Announcing a Pregnancy with a Short Haircut; Mandy’s A-line Bob

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Haircut Number 2- Announcing a Pregnancy With a Short Haircut; Mandy’s A-line bob


Mandy was a short hair convert.  There was no buyer’s remorse.  We simply hadn’t gone short enough to call it properly short.  She asked me probably ten times over the next week when her next haircut would be, and our schedules put her in my shop on a Wednesday, two weeks later.  Her flip hadn’t lost shape, but she wanted to go shorter, and of course so did I.  Making her wait was part of the fun, though.  Weekdays in my shop are much more efficient.  There is no time to sit and wait for two-step colours, except maybe the last appointments of the night.  It is clients who want their short cuts trimmed up, maybe make a subtle change or two “can we go brighter with the colour this time for spring?” or “Summer’s coming, I need to attack the thickness.”  It was a day to see not the long-to-short transformations of YouTube, but of people getting an already short haircut trimmed and maintained, a quick root touch-up as opposed to a drastic colour change.  Nothing dramatic, usually, though our regulars surprise us sometimes with edgy styles they saw and want to incorporate into their own.  The day always starts later on a weekday, my first appointment is usually at eleven.  Then it’s a frenzy of snipping and trimming, drying, shaving and getting people back to work.  We slow down at about two o’clock, and catch a quick bite to eat before the crowd of people who leave work early once every four to six weeks for a haircut begins at four p.m.  Then we are busy until we close for the night.  We have people who leave work early, who leave work on time, people who worked late and then came for a more complicated colour or a more complicated cut.  At quitting time, we have cut a lot of hair and we begin the process again the next day.


My last appointment of the day was Jen, a young lawyer who’d gone from school girl French braids to a professional but pretty flip in my chair a few years earlier.  When she made partner, she celebrated with a chin-length bob.  When she sat down that night and announced that she wanted a Short Mom Crop, I actually asked why she wanted Mom Hair, (like Mom Jeans?  Ugh.)  “When we were on our honeymoon,” she explained, “we saw this family at the resort.  Mom had the shortest, cutest haircut.  Her boys both had short hair, her daughter had a little pixie.  When they got out of the pool, all the mom had to do was direct her wet hair, and by the time she’d toweled off her kids and ruffled her daughter’s hair a bit, her own hair was dry.  There was no screwing around, they were off to their next thing to do while I was still dripping wet.”  Jen went on to explain that she’d told her husband she loved that woman’s hair, and he said it was a pretty style, but very short compared to the length she had.  “He said it would be a big change, but he could see how that whole family didn’t waste time with primping, they just went out and had fun together.  He said I should wait until we have kids, because once you go that short, it takes a bit to grow it back.”  Right, I nodded.  So, why make the cut now?  Jen grinned and said “Jeff’s going to ask me the same thing.  And since I said I’d wait until we had kids before I cut it that short…”


What a neat way to announce your pregnancy to your husband.  She showed me pictures she had taken on her phone of the woman’s haircut, from different angles, and it was gorgeous.  Jeff was right in that it was also very short.  Chin-length hair to a closely snipped almost Mia Farrow crop was a big step, but one Jen was ready for.  The style was simply elegant, feminine in its fringy ends, carefree in that if it curled a bit, it still looked cute.  It could be texturized for a dinner out, smoothed down for a day at work, and left to dry naturally on weekends.  A cutting razor and ten minutes, and Jen’s blonde locks were sliced off into a simple, sweet, easy care but cute as hell short haircut.  “I can’t believe I spent so many years a slave to braids and looking like Little House on the Prairie,” she admitted, rubbing the closely cut top, checking out the shape of her ears.  “If we have a daughter, she is coming with me to these appointments and keeping her hair short.”  She texted me that night the social media announcement to their friends:  Jen in her sexy new mom haircut.  It took their friends the same minute it took me to realize she’d gotten a mom haircut because she was about to become a mom.  Two of their recently mommed friends ended up contacting my shop because they wanted to make the cut themselves and had waited until after the baby arrived to realize they were neglecting their long hair, and it looked that way.


“I want to actually have short hair this time,” Mandy scolded me when she leaned back into the sink that night, after watching Jen’s so short but so feminine snip.  Your wish is my command, I grinned, washing and rinsing.  I followed her jawline and snipped her into an A-line bob, as it would dry a bit shorter than her jawline, and grow to that length before it needed trimming.  I added some lowlights to the ends, knowing we would lob those off on her next cut, thereby ensuring at least three inches would be swiftly snipped in the future.  And I admit it, I teased her, snipping the nape and back shorter with my scissors but not my clipper, running my nails over the snipped nape but not shaving it as she’d watched us to do with several clients that night.  “This is more like it,” Mandy grinned, still having enough length to toss it from side to side.  “Now I look a bit more like you’d trust me to remove your gall bladder,” she said to the mirror, checking her nape in the mirror behind her.  “Can we go shorter here?” she asked, running her hands through it.  Next time, I promised.  It has to be when the rest is short enough that it doesn’t look drastic.


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