Punishment for wanting to get cracked up

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“Is anyone looking?”asked Haley as she shimmied the lock pick in the safe’s hole.
“No, hurry up. I need my fix”,rapidly whispered Juno, but then it happened.
Lights to the safe house flicked on and armed security rushed the to girls.
With no time, the cartel members apprehended Haley and Juno, forcing them onto their stomachs.
“Call the boss”,ordered a man as his comrade signaled for him.
Haley looked at Juno, terror mixed with tears in her eyes.
The lights dimmed as the shudder door lifted to expose twin headlights that gleamed into the boxed building.
The girls were cast into the gaze and forced to kneel as the boss became visible in front of his
He was built to perfection but still a demon in his trade.
He got close to his girls,”You two little kitties thought you could steal from me”
He slapped them both across the face.
Then the boss turned away from
them, he leaned on his commander.
“They’re all yours”
With approval, the new master of the girls carted them away to their fate.
Haley struggled at her handler with little success, her partner was not so blunt in her plea for freedom.
“Let us go, please!”
The commander was stone-faced as he shipped the new cargo aboard his yacht.
The boat scaled up the bay to a compound that was on an island.
Not his residence, but just as scary.
Armed guards patrolled the giant structure that was in the center.
The master rented out his prize girls to his men, he intended not to stay.
“Go easy on them, boys. They’re new”
With a salute from the guards, he departed them.
Plea after plea from Juno only brought her slaps upside the head.
“Stop squirming”
Juno had no choice but to comply.
The guards corralled the girls into the building and booked them.
They went down a corridor, through a metal door, a room of showers greeted the girls.
The girls were handed off to women of the facility for a thorough clean.
Tugging and scrubbing, the girls were scrubbed clean and dried roughly.
Haley reached for her shirt but was grabbed by the wrist by one of the cleaners.
“We’ll dress you”,sternly put the woman.
Juno and Haley were taken back to a dressing quarters.
A bikini for both of them was all they got, they felt the coldness of the room and did not like it.
Juno, with one woman and Haley, with another, they were separated and taken to different rooms.
The girl was thrust into a room with a barber chair in the middle and door to the right.
Juno tried to escape but was slapped and man-handled into the chair.
Straps of leather secured her into the chair.
Her barber took the clippers from their charger and grab a mass of Juno’s black hair.
In fear of her now, Juno went silent as she was buzzed bare.
With most of her hair on her nude body or the stone floor, Juno just sat there, desensitized.
Her head was rolled up and, gazing into her harpy’s eyes, her eyebrows received the same punishment.
A full head cream mask befell Juno’s skull and with swift swipes, the razor took it all off.
The woman undid one of the arm strands and raised Juno’s left arm.
Both armpits were shaved and confined again.
Juno had her legs pulled apart, exposing her bush.
You can probably guess what happens next.
“Master likes his girls hairless, easy on his wallet”
Before releasing her, a needle was inserted into Juno’s neck.
Juno yelped at the insertion but she knew she couldn’t fight back.
Her vision became blurry as she was handled by her barber to the right-hand door.
Through a door, a reclining chair was ready to seat her.
Juno was put in a gown like a hospital patient and laid in the chair.
Once in it, her barber reclined the chair to its max.
A second woman in a dentist uniform entered as Juno was strapped in.
“Miss Juno”, said the dentist woman with Juno’s file,”You ready?”
“For what?”Juno replied groggily.
The barber left the two as the dentist switched on the overhead light, almost blinding Juno.
Juno was nearly asleep as her top lip was lifted to expose her drug-corroded teeth.
They were bad but not gross all the way, a simple clean would assist in healing.
But the dentist shook her head,”My goodness, we’ll have to remove them all”
Juno was not fully in control of her body and so she unwillingly consented to procedure.
Her body did not flinched as one after another, her teeth came out.
A protective sponge was put inside her bleeding mouth and Juno passed out.
She wakes up in a clean, hospital bed. When she turned her hairless head, she saw another hairless body next to her.
The sponge in her mouth was taped to her lips so she tried to reach the other girl with her hand.
The girl woke and turned over: It was Haley.
Juno teared up at the sight of her girl-friend shaven and toothless.
“I’m sorry”,Juno mouthed.
Haley nodded and tried to reach out but the beds were far apart.
A nurse entered the room,”Glad to see you awake, girls”
Juno flipped her off which caused the nurse to call in two men.
“Take the girls to block A. Oh! and girl 0065 needs a spanking”
“Take it up with the boss”,said Juno’s man as he sat the said girl up.
The nurse gave him fifty dollars to look the other way.
Haley was taken to the dressing room as her friend was brought to a back room.
He restrained her to a pair of ceiling cuffs and took up a cane for animals.
“Sorry, love”
With five, broad swings, Juno’s ass beat red and stung.
Her punishment over, the guard took the girl to the dressing room.
Haley’s mouth had a golden grill implanted into it and her dress was loose and translucent.
Juno was dressed in a tight, latex suit with a brown belt snuggly wrapping her waist.
A leather jacket was placed across her shoulders, her face was dolled up, and a silver grill was placed in her mouth.
Finally, Juno and Haley could talk a bit.
“I guess my drug problem got out of hand”
“You think”,Haley chastised, clinging to Juno’s jacket,”At least we are his together”
Haley rubbed her palm over Juno’s bald head while her lips kissed hers.
The guards waited til they finished then took them to the commander.
His club sounded loud as the girls were escorted through the countless dancers, some grabbed hold of the girl’s butts.
A whistle from the boss made the gropers disappear, the girls finally stood before their masters.
He reclined on his fancy, velvet sofa and smirked.
“Girls. Glad to see you, learn your lesson?”

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