Princess On the Lam

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Princess on the Lam


By Dreadlocks



         “The Princess of Florin has seemingly gone missing. Although her guards are insisting that they are apprised of her whereabouts, doubts remain. The Princess is on a diplomatic tour of the United States and has admitted, the grueling schedule has left her exhausted. Princess Jessica is scheduled to return to Europe at the end of the week but has not been seen in public in over a week. Her last appearance at the Spanish Consulate in two days is very much up in the air. We’ll keep you abreast of any and all news concerning her well-being.

Meanwhile… the economy is on…”


On the Prowl


Kaden turned off the television, sick of the drivel that seemed to have overtaken the airwaves. “Who the hell cares about some spoiled little princess.” Kaden seethed under her breath.

Bored, and dying for a drink, she threw on a jacket and headed for the blue light district. A few of the bars there were always a good place to pick up a wench for the evening. “Hell, I don’t even care if she’s into S&M.” Kaden sighed, as she climbed into her F-type Jag. “She will be when I’m done with her.”

Cruising along the strip, she pulled into an available spot, setting her alarm as she walked away. She eyed the sign that couldn’t quite stay illuminated, the neon having seeped away over the years. The Lamb’s Lair wasn’t overly crowded for a Thursday night, and Kaden thought twice about going in at all. She looked down the strip, but the lack of people on the sidewalks was a pretty good indicator of the kind of night it was going to be.

Pulling the chained wallet from her back pocket, she signaled to the barmaid, who knew Kaden all too well. A quick wink signaled that she was on her way.

“What can I get you, Kaden Miller?” The sexy blonde asked.

Kaden already had her stripped naked and on the cross that was the

centerpiece of her playroom. She’d been there before and loved the attention, however painful it may have been. “Hennessey’s straight up, and I wouldn’t mind a piece of you.” Kaden mused, reaching across to caress the barmaid’s breast.

“Been there, done that, honey. You’re just not my type.” The girl insisted as she set a rock tumbler in front of the handsome brunette.

“You didn’t seem to mind the last time.” Kaden persisted.

“It took a week for those welts to go down, you animal. I couldn’t even go to the beach.” She mewled.

“You loved every minute,” Kaden smirked.

The pretty young blonde slipped down the bar to wait on another customer, and Kaden quickly lost interest. Moving away from the bar, Kaden caught sight of a lovely redhead, her face unfamiliar to her. “Hmm, fresh meat.” She hissed as she zeroed in. The woman’s hair was long and had been intricately woven to her crown with two well-placed combs. ‘Interesting’.

“Hey.” Kaden sketched a wave, slipping in beside the woman, who seemed a little out of place.

“Who are you?” The woman asked, in an accent unfamiliar to her. Kaden raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

“My name’s Kaden. Haven’t seen you here before. You knew in town?” The line seemed so cliché, but it fit the moment.

“I’m just visiting. My name is… Seca.” The woman hesitated, almost reticent to divulge her name. Kaden mused that she really didn’t care what her name was; Seca, Sue… slave. That’s what Kaden wanted. She imagined this innocent-looking woman in her lair and was wet with the image.

“Can I get you something? Your glass is almost empty.” Kaden offered, taking the goblet from her hand and holding it up.

“Cabernet.” The redhead smiled, pleased that someone was paying attention.

Kaden returned from the bar with a fresh Hennessey’s and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, handing the long-stemmed globe into the delicate fingers. She noticed the fine nature of the woman’s hands, the ornate ring that adorned her index finger, and the snow-white coloring of her skin.

“Are you just in for a drink, or is there something else?” Kaden dared, knowing that it was no secret the Lamb’s Lair was a lesbian hangout.

“I don’t know. I just needed to… unwind.” Seca sighed, sipping cautiously at the wine. Her accent was intriguing, but Kaden just couldn’t place it.

“Well, Seca, I can certainly help you with that.” Kaden hinted, brushing the back of her fingers along the form-fitted bustier the woman wore atop her skintight jeans. The strapless top left a bit too little to the imagination, and Kaden was determined.

The woman hissed as if the contact was wanted but forbidden in a way. Kaden stopped being coy, slipping her hand behind the small of Seca’s back, and running her tongue up the side of the woman’s neck, darting in and out, and tasting the exotic flavor of her cologne.

“You’re going to come home with me, I think, Seca.” Kaden insisted. The redhead looked up at Kaden and simply nodded, as if powerless to stop herself. Kaden shot back the booze and relieved Seca of her glass, setting the nearly untouched liquid on an available table.

The barmaid shook her head as she saw the pair disappear through the doors. “I hope that girl knows what she’s in for.”


A Natural


Kaden helped the woman into her sports car and shot away into the night. She was having a hard time remembering anyone ever being so easy. Surely, she knew that she was all about control. Maybe that’s what she needed. Maybe she didn’t know that was what she needed. Kaden would have to be cautious.

“Where are you from?” Kaden asked, still not able to nail down the accent.

“Europe,” Seca answered, obviously vague.

“Okay.” It was obvious to Kaden that the woman wanted her anonymity, and she was happy to oblige. “What are you…”

“I’ve never been with a woman before. Not like… that.” Seca admitted, shyly.

Taken aback by the admission, Kaden touched the brakes. “Are you sure you want to do this, then?”

Seca looked over at Kaden, her eyes beckoning her to turn. “I want to.”

So, not only was the woman naïve, but she was also a virgin to women. Great. Kaden thought to herself. This is going to be a fun night.

She pulled off the interstate and drove through the small town she hated being so close to. If she had her way, she would live in the middle of nowhere. The long drive wound through the grove of pine trees, before finally emptying into a large looping drive. The expansive mansion was well-lit from the outside and stretched out across the opening before them.

It immediately caught Seca’s eye. “You are wealthy?” She asked, surprised.

“My parents were wealthy. I’m just the ungrateful recipient of an inheritance.” Kaden offered, smugly.

“Then I’m sorry for your loss.” Seca offered, earnestly.

“Plane crash in the Bahamas. I was twenty-four, and so drugged out I didn’t figure out what happened until three weeks later.”

“You don’t still…”

“Haven’t touched anything stronger than booze in ten years. Never fear, Seca, you’re in good hands.” As such, she offered hers to the woman, helping her out of the low-slung Jaguar and into the chilly night air. “Let’s head inside.”

Kaden led the woman through a side entrance and into a well-appointed kitchen. “Drink?”

“Please.” Seca sighed, removing her wrap and searching for a place to set it.

“Just throw it over a chair or something.” Kaden opened a bottle of red wine and poured a serving of Cognac into a snifter for herself. “I really should let this breathe.”

“Just pour it. It will decant in the glass.” Seca said, accepting the wine before being led through a grand foyer and into an equally opulent parlor. “This reminds me too much of home.”

“I figured you for money,” Kaden suggested.

“Too much of it, and for far too long.” Seca sighed, easing into a tufted chaise and allowing Kaden to slip in behind her.

“Let me help you with this.” Kaden offered, pulling the combs from Seca’s red hair and allowing it to tumble down her back and nearly to the floor. “Wow. That’s a lot of hair.” Kaden mused, running her fingers through the abundant locks.

“Too much hair. If I had my way, I’d take scissors to it.” Seca grumbled, dryly.

Kaden grinned. “What’s stopping you?”

“Enough of me.” Seca asserted. Seeing the look in Kaden’s eyes was enough to spur her on. She took Kaden’s hand and pressed it against her breast, forcing her cleavage to pout from the bustier.

“Okay then.” Without hesitation, Kaden pulled Seca into her arms and kissed her, her tongue weaving into the woman’s mouth, forcefully. Upon breaking the kiss, Kaden took a breath. “I think we should find someplace a little more comfortable.”

She was torn between her bedroom and the playroom but opted for the bedroom. Still amazed by the length of Seca’s hair, she could see why the woman was ready to be rid of it. The tips of the bright red strands brushed against her ankles as she walked, and it must have been a chore to deal with.

She ran her fingers through her own closely cropped hair, the black curls tight enough to spindle even though they were little more than an inch long. As they crossed the hallway and entered Kaden’s spacious bedroom, she noticed she had forgotten to close the door to her playroom.

Leaving it that way, she followed Seca who had slipped into her generous ensuite. She set the drinks on her side table and went to follow.

“I’ll be right out.” Seca urged, stopping Kaden in her tracks.

“I’ll be waiting.” Kaden kidded, taking another quick sip of cognac.

When Seca emerged, she was utterly naked, having shed her clothing in the bath. Her long red hair cascaded around her like a wedding veil, and even in silhouette, she weakened Kaden’s knees.

Wearing far too many clothes, Kaden began to unbutton her shirt but was quickly stopped by Seca’s insistent hands. “Please. Let me do this.”

If this woman had never been with a woman before, it was certainly a surprise to Kaden. Her powers of seduction were strong and almost overwhelming. By the time Seca had slipped the masculine boxers over Kaden’s ankles, she knew she was wet with desire.

Seca’s fingers found Kaden’s clitoris with practiced ease and pressed against it knowingly, surrounding it and squeezing it as her thumb slipped over the turgid erection.

“Jesus.” Kaden whimpered, as she felt a wave of pleasure course through her, unabated. Either this woman masturbated incessantly, or she was lying. But why would anyone that was this beautiful ever want for a partner? Kaden asked herself.

They slowly made their way to the bed and fell onto the spread, not bothering to find their way underneath. Before Kaden ever had the chance to ease down to Seca’s sex, she had come more than a few times. Seca was not shy, and was quick to take Kaden into her mouth, sucking her, nibbling at her, and teasing her the way no woman ever had.

Now, the scent of this woman was filling Kaden’s senses, and it was heaven. Seca’s essence was intoxicating, and Kaden tasted her reverently. Her tongue caressed the delicate folds, with not a trace of hair to be found anywhere. Surely it had been removed.

Kaden’s fingers pinched at Seca’s nipples, her chest heaving upward with the attention, as her clitoris swelled into her mouth. It was long, and throbbing as Kaden worked her lips along it, never having experienced anything like it in all her years.

After what seemed like hours, they both collapsed into one another, sleep overcoming them. Never had Kaden been so overwhelmingly content, and she hoped that Seca was equally pleased.




Kaden awoke, light slipping around the curtains that did their best to hide the dawn. Turning to her side, she was disappointed to find the bed empty. “Hmm.” Kaden had experienced this all too often. It was of the hazards of her kink. A bit too much of the lash, and some girls slithered away in the wee hours, thinking they were in for more in the morning.

She pulled herself out of bed, and made for the bathroom, only to find Seca staring at herself in the mirror. What was even more surprising was that she held a pair of scissors in her hand. Granted, all of the sex had made a mess of her hair, but this was a bit drastic.

“I have some brushes in the drawer there.” Kaden offered. “I’ll take care of it if you want.”

“Oh, I do wish you would.” Seca sighed, turning and thrusting the handles of the scissors into Kaden’s hand. “I can’t seem to work up the courage.”

“Seca, I…”

“Oh, fuck it!” The woman screamed. “My name isn’t Seca.”

“I had my doubts,” Kaden admitted.

“My name is Jessica.”

Suddenly, too many coincidences fell into place. The accent, the hair, the wealth. “Oh, my god. You’re her, aren’t you?” Kaden stepped back. “The princess.”

Jessica felt flush and quickly sat on an upholstered stool that was handy, her legs almost falling out from under her. “Yes.”

“The missing princess.” Suddenly Kaden panicked. “Shit, they’re going to execute me or something. I kidnapped a royal! Jesus Christ!”

“Calm down, Kaden. You didn’t kidnap me. I ran away.” Jessica confessed. “No one is in trouble here, but me.”

Kaden felt very uneasy and didn’t quite know what to say or do. “My god, I seduced you, for crying out loud.” She finally blurted.

“Actually, I think you have it in reverse, lover. I’m fairly certain, I seduced you.” Jessica giggled. “Now, will you please cut my hair?”

“What!” Kaden spluttered. “No!”

“If you don’t do it then I will.” She took the scissors back from Kaden and held them up to her disheveled mane, capturing the hair between her shoulder and her ear.

“Stop!” Kaden shot from the doorway and wrested the scissors from Jessica’s hand. She saw a tear falling from her eye as she did, and suddenly felt awful. After a moment she blew out a breath. “Fine, I’ll cut it.” Kaden groaned. “But you have to let me brush it first.”

Almost giddy, Jessica opened the drawer and took out the largest brush. “You don’t need to be gentle.” The princess told her. “I’ve explored your naughty little room down the hall.”

Shocked, bewildered, and strangely elated, Kaden began to brush out the luscious red hair, being as careful as Jessica would allow. She had never seen hair as long as this in person, let alone cut it. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely.” Jessica gushed. After a moment, she turned. “Why didn’t you take me to your room, last night.”

“I thought it might scare you,” Kaden admitted, hoping the subject had been broached and forgotten.

“Hey, I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey, you know. I know what goes on.” Jessica pointed out.

“That’s reason enough for not taking you in there.” Kaden chortled. “Let’s just say, that book hasn’t done people like me any favors.”

“Why? Why not?” Jessica frowned. “Faster. You’re just going to cut it anyway.”

Kaden picked up the pace, tearing through the hair a little as she did. “It was totally inaccurate, overblown, and ridiculous, to be honest.”

“Maybe you could show me the real thing then?” Jessica whispered, suggestively.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Kaden sighed, knowing now who was standing before her. “Do you have one of those crazy long names?” Kaden laughed, inquisitively.

“Jessica Marinette Lorina Diphalicia Moor, Countess of Nurm and Princess Royal of Florin.” Jessica took a long breath in.

“Woah!” Kaden blurted, tossing the brush on the counter with a flourish.

“You asked.” Jessica laughed, and it was at that moment that Kaden realized just how absolutely stunning she really was. “And…” handing the scissors back to Kaden. “… you promised.”

“Alright.” Kaden pondered the unthinkable. “Come on.” Grabbing the scissors, she took Jessica by the hand and led her down the hall into her playroom.


A Trick of the Tail


Once Kaden had carefully secured Jessica into the lined leather wristlets, the kindest she owned, she hoisted the spreader bar toward the ceiling. Only when her captive was tempted to rise onto the balls of her feet did she stop and tie off the rope.

“Oh, this is so hot.” Jessica moaned.

Kaden tested her word, finding her sex drooling with those same delectable juices. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she tasted them, and then shared her bounty with Jessica, who eagerly took them into her mouth.

Kaden knew Jessica could see herself in the mirror before her, knowing that this would only feed her arousal. “Are you ready, Princess?”

“Oh, you’re really going to cut it, aren’t you?” Jessica fretted. Only for a moment did Kaden consider the mock fear in her tone.

“Yes, Princess. These flaming tresses; the ones that all the princes clamored over.” I ran the blades down the length of her hair, closing ever so gently so that a few random strands drifted to the floor.

“Oh! Oh no, not my hair!” Jessica squealed, pulling at her bonds, the clasps rattling against the metal rings.

“There will be no more tempting them with this.” I teased, setting the blades wide open and just below her shoulders. With an almost sickening crunch, I closed the scissors, sending a veritable torrent of hair to the floor. A huge section of hair now lay just against the top of Jessica’s shoulders, the weight now released and sprung up to relax there.

“Oh, my God.” Jessica could see the light seeping between her hair and her shoulder. It was done. “Kaden, you actually cut my hair.” She managed, her breath almost escaping her.

“Your will is my command, your highness.” Kaden joked.

“No. I mean you actually cut my hair!” All the joviality gone from her tone.

“Jessica?” Kaden questioned, quietly. “Didn’t you think I would?”

“It was always a game. I played it with my sisters, and my cousins, but we always knew it was… just a game.” Her mouth was agape as she tossed her head to the side, seeing just how much had been cut. “What have you done!”

Hurriedly, Kaden rushed to the front, looking squarely at the woman under her control. “Jessica, I’m, oh Jesus. You never said anything about a game. For crying out…”

But she was laughing. Not crying, laughing. “I scared you good, didn’t I?” Jessica sang, sending Kaden to her knees with relief.

“You may be a princess, but you sure can be a bitch.” Kaden sighed, rising to her feet. “Just for that, I’m cutting it all off.”

“Uh, I’m afraid I can’t have you doing that, my love. But, you can certainly finish what you started.” Jessica warned, but deep down she almost wish she had the courage.

“Fine. But if you think you’re going to get away unpunished, you have another thing coming.” Kaden seethed.

“Ohh, Mistress, whip me!” Jessica mocked.

“Don’t call me that. I have an idea, and I think you just may enjoy it.” Kaden decided. Gathering the rest of Jessica’s hair into a ponytail, she severed it harshly with the scissors, all the while toying with her captive’s clitoris, keeping it erect and Jessica on the edge. Her back was now completely exposed, her long flaming mane no more. It played perfectly into Kaden’s plan.

“Please, Kaden. Make me come.” Jessica begged.

“Soon, my princess, soon.” Kaden inserted some earbuds and linked some medieval music, something she was certain Jessica would find amusing, considering her reading material. Lastly, she blindfolded her, just for effect.

She gathered the last of the impressive ponytail and set it carefully on a bench, spreading the strands into narrow groups of three. Leaving Jessica in that position was not kind, but what she had done was cruel.

Kaden worked quickly and efficiently, binding the top of the hair tightly with a thin leather tawse and braiding the hair into devilishly long whips. Every few minutes, she would play between Jessica’s legs, keeping her attention through the music.

At the end of each braid, Kaden knotted the hair three times. It was done. Pleased with her newly fashioned flogger, she approached the princess quietly, leaving the earbuds playing their soothing tones.

Kaden draped the tightly braided strands over Jessica’s body, pulling them evocatively over her delicate skin. Jessica moaned as Kaden eased inside of her, her fingers wet with her arousal. After lavishing her this way for a minute or two, Kaden stepped away, leaving the princess moaning for completion.

“Kaden! Please…”

But just as those words were out, Kaden brought the flogger down across Jessica’s freshly exposed back. It would be painful, and a shock, but no lasting marks would be left. The princess lurched in her bonds, a slight shriek escaping her lips, before another lash of her own hair came around her torso, landing across her breasts.

“Kaden!” Jessica shouted, bringing Kaden to bear, and stepping closer to her in worry. “Yellow and red, okay?” Jessica panted, obviously excited.

“If you must.” Kaden sneered. “A little more, Milady?” She reached down, confirming her princess was still sopping.

Ten lashes later, and her back a crisscross of welts, Kaden removed the blindfold and pulled the earbuds from Jessica’s ears. Knowing what it would do to her, Kaden brought the magic wand to her engorged clitoris at maximum power. The screams that ensued were both ear-shattering and outrageously fulfilling. Never had she heard anyone come like that. Never.


Once a Princess


Kaden lowered the spreader bar and released Jessica, who practically fell into her arms. She helped her back to her bedroom and onto her bed, smiling as the well-cropped Princess curled up, utterly content.

She would need to do something with her hair. The blunt cut was too much for the thick red waves, which flared out wildly at the ends. Too long, had it been weighed down by the sheer weight of length.

Completely satisfied with how the morning had gone, Kaden made her way back to the playroom and cleaned the errant hair from the floor, and wiped down the equipment she’d used. She spied the hand-fashioned flogger, surprised by how well it had held up. It was never going to be anything she would use on anyone else. Too weird and possibly unsanitary.

No, this would be a trophy she decided. But before this, she at least had to offer it to Jessica. Maybe she would want it for herself. It was her hair, after all.

It was early afternoon before Kaden heard the shower running in her ensuite, bringing a smile to her face. She had placed the hair whip in a velvet-lined box, curled against itself elegantly. She’d even woven red and green satin in with the leather binding, the colors of the Florin coat of arms, she’d learned.

“Are these going to fade any time soon?” Jessica asked as she examined her back and breasts, the welts already flatter than they had been.

“By tomorrow, your highness,” Kaden assured her, earnestly.

“Stop that. You never have to…”

“I want to, okay?” Kaden smiled.

“You’re not of Florin. I’m not royal to you.” Jessica insisted, disgusted with her hair and tossing the brush on the counter.

“You will always be my princess.” Kaden sighed, forlornly.

Jessica stopped and looked Kaden in the eye. “You will come to visit me. You’ve spoiled me for anyone else, you know.” Jessica chuckled.

“All you need to do is ask, and I’ll be there.” Kaden smiled but knowing all too well that their time was nearly at an end. “I know someone that can… fix that.”

“Well, that’s good, because I cannot make an appearance at the Spanish Consulate looking like Raggedy Ann.” Jessica sighed.

“Do you regret my cutting it?” Kaden asked.

“Not at all. I’m just worried about what I’m going to end up with.” She pulled down at the sides, afraid to let go but finally having to.

“Let me make a call.” Kaden grinned, punching in the number of her stylist.

An hour later, a knock at the door had Kaden hurrying to catch it before Serge just popped in as he always did. Jessica was dressed and sitting in the kitchen, enjoying a cup of tea.

“So… what’s the big emergency, Kad.” Serge was an attractive man, as men went, but Kaden didn’t have time for joking around.

“Listen. I need your absolute word, and your complete confidence here.” Kaden warned. “And as a hairstylist, I know what I’m asking.”

“I think I’m insulted.” Serge pouted.

“Trust me. You don’t want any part of this, okay.” Kaden chided.

“Okay, okay. Lead me to this disaster you talked about on the phone.”

Kaden led Serge into the kitchen, just as Jessica turned away from the counter, her back to the pair.

“Well, I see my work is cut out for me.” Serge chuckled. “Get it.”

Jessica turned and all the color drained from Serge’s face, immediately. Next, his satchel hit the floor. “Oh…My…God!” Serge yelled. “You kidnapped a princess, AND, you cut off all her hair, which she’s famous for by the way!” Backing away, he reached down for his bag and ran for the front door.

“Serge!” Kaden screamed. “Stop!”

“I always knew you were a crazy bitch, but for…”

“She’s not kidnapped, first of all.” Kaden reasoned.

“And the hair?” Serge asked.

“She asked me to, so I cut it,” Kaden admitted.

“Well, don’t quit your day job, sugar. Oh, that’s right, you don’t even have a day job.” Serge went on.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Jessica demanded, standing the in the portal to the foyer. “Can you fix this?”

Serge was speechless for a minute, but then his ego took over. “Your highness, I can fix anything.” He sauntered back into the kitchen and pulled out a chair.  “Let’s see what we’ve got to work with.”

After a good deal of layering and styling, Serge had Jessica looking like a million bucks. It was considerably shorter and resembled an Aline bob, but in the end, Jessica was over the moon.

Before he left, Serge pulled Kaden aside and drilled her again for destroying one of the most famous heads of hair in the world. In return, he thanked him, paid him generously, and sent him on his way.

When she returned to the kitchen, she found the princess sweeping up her hair from the flagstone floor. “Jessica. Princesses don’t sweep up.”

“Will you please stop that.” She dumped the remains of her hair into the trash drawer and threw her wrap around her shoulders. “It’s time for me to go, Kaden.”

“I have something for you if you want it.” Kaden offered, reaching for the ornate box that was sitting in plain sight all along.

Jessica opened it, smiling as she saw the flaming red braids bound into an exquisite flogger. “You made this?” She asked, tearfully.

“I did,” Kaden admitted, choking up a little.

“It’s lovely.” Then she raised an eyebrow. “Is this what you whipped me with this morning?”

“It’s very effective. One hundred percent royal hair too.” Kaden joked.

“When did you…”

“While you were feasting on Thomas Talis, I was a busy girl.” Kaden quipped.

“I can’t possibly take it back with me, Kaden. I have no privacy. Someone will find it, and…”

“That would be bad.” Kaden smiled, taking the box back and closing it carefully.

“Look at it this way. You will always have a part of me with you.” Jessica managed.

“But not the best part.” Kaden took her princess into her arms, their mutual tears sealing them together. Neither questioned how or why such a bond had been forged between them so quickly. It’s better not to question fate.

Kaden watched as the princess made her way into the hotel from which she fled days before. They parted as they had met, two young women moving in very different directions. She looked down at the signet ring on her finger, a promise of days to come. Jessica had assured Kaden she spoiled her for anyone else, but the truth was, the feeling was entirely mutual.


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