Plucking Weed

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My first story ever, please let me know how you guys liked it.


Rebecca sat still in front of the mirror while the sunlight bounced off her wavy and voluminous hair, birds chirping outside the window as a cool breeze blew through the room. Her majestic mane came down to her waist, as brown as a bear’s fur. It was thick and healthy, thanks to her intensive hair care routine. Alas, her beautiful tresses were about to be taken from her! She would no longer have the privilege of hiding behind her unruly mane, one which had complimented her sultry figure and gorgeous face for so long. She had the best of bone structures so she was confident she could pull off the bald look. She had to, there was no option but to reassure herself since the fate of her hair had long been sealed. It was the day she approached Mike after finding his stash of hairporn on their computer.


Rebecca and Mike had been together for  a little more than 3 years when this revelation happened. Rebecca loved Mike a lot, and was very devoted towards the relationship. She was head over heels in love with him and had submitted herself to his whims and desires, so when she found out about his secret her first reaction was to quiz him, as to why he had felt the need to hide this part of his life from her.


“Mike, do you not find me sexy enough to shave ? Do you not trust me?” said rebecca barging into the room. Mike was at first confused , and after his brain finally registered Rebecca’s words, taken aback.


He finally mustered up enough courage to speak, “I I.. Its a very drastic change, and I thought you wouldn’t want to go through such a transformation. I mean what would you tell  people at work? Or friends? Ya know.  So I kind of kept it to myself, indulging myself every once in a while. Plus..”


“Why don’t you let me worry about coworkers and friends.” Rebecca interrupted 


“From the very beginning, I have said that I love you and want to submit myself to you. If me being hairless brings you happiness, then so be it. Afterall, your desires and their fulfilment feeds my happiness too.” Mike’s eyes lit up, he realised that Rebecca truly was ready to do anything to make him happy. 


They embraced, they had now laid bare their soul for the other to see. The next few weeks leading upto the shave, Mike missed no opportunity to show her how much he appreciated this sacrifice. He was touchy all the time, often pulling her jeans down and fucking her on the countertop while she washed vegetables, or turn her around for a quickie after barging in while she was in the shower. She felt so happy, all this love and attention he was showering her with really boosted her self esteem. It was unique too, Mike would never cum inside her anymore, or on the belly or on her face, he had resorted to releasing it on her hair. He felt since she was going to be bald soon, they needed to enjoy her hair as much as they could. He would rub it into her hair or comb it into her hair, and let it sit for the day or simply ask her to go out with the “conditioner” still in her hair.


The creaking from the door brought Rebecca back to the present, as she turned around she saw the door opening slowly, revealing Mike’s silhouette. She looked into his eyes, very obviously beaming with joy at the prospect of shearing her. She had watched all those videos, the women getting sheared, and shaved , the very idea of Mike doing that to her in stages excited her.

Would he go straight down the middle? Is he going to crop it with  scissors first? Is she getting a chrome dome or a goofy shaved style? The possibilities were endless and the suspense was killing her. Her chain of thought was broken when she noticed that Mike was not carrying any equipment.


“My love, I know you’re excited but it seems you’ve given up on all other brain functions” she said smugly.


“What do you mean?” A confused Mike responded.

“I mean, you still need clippers, scissors, razors and shaving cream to cut my hair. Don’t see any of that here. I really doubt you can wish it out of existence.” she explained.


Mike did not respond, he simply walked towards her with a stupid grin on his face. Once he was behind her, he grabbed a small chunk of her hair and twirled it around his index finger as a confused Rebecca looked on.


“I have a little surprise planned for you. You see, I have wanted to do this for the longest time, to rid you of this unwanted mess on your head. It is as unwanted as weed in a field. And what do we do with weed? We certainly don’t cut or shear or shave it.”


Mike pulled on the chunk hard, pulling it out of Rebecca’s scalp as she flinched and writhed momentarily.


“We pluck it” . said he with a smirk.


At first, Rebecca just sat there aghast, but as reality set in and she processed Mike’s actions, her feelings turned from one of surprise to that of excitement. Mike had outdone all her expectations, his creative approach got her really excited and she cooed “ What are we waiting for, then? Lets begin”.


So began the hours long affair, Mike started at the top. He would wrap a chunk of hair around his finger and pull on it, plucking the hair strands out of their follicles in the process. After a few passes, a very visible bald patch started to appear on Rebecca’s crown. This only got her more excited. An idea crossed Mike’s mind and he stopped. The bald patch was very large and visible by now, so he asked Rebecca to go to the local grocery store to buy some milk, with her glorious patch on full display of course. 


She returned half an hour later and after taking his time salivating at the thought of Rebecca facing people with that do, he resumed . He did the front next, then the back and the sides. Three hours had passed and only one chunk of her hair remained, right at the centre of the back of her head, slightly below the crown. 


“And its done!” Mark announced proudly. Rebecca had thought he was just taking a break to examine his work when she saw him stop and move his eyes around, so she was a little surprised when he said it was done.


“Don’t you want to do the back?” She enquired.

“Absolutely not. I need this, let me show you”

Mike parted the chunk into three and started braiding the last of her vestiges. By the time he was finished, Rebecca looked like a monk due to the braided chunk, She did not have any hair on her head except for the braided patch at the back.


“See, this is perfect. I need something to hold onto when I hit it from the back and this is just the best handle. Wouldn’t want to ruin our sex lives , would we?” Mike chuckled.


Rebecca finally understood what he was going for and smiled back. “Want a test ride, Romeo? The handles are free to grab” She whispered seductively. That was all Mike needed to hear. He tore her clothes, picked her up and threw her on the bed. He turned her around with authority and grabbed her braid with a firm grip, only took him seconds to pull his pants down and push his erect member inside her vagina. He pulled on the braid hard as he thrust, and Rebecca let out cries of joy and pleasure.


Ever since, Rebecca has remained that way. Mike lets her hair grow into a long pixie before he pulls it all out again, with the exception of the longer bit at the back, which gets regular trims but has never been shorter than waist length. He has also devised methods to humiliate her in public, but that’s a story for another day.

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