Priya and Renu haircut

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Priya and Renu are sisters. They both are studying in the same school priya is 6th and renu 12th renu was tall good shape and maintains her hair in shoulder level. Priya too same but she is short compared to the girls in her age and her hair is shoulder level. Their hair grown and one fine Sunday they both decided to go for haircut. They both dressed. Renu was wearing shorts and T-shirt. The shorts were above her thigh. So that her legs will be visible. Priya was wearing shirt and jean. They both left their hair opened. Renu informed mom that they are going for their regular haircut. Mom gave them money and told take care of your sister. They both started walking and on the they were talking about hairstyles and they decided to go for bob cut. The regular barbershop was closed for renovations. A little old shop was there near by. They both walked towards that. It was very old mostly people won’t prefer that so it will be always free or less crowded .they both went there and opened the door. There were two barber in the age of 40’s
The chair were empty. Once they entered they both got up and asked them come in and take your seat renu took priya to the barber chair made her sit and informed the barber how the cut should be . Once she is done the barber started the work he took a cape and covered her. The other barber called renu to sit in the chair she went and sat the barber took her hair in hand and started to comb she told him to give her nice bobcut. The barber told okey. He took the cape and tied around her neck the cape was small it did not cover her properly her thighs were visible. He took the scissors and comb. Renu turned towards priya and saw her the haircut was going on the barber was giving her nice bobcut. Renu turned towards the mirror the barber rotated the chair facing outside door and started wetting her hair her hair was so thick so that he was wetting more and more once he satisfied he took the comb and started combing he gave few tugs while combing. He took the scissors and bent her head down. And started to cut the length. All the wet hair was falling over her thigh . He came front and rubbed her tigh to remove the fallen hair. He went back again and started to cut. He was cutting the hair more and more hair fell over the cape. He took spray and sprayed water over the sides. And top took the scissors and comb and started to cut the hair. . Once the left is done he did the same to the right side. When he was doing right side she heard the blow dryer sound. She thought priya finished her cut. Once barber finished the left and right he went back and started to cut her hair again. He told your hair is very thick. She told yes. He placed the scissors and took manual clipper and started cutting the hair in the back. Once the barber satisfied he kept the clippers down and took the spray bottle again pulled all the hair over the front sprayed water and took scissors. Renu closed her eyes he gave a straight cut over the middle of the forehead. He took the spray bottle again and sprayed over the fringes. He took the scissors again cut the fringes short to the forehead and made sure her forehead is completely visible. Renu badly wanted to see her cut. Her sister came in front with neat bob cut the bobcut made her cute and it was long. The fringes were covering her eyebrows. She told you look cute. She smiled and watching renus haircut. The barber then took thinning shears and started to thin her hair. He was thinning all over her head. More and more hair fall over the cape and thigh. After 5 to 10 min the barber kept the thinning shears down and again took the spray bottle. She was thinking when he will leave me. He took some cream and applied over her neck and started to clean with the razor. He took the the blow dryer and dried her hair. Once dried she thought its over. He took the thinning shears again and started to cut all over. Once done he kept it down combed her hair and turned towards the mirror . She was shocked. She s sporting a short bob over here ear level and her fore head was completely visible she saw the fringes its too short and thin. The top hair was thinned and short . She touched her back the barber showed her back in the mirror half of her back was shaved completely. The barber asked are you satisfied or we need to cut little high? Rubbing her back hair. She told no no its fine. He took comb and combed her hair again. Bent the chair back and took one razor. He cleaned the sides. Fore head and also her cheeks. Once done he told its done. She got up and and payed the barber. Left the shop immediately. She saw her sister and loved herr look. Her sister told you look sexy now. Renu was sad for her haircut. They reached home mom saw both of the haircut. She told priya you look so cute.. saw renu and rubbed her back. She was shocked. She asked why you cut so short . She told i told bobcut for both of us he gave me short bob. She asked yu did not say anything in the middle? He turned me away so tat i cannot see the mirror. Her mom smiled.. and told he gave you nice and short bobcut. And your face is completely visible. Yu look cuter than your sister now and kissed her. Smile came from renu face.days passed renu was getting used to the cut all teachers told her she looked cute. After 3 to 4 weeks both of them hair started to grow. Priya hair was covering the shoulders and fringe was covering her eyes too. Renu fringes just covered her forehead. She thought she will grow her hair .her back was also growing covering thee shaved area. Mom told renu you need to get your haircut. She told mom i am planning to grow. Mom smiled and asked last time which shop you both went. Renu told the location of the old fashioned barbershop. Weekend came and renu and priya was picked by her mother from school. Renu was in sports practice and she was wearing tiny shorts and practicing. Her mom on the way took both the girls to the barbershop. Renu told mom why we came here. Priya needs haircut come lets go in. They three went in and the barber greeted all the three. The barber asked madam who s going to get wat type of haircut. Mom replied last time the haircut was good please give them the same, renu was getting tensed. She was rubbing her hair and touching the fringes. The barber took priya and trimmed her hair in five minutes it was over. She looked good with her haircut. By the time the second barber entered the shop . Renu got shocked by seeing him. He directly came to renu and saw her hair. Her mom told hi she is my daughter renu I brought her her haircut. Last time I guess one of you gave her nice style. Then the barber took her to the chair and covered her tightly with the cape. Sprayed the hair with water and started to cut in 30 min the cut was over he made her back smooth . He turned towards her mother and asked madam is this fine. She was watching the whole haircut .she smiled and came near the chair. She told she is looking so cute thankyou. The barber turned her back and showed her. He asked whether is this fine or we need to go higher? . Mom smiled and told lets go higher this time. He took clippers without guard. Mom stood in front of renu and watching her. The barber bent her head and asked mom to hold her head. She took a clip from her bag tied her hair. Came and holded renu . The barber placed the clipper one inch higher. Mother saw tat and told make it as high as possible. In less than 5 minutes the barber reduced her back length and it looked like bowl cut. The barber told lets give her bowl cut this time mam. Her mom told okey. He shaved her back completely and then told mam you and leave her head now. She rubbed renu shaved back and told nice and smooth. She stayed back in front of chair. Priya was playing in the mobile asked mom how long it will take. Mom told 5 minutes sweetie your sister is getting haircut. The barber finished the cut and shaved her sides and cheek . Mom saw and asked can we reduce her volume little more. Her hair is very thick. The barber took thinning shears and started to reduce the volume he reached for spray bottle and in 3-4 spray her head was completely wet. He reduced the volume more than needed. Asked madam is this fine i reduced most of the volume. She told looks good but still reduce little. He told can we cut her hair short then? She looked renu face she told mom no. Barber took scissors and comb. She nodded and in 5 min renu hair was cropped to 1 inch all over the top and the sides and back was shaved clean. Mom told the barber you are good in short cuts I really love it paid the barber and they left the shop. On the way mom rubbed renu head and told nice haircut sweetie. I love your haircut. Renu smiled and told thanks mom for giving me a gud cut. Mom took renu with her and dropped priya at home. Renu asked were we are going mom. She told i need to trim my hair booked appointment. Come lets go. They both went to the parlour. The stylist greeted both. Renu was waiting in the chair her mom sat in the styling chair she covered the cape and started to trim. She completed the trim he hair was just below the shoulder now after trim its at shoulder level. She took straightner and started straightening her hair. Once its done she removed the cape. mom gotup and went to renu asked for how it looks. She told nice mom. The stylist saw renu and asked ur daughter looks cool in this. Was she given any headshave ? . Renu mom replied I’m planning to give but next time and they paid and left the parlour.

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