Pokemon – Cynthia’s devotion

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For those unfamiliar, Y/N means Your Name. Not sure if you like it or not but I’m just testing the waters. Also firat time writing so please don’t judge too harshly. Enjoy.


You were the Pokemon Monarch, winning the Masters Eight Tournament with your many Pokemon, beating many champions and trainers alike.

However, you were missing something… or someone. You grew up and trained with a girl, her long blonde hair perfectly suited her complexion and mixed with her fashion taste, more specifically her black clothing made her beautiful. Her name was Cynthia.

The Battle

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing a riveting final here. Sinnoh champion Cynthia has managed to level the playing field, defeating reigning monarch Y/N’s Charizard!”

“Charizard return,” Y/M says returning his Pokemon. “Don’t worry mate, it’s all gone to plan.”

Y/N gets out his next Pokemon. “Banette! Let’s go!”Banette artwork by Ken Sugimori

Y/N’s Banette appears on the battlefield opposite Cynthia’s last Pokemon Garchomp.Garchomp artwork by Ken Sugimori

“Here we are folks the final two Pokemon. Its Banette vs Garchomp!… At the moment Banette has the advantage as Garchomp has already taken damage from Y/N’s Charizard!”

“Banette use Dark Pulse!” Y/N commands as Banette shoots the dark pulse toward Garchomp.

“Garchomp counter it with Stone Edge!” Cynthia says as Garchomp counters it.

The 2 moves collide in the middle lighting the battlefield up in a massive explosion.

“Bantte, Phantom Force!” Y/N exclaims as the smoke settles and Banette is nowhere to be seen.

“Garchomp stay on guard!”

But that does little as Banette appears behind it and slashes it from behind, visibly damaging it.

“Garchomp Dragon Claw quick!” Cynthia shouts.

But Banette floats out of the way all the time.

“Dazzling Gleam Now!”

Banette avoids all the Dragon Claws and its eyes start to glow white.

“Garchomp get out of there now!” Cynthia exclaims in a panic. However, it is too late, Banette’s eyes shoot out bright lights which hits Garchomp directly.

“It’s a critical hit, Gatchomp just got blasted by Banette’s Dazzling Gleam at point blank, that is sure to hurt!”

Garchomp is visibly hurt with scratches all over.

“Okay, Garchomp let’s wrap it up!” Cynthia says showing off her lipstick with a keystone. “Garchomp Mega Evolve!”

Bright lights appear from both Cynthia and Garchomp as they both meet… Garchomp then starts to glow and get a little bigger, 2 razor blades replacing the claws from before and its horns getting bigger on its head.Mega Garchomp artwork by Ken Sugimori

“Banette it’s time!” Y/N says as he shows off his keystone on his mega bracelet. “Mega Evolve!”

Bright lights engulf Banette as its arms get bigger with its new sleeves, its tail on the top of its head getting bigger as it goesfrom limp to straight up.Mega Banette artwork by Ken Sugimori

“Here we go, it all comes down to this!”

“Garchomp! Draco Meteor!”

Garcchomp starts to glow in its chest, which slowly rises to its throat and mouth, shooting up into the sky before exploding into hundreds of blasts.

“Banette! Counter with Psychic!” Banette’s eyes glow pink as it controls all the meteors raining down on it, then all the meteors start hurling towards Garchomp before they all hit it directly, the battlefield applause covered by the smoke of the many explosions.

As the smoke dissipates, everyone sees Garchomp fallen and unconscious.

“Garchomp is unable to battle! Banette wins!”

“There we go ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still your Pokemon Monarch… Y/N L/N!”

The crowd lights up in applause as Y/N wins the finals again.


After the ceremony, Y/N meets up with Cynthia backstage.

“Cynthia, wait up,” Y/N says catching up to her as she heads for the exit.

“Y/N, that was a great battle.”

“Thank you, you should know by now though to be prepared for my strategies.”

“I know, it was just as good as all your last ones though.”

“Thank you, I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner with me tonight.”

“I would love to, it’ll be just like the old times,” Cynthia said, referring to their dating history.

“I hope so, we’ve struggled with the long distance problem but I hope we can change that… I want to try and make it work.”

“So do I.” She said emotionally.

From there the two of them connected and they enjoyed the rest of the night.


The next morning

Cynthia woke up the next morning in a bedroom that wasn’t hers. Seeing her clothes neatly laid on a bedside chair, she went to freshen up and then got changed.

Walking into the kitchen she was met with a pleasant sight. Y/N had made a selection of food for breakfast, including their favorite cereal and berries with yogurt, but also… pancakes.

“Thought we would have a treat today, you know after all that exercise last night,” Y/N said.

“Yes, I’d say we earned it. I had a great time,” she said as she sidled up to him giving him a tender kiss.

“Me too,” Y/N said wrapping his arms around her.

“Listen I’m late for work, stay here as long as you need,” Y/N explained as he unwrapped himself from her and put on his coat.

“Work? I thought you did transactions, like crypto,” she asked.

“I do, mostly why I can afford my other business projects. No, I run hair salons around the world in almost every region. Including here in Galar.” Y/N answered.

“Oh well I’ll see you later,” Cynthia said as Y/N left.


Wyndon, Late afternoon

Cynthia decided to walk around Wyndon, exploring the big metropolis. Walking down the main high street she saw a shop with a spinning red, blue and white pole. She looked inside and saw the man she grew up with with a few others, most looked like they were packing up and getting ready to go home, Y/N however was working on a client. However, watching him run the clippers up the woman’s nape made her feel tingly, she fiddled with the ends of her hair looking down at the few split ends she had. Then on impulse, she walked inside.


The Haircut

The jingle of the bell alerted everyone to Cynthia’s presence.

“Oh my god”

“It’s Cynthia”

“I can’t believe it”

They all said as they squelled and swarmed around her getting pictures with her. Y/N looked over and smiled before turning back to his client. Cynthia took many pictures and said hello before everyone left.

Y/N then finished up with his client and walked her to the reception.

“Thank you so much Y/N,” she said paying him. “If it’s not too much hassle, could I ask a big favor?”

“Of course,” Y/N said smirking at Cynthia.

“Could I get a picture with you both?”

“Sure,” he said as the three of them huddled together to take the picture, Y/N had an arm wrapped around Cynthia’s waist holding her close.

“Thank you again,” she said before leaving the two of them alone.

“So you found me,” Y/N said gesturing to his salon.

“I did, the place looks nice.”

“Thank you, it took time but it turned out great,” Y/N said.

He walked up to her and kissed her again. Holding her close, he grabbed a lock of her hair with his fingers and ran it through them.

“It’s quite convenient you found me here. Someone needs a haircut.”

“Yeah will do soon.”

“No… Now, Y/N said playfully leading her by her hands to his chair. He gently nudged her to the seat and she sat down.

She enjoyed the feeling of the leather, her small frame being engulfed in the chair.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”


Y/N didn’t give her time to finish what she was saying, he had already clipped up her hair with a clip, picked up the cape, and flicked it out in front of her with a swish. The cape fully enveloped her, only her head was visible on top of the black latex cape. Y/N then unclipped her hair letting her long blonde locks fall onto the black cape.

“Please trust me,” Y/N said tilting her head up and kissing her. ” I know what I am doing, I have always known what I wanted to do with your hair. Don’t get me wrong, I like your long hair but I have always wanted to try something.”

Cynthia was unsure, not that she didn’t trust her lover but about losing her hair. She loved having long hair and had had it most of her life. But she trusted Y/N and they say it is good to change things once in a while.

“Go on, I trust you.” She said meaning every word.

With that Y/N smiled, he gave her one more kiss on the cheek and then spun her chair around, now she was looking at the opposite wall.

“What are you…?”

“I want it to be a surprise,” Y/N answered as he pressed something at his counter revealing an underneath sink at his station. Then he slowly reclined the chair to Cynthia’s surprise, he put her hair into the basin and started running the warm water.

He soaked her hair in the water. Then got out the shampoo and started running his hands through her hair, scrubbing her scalp with the shampoo.

Cynthia visibly relaxed more, enjoying the feeling of his hands rubbing her scalp.

He carried on for a minute before washing it off, then repeating the process a second time. Then applied the conditioner to the ends of her hair and brushed it through, taking care not to pull too hard. Then gave her a head massage to make her feel more relaxed and at ease.

Cynthia enjoyed the feeling as she drifted off a little due to the pleasure.

Then after making sure she was properly relaxed, he washed it off and towel-dried her hair before pulling the lever and bringing Cynthia back upright.

He brushed through her wet hair again and started sectioning. Cynthia relied on feeling to know what Y/N was doing, feeling the comb run down the left side of the head and Y/N clipping forward the front left of her hair and then repeating this on the right.

Y/N then sectioned the back taking a small section, clipping the rest up.

Cynthia started feeling nervous, excited but nervous. Then she felt a jolt as Y/N pumped up her chair, now she had to commit.

Then while she was looking at no place in particular she heard it.

*Snip Snip Snip*

The sound of the scissors filled the room and she bit her lip in nerves.

She went to feel her hair but Y/N stopped her. “No no, like I said it’s a surprise.”

Now he took another section, slightly bigger than the last.

*Snip Snip Snip*

Once again, Y/N went straight in, cutting her hair at the same length. Long blonde hair fell onto her cape, piling up on her shoulders and lap around her. The sound of wet hair falling on the latex made Y/N enjoy the feeling even more. Cynthia could tell it was a lot shorted judging by the length of hair being chopped off.

*Snip Snip Snip*

Even more hair fell down falling on the floor.

Then Y/N unclipped her front right section, parting it in half and clipping the top half up again.

She Cynthia got a good idea of the length as Y/N held the scissors just above her shoulder.

*Snip Snip Snip*

Blonde locks were now sprawled on her shoulders, she could see it all out of the corner of her eye. Now she was anxious.

*Snip Snip Snip*

She felt Y/N’s comb on her left side as he unclipped her hair and parted it in half again, repeating the process.

*Snip Snip Snip*

Now she thought he had finished. But then she felt him running the comb through her hair again and then her hair being lifted.


Hair fell onto her face from above, landing on her nose and eyebrows.


Went the scissors as Y/N kept lifting her hair up and cutting her hair. More and more hair tumbling down around her face. The all-black cape was now unrecognizable, looking stripped now with the wet golden blonde covering it. Cynthia’s golden mane shortened a lot in length which now hung just above the shoulders.


A burst of warm air blew from behind her sending the hair flying to the floor in front of her.

Y/N then brushed the hair off her face with a fluffy brush catching the hair.

Next, she jolted up, the squeak of the chair being heard as Y/N pumped her chair up.

Y/N then divided her hair at the back, parting the hair on her nape down and sectioning the rest up with a clip. Cynthia didn’t know what was happening and then…

*Pop* *Bzzzzzzzz*

She was confused then Y/N pushed her head down, looking down at the cape now, she felt a vibrating sensation up the back of her neck going up her nape. More mid-length hair fell onto the cape and she was forced to watch as he continued to hold her in place.


Y/N showed no mercy however as he repeatedly ran the clippers up her neck over and over again. Cynthia enjoyed the feeling of the clippers running up her nape, the tingling sensation making her wet.


A few more passes with the clippers and Y/N had finished turning them off, with only a short fuzz left on Cynthia’s nape.

Then he put down the clippers and picked up a steaming hot towel, placing it on the back of her neck and letting it sit. Afterward, he picked up the towel and put it away, and then he wrapped a new towel around Cynthia’s shoulders. Cynthia at this point had no clue what was happening now, she had never had anything like this done to her before.

All she heard was the whirring sound of the lather machine behind her. Y/N then used a brush to lather up her neck, running it all over her nape. “Sit very still love,” Y/N commanded as he tilted her head down and scraped a path down her neck. The razor felt sharp as Y/N scraped it over her neck, leaving a path of bare skin behind it. When the path was finished, Y/N wiped the razor on the towel, getting rid of the lather.

Y/N did the same again but on another path, this time slightly to the right of the last. Slowly running it down her neck again. Y/N did this over and over again, removing all the hair from her nape and neck. Finally, Y/N wiped off all the leftover lather and let her hair down, running his hands through it.


The hairdryer was turned on and Cynthia felt her head being pulled slightly in every direction as Y/N blow-dried her hair with a brush.


Cynthia’s vision changed as she was spun in the chair, finally seeing herself in the mirror. Her hair was now just above the shoulders, in a long choppy bob.

“Oh my god,” Cynthia gasped, taking in her makeover.

“What do you think?” Y/N asked hopeful.

“It looks amazing,” She said in awe.

“Phew, I’ve always wanted to do something like this with your hair, especially when your hair was so long like it was,” he said looking down at the ring of hair around the chair at their feet.

“Wow, that’s so much hair,” she gasped.

“I know, I thought this new look would suit you more, it brings out your stunning pale grey eyes and your beautiful face,” he said as he lifted her head up again and kissed her tenderly.

“By the way, have I ever told you how sexy you look in black?” He uttered, taking in how she was still obediently sat in his chair wearing his black cape.

“Yes, many times.”

He took of the cape, freeing Cynthia. Straight away her hands went to her hair as she felt how short it was. It would certainly take some getting used to. Then her hands traveled underneath her hair, feeling her bare skin, it was a new feeling to her.

“I love it,” she said to herself.

Y/N came up to her again, having put his stuff away. “I’m glad, now shall we go home?” he said taking her hand.


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