Prakruta’s HairCut

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Prakruta is women having very long hair upto her waist and jet black colour from her collage days she was having fans for hair it is very fair in colour, she maintained her hair very well from many days. She married to a person who is having a grocery store which was running well from many days. Her husband also likes her hair much. After few years(2 to 3 years) many other new stores came their grocery store was not running well this time it let them to loss now they are lack of money they are trying some new things to develop their store but nothing worked out one day when she had chat with her mom her mother advised her to get ver short haircut(boy cut) as it is easy to maintain that haircut and usage of shampoo and conditioner will become less as they will be very expensive.One time she asked her husband about the haircut that she wants to do on her at that financial position he said it better for you to get a haircut at this position but I loved your hair from collage days it was very nice I don’t want to let it down but……. your wish weather ever length you wanna cut as she replied I wanna go boy cut as maintainance will be very less then he will reply your wish ,I wish it will suit you .There is a small barber shop in their colony at the end of the road it is men’s barbershop very small one she made her husband to ask that barber when there will be no costumers he asked the barber then barber said that shop closing time is 10 so I will remain after 10 but please made her to come at 10:30 as I will do some preparations, he said okay and he informed her what barber told to him. He asked her whether She is sure that she is going to cut her she surely said that yes iam going to cut my hair short for sure then he said it is you wish Prakruta it is not compulsory if you want you can grow your hair but she told no I will get my hair cut I know the expenses which are needed to maintain my hair as we can save that it’s just hair it will grow back again at times I think I should go short compulsory when our time will become good I will grow back again as I also don’t want to cut it but I can do this you don’t worry about this you go to sleep , I will go to to the barber at 10:30 then he replies ok honey I will see your new haircut tomorrow morning then he went to sleep at 9 pm as he is very tired after he went to sleep she one time opened her long hair checked the length which was very thick and black for the last time she saw her hair and tried some hairstyles and took a photo by that the time became 10:30 she started to barbershop by changing her dress while she reached the barbershop the barber welcomed her as it is very small only 2 chairs are there and the barber is not too young as he welcomed her she sat on the chair then he asked her what do you need madam her mind was blocked for a while as that moment has came suddenly she came out from it and replied I need a short haircut then he askes whether a bob she replies no boy cut hair like boys then he gives three options to her one is long hair boy cut(without using clippers),one was medium hair boy cut(very less usage of clippers) and the other one short hair boy cut(clippers usage will be more) then she thanked for a while she was not sure she was to take someone’s opinion but no on will be available at time then after thinking for couple of minutes she replied barber short hair boy cut (thinking that it is just a hair it will grow back again) then barber shocked and asked whether you are sure mam or you need some more time i can wait some more time but she replied no I need short hair boy cut then again he asked madam your hair is very long you’re going to sooo much think once she angerly said at any cost I need a short hair boy cut this is my final decision iam fixed don’t ask me again then barber kept the cape and opened her long hair it was sooo long it reached near to the floor he was shocked and appreciated like this madam what a beautiful long hair very good maintain madam then she said thank you then her asked asked her madam after cutting that hair may I keep it in my shop as I cannot get this quality hair again then some some tears came out of her eyes and said ok as the barber saw that he asked the reason for her haircut she told her reason and he started cutting her hair first he sprinkled water on her hair form top to bottom and combed neatly and took one rubber band very tightly it was such a huge volume he made the length and show her what he is gonna cut she agreed for it he one time holded the big ponytail and one time given to her it was so thick that it will be hard to get it cut by scissors then he pulled the clippers without any number he kept on that rubber band length after one minute it got cut it was so long like snake she was shocked on seeing that and hold it she started crying after seeing that and stopped crying after sometime then she felt very nice very light she felt very nice that some kgs offload was went off And all the hair was uneven then he again switched on the clippers 3 size clip but she she wanted to do at 2 size clip and informed barber and then he changed it to 2 size clip and started moving at back and sides lost of her hair went off and at the top he kept 5inhes but she want to reduce it to 3 as her command the barber done it the and there was some fizzy hair the barber asked her whether to take off that she agreed and shaved that fizzy and then he dusted her and the haircut was over she saw her self in mirror and got stunned she was looking damn sexy it suited her very much she felt very happy as a load was went off and paid the barber and leaved the barbershop after she reached her home at nearly 11:45 and she liked it so much she went to take bath and after taking bath she dried her hair and she was very pretty in that haircut and she combed her hair and went to sleep and at the morning her husband shocked at seeing that haircut and told her the haircut is very nice it suited but you lost your long hair she replied nothing will happen now I like this short hair style and in coming years also I will keep my hair short not I don’t to grow long hair anymore and he will reply ok dear your wish your hair but you look pretty in short hair than long hair she replied thanks dear then after that haircut for every 2 months she maintained her hair short as she likes it very much after 2 years their financial problems will be gone then also she maintained it short and gets cut in the barbershop at the same time and she also advised the long hair people to go short as there are many advantages she told them so many went short by her advice now her husband wants to grow her hair by the choice of her husband she started growing it again for two years but not well maintained but it was good she don’t have that patience to maintain her hair after her short haircut it has grown up to her upper waist Her husband knew that she is unhappy by growing her hair But he didn’t done anything one day when she was chatting with her friend she gave her a mesmerizing idea she liked and followed it the following day she tell her husband that I am going to my friend’s home which is at another city and she will be there for 2 days then he agreed and she started and reached that place in few hours and it was night so they didn’t went off then next day morning they went out her friend taken her to parlor but she didn’t agreed she asked for barbershop at the evening they found barbershop and after entering it there was a huge line so it takes some time he told some after some time so they went for shopping and after some time they went to barbershop there was one girl they shocked she was having very long hair she was getting headshave, barber invited them and they took seat she was first buzzed with clippers and then shaved by applying shaving foam she liked the way first she want to go short but now she want to shave her head she told her thought with her friend she asked you are sure about that then replied sure at that time barber invited her to take seat then she sat barber asked what to do then she replied what you done on her do same thing on me then barber said ok but she asked directly to shave and make a wig out of it then he said madam then it will cost some more then she said ok no problem about money do it properly then she pet cape over her next took out hair out from it and sprayed water on her hair and took the razor and started shaving her hair from top to back and then sides she felt the cool breeze she liked and she looked fabulous with bald head and the barber collected her hair and he told he will make wig and give it tomorrow and her and her friend went to her home she like her bald head in fact she loved it she was searching for a reason to tell to her husband and next day morning she took the wig it was perfectly good and evening she went to her home her husband was shocked and asked what you done on you then she answered I was having dandruff problem and near my friends home I consulted doctor he gave that permanent solution for stat was shaving head for every four months for two years and he can’t say anything and said ok and she told I made a wig out of my hair whenever you want I can wear it and he replied no need of it however you fell comfortable you can do and keep from that what hairstyle she was maintaining he didn’t asked and she was growing her hair upto 5 inches and shaving her head every time she loved her bald head…..

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