling in front of Brianna’s eyes into her lap and onto the floor.  Brianna starts to become a little red with embarrassment and nervousness at the situation.  She knows that she’s among friends, but cannot process that soon she will become completely bald.  

After shaving only the top of Brianna’s head, Ashley clicks off the clippers. “Should we just leave it like that George?” Ashley says as she laughs.

“I think it’s probably best not to joke with her right now Ashley, just keep going.” George says.

“You’re no fun, fiiiine back to buzzing.”  says Ashley as she clicks on the clippers.  

Ashley begins to go at the right side of her head, buzzing from the bottom of her head up to the crown, removing all the long hair.  The loud whirr of the clippers going past Brianna’s ear is definitely not a sound she has ever heard before.  She begins to think of the last time she had what she considered short hair, she remembers seven years ago she had a chin length bob, she has no clue how she is going to handle this new haircut.  

After finishing on the right side, Ashley goes to the left side, gleefully buzzing off all of Brianna’s long hair, leaving only stubble.  She double checks her work making sure that there are no loose strands left on either side before moving to the back.  

“Almost done with the first part!” Ashley excitedly tells Brianna.  

Ashley begins to buzz the back of her head, and Brianna immediately notices a different wave of emotions come over her.  The nervousness and embarrassment washed away, replaced with a joyful reaction from the vibration of the clippers going over her nape.  This was a surprise for Brianna, up until this point she was not enjoying herself, and was ready to get it over with.  Now however, she wished the clippers would just stay on the back of her head.  

Unfortunately for Brianna that would have to wait for a future haircut, as Ashley finishes removing all of the long hair from the back of Brianna’s head.  All of Brianna’s formerly long hair now lay on her lap or on the ground, leaving only a head full of stubble.  

“Nearly all your hair is gone Brianna!” exclaims Ashley.

“You’re like, way too excited for this Ashley.” says Brianna.  

“I’m legit excited, so you’re right.” says Ashley. 

Brianna shakes her head, and feels nothing move.  Where there used to be long hair flying back and forth is replaced with nothing.  

“That is certainly something to get used to.” says Brianna, “Can I see it?”

“We’re not done yet!” Ashley says, “We still have to make you completely bald.”

“Oh…right…” says Brianna.


The Shaving

“Maybe you should handle this part George, you’ve shaved your head before, that’s not something I’ve done.” Ashley tells George.

“Yeah that’s a good idea Ashley” George responds as he prepares to shave Brianna’s head. 

First he opens a cabinet in his bathroom and grabs a small towel.  He uses the hot water faucet to soak the towel, making it nice and warm before putting it on Brianna’s head.  Brianna closes her eyes and enjoys the warm towel on her head.  She hasn’t had a ton of joy in this experience, but this is another bright spot for her as she tries to stay positive in her head.  After waiting a couple of minutes, letting Brianna’s scalp get warm, he removes the towel then lathers her head with shaving cream with his hands.  George washes his hands of the shaving cream then grabs the razor and prepares to begin. 

“Here we go Brianna, I’m not sure you’ll totally enjoy this part, but it’s the only way to hit the end goal.  Make sure you don’t move very much since I’ll have a razor blade on your scalp, maybe wait to talk until the end”  says George, trying to prepare Brianna for what is to come.  

Brianna nods, then takes a deep breath before George starts to scratch away at her head with the razor.  He starts at the forehead taking many small strokes, trying to make the experience as pleasant as possible for Brianna.  Brianna winces a tiny bit as she gets used to the razor on her head, but quickly gets used to it as George continues to shave. 

As George finishes up the top of her head he looks over at Ashley.  Ashley is biting her lip, clearly enjoying watching the process happen.  Brianna however is just staring straight ahead, completely expressionless, doing her best to process this brand new feeling she’s experiencing on the top of her head. 

George continues to shave away at her head, razoring away the stubble on the left side of her head, then removing it all on her right side.  He gently leans her head forward before starting on the back of her head.  As George shaves the back of her head, Brianna closes her eyes, “It’s almost over.” she thinks to herself.  

As George finishes up, he wipes her head down with a towel then runs his hands over her head, making sure there is no stubble left.  Brianna’s eyes go wide as George’s hands are run over her newly smooth head.  He cleans up a few small areas that he finds, then rubs her head with the towel again to make sure there is no shaving cream left on her. 

“Before we turn you around to look, how was the experience?  Hopefully it wasn’t completely horrible.”  George asks Brianna. 

“It wasn’t totally horrible, there were some parts that I enjoyed, but overall it was just super weird to me.  Obviously I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s really hard for me to understand what just happened.”  says Brianna. 

“Alright how about you stand up, and we’ll flip the chair around, then you can sit back down.”  says George.

Brianna stands up to let George turn the chair around, after he turns it she has a seat back in the chair.  Without her glasses she doesn’t have a clear picture as to what she’s looking at, all she can tell is there is a bald human sitting in front of her.    

“You ready to see yourself Brianna?”  Ashley questions her.

“I have to at some point, just hand me my glasses.”  Brianna responds.

Ashley grabs her glasses, then walks to Brianna and hands them to her.  Brianna puts her glasses on and immediately covers her mouth with her hands. 

Ashley laughs and says, “That’s exactly what I did after I got my haircut at the barber.”  

As Brianna is unable to speak, Ashley moves behind her, leans over and gives her a hug around the head.  

Ashley gives her a kiss on her new bald head and says “You’re incredibly beautiful Brianna.” 

George chimes in, “We might be biased, but I agree, it looks really good on you.”

Brianna removes her hands and finally speaks, “I don’t love it, but… I also don’t hate it, I’m really just in shock, yeah definitely shock.  I need that feeling to wear off so that I can make an accurate assessment of what I look like.”  

Ashley laughs and says, “Well not hating it is a good sign, if you were going to hate it you would probably hate it immediately.”

“I agree, that’s… promising” Brianna says.  

Ashley, still hugging Brianna, removes her arms from around her and rubs her head with her hands.  Brianna, immediately in ecstasy at the scalp massage, leans her head back in enjoyment.

“You were right about the feeling of it Ashley, this is absolutely delightful.” says Brianna.  

“I know right!” says Ashley with a hint of excitement.  She’s glad her friend is enjoying this, but secretly or maybe not so secretly, she loves rubbing her head.  

After a couple of minutes, Ashley stops massaging her scalp and Brianna leans her head forward, again seeing herself in the mirror.  

“That massage helped calm me down.  After looking at it again, I can confirm I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it yet.  That will take time if that ever comes.”  Brianna says. 

“That makes sense, we’re just glad you don’t hate it.” George says. 

“I know it’s been a big night for you already Brianna, but here is what I think you should do when you get home.  First, take a shower, just relax and enjoy it.  Second, find a low cut top in your closet, then take a boatload of selfies and upload the best ones to your dating app profile.” says Ashley. 

“I already took the biggest leap from your suggestions, I think I can handle doing that stuff.” says Brianna. 

Brianna gets up from the chair, then gives both George and Ashley a hug.  Ashley takes the opportunity to rub Brianna’s head one more time before she leaves.  

“I am gonna head home now, since you made me shave my head you have to clean up my hair.”  says Brianna as she ends in a laugh.  

Ashley laughs and says, “That’s fine, George will take care of it.” 

“I should have known, well it can wait until tomorrow.” George says.

“Damn right it can wait until tomorrow,” says Ashley as she winks at George, “We have things to do still.”

“Thank you both for a unique experience, I’ll text you tomorrow Ashley.”  says Brianna.  

They all say their goodbyes and Brianna heads to her car, ready to go home. 


Chapter 3: Reflection

Overwhelming thoughts

It’s now late at night, around 12:30 in the morning, and it has gotten noticeably cooler from earlier in the day.  Her bald head is the first thing to notice the much cooler temperatures outside.  

“There’s another new experience, I can now accurately tell how cold it is outside with my head.” Brianna thinks to herself and laughs.  

Brianna unlocks her car, gets in, and begins her drive home.  She doesn’t even bother to turn on music for her drive home, she wouldn’t be able to pay attention to it anyways, her mind is flooded with thoughts.  Brianna remembers how clear she thought when Ashley rubbed her head, and brings her right arm up to do the same while she drives.  

Brianna’s insecurities are foremost in her mind, “I’m probably going to be the center of attention everywhere I go.  How am I going to handle people seeing it?   Is anyone aside from George and Ashley even going to like it?  Do I need to buy wigs to prepare for hating it from people insulting me?  I don’t want to get made fun of.”  Brianna thinks to herself.  

The twenty minute ride home feels incredibly fast, Brianna completely distracted by her thoughts the entire way.  Brianna parks her car and looks around her apartment parking lot, hoping that no one is around to see her.  When she thinks the coast is clear she exits her car and makes a break for her apartment.  There isn’t a soul wandering around at this hour of the night, and Brianna makes it all the way to her apartment undetected.  Even with the lack of people it was still a nerve wracking experience for Brianna, she dreaded someone seeing her and having to explain herself.  

As Brianna is unlocking her apartment she hears one of her neighbors doors start to open, she moves with vigor as she unlocks and enters to avoid a potential confrontation.  She closes the door behind her and puts her back on it, then takes some deep breaths before continuing into the rest of her apartment.  Brianna sets her keys on the table, and immediately heads for the shower, the relaxation she’ll experience there being very important to her at this moment.  

Brianna turns on the shower, then undresses and throws her clothes on the ground.  She uses the moments it takes for the shower to warm up by examining herself in the mirror.  Brianna really stares at herself, examining all the angles, and every inch of her new haircut.   



After doing her examination, she makes a declaration “I don’t think I look bad.  I’m… starting to dig it.”

Brianna opens the shower and heads in, she thrusts her head under the shower immediately.  The feeling of the water hitting her scalp is yet another incredible experience that Brianna enjoys.  She runs her hands over her scalp, then looks over at her shampoo.  

“Am I supposed to shampoo my head still?  Am I going to have to google how to clean my head in the shower?” Brianna thinks to herself then laughs.  

Brianna stays in the shower for way longer than expected, completely losing track of time as she continues to enjoy the shower hitting her bald head.  She glances out of the shower to the clock in the bathroom and realizes that she needs to get on with the rest of the tasks Ashley set out for her to accomplish.  Brianna exits her shower, dries off, and then goes for her blow dryer.  

“Oh right, don’t need that for the time being…”  says Brianna before wiping her head dry with the towel.

“Ok that was actually really fast, that’s a nice little perk.” Brianna thinks to herself.

Brianna heads to her closet to examine what she has available to her.  Ashley wanted her to take a picture with something revealing, which is admittedly pretty limited in Brianna’s closet.  Brianna discovers a dress she used to wear close to 12 years ago, black and strapless that rises to just above her knees, back when the friend group still went to bars.  She was never super comfortable wearing it out in public at the time, and filed it away deep in her closet.  

“I haven’t really changed much since I last wore this, I bet this will still fit.”  Brianna thinks to herself. 

Brianna squeezes herself into the dress, “Maybe I’ve changed a little bit since then, but I can still fit into it!”  Brianna exclaims.  

She then makes her way back to her bathroom to do her makeup in preparation for taking “a boatload of selfies” as Ashley said.  After doing her makeup the nicest possible she can make it at 1:32 in the morning, she practices a few poses in the mirror before grabbing her phone.  Using that practice to it’s fullest effect, she takes what Ashley would consider a boatload of selfies. Then she makes her way to her couch and browses through her work.  For her dating profile she eventually settles on a picture of her head thrown back, and her left hand behind her head.  She thinks that maybe someone will find this funny because this pose is typically used by women where they let their hair hang behind them.  

“I don’t know how I’m going to face people seeing my bald head for the first time,” Brianna thinks to herself, “Maybe I should post a couple of these to social media too so people can be prepared.”  

She again browses through her phone for a couple pictures to post, settling on a couple of more normal pictures.  

“I don’t have to be sexy for facebook,” she thinks to herself “also my grandma might have an aneurysm if she sees a sexy bald picture of me.” as she laughs.  

Brianna figures out a game plan in her head that makes sense.  She doesn’t think she can handle reactions from her new look tonight, but she wants to upload them tonight so she can read the reactions to it in the morning.  First she’ll upload pictures to the dating app, then facebook, and then put her phone on silent for the rest of the night.  

Brianna uploads her new picture to the dating app.  “I hope at least one person is interested when I check this in the morning.”  Brianna thinks to herself. 

Brianna then heads to facebook, she uploads the new pictures but can’t bring herself to hit the post button.  

“This is really hard for some reason when it comes to people who know you.  When it was just strangers like the people on the dating app it didn’t feel as big a deal.  These are people I see all the time though, people who are going to have to see me all the time with this new hairstyle.  I know that it really doesn’t matter what they think, but… it would feel good to have that validation.  This is a really scary thing to have to do.”  

Brianna takes a deep breath, she puts her phone on silent, then hits the post button and locks her phone for the night.  

“Ok, it’s out on the internet now, nothing can take it back.  I just have to hope for the best in the morning.”  Brianna says to herself. 


Pleasure and confusion

Brianna heads to her bedroom, gets herself out of her dress, then gets in bed.  

“The pillow feels really good too.”  Brianna thinks to herself as she laughs, continuing to be surprised by the amount of sensations she feels that she enjoys.  

Brianna decides to pleasure herself to sleep, like she does most nights.  As she pleasures herself she rubs her smooth head.  

“I can’t believe I’m bald.” Brianna nonchalantly says out loud.  As she says this she notices a warmth in her stomach, turned on by something.  

Brianna continues to explore this space with a few more statements. 

“God I’m completely smooth, I don’t have a single hair on top of my head.” says Brianna.  

“I should try going more aggressive.”  Brianna thinks to herself.

“My head is completely smooth and white, like a cueball.”  says Brianna.  

This one triggers more warmth in her, as she continues to pleasure herself faster, and test the waters.  

“I’m a fucking EGG.”  shouts Brianna, climaxing as she says it, having her most intense orgasm in recent memory.  

“Oh god I just yelled that didn’t I… I hope my neighbors are asleep.” Brianna thinks to herself as she laughs.  

“That was… very confusing,”  Brianna says to herself, “I did NOT expect to react to those statements in that way.  That’s something I need to test in the future, maybe it was a one time thing?” 

Brianna looks over at her clock, it’s now almost 2:45 in the morning.  She decides she’s had enough fun for one night and turns her lights off to go to sleep.  


Chapter 4:  The Morning After

Brianna wakes up, and briefly forgets she has a bald head until she instinctively runs her hand over head.  Previously this would have been to move her hair out of her face after waking up.  She of course has no hair to move now, and startles herself when she feels her smooth head.  

“Oh right, that happened last night.”  Brianna says to herself. 

Brianna unlocks her phone and looks at her notifications, a bunch of text messages from the friend group.  She isn’t interested in her friends reactions at the moment, she did this for another reason, and heads to her dating application.  After taking a deep breath she opens up her application, nine messages await her.  

“This is legitimately the most I’ve received in years of using this app.”  She thinks to herself gleefully, “And I uploaded these at like two in the morning!”  

Brianna browses the messages, most are positive, one even proclaiming that she is one of the most beautiful women they’ve ever seen.  As she reads them, she notices a common thread among all the positive messages, they all said she had a unique look and it got them to click on her profile.  

“Ashley was actually right.” Brianna thinks to herself.  

Not all of the messages are positive though, there are a couple negative ones included.  A bald woman is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but after her confusing orgasm last night, Brianna doesn’t exactly mind the messages.  

“I might have to use these later tonight,” Brianna thinks to herself and chuckles. 

Brianna decides next to tackle the facebook post she made last night before getting into her large amount of text messages.  She opens up her facebook app, 86 notifications, her eyes widened in surprise.  

“That is also legitimately the most activity I’ve ever had on facebook.” Brianna thinks to herself.  

Browsing the facebook post has similar results to her dating app messages, the majority of the messages are positive, with a couple negative reactions.  The negative reactions however aren’t nearly as mean as the messages she received in her dating app.  These were mainly questions like “why in the world would you do that?” as opposed to actual insults.  She continues to scroll through the comments until she notices one from her grandma.  “You’re beautiful.”  is all it said, short and sweet.  

“I’m glad grandma survived seeing my pictures,” Brianna thinks as she chuckles to herself.  

The vast amount of positivity starts to hit Brianna, a small amount of tears form in her eyes.  When she started this experience she had no clue what was going to come from it.  She isn’t quite sure that she is going to keep this haircut yet, but the positive reaction from friends and family encourages her.  This was an extremely difficult journey but Brianna believes it has shaped her better for the future, and she can’t wait to experience life with her new haircut. 

“This plant has left it’s pot, and it’s going to flourish.” Brianna thinks to herself joyfully.

Brianna finally heads to the text messages that she received from assorted members of the friend group.  The first one she responds to?   Ashley, with the phrase, “I’m incredibly happy.”  


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