Your girl is flavored oatmeal now

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Authors notes: 

Canonically occurs after “Plain as a bowl of unflavored oatmeal.”  (Search doctorverse for all stories relating to this universe.)

Last two sub-sections are graphic. 


Chapter 1 – Corey’s day at work

Nine a.m., Monday morning, Corey pulls into the parking lot at his work. 

“Another wonderful Monday to start the week.’  he sarcastically thinks to himself.

It’s been a couple months since his company loosened the restrictions on coming to the office during the pandemic.  The company mandated they have to come to the office twice a week, Monday being mandatory.  Surely a cruel joke knowing how much everyone loves Mondays.  

Corey’s a bit of an introvert, he loved working from home during the time his company allowed them all to stay home.  He basically went nowhere, only venturing out for food, and seeing the occasional friend.  It’s not that Corey doesn’t like going out, but the option to stay at home guilt free was ideal for him.  Because of his desire to go nowhere, including the barber, his hair has gotten to it’s longest it has in many years.  If he were to pull it straight, it would reach just above his lips.  His blonde hair has gotten so long it’s now beginning to curl at the ends, not something he’s seen since he was a teen.   

Corey sighs, grabs his mask, his backpack containing his laptop and then exits his car to head to the building.  Having to go to the office every week puts how mundane life is in perspective.  At least when his company let him work from home full time every day felt different in some way.  He could get up to start working at his leisure, he could shower whenever he wanted, he could take meetings in pajamas!  Now he has had to settle back into a regular routine of getting up early, showering, and making that morning commute with the rest of the worker ants.  

Corey swipes his key card at the entrance to the office, and enters the building.  He makes his trek up three flights of stairs to his cubicle.  He decided when he went back to the office he was going to stop using the elevator, no matter how many times he had to use those stairs, a nod to him trying to lose some of that pandemic weight he gained.  

The office itself is very unexciting, one could fall asleep walking the halls with drab colors littering everything in sight.  The walls of the office are a bland yellow, the carpet a light brown, and the cubicle walls a light grey.   The cubicle walls are low and lack privacy, management likes to keep them honest while they’re working.  Corey likes to joke that if you went to a store that sells office buildings and asked for one office, this is the base model that you’d get.  

Corey finishes his journey to his cubicle, sets his things down, and grabs his laptop out of his bag.  He sets the laptop in the docking station, and powers it on for the day.  His daily activities begin with slogging through the countless emails that have piled up since he stopped working on Friday.  The daily grind however is interrupted as he can’t help but notice something unique in his peripheral vision.  Corey raises himself up from his chair a little bit to take a better look, and confirms what he thought.  Walking down one of the aisles of cubicles in front of him, a woman with a completely bald head.

Now, one should know that Corey has a type, whether he knows it or not.  Pretty much every woman he has dated in recent memory has had some form of short hair, the longest being a chin length bob.  Upon witnessing this woman confusing feelings arise in Corey, it feels like he has butterflies in his stomach.  

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a completely bald woman before.”  Corey thinks to himself, “Do I like that?”  

He raises himself out of the chair slightly again to peer over his monitors and look.  

“Yeah… I think I like that.”  he confirms to himself.  

A wave of thoughts roll into Corey’s head. “Who is that?  Is that a new hire? Does she have some kind of sickness?  Am I an asshole if I like her bald but she lost her hair because she’s sick?”  The wave of thoughts finishes with the most important one to Corey at this moment. “Should I go talk to her?”    

Corey isn’t exactly the most outgoing guy, he doesn’t have a problem talking to someone but he prefers they start the conversation.  For this to happen he’s going to have to build up the courage to be so forward.  To Corey it does appear that this girl works here, so he’s got plenty of time to figure out when the right moment is to go talk to her.  

Corey continues to go through his emails, but between every work thought his mind is filled with the question of how he can approach this woman.  The rest of the morning, and through the beginning of the afternoon he goes through assorted game plans.  Thinking about different things to say to her, preparing for different responses, and just generally trying to be as not awkward as possible.  Corey reaches a point where he’s satisfied with his preparation, and notices the woman isn’t on any calls.  He takes a deep breath, stands up and walks over.  

Chapter 2 – Brianna’s day at work

Getting ready

Seven a.m., Monday morning, Brianna wakes up before her alarm goes off, completely wide awake.  It’s been two days since the fateful night where she shaved her head totally bald.  The days have been filled with plenty of positive interactions from friends and family members, but today is the first day people at her work will see her.  Each initial interaction with people is nerve wracking for Brianna.  She has no clue how any one person will react, it’s a coin flip every time. 

Most people, if they have something to say, will say something positive, and if not, they tend to not mention her new hair.  There were a couple of men brash enough to hurl insults at her from a distance while she was running errands on Sunday.  As Brianna found out Saturday night, she didn’t really mind the insults, it was however still embarrassing to happen to her in public.  

Brianna decided since she has all this time before she has to leave, she would try to re-shave her head.  She figures that she should give her new look the best first impression she can for those seeing it for the first time.  With an hour and a half until she has to leave for work, she can hopefully figure out how to shave her head herself.  

Brianna gets undressed and heads to her kitchen where she had left the bag of shaving supplies she had bought a day earlier.  She still wasn’t sure if she was keeping this haircut long term, but she’s giving it a two week probationary period to figure it out.  After grabbing the bag, she moves to the bathroom and unpackages the new supplies.  The first item she grabs is a box of clippers, these were for the future, in case she grows her hair out and wants to go back to something short.  The second and third items were what she was looking for, her new razor, a gilette fusion 5 that features five blades, and shaving cream.

“Hmm, where is the best place to do this, maybe the shower?” Brianna thinks to herself.  

She remembered that George had placed a hot towel on her head before he shaved it, perhaps being in the shower with hot water would probably be similar.  Her mind goes back and forth on what to do, still uncertain she decides to text George, maybe he’s awake.

“I need help, what’s the best way to re-shave my head? lol”  Brianna texts to George.  

She stands there contemplating all the pros and cons of doing it in the shower as opposed to in front of her mirror at the sink when her phone dings.  Brianna checks her phone, a text from Ashley.  

“Bitch don’t you text my man!  I’m jk.  No one texts him that early so when I heard it ding I looked.  I woke him up and he’ll text you shortly. Loooove you”  

“That was a very Ashley text.” Brianna thinks to herself as she laughs.  

The phone dings again, this time instructions from George.  She reads the text, and is grateful that George spared no detail in the process.  George knows Brianna very well, if there were steps missing, he’d be getting a text back with more questions.  The wall of text is a strategic move on his part to allow him to go back to sleep.  Brianna carefully reads the instructions and turns on the shower to warm up.  

“George said I should shave in the shower, I need to remember as much of this as I possibly can before I get in there.”  Brianna thinks to herself.

Luckily for her George did outline a basic strategy that would work for her.  All she has to do is go slow, and shave until she can’t feel stubble.  If she is having an issue removing stubble, try shaving in a different direction.  

“If I mess up these instructions it’s gonna be a long Monday.” Brianna says to herself as she laughs.  

With the shower warmed up, Brianna pushes the sliding door open and enters, pulling the door shut behind her.  She sticks her head under the hot water, letting her scalp warm up in preparation for shaving.  While waiting for her scalp to get warmed up, Brianna takes this opportunity to give herself a head massage with the water hitting it.  Her eyes close with ecstasy, she’s not sure she’ll ever get tired of this feeling.  

After she thinks her scalp is sufficiently warm, she sprays out some shaving cream onto her hands and lathers her head completely.  She sticks her hands under the water to wash away the excess cream before grabbing her brand new razor.  

She takes a deep breath and thinks to herself, “You can do this, just go slow like George said.” before placing the razor at the front of her forehead.  Another deep breath from Brianna, on the exhale she pulls the razor back on her head.  Her arm and hand holding the razor trembles slightly as she shaves her head for the first time by herself.  Slowly she continues to shave away at her head.  To Brianna it doesn’t matter if it takes an hour, she just wants to finish this with no stubble and no cuts.  

Brianna continues to shave away until she believes she has finished.  She puts her head under the water to rinse off the excess shaving cream, sets down the razor and runs her hand over head.  

“Dang, there’s still plenty of stubble left.”  Brianna says to herself.  “Guess we’re making another pass at this.”  

Brianna re-lathers her head, and starts the process all over again.  After completing the re-shave she uses her hands to explore before rinsing off the cream.  She notices a few areas that she uses the razor to clean up.  Satisfied with the job that she’s done, she rinses her head off again and runs her hands over her head.  

“Totally smooth, that wasn’t so bad.  I enjoyed it more the second time around doing it myself than the first time when George did it.”  Brianna thinks to herself.  

She looks at the clock on her bathroom wall, “Oh that took me twenty three minutes… I’m gonna have to work on that.” she says.  

Brianna finishes up in the shower, dries herself off in record time, and finishes the rest of the process of getting ready for work.  She brews herself some coffee for the road and grabs a muffin before starting her commute to work.  


Brianna arrives at work around 9:04 AM, and parks her car.  She grabs her mask and laptop bag before exiting her vehicle to head to the building.  

“Maybe people won’t know it’s me if I have my mask on.”  she ponders with optimism.  

She immediately puts her mask on before continuing her walk to the building.  When she reaches the door she grabs her key card out of her laptop bag, the picture of her with a full head of hair staring back at her.  She gazes at it for a moment before quickly swiping the key card, and stuffing it back into her bag.  Brianna heads to the elevator to get up to her floor, secretly hoping that no one else joins her to avoid any potential questions.  

Brianna enters the elevator, first one in, no one else on it.  

“Good start.” she thinks to herself.  

A moment later, two women she recognizes who work on a floor higher than hers enter.  They both give a glance at her before turning around to face the door.  The doors of the elevator close and she begins her ascent.  Brianna can see the two ladies whispering to each other, but can’t quite make out what they have to say.   A brief annoyance hits Brianna before she rolls her eyes.  “Why the hell do I care what they’re saying.” Brianna thinks to herself.  

The elevator doors open on her floor as Brianna pushes past them and sashays her way off the elevator.  Brianna smirks to herself under the mask, amused by the confidence and sass she just showed.  

Brianna gets to her cubicle, unpacks her laptop, and puts it into the docking station.  She pauses briefly before turning it on, knowing that when her status becomes available on the work messenger that the two close friends she has at work will be over soon.  

“They have to see it at some point, let’s get it over with.”  Brianna thinks to herself before powering on her laptop.  

As expected, within minutes Becky shows up to her cubicle with Bayley trailing not too far behind.  Becky is early thirties, tall and skinny, she wears her hair in a chin length bob that compliments her librarian-esque personality.  Bayley quite the opposite, in her younger twenties she is short and slightly stocky, along with a pair of glasses.  Her hair shoulder blade length curly dark hair accentuates her boisterous personality that features many sassy head movements, allowing it to shake wildly.  Brianna takes off her mask so that they can get the full picture of what she now looks like. 

Becky and Bayley both cover their mouths instinctively before one of them breaks the ice. 

“Giiiirl, you’re so beautiful.”  Bayley says.  

“You’re so cute!” Becky says.

Brianna blushes and responds, “Thanks, your opinions mean a lot to me.”

“Sooooo, why did you do it?”  Bayley asks.

“I have some pretty convincing friends.”  Brianna says as she laughs.  

“I kind of broke down in front of them, and complained about a few things.  One of my friends was really blunt with me, and it convinced me I needed to make some changes to achieve personal growth.”  says Brianna. 

“And did you get that growth?” asks Becky.

“An unbelievable amount.” Brianna responds.

“Awww that’s just as beautiful as how you look.” says Becky.  

“I’m sure I can speak for Becky when I say we’re both super happy for you.” says Bayley as Becky nods.  

‘Ok we should get back to work, but we had to come see you obviously.”  says Bayley.  

They both lean over and give her a hug around her head before leaving.  Brianna stares at their hair as they walk away with a hint of jealousy.  She quickly shakes her head and snaps out of it before diving into her work emails for the day.  


Chapter 3 – Convergence


Two in the afternoon, Corey makes the walk to his target, it feels like the longest walk of his life.  The butterflies in his stomach fluttering at a rapid pace, his legs very heavy, and sweating profusely from his armpits.  “I didn’t realize I was going to need extra deodorant today.”  he thinks to himself.  

As he gets closer he realizes what area he’s in, the account renewals department.  He quickly looks at who is working from that group today, if he’s going to do something potentially embarrassing he wants to know who is looking.   During his survey of the scene he notices someone missing.  

“Brianna works over here, I guess she must be out sick today because I don’t see her.”  he thinks to himself.

Corey reaches his destination and stands there for a couple seconds before making his presence known.  Brianna can feel someone standing behind her, and prepares for an interaction.  Corey can’t seem to control the volume of his voice due to nervousness, letting out a “Hi!” in a tone way higher than he desired.  

Brianna recognizes this voice, it’s Corey.  They’ve had assorted short conversations in the hall and elevator previously.  He isn’t someone that she knows well enough to call a friend, but would qualify as a work acquaintance.   

Brianna stops typing and responds, “Hey Corey, what’s up?” before starting to turn around in her chair.

“How does this woman know my name already?”  Corey thinks to himself with a puzzled expression, his mind racing.  

The moment seems like eternity as he surveils his surroundings waiting for the girl to turn around.  He quickly looks at the nameplate of the cubicle, it reads “Brianna Hailey.”  

His confusion continues to rise with this information, and has no clue how to process it.  Never in a million years would he expect Brianna to do something like this, this has to be someone else, he would bet his life savings on it.  

The turn of the chair that felt like a century to Corey finishes, and Brianna takes off her mask.  Turns out Corey would be dead broke if he had made that bet, he was never any good at gambling anyways.   



Brianna looks at Corey, his face flushed red and a puzzled expression on his face.  She can tell she has the upper hand in this interaction based on Corey’s appearance. 

She laughs, “What’s wrong?  Expecting someone else?”  Brianna says.  

“I… um… well… “ Corey stammers.  

“It’s ok, I know I know, everyone else has come here to ask about it.”  says Brianna. 

“To answer your question, some friends and I had a heart to heart.  That conversation led to me doing this to experience personal growth.”  says Brianna. 

“No…. that’s not… I mean… yes I wanted to know… but…” Corey continues to stammer. 

Brianna isn’t used to this kind of reaction. “Is he attracted to me?  Is that what’s causing this?”  she thinks to herself, trying to analyze the situation. 

“Take some deep breaths Corey, gather your thoughts.” says Brianna as she laughs.   

Corey takes a couple deep breaths as instructed by Brianna before finally rapidly uttering a complete sentence, “Brianna you’re really beautiful.”  

“I really like it when people start conversations with me like that.” says Brianna as she laughs.  

“I’ve been over there for hours, thinking about what I could say to you.  Ways I could do it without embarrassing myself.  It all went out the window when I got here, I’m sorry.”  says Corey.

“Don’t worry about it Corey, I’m happy you came to tell me that!” says Brianna.  

“Great…. ok bye” says Corey as he turns around abruptly to leave.

Brianna, puzzled by that interaction, starts to turn around in her chair. 

“No, that’s not what you came here for Corey.”  he thinks to himself.

“Wait Brianna.”  says Corey as he takes a deep breath, “Would you wanna go on a date with me?  I know I just embarrassed myself but…”

Brianna interrupts him, absolutely elated to have someone ask her out in person, “Yes of course!”  

“Dammit you were supposed to play it cool Brianna.”  she thinks to herself. “I was way too excited to have someone ask me out, it’s been literal years…” 

“Gimme your phone Corey.”  Brianna demands.

Corey hands over his phone to Brianna, she adds herself as a contact and then hands the phone back to him.  

“Text me after work with details about where we’re going.” Brianna says before turning back around in her chair to resume work.  

“Definitely!” Corey says elated before walking back to his cubicle.   

Brianna is ecstatic right now, in addition to scoring a date, she was not afraid to take control of the conversation, something she’s struggled with in the past.  Brianna reaches for her phone to text Ashley.

The text message read, “I think your girl has graduated to a flavored bowl of oatmeal!” 


Chapter 4 – date

Getting ready

The rest of Brianna’s work day was fairly pedestrian, she had enough fun for one work day so that was perfectly fine with her.  Brianna arrives back at her apartment, and fumbles with her keys to unlock the door.  As she unlocks the door she hears her phone ding, she hopes that’s Corey with the details for their date.  She pushes open her door, then drops her keys, purse, and laptop bag haphazardly on her dining room table to check her phone.  Just as she’d hoped, the text message is from Corey.  “Zappa’s at 8 ok?” read the text message, “sounds great!” Brianna texted back.  

Brianna opened the maps application on her phone to see how long it would take to get there, twenty minutes.  She checks the time, 6:32, she’s got about an hour to get ready.  

“If I can’t get ready within an hour, this haircut has failed me.” Brianna thinks to herself as she laughs.

She heads to the bathroom and examines herself in the mirror, deciding what she needs to do.  

“Should I shave my head again?  Do people do that more than once a day?” Brianna thinks before rubbing her hands over her head.

“I think it’s smooth enough still, that’d probably be overkill.”  she decides.  

Brianna moves to her bedroom, and opens her closet.  She doesn’t exactly have a lot of date clothes available to her.  Her eyes move to the dress she wore for the pictures she took the other night.  A strapless black dress that rises up to just above her knees.  It’s not the shortest thing in the world, but to Brianna this is not something she’d typically wear in public.  

“I can’t wear that, can I?  It’s the most revealing thing I own, not that that is saying much.”  thinks Brianna. “Maybe I can text Ashley to see if she has something I can wear.”  

Brianna looks at the time, “I don’t think I’d have enough time for that though, she lives like twenty minutes away.” 

Brianna continues to go through her closet, finding nothing that satisfies her for a date.  She returns to the dress, and grabs it to inspect it closer.  Holding it by the hanger in her left hand, and straightening it out with her right hand, she makes a decision.  

“New Brianna can do this, I’m wearing this.”  she thinks confidently to herself.  

She looks to her top shelf where her shoes are, deciding between a pair of black flats and black heels.  

“New Brianna still likes comfort, he’ll get the heels when he deserves it.” she thinks to herself before grabbing the black flats.  

“Hmmm, I need some earrings.” Brianna thinks to herself before walking to her dresser, her jewelry box sitting on top.  

She opens it up and peruses the options she has.  After a minute of searching she finds the perfect pair, they were black chunky circle earrings with a gold outline.  A few years back she had used these for a halloween costume, she didn’t expect to get another use out of them.  

Now that she’s assembled her outfit she undresses from her work clothes and gets ready for her date.  A short modeling session in front of her full length mirror confirms what she presumed. 

“Oh no… I’m gorgeous.” she thinks as she laughs to herself.  

A brief check of the clock shows she has ten minutes until she has to leave.

“I’m going to head there early… not that I’m excited or anything…” she says to herself. 


Date time

Brianna pulls up to the restaurant, she can see Corey’s car already in the parking lot.

“Guess I wasn’t the only one excited.” she says to herself as she parks her car. 

Brianna exits her car, nervousness hits her as she walks to the entrance of the restaurant.  She pushes open the door to the restaurant, and walks in to see Corey sitting in a booth already.  The restaurant itself is small and dimly lit, the majority of the seating is in booths with high backs, they give the feeling of near complete privacy when sitting in them.  

“Did he choose this restaurant to be romantic?  Or because he doesn’t want to be seen with me in public?”  Brianna thinks, her vulnerability bursting through for a moment.  

She does her best to shake off those thoughts and greets Corey at their table.  

“Hi!  Sorry I’m… early?”  she says to him as she laughs.

“Oh hi, yeah I was here… a while ago,” Corey says as he laughs, “I wanted to make sure we had a table.”  

Brianna can’t help but notice Corey is red faced, as he was earlier when he came to her cubicle to talk.  She might have to take the lead on conversation tonight, something she’s not typically good at.  Brianna decides to channel her inner Ashley, her most boisterous and outgoing friend.  

“So how do I look?  I look great right?’  Brianna asks Corey, as she does her best modeling poses.

“Ye-yeah you’re so beautiful.” Corey stammers.  

“It’s ok Corey, you can relax, I can tell you’re nervous.  How about we order food first before delving into more conversation?” says Brianna.

Corey agrees and they both shift their focus to the menu.  After sitting in silence for two minutes while figuring out what they want to eat, they place their order with the waitress.  Brianna breaks the silence.

“Is there anything you want to talk about?  You can ask me anything.” says Brianna. 

“Ok…  well to be truthful, I was wondering what it was like?  To shave your head as a woman that is.”  asks Corey.  

“The short answer is, terrifying and confusing.  It might not be a big deal for guys to shave their head, but for someone like me, it was a huge deal.  Plus you’ve seen me at the office, you know I don’t do anything radical with my style.”  says Brianna.

“Well I’m not sure how it feels to be bald as a guy, I’ve never done that, but I agree it must have been nerve wracking for you to do it.”  says Corey.

Brianna’s interest is piqued at that response, devious thoughts enter her mind for later.  Eager at the chance to make someone else bald and see what it feels like.

“One of these days maybe you’ll experience what it’s like to be bald and you’ll understand a little better.” Brianna says as she laughs.  

Corey laughs and responds, “Yeah perhaps.  What did it feel like to do it?”  

“It’s hard to describe, I didn’t particularly like it at first, but that was probably because I was in shock that it was happening.  I did get used to it as the haircut went on, and when I shaved my head this morning it wasn’t bad at all.”  says Brianna.

“Oh you shaved it this morning?  No wonder it looks so smooth.”  Corey says.

Brianna laughs and responds, “It better!  I spent twenty minutes doing it this morning.”  

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of their food, which comes to a halt as they both dive into their food.  As Brianna leans her head over to eat her plate of spaghetti, Corey can’t help but look at her bald head.  Even though the restaurant is dimly lit, light still catches it and shines off of it.  The butterflies flutter in his stomach as he watches.  As she leans back up he does his best to make it seem like he wasn’t just staring at her, and leans over to eat.

As Corey leans over, the long hair atop his head tumbles forward.  He uses his free hand to push it back while he stuffs the food in his mouth.  Brianna can’t help but notice his predicament.  

“How long has it been since you’ve cut your hair?  It seems really long.” Brianna questions.

Corey thinks for a moment before responding, “Well, I didn’t want to frequent barbers during the pandemic, so I tried to cut my hair once while we worked from home.  It didn’t go well, and it’s probably been 6 months since then.”  

 “Are you planning to cut it anytime soon?  Or do you like having it long like that?” asks Brianna.

“I don’t want to go back to a barber yet, but I realize I should get a haircut.  I don’t want to do it myself again though after last time.” Corey says. 

Brianna senses an opening, smiles and responds, “If you want to come to my place after dinner, I could help you out.” 

Corey would agree to anything at this point if it meant getting to go back to Brianna’s apartment, but having to get a haircut is not something he expected to deal with.   

“I don’t know… you’re not exactly a professional.”  Corey says.

“You don’t want to come back to my apartment?  Am I not pretty enough?” Brianna questions, putting Corey in an awkward position.

“I’ll get to hang out with her a little more just for a trim or something, this seems like a win.” Corey thinks to himself before answering. 

“Well it’s certainly not that… ok, fine, I’ll come over after dinner.” says Corey.

“That’s the right answer.” Brianna responds as she winks at him.  

“I’m winking at people now?  What the hell is happening to me?” Brianna thinks to herself.  

They finish up their meal, making light small talk, and head to their cars.  Brianna shares her address, and they both drive to her apartment.  


Chapter 5 – dinner aftermath

Seduction time

Brianna pushes open the door to her apartment and holds it open for Corey as they both enter the apartment.  

“Have a seat on the couch, do you want something to drink?  I’ve got some wine I can open”  Brianna asks.

“That sounds fine, I’ll take a glass.”  Corey responds as he walks to the couch and sits down.  

Brianna pours two glasses of wine, and walks to the couch.  She hands one glass to Corey and sits down next to him.  The two make short conversation while drinking their wine, general interests, complaints about work and such.  As they reach the end of their glasses, Brianna gets more forward and puts her arm around his shoulders.  

She runs her hand through his long blonde hair, and asks the question, “So is it time for me to give you a haircut?”

Corey gulps down the last of his wine, “I guess it’s about time for that huh.  Where are we going to do it?”  

“The bathroom is the best place, all my tools are there and it’ll be easier to clean up.”  Brianna responds.  

She gets up from the couch to grab a chair from her dining room table, and moves it to the bathroom.  Corey gets up to follow her, unsure of what’s about to happen.  Brianna sets the chair down in the bathroom and Corey has a seat in it.

“So like can you just give me a trim, I don’t want to cut off too much.”  asks Corey.  

“Maybe we could do that.  First we should get you undressed, we wouldn’t want you to have hair all over your clothes.”  says Brianna.  

“Uh ok.” says Corey.

Brianna removes Corey’s shirt and instructs him to remove his pants.  A beautiful woman asking him to remove his pants is a dream come true to Corey, he quickly stands up and strips himself naked before sitting back down.  

“Oh I just meant your actual pants, not your underwear too.”  says Brianna.

Corey gets red and embarrassed as he realizes his mistake. 

“It’s ok though, I’ll join you so you’re not as embarrassed.” says Brianna.  

Brianna slowly slides her dress off, and strips herself completely naked.  Corey watches her intently, unable to hide his pleasure. 

“I see that someone enjoyed that show.”  says Brianna as she runs her finger along the tip of Corey’s hard cock.

Brianna unboxes her clippers, and plugs them in.  She clicks them on to test them, a loud whirr commences as the clippers come to life.  After testing the clippers, she shuts them off and straddles Corey on his lap.  

“Wh-what are you doing with those?” asks Corey.

“Welllll I was thinking about more than a trim for you Corey.”  Brianna responds.

“… what was that?” Corey asks nervously.

“Rub my head Corey.”  Brianna demands.

“Huh?” says Corey.

“Rub. My. Head.”  Brianna demands again.

Corey reaches up with both hands to rub Brianna’s head.  The first time he’s touched a bald head in his life.  He can’t believe how smooth and soft it feels.  She closes her eyes in ecstasy as Corey’s hands go over every part of her scalp.  

“Do you like it?” asks Brianna.

“Yeah it feels incredible.” says Corey. 

“Maybe you should join me.” says Brianna.

Corey gulps and responds, “Seriously?  You want to shave my head?”

Brianna bites her lip seductively before responding, “Yeah, I think you’d look hot bald.” 

“I don’t know Brianna, that’s a huge difference from what I have now.” says Corey.

Brianna sets the clippers down on her counter and then gets down on her knees in front of Corey.  

“Keep rubbing my head and think about it for a couple minutes.” says Brianna.

Brianna slowly lowers her head onto Corey’s cock.  Corey tilts his head back in joy immediately.  Brianna bobs her head up and down on Corey’s cock, swirling her tongue as she does.  She can feel Corey’s cock throbbing in her mouth.  Corey breathes heavier and heavier with each repetition.  Before Corey gets a chance to orgasm, Brianna removes herself from Corey’s cock.    

She looks up at him from her knees and says, “The only way you’re cumming with me tonight is if you’re bald too.”  

Brianna gets up from her knees and straddles Corey across his lap again.  “So what’s it gonna be?” she asks.

“Yes yes yes, do it quickly.  After what just happened, I’d agree to anything in this moment of time.” Corey says.


Haircut time

Delighted, Brianna turns the clippers on with no guard and runs them quickly down the middle of Corey’s head, the parallels to her own headshave clear in her mind.  

“Can’t even give me a warning huh?” asks Corey.

“It’s better for you this way.” says Brianna.  

Branching out from the bare path she laid in the middle of his head, she continues to buzz the top of his head.  Blonde hair raining down between them surrounding his still hard cock.  She pushes his head to one side to buzz off the hair, before pushing it the other way to remove it from the other.  She stands up to complete the back.  To do so she thrusts her breasts directly into Corey’s face.  

“This is the best haircut I’ve ever gotten.”  Corey thinks to himself and laughs internally.  

Brianna finishes buzzing Corey’s head and admires her work.  She moves his head in all angles, checking to see if she missed any long hairs.  Being satisfied with her work she removes herself from standing over Corey.  She brushes the long hair off his lap that is surrounding his cock, purposefully running her hand on it as she does.  Her attention turns to preparing to shave Corey’s head.  She turns on the hot water on her bathroom sink, letting it warm up while she runs to get a small hand towel.  When she returns the water is plenty hot, and uses it to make a warm towel to put on Corey’s head.  She turns the faucet off, and walks behind Corey, then placing the hot towel on his scalp.  

“We’re going to let that sit there for a minute to get your head warm for shaving.” Brianna says.

Corey nods, the situation is too wild for him to even utter words.  For Corey this started as a regular Monday, now he’s being seduced and shaved bald by a naked bald woman.  What shift in the cosmos happened for this to occur?  Did he complain internally about his mundane life and boring office too much, leading to the universe correcting itself?

Brianna decides that the hot towel has been there long enough and removes it from his head.  She sprays shaving cream on his head and massages it into his scalp, then uses the sink to wash her hands off.  Brianna moves to straddle him again, but tests her pussy beforehand by sticking two fingers in.  As she expected, she is soaking wet.  She resumes squatting on Corey to straddle him, as she does she positions his cock so that it enters her pussy.  Slowly she lowers herself onto Corey, loving every minute of it.  

After she lowers herself completely onto Corey she leans over and whispers into his ear, “You’re gonna look hot as fuck bald.”  

Corey didn’t think he could turn any redder from the events that transpired tonight, but he turns his deepest shade of red yet.  

“Are you sure you can do this part?  You said you’ve only done it once this morning.” Corey asks. 

“My friend gave me good advice, just go slow, and go until there is nothing left.  It’ll be fine.”  Brianna responds. 

Brianna shaves away at the top of his head, slowly but steadily, as she did on her own head earlier.  As the shaving cream gets wiped away from the razor, Corey feels a new coolness on top of his head, a feeling he’s never experienced.  From the top to the sides, Brianna is surgical with her shaving, making sure nothing is missed.  

“This is way easier to do on another person when you can see what you’re doing.” Brianna says as she laughs.  

Brianna stands up, releasing herself from Corey’s hard cock, to shave the back of his head.  Again thrusting her breasts directly into his face.  She finishes up with the back of his head and sits back down, lowering herself onto his cock again.  The towel she used earlier to warm his head comes in handy as she reaches over to grab it and use it to wipe his head down.  She sets the razor on the counter and rubs her hands over his head to inspect her work.  Brianna is impressed with her work, only one small area needed to have a touchup from the razor.  After the quick touch up she sets the razor back down, and puts her hands back on Corey’s head to massage it.  

“Aren’t we cute, we have matching haircuts now.”  she says as she smiles at him.  

Corey smiles back before pulling her close and kissing her, sending his tongue deep into her mouth.  The two make out for a few minutes before Brianna suggests a venue change with her actions.  She pulls herself away from him, stands up, and grabs his hand, guiding him to her bedroom.


Sexy time

Brianna lays on her bed and pulls Corey on top of her.  The two continue their make out session from the bathroom.  They kiss each other intensely, both unable to keep their hands off of each other.  Corey with both hands on Brianna’s head, Brianna with one on Corey’s head and one on his ass.  

After a few minutes of their make out session, Brianna pulls her self away and whispers into his ear, “Fuck me.”  

Corey wastes no time, he removes his hands from her head and places them on the bed to steady himself.  He slowly enters Brianna and lays himself back down on top of her, positioning himself in a way he can get at least one hand on her head.  Brianna bites her lip in ecstasy as Corey’s hard cock enters her once again tonight.  Corey undulates on Brianna, doing his best to keep a steady rhythm.  They both breathe heavier as Corey’s cock enters and exits Brianna repeatedly.  Brianna’s hand that she had on Corey’s ass has moved to his back, her fingers dig into him.  Brianna’s mind wanders back to her masturbation session from Saturday.  Her hands move to Corey’s ass, she grabs it tightly and gets him to stop with his cock still inside her.  

“Wait one second Corey.  Would you do something for me?”  she asks.

“Sure, I’ve already done pretty much everything else you’ve asked.” he says as he laughs.

“Would you… make fun of me while you fucked me.” she says.

‘You want me to what?” Corey says. 

‘Insult me, call me names.” Brianna says.  

Corey thinks for a second before responding ending with a smirk, “Sure thing cueball.” 

“Yesssss,” Brianna says before releasing the grip on his ass, letting him continue to fuck her.  

As Corey fucks her, he peppers her with assorted insults.

“You’re as smooth as an egg.”  

“I can’t believe how white your head is.”

“I’m blinded by the light shining off your head.”

“You’re a fucking chrome dome.”  

The last one does it, Brianna starts to orgasm, her fingers digging into him deeply.  She moans louder than she ever has before.  The orgasm lasts for what feels like forever to Brianna, her body trembling as it ends.  She pulls Corey deep to makeout with him for a few seconds before letting him get back to work and getting himself to cum.  

“Cum for me baby.”  she says, encouraging him.

Corey thrusts harder and faster, heading towards his eventual climax.  

Brianna pulls him close and whispers, “I want you to cum on my bald head.”  

“Gladly.” Corey whispers back.

Corey reaches the point where he’s about to climax, and pulls out of Brianna.  She quickly sits up in her bed and leans her head over.  He stands up and finishes himself off, a huge stream of cum flying from his cock, hitting Brianna dead center in the middle of her head.  The warm goo is a unique feeling to Brianna, but not an unpleasant one.  Cum continues to spray from Corey’s cock, the most he’s seen in years.  As he finishes Brianna leans her head up, cum runs down the front of her face that she licks up with her tongue.  She smiles, completely ecstatic at the events that unfolded tonight.  What happened on Saturday night with her, Ashley and George is now considered a success.  

They both go to the bathroom to perform some cleanup from their festivities.  For Corey, the cum all over his cock, for Brianna, the cum on her head.  After their cleanup is finished, Brianna grabs Corey by the hand and takes him back to her bed.  She pulls him in, pulls the sheets up and cuddles close to his chest.  He turns off the lights and strokes her bald head until they both fall asleep, the night of intense passion finally coming to a rest.  


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