Pretty short story – A lot of shyness

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Sitted at her desk, next to the window, Anna did not miss the opportunity to distract herself and watch the wind swaying the green crowns of trees. The teacher was telling something, but she had been listening half-heartedly. Her friend Elizabeth, on the other hand, was diligently writing everything down from a whiteboard with reading books, study recommendations, and other not-so-interesting things, so she hurriedly averted her gaze back to Elisa. The open window and light breeze allowed her to enjoy long wavy brown hair, which perfectly matched her shy nature. They were both girls, but Anna was always drawn to her for unknown reason, so she often went to Eliza’s house to have fun or hang out, and nothing more.
The teacher’s voice brought her out of her thoughts, — That’s all, have a nice vacation.
Elizabeth lived practically alone. Her parents rented a separate apartment, and her older sister didn’t come home until late. Walking into her room, Elizabeth thought about lying down on her bed, but seeing her hair tangled due to the wind she took a rectangular comb.
Anna, after wandering around for a while and eating a snack from the refrigerator, went to Eliza’s room and noticed her brushing, so she said, — You really need to trim split ends.
— Yes, I’ll make an appointment at the salon later.
Anna continued to voice her opinion, — They charge for a couple of strokes of the scissors as for a full haircut. It’s easier to do it yourself.
— I wasn’t very good at this, — she admitted.
— So I cut my own hair, do you want me to help?
After a little thought, she said quietly, — Hmm, it’ll probably be fine. So okay.
Anna, on the other hand, was excited, because this was the first time she would be cutting someone else’s hair. There was something about it that she would call thrilling. Fetching the scissors from the bathroom and asked her to sit somewhere, she set to work.
— A couple of centimeters please.
— But you need the ends to be healthy or what’s the point in that, — and decided to cut a little more than actually needed.
— Ok, — she didn’t argue.
Holding her waist-length hair with the comb, she brought the scissors up to bra-strap level and started cutting along the improvised flat line.
After a couple minutes of neat cuts, she stepped back a bit to assess her work.
— Done.
Eliza tossed her hair over her shoulder to the chest, — Wow, that’s shorter than I expect, — and rubbed the blunt ends.
The long flowing locks now fell well above her navel.
— You just haven’t had a haircut in a while, so it looks like that to you. But now hair looks fresh and tidy.
— Hmm, yeah, there’s something about it.
Anna tried not to show that it was more than just hair care for her. She herself didn’t know why a wet spot had formed on her panties, but it felt good.
“Thanks me for wearing jeans instead of a skirt today”, — Anna thought to herself.
After playing with her friend hair, Anna said, — Look, it so good when it’s straight and sharp. Don’t you want to go a little shorter or do bangs?
— I don’t think short hair suits me.
— What about bangs? Have you ever gotten bangs?
— Uh, no.
— Then you owe it to try them with this pretty face type.
Elise felt some pressure, — What if it doesn’t look good after all?
— Promise you, it will look great.
— I’m not sure, — she said uncertainly.
— Let me show how it will and you decide what’s best for you.
Opening her phone, Anna started to show different photos, going from one site to another. After a while, she pointed to a beautiful girl with long black hair with blunt bangs.
— Look, here’s what you need.
— Oh, it’s short.
— Don’t worry about it, just try. Otherwise you’re gonna regret it later, aren’t you?
She sat Eliza back down on the chair, where her trimmed, slightly curly locks were still lying underneath, and brushed her hair down on the forehead.
— Don’t cut too short, — Elizabeth pleaded.
Inserting the scissors at eyebrow level, she slowly began to cut off a length of 30 centimeters(~12 inches).
— Ah, — Elizabeth couldn’t hold back a couple of surprised gasps as she trimmed.
The hair didn’t start to curl right away, so the bangs had managed to make it straight and flat, so that it now framed Elizabeth’s face nicely, giving her a softer and more flirty look.
Touching her bangs, her eyes widened in amazement, — I need a mirror.
— Will get it in a moment, — Anna said hurriedly, and for some reason went into the bathroom for a very long time.
Elizabeth was left alone in the room for the duration of the wait. Tousling her bangs more boldly, she whispered under her breath, — Oh my god, it’s so short.
As she ruffled her bangs a little more, her arms felt weak with excitement, so the subsequent attempt to comb out the new length and make herself look more presentable looked very cute and funny.
After a while, Anna returned with a mirror and Eliza watched her haircut with shock in her eyes.
— This suits you very well.
— Thank you… But I never thought I’d look like this. I don’t know what to say.
— Maybe make a ponytail?
After experimenting with different styles, Elizabeth calmed down a bit and began to accept her new bangs.
— It’s not that they look bad, — she thought a little, — just different.
— I told you you’d like it, — she said smiling and then fixed her friend’s short hair, — Don’t comb it to the side, leave it straight, it looks nicer.
— Okay, — she said, believing it, and brush her bangs down.
— Maybe go for a walk, the weather is nice.
— To the park?
— No, do you heard about the new store opening near the station? Yeah, and we can go to the mall nearby.
As walk around, Anna can’t help but notice how much cuter she looks. Curly locks frame face, making her carelessly tuck a strand of hair behind ear and it doesn’t stop her from enjoying the feeling of the wind.
— So, what’s new there? — Eliza asks, breaking the comfortable silence that has settled between them.
Anna shrugs, — Nothing much. There’s a lot of the same stores near us, but there’s also a pretty good food court that you’ve definitely heard of.
Elizabeth nods in agreement, — Yeah, I’ve been wanting to try that ramen restaurant everyone’s been talking about for a long time.
As they continue chatting about the various stores and restaurants in the mall, discussing which ones to visit first, they approach the food court. Anna sees Elizabeth’s eyes light up at the sight of that very restaurant.
— Oh my god, I’m so hungry! Let’s go there first, — she says, already heading in that direction.
Following each other, they enjoy the aroma of freshly cooked food filling the air. Sitting down at the table, Elizabeth orders two plates of ramen, and chat about the past day as wait for their food.
Suddenly a voice is heard, — Eliza! Is that you?
They turn around and see a high school classmate approaching their table.
— Oh, hi, Tom! Yes, it’s me, — she says, blushing slightly.
— Your hair looks amazing! When did you get a haircut?
— Thank you. I just recently had it done, — and she unconsciously runs her hand through her hair.
Tom sits down at the table and beckons the waiter over. As they continue to chat, food is brought out and everyone buries themselves in it. While talking to Tom, Anna notices that Elizabeth seems a bit distant, her attention focused on the food, and so decides to strike up a conversation with Tom about the release of new movies, hoping to draw Elizabeth into the talk. This does help, causing her to start listening to the conversation, occasionally adding her thoughts and opinions.
After finishing their meal, the three of them decide to check out the rest of the mall. As they walk around, Anna see Elizabeth peering at her reflection in the store windows and looking more daring than usual. As the sun begins to set, they decide to head home. Before parting ways, Anna share a few more stories and laughs with Tom.
As they say goodbye to Tom, Ann’s notice that Elizabeth looks more pensive.
— Hey, are you okay? — she asks worriedly.
— Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just… I didn’t expect to meet him here, — she says and again running a hand through her hair.
— But at least you looked great! — and smiles encouragingly at her, knowing she’s feeling a little awkward.
Elisa smiles back, appreciating the compliment.
They continue walking home, discussing the previous day and making plans for the upcoming weekend. Upon reaching their home, Anna turns to Elizabeth and hugs her goodbye.
— Anytime, let’s go for a walk again soon Elis!

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