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This is a real story of me and my cousin dhamo we both look smart in our family i think, he always give importance to his looks we both used to participate in sports and we never mind about the itching due to sweat ,dhamo had his hair up to neck and i had long hair but not up to neck because of his carelessness he got dandruff and lice on his head our sports master advises him to have a short hair cut but he never minds about it then it became a severe problem and he could not participate in anything properly so our sports master made a complaint to his father then his father took him to the doctor he gave some medicines he used it and he had good results then after a month he got the same problem but this time he could not control the itching so his father asked some tips to our grand father he said just shave dhamo’s head it give a solution for his problem so dhamo’s father said this to dhamo he refused and shouted at his father and he went, his father became anger and he controlled his anger and went to dhamo and said ‘i will not shave your head but you have long hair so we cut your hair a little bit this week and we apply the medicines again’ after hearing this dhamo said sorry and accepted it as i too had  the same problem before, my grandpa suggested a head shave for me too, my father accepted it , my father shaved my hear already in 10th standard, i refused because i want to look good ,then after a week both of our fathers took us to the nearby saloon as it was sunday it was full of crowd we went and sat there as we had the appointment earlier we both sat first, the barber asked what kind of haircut do you want? dhamo’s father said ‘shave both of their heads’ we both were shocked and i asked my father about this he said ‘arun turn towards the mirror and sit its only for both of yours good sake ‘the barbers soon started to spray the water on our head and started shaving our head i looked at everyone through the mirror in the saloon everybody were staring on us i felt ashamed, after finishing the shave we went home then dhamo’s father touched his head and said  i am going to shave your head till you recover from this dandruff after hearing his brothers words  he said’ this is for you too arun ‘ i was shocked but i had no words to speak . as it was summer we both enjoyed our blad heads and played every games without any problem due to hair and i got some treatments and my dandruff problem is gone i think but my bro dhamo still have the problem anyways we both will enter our school with shaved heads but we look good even in this look

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