Priya gets a New Haircut

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Priya mom was talking to her neighbor like my daughter is not listening to me only i dono what to do.
Neighbor aunty is jealous for Priya. She thought this is the good time .lets brain wash her mother.
she told these generation kids are like that only .My daughter is also same . she will never listen to me . Then i became very strict to her.
Priya mom told ,yes i gave her too much freedom . she is not listening to me anything even if i say something good for her .

Priya just came from office and she told hi to the Aunty and went inside. Aunty asked She never ties her hair or what . Mom replied see she never listens to me that also i told her multiple times . Aunty told then take her to the barbershop and cut her told no thats not good . Aunty replied there is nothing wrong in this . i will take her with me this Sunday if you are not willing to take . her mom thought and told will see . Priya called her mom and told i am going out night will be coming tomorrow morning only .

Her mom got angry told no . She did not listen and went out . her mom kept in mind . Sunday came neighbor Aunty came to Priya House and told i am going to buy vegetables you want to join . Her mom asked Priya to come too along with them .Priya was not getting up only . mom Shouted at her and priya was getting ready . mom told Let’s drop her in barbershop for haircut on the way.

All three where walking and barbershop came and they took priya inside . Priya asked why we came here . Mom told stay silent. asked Priya to sit in the waiting chair.
THe shop was crowded and the line was so long . They three were the only ladies in the shop.
They made Priya to sit in the waiting area and went inside and neighbor aunty called the barber to give instructions.

without asking anything to Priya mom ,She started to give instructions to barber . Priya dono whats happening .She told the barber like we are leaving our kid here . Make sure her hair is chopped without leaving any length.barber asked what haircut you want her to give . mom told we can give her bob . she stopped and told no no something like short boycut.
the barber asked can we give her summercut then?
They both nodded and mom told make her sit here we will come and pick her .They both told to Priya we informed the uncle don’t make them rude. stay silent . Priya asked why mom . don’t leave me . her mom kissed her forehead and told you will be fine it wont take longer.They both left .

queue was getting bigger . all the members before Priya was getting finished . it was about an hr and Priya turn came . The Barber told Priya to come and sit in the chair. She did as instructed .

He took a look at Priya Hair . it was hip length straight . jet black shiny .
he took comb and combed her hair it was so soft . he tied cape and looked her face . she was nervous . her face was round . he took clipper turned her to face the crowd and passed it for next 15 min he cleaned all her head with clippers . once done he took different attachment and passed to the sides . he rotated her to the entrance lifted her face and studied the haircut. her face looked red . he don’t want to leave her like this. he thought top he will reduce more before her mom comes.he took number 1 guard and passed from forehead . in 5 min it was done . he took shaving cream and shaved her sides and back .

He told Done young lady and rotated her to the mirror . she dono what to say she was helpless . he took powder and applied on her head and after shaving lotion and applied on the sides . it was burning for her . he dusted and made her get down . Her long hair was all around her chair.she touched her head and felt bad . She went and sat in the waiting chair for her mom .

Mom and Aunty returned after 15 min they both were smiling and talking and coming . on the way mom asked neighbor aunty what is summer cut . Aunty told i thought you will be knowing .
Mom replied no need to worry we will see in few min and laughed .They both entered shop and saw a girl siting with like shaved head . Her mom smiled and told i know what summer cut is now and smiled .

mom told wait i will pay and get her . the shop was empty by now . She went and saw priya . priya was angry. barber was reading newpaper seeing mom he asked good and short enough . mom smiled and thanked the barber . mom rubbed the top and sides, told it is smooth only on the sides .
priya told mom enough lets go .
barber asked Priya to sit in the chair covered her with the cape and rotated and showed the haircut to her mom .mom was like i don’t like the sand paper on the top .barber nodded .

mom called the Aunty inside and she came in .
she also saw Priya again siting in the chair she asked what happed .Mom explained everything. barber was mixing the cream .aunty went and rubbed Priya head and told yes lets make top also smooth like sides . barber came and applied cream on Priya head completely and shaved smooth .he did re-shave again .once done Mom rubbed her head again and nodded to the barber . he then applied after shave this time more and it started burning for her .
She shouted in burning sensation . he applied powder and told burning will be there for only 5 min.

Mom Paid and they three went back home .
mom kept Priya head shaved regularly and made sure Priya gets used to it .
Every Sunday both the Aunty will go for shopping and they became close after that .
Priya now begging her mom every month to keep the length and grow her hair .She will not listen .she made Priya regular customer to the barber and he did nice head shave every time .

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