Prelude… Change Underway…

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Prelude… Change Underway…

(Another Sis Old Story)

Elizabeth smiled as she inhaled the clear and sweet morning air when she stepped out of her car. The great building in front of her glistened as the first rays of the sun hit its glass-covered surface: the matrix for the Nextech lab.

She walked happily and relaxed through the parking lot, her steps confident and elegant. She reached the door and smiled, walking in ready for another great day at work.

“Good morning Rob!” she stated happily to the front desk security manager. He smiled, looking at her.

“Good morning, Miss Williams, how are you today?” he asked, leaning close to her as she signed the entrance book.

“As great as always!” she said, smiling as she took her lab tablet and placed her lab coat on. She winked and walked off the corridor, her heels clicking on the clear floor, the eyes of the manager lost on the weaving of her graceful walk.

The Lab she worked at was huge and offered professionals like her everything they could possibly dream of: a great work environment, lots of resources to perform research, tons of projects, and wonderful colleagues.

Elizabeth waved as she passed by, turning heads as she walked. Many a scientist in the facility had wondered how she had managed to get hold of a position within such a prestigious company. Misled by her good looks, well-formed figure, lovely attitude, and taste in clothing and self-care, many had believed she belonged in a catwalk, not in the world of science. But looks are often deceiving: behind her long raven locks, angelic face, sensual voice, stunning body, and well cared for appearance hid a brilliant mind. Not only had she been hired at the lab, but within short months, she had reached the much lusted after position of chief developer. She had helped and participated in developing devices, gadgets, and processes to improve daily life for the common men and women, enforcing the words from the head researcher:

“There are many things in the world that can still be improved, with small or large steps. It’s our pleasure to bring the future for today.”

She always felt inspired by his words engraved on the sculpture in the middle of the main corridor.

“Today is going to be a great day,” she said to herself, smiling and finally arriving at her lab station.

Hours passed as she helped and moved through different projects. An automated toaster here, the better car over there, a new medicine being developed beyond there… Of course, she didn’t know everything about everything, but the scientific process is remarkably similar over the different disciplines and she was exceptional at finding ways to simplify processes devices and projects. The day carried off, as usual, the comings and goings, the breakthroughs, and the inventor’s block… Soon, many of her coworkers had already left for home, but she still needed to do a few more things before she felt she was done with the days’ work.

Night came sooner than she expected. Elizabeth looked up from her work table to notice she was alone, her light the only one on around. She sighed and stretched herself a little.

“Guess I should head home,” she murmured to herself, taking the last sip of her teacup and turning the lights off. She hung her lab coat and left her tablet on the worktable.

She walked through the lab, guided by silent blue lights on the floor. She was tired but very happy about the days’ work. All was in silence until she heard the sound of something metallic hitting the floor. She figured it probably was one of the guards that had dropped something, but wondering if the guard was ok, she walked over to where the sound originated.

A big lab in dim lights opened before her eyes as she approached. Everything was neat and in place, the whole room was spotless, and the floor was so clean and polished she could look her reflection on it. She took a turn around the room to be presented with a surprise: Right there in the middle of the room, a lone chair with what seemed to be a huge chrome hairdryer stood, elegantly illuminated by a reflector above it. She was mesmerized by the device and approached to study it.

The chair itself seemed to be an old fashioned barber chair in perfect condition. The leather that covered it was black and felt heavenly to the touch, and the base, armrests, and trims where metallic chrome in color. It looked lovely. The hair dryer was fixed to an arm that came out of a box at the back of the chair. It didn’t look bad, but certainly gave an air of mystery to it. Elizabeth giggled and climbed on the chair’s footrest, lowering herself in the seat slowly. Loving how comfortable it really was, her arms rested on the chair. She even closed her eyes for a bit, quite relaxed…

Then a click was heard. She opened her eyes right away and tried to get out of the chair, but alas she could not. Her wrists and ankles had been secured to the chair by very comfortable straps, so softly she hadn’t even noticed until they tightened a bit. She was scared, and then she heard the box behind the chair powering up.

“Help me!” she yelled, but her voice echoed in the big hall. She knew she was alone.

Suddenly from beneath her seat two arms unfolded and presented before her a mirror. She looked at her terrified self for a few moments before the mirror went black and an image appeared on it. The image was a beautiful red-haired girl smiling, looking directly at her.

“Hello, thank you for choosing to use the RHD! My name is AVI, could you please tell me your name?” said the image in front of her warmly.

“My name is Elizabeth… Please, I think there has been a mistake, I didn’t mean to touch the device…” she said scared, very nervous.

The young girl in the image smiled at her.

“Elizabeth, such a lovely name! Would you mind if I called you Eli?” the image asked once again, her tone friendly and reassuring.

“No I don’t mind, but please release me. I work here, I didn’t mean to touch what I wasn’t supposed to,” replied Elizabeth, struggling against her bonds.

The image laughed, her laugh sincere and candid.

“Of course you meant to touch it, silly! There is no problem at all, and my… you do look stressed, I really believe you need my services, allow me…” the image almost whispered.

The chair then began to slowly vibrate, massaging her back and shoulders, then her legs arms and buttocks. At first, she felt scared, but soon enough the wonderful sensations and the massages seemed to melt all her worries away. She was tired after all, and the subtle vibrations around her body were a most welcome experience.

Elizabeth opened her eyes halfway, thinking that this wasn’t half bad. She could see several small camera lenses all around the screen where the image of the girl was being projected. The vibration continued for a few more minutes and then lowered their intensity, but did not stop. She didn’t felt a small device rising between her legs, touching slightly the fabric of her underwear.

“Now, that’s much better, is it not?” the image asked in a very friendly tone.

“It is wonderful,” said Eli, closing her eyes.

“Now if you don’t mind me saying, I think you are long overdue for a makeover!” it said, smiling as the screen moved around Elizabeth like the machine was studying her.

“What?… I… I don’t understand…” said Eli. Lost for a moment, she was so relaxed she almost couldn’t think.

“Oh don’t worry, you are in good hands. I know exactly what you need. You have such beautiful features, and that long neck! We need to bring those to the light!” said the image reassuringly.

The dryer above her was slowly lowered over her head, covering her forehead, then her eyes, stopping when it was just above her lips. But she really hadn’t noticed; she was in her own world. However, the sound of the dryer starting up and feeling her hair being sucked into the hood got her attention again. She opened her eyes, scared, and not understanding at first that the hood was on her head. In front of her eyes, the image of AVI appeared once more, inside the dryer.

“Please relax Eli, I just lifted your hair to put the cape around you!” she stated merrily.

“Cape?” Elizabeth wondered, she then felt a paper tissue being wrapped around her neck, followed by the swirling sound of a cape closing in on her. The cape was made out of latex, and it felt a little bit strange when it touched her skin, but certainly not unpleasant. The cape was secured around her neck and covered her completely. She really felt trapped now, the weight of the cape made her feel like she was unable to move, but that was when the intensity of the vibration began to rise again. The massage on her back relaxed her further, and a subtle vibration between her legs just on the right spot greeted her. She parted her lips slightly, surprised, but really pleased.

“What…What are you going to do to me…?” Eli asked, once again beginning to get lost in her own world.

“I’m going to turn you into a goddess,” AVI whispered sensually.

Eli couldn’t stand it much longer. The gentle vibrations all over her body made her squirm and stole a pleasured moan from her. She could feel a small guide touching her skin right above her temple. She then felt the guide moving all around her head, parting her hair. The hair that had been sectioned fell down to her shoulders once more, while the hair on top of her head remained inside the hood. She could feel her hair on top was being slightly pulled and tugged as if it was being wound in rollers. She squirmed a little bit more, her legs fighting to close. She even disturbed the movement above her head a little.

“I’m very sorry about this but I need you to be very still while I’m working. It would pain me horribly if you got hurt,” whispered AVI politely.

“What…” before she could end her question, Eli felt a belt closing around her waist, forcing her to sit straight. Another belt closed just below her chest, this one feeling heavier somehow. Two more straps closed on her thighs, keeping her legs in place slightly separated. This allowed the mischievous device to continue its work between them unhindered. Elizabeth gasped, feeling vulnerable… But also very aroused…

AVI resumed her work, lovely relaxing music beginning to play inside the dryer. She still felt the tugging on the hair on top of her head, but a few moments later it stopped. A new smell materialized around her as she felt her scalp and her hair getting wet as if some sort of cream was being massaged into her hair and head above the parting AVI had created. Below it, a buzzing sound hidden by the music began to move around her head, a wonderful vibration moving around from her temple to the back of her head just above the occipital bone and all the way to her other temple. She felt a clump of hair hit her shoulders but was quickly absorbed by the dryer. The vibration moved below again, next to her ear. Now she could hear the low buzzing sound eating away at her hair, but she didn’t care. The marvelous sensations that were overloading her senses and made a mess in her nether regions and more subtly just beneath her breasts made her feel in heaven, and AVI did promise her she was going to be a goddess. She smiled as a moan escaped her and she tried to move her head back but found out she couldn’t; her hair was to tightly secure within the dryer. She could not bulge her head at all, yet it didn’t hurt one bit. The buzzing sensation was now running at her neck, over and over, running all the length of her neck from the cape to above her occipital bone and back again. She felt a little bit cold and her head definitively lighter…

The buzzing sensation ran all over the parts it had cleared around her head a few more times. She then felt something sticking to her forehead just below her hairline and the same on the back of her head, well within her hair. She then felt water on her scalp but it was sucked up before it could run down her head. It almost felt like a very slight shampoo. A blast of warm air a for a few minutes and then a strong ammonia smell sprang around her once more as she felt her hair being played with again. Soon after that sensation was over, she felt something warm hitting the sides of her face… It felt wet… The brush-like objects touching her sideburns began to rotate slowly, gently, spreading the substance all over her skin…

Her skin!? She suddenly realized it was shaving lather… All her hair around her head was gone and she was going to be shaved…

But instead of anguish, sadness or anger… She felt thrilled and delighted. She almost couldn’t wait to touch her freshly denuded skin… Would it be tender and arousing? Like the feeling she got when she had just finished shaving her legs and rubbed moisturizing cream on?

The tender brushes moved all around her head: around her ears all over her sideburn down to her jawline and back to her ear, then all over her long exposed neck. The brushes took their time spreading the warm lather around over and over again. She couldn’t complain, the sensation was just divine. Mix that with the vibration between her legs and under her breasts… She came right there…

Her breathing elaborated as the devices didn’t stop nor relented…

A new sensation came, a slowly rotating cylinder touched the base of her neck, moving slightly over the lathered areas, almost kissing her skin with its movement.

Meanwhile, she heard a whisper, “Please keep your eyes closed…”

She felt small brushes on her lips and eyelids; her make up was being done. What would she look like? Would it be too much? Well, nothing a little cold cream couldn’t fix.

The cylinder rolled over and over her lathered skin, removing the lather and stubble away…

Then the warm brushes returned once more, sending Elizabeth to heaven.
This time the lathering was a bit quicker, then it returned drawing an inverse pattern to the one it followed last time. Once it had retreated, she felt her scalp and hair getting wet once more, the shampoo sensation relaxing her even further.

She hadn’t noticed, but the vibrations had stopped…

A couple of brave drops of water managed to escape the unmerciful vacuum and trailed down her neck; she shivered with delight.

A few moments later she could swear she hear cuts over the rollers that held her hair up, but not long after that, she felt her hair falling around her head once more. She just couldn’t describe the sensation as it brushed her recently shaved skin. The buzzing sound returned, but now it cleared a line along her hair, making perfectly straight cuts along her hairline, which by the way was just below the top of her ears. She felt her hair being brushed and styled…

“All done Eli!” AVI announced happily, “Ready for the new you?”

“Yeah…” Eli managed to say. She was exhausted; it had been a long time since she had experienced multiple orgasms.

The dryer was slowly lifted from her head…

When she opened her eyes, she could not believe what she saw in the mirror. If people considered her attractive before, now they would be knocked out! Her raven locks were gone, replaced by a wonderful golden blonde tone. Her hair was a perfect angled bob; it looked sensual and gave her a confident look. Her lips sported a lovely shade of dark crimson red, her eyes purple and blue. AVI used a small vacuum to make sure that no small hair was left before releasing Elizabeth from the cape. The straps slowly and discreetly where hidden before the cape came off as well. Once free, Eli’s hands went as fast as they could to her hair. She caressed the recently shaved skin under her bob, and all along her neck. The sensation was beyond words. She wanted to be kissed on her neck and have her newly denuded skin caressed…

“Please make sure you come back within a week! Your new look will require a touch-up, and your beauty treatment as well. Who knows… perhaps we’ll try something more daring next time!” said AVI in her usual friendly tone.

“AVI? who turned you…” came a voice from the hall, a strong masculine voice. Eli then saw the head researcher standing in front of her in complete awe.

“Oh my god, are… Are you ok, Miss Williams?” he asked concerned, walking to her and helping her as she stumbled a little when she tried to stand.

“You know my name?” she asked surprised. He was really handsome…

“Of course I do, you have made us proud since the day you entered our lab! I was actually looking forward to meeting you but tell me, please, what happened?” he asked helping her to a chair.

“AVI was wonderful to me… She made me a goddess,” she said, smiling at him.

“Oh Lord, you used AVI? She is still a prototype!… The implications of…” she cut him short as she hugged and kissed him with passion, with longing. But he took her by the arms and kept his distance.

“Oh boy… Please, come with me. We have to run some tests. Perhaps its not too late…” he said as he took her in his arms, carrying her like a bride.

Eli looked back at the device.

“Thank you, dear. I’ll be back for my touch up soon…” she whispered in a loving daze…

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