Please dont cape me

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Hi all. This is my first story on this site. Sorry for my bad English. I am dutch so maybe anyone can help me translate my next story. Hope you guys will like it.

It was summer now. But the rain felt down on the streets. Luna was staring out of the window. A 15 year old girl. Very popular under the other students of her class. She looks just normal. Wearing jeans and a small top above it. Her boots were big and came almost upon her knees. She had long dark blond hair. It was a little wavy now it has this length. It came to the end of her back.

She was looking irritated. Her parents just told her she had to bad grades on school. And she was very brutal. Spending lots of time with her friends and making fun in shopping malls. The worst was she was lying to her mother. They had already talked about it earlier. But Luna didn’t want to listen. She was just making fun with her friends and never care about her homework. Last week she was bring back home by the police. She was arrested for stealing some jewels. Not expensive ones but still it was a crime. She also bullied a girl from her class and even cut off a small length of hair from the girl when she sat before her. The girl first didn’t notice, but when she was stand up she saw some length of hair on the floor. The teacher had send Luna strict at home.

Her mother was furious. This was it young lady. She shouted, From now on I cant accept no more form you. It’s time you become a grown up women and I going to make you that by some new strict rules. You first punishment will be your look. Take off your clothes and empty your wardrobe. Luna was grabbed on her ear and dragged to her room. All of her clothes where put in a bag and thrown away in the trash. Except for some skirts and long dresses. Luna was furious but she was locked up into her room. She become afraid. She never saw her mother this angry and she was scared about the things that can come.

Next day she woke up mother put her on a long denim button skirt and a white blouse with cardigan. The skirt almost reach her ankles and the cardigan feels so itchy. I am not going to wear this outside’ Luna shouds. O yes you will be, mother says. Her long hair was braid and tightly twisted into a bun. Please I look like a 40 year old maid. Luna tries to put off the clothing. Mother grabbed her and slapped her on her but. You will be wearing this. Later today we go buy more dresses and skirts for you. No go down stairs and take your breakfast.  Without any makeup or jewels she slowly was eating breakfast. Meanwhile her mother was calling on the phone. A few minutes later mother was telling her to get into the car. Where are we going? Luna asked. We are going to salon Ellis mother said strictly. You getting a haircut. What? Noo please mom. I’ll be a good girl. Don’t cut off my hair. You hair looks messy and isn’t cut by ages mother said. We are going and no more words about it. Luna get very nervous. Salon Ellis was not a normal haircut salon. She was never been there. But heard very extreme stories about it. The hairdresser was very strict and must even tight you to the chair. Also heard nightmares about a chair in her shop window. Kids who didn’t listen must sit on there while they were stripped off their hair. On the other hand, they where just stories. It couldn’t be that bad. And she also needed some trim. But she still didn’t want to go there.

Two hours later she sat in a waiting area. Her mother sit next to her. After lots of shouting and arguing Luna was sit in the car and mother drive to the salon. This was in a small street. The salon was built against a house. From the street she saw the shop window with curtains. Indeed there was a chair in front of it. But it doesn’t look to be used. There was a cutting station on a wall with a large mirror. In front of the chair a small table full of cutting tools and also clippers and hairdryer. And a roll of tissue witch Luna had no idee of wherefor it was. On the backside of the salon was a door to the house. On the door where a few hooks with lots of capes hanging on them.

A moment later a women from mid 40’s walks in the salon. She was wearing a denim apron and has a lot of hairpins on her apron. I am Ellis she said. Who is next? Now it’s your turn, mother said. Luna walked over to the big chair. A, what a fine looking young women we got here, The hairdresser said. Luna slowly took seat of the chair and waited for her mother that walks with her. What a beautiful skirt she wears Ellis said to her mom. Yes indeed. You may put off your cardigan. And open up the upper buttons of your blouse.

Now how you want her to be cut? Just trim up the ends Luna said from the chair. NO.. mother said clearly. Then she turns to Ellis. This is a punishment cut. This little girl needs to be learn how to act like a grown up women. She has been very bad. Is this the girl who cut off my nieces hair on school? Ellis Asked. Yes, mother sight. And I want her to have a nice short pixie haircut like adult women have. I give you free hand on it. Luna shocks by hearing this. Mommy please. No more words young lady, You are getting this haircut now and you will be pleased with it. No problem miss, Ellis said. I have experience with this. And you will listen to me young lady or I give you a full buzzcut. Be happy my niece isn’t here. Luna didn’t know what to say. She just had to accept it. No go sit up straight. Keep still like this so I can cape you.

Ellis walks to the door and pick up a long purple cape. She walks over to Luna and swung the cape over her. She leans forward and took a paper from a dispenser. chin up please, she said to Luna. She fold the paper tight around Luna’s neck. Next she begin to close the cape with snaps. Snap snap snap snap… The cape was sit tight around her neck now and the paper was folded over it. Then Ellis pumps up the chair a little. Luna become nervous now. The cape was little to tight and the paper was a strange this she never has seen before. Also the cape was very large. On all sides the cape covers her and on the back it hung down like a curtain.

Ellis stood behind her now and begin to brush her long hair. It’s time to say goodbye for your hair now, she said. Luna could not speak. Ellis binds her hair into a large ponytail. Her we go sweety. Instead of a scissor Ellis took some electric clippers and put in on Luna’s ponytail. Luna heard the loud voice of the machine. Tears began to flow down her cheeks. Her long tail fell to the ground now. That’s great, Ellis said. Mother also looks and said it was nice to see her daughter have not that dirty long hair. Luna began to cry now. My hair, it’s all gone. I hate you, she screamed against her mother. But mother was sit down in the waiting chair again. Keep quiet you. Ellis said. This is only the beginning. Tears falling down of luna’s cheeks. Please, not shorter. Her mother was stand up and hold her head between her hands. You listen now young girl. You get this haircut and you better behave, or you will be spanked here in this salon right now. Luna sight as mother was walking back and sit on the bench again. Ellis was spraying a little water over her hair and brushes it al forward. She picks up some hair pins and pinned her hair on the top of Luna’s head. Then she walks to the door again and picked up another cape. This was a blue one. It had denim buttons closure. Again she picked up a neck strip and pulled it on  Luna’s neck. Then the blue cape was swing around and button’s very tight with the metal denim buttons.

Luna was shocked.  Why you have to use a second cape? This one is for the clippers, Ellis said. Please can it loosen up a bit? Luna was almost choking. No we don’t want those little hairs fall down into your clothes don’t we. Pump pump pump. The chair was raising up. Ellis picks up some large clippers and a comb. Head down please, she said.  Luna felt so scared. The clippers where put on. Bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz she felt the clippers run up her nape. This was so unfair. She was complete overwhelmed. Being clipped by a mad hairdresser and tight up on the chair with those extreme big capes. Hair falls over the soft cape fabric. The capes where made of nylon and feeling cold. Bzz bzz bzz. Ellis runs the clippers over the comb. Luna couldn’t see what was cut but she feels cold on her nape so it must be very short. And at least be clipped to her ears. Finally the clippers stopped. Ellis picked up a brush and cleaned Luna her nape of small hairs. She also unbuttoned the blue cape and second neckstrip. A this feels already better Luna thought.

While Ellis walks away to hung up the cape Luna looks into a mirror on her side  O MY GOD. This was so short. Her nape was clipped extremely. only small hairs of 6 mm was al what was left from her beautiful mane. Only on top her long hair was still pinned. You will like it soon  Ellis said. No let me cut the rest off your hair. NO Luna shaked her head. You don’t touch my hair again. I wont sit still anymore. We will see about that Ellis said with a mean smile. She walks to a closet and pick up a collar. It was made of denim and has buttons on all sides. She wrapped the collar around Luna’s neck and closed is tight with a button. The collar was sit so tight Luna couldn’t move her head anymore. Nooo please. Luna began to cry again. But Ellis already picked up a comb and shears. Just look straight honey. Ass if I even can move Luna thought. Ellis Sprayed her hair again and freed some hair from under the pins. She comb it straight down to the back of Luna’s head and begin to cut. Sssnk sssnk sssnk. More and more hair was cut. Soon al the back of Luna was cut. The hair was cut just below Luna her ears. Now ellis turns the chair and begin to cut the hair on the right and left side of Luna’s head. Snip snip snip. Hair falls down over the giant cape. Luna was keeping still and was playing nervous with the buttons of her skirt. After a few minutes Ellis calls for her mother. How do you like this length?  It’s great, Luna heard her mother say. Very nice and like a adult women. Yes it is. I Most like the clipped nape. Yes, Ellis said. That’s what this look make so special. Let’s show her. Ellis turns the chair to the mirror so Luna can see herself. O my god. Her hair was cut into a bob with a straight line. On her back the bob was cut even higher so you can see her clipped nape under her ears. It wasn’t even that bad Luna thinks. It suits her. But she had never let this cut by herself.

While see was looking. her mother and Ellis are talking by the waiting bench. She say her mother point at her and nod. Ellis smiles and walks back to Luna.

Now let me finish you up, Ellis said.  I shall remove the collar for you, and the purple cape. But you are getting the clipper cape on again. So Luna saw Ellis remove her collar and cape and pick up the blue denim cape again. Ellis pulled a necksrip on her neck and followed by the heavy denim button cape she was trapped in the chair again. Now Ellis picks up some small clippers and begin the clip the ends and around Luna her ears. Then she picks up a blow-dryer and blow out Luna’s new bob. After Ellis sprays some stuff into her hair she was finaly done. The chair began to drop and she finally feels Ellis unbutton the cape again. Luna feels free.

She begin to put on her cardigan and want to get her jacket. Hold it there young women. Her mother and Ellis walking to her. You are not done yet. What? Luna thought. I had my haircut. What are we doing anymore?

This was only the first part of your punishment mother said. Ellis and I thought about more. You didn’t behave her so we decided you have to stay here for a while.  You Going to make some advertising for me, Ellis said. See that chair into my shop window. You going to sit there. What? You can’t make me sit there all day. O yes we can mother said. They both grab  Luna by an arm and make her sit into the chair. The chair had leather cuffs on the armrests. They closed them on luna her hands and make sure she couldn’t escape. Now Ellis walks to the door again and pick up a blue haircut cape. Noooo please don’t cape me again Luna begged. But Elles already fold the cape on her neck and also pulled  a neckstrip between it. Snap snap snap snap. The cape was closed tight again. Now you be a good girl and sit still this afternoon Ellis said. Then you may go and your punishment is done. She pumpt up the chair and pushed on a button. The chair began to turn slowly.

Sow she sat there rest of the day. People where walking by. Some stay and looking, some just walk on. A few boys and girls from her school stay looking and laughing at her. Even some of her classmates. Luna was shamed so hard. There was also a boy who was looking interesting in her. She now he had a crush on her before. She likes him also but they never dated. Without others seeing it, he blew a kiss to her, and make a hearth with his fingers. She feels glowing red. At that moment the chair turns again so nobody see her face. Luna knows she would date him soon. Finaly Ellis came to her and uncapped her for the last time this day. Now young lady, Hope you learned a lesson. And thanks. Many mothers and women called my salon after seeing you. They all want a haircut like for themselves or their daughters.


Later Luna was in the car with mother again. And wishes she was never going back to this salon again. But ……


Be continued…..

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