Punishment Of Wife

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Chapter One: The Long Summer Holiday

My girlfriend had been fucking another man behind my back. I left her and after 3 years she pleaded with me she wanted me back. I told amy I would only have her back if she became ny complete slave slut. She was to keep infront of people an honourable apperance, but in private be my slut girlfriend and if she obeyed she would be my slut slave wife in the near future. I told her I wanted a submissive wife and wanted her to always call my master when in private, because that is what I wanted. She agreed as she knew she could only be happy with me. However I told her that she will be punished before our marriage and after our marriage. I took her to a special shop and by the look of fear on her face she suspected what she would sacrifice.

Amy is only about five foot two, but with an hour glass figure. She looks hot in tight jeans and tight tops that show her protruding nipples. Her long black hair contrasts wonderfully with her pale complexion that can easily blush when emberassed. She is calm and obedient by nature and looks like a hot asian wife even tough she is of italian extraction.

The day of the punishment had finally come. During the previous two months I had fucked her repeatedly every day in all places I could dream of. We used to go out and I would order her to go the toilet and remove her bra and later her panties.

However, these were just small punishments for what I had in my mind. The holiday started with a 2 week cruise on board a luxury cruise ship. On the first day I had amy go swimming with an old fashioned swimsuit with long sleeves and with her long hair down to her backside let loose. The people thought we were muslims or something. The next day I took her to the barber who cut her long hair to shoulder lenght and she went swimming with a traditional swimsuit. The next day I had the barber cut amy’s hair to chin lenght and she went swimming with an early bikini stlye swimsuit.
By now I think you are getting what the punishment is. The shorter the hair the skimpier the swimsuit. On our fourth day I took amy to the barber who revealed all the hair in her nape. This time she was to swim with a small bikini the one with knots in the trunks. The next day I had the barber cut all amy’s hair except the fringe. She was now to wear a smaller bikini with a thong. The thong showed all of her beautiful ass. As the people were looking at her she blushed and with excitment her nipples were erect. She swam for a whole morning and afternoon. Afterwards I fucked her for a whole day.

The day after I finished fucking her I shaved off all of her hair. Amy was now completlety bald and I put cream on her head and shaved it 8 times with a razor. I was as stiff as a stallion and rubbed her head several times with shining oil and masturbated over amy’s uncovered scalp three times. Amy was now with no hair and she was to go swimming topless and with a thiny thong. She was also to wear a collar on her neck. For the remainder of the week she would swim with no hair and just a small thong since the cruise did not permit full nudity. I would razor her head every day, fuck her everywehre starting on top of her head were I liked brushing my penis and getting all my cum on the top of her shiny bald head. At night we would go and see a show and she would wear one of the whigs I had bought for her from the shop fear had first shown on her lovely face as she suspected what her first punishment would be.

However the first time I had revealed my evil plan she cried. She couldn’t understand why I would have to chop off all of her hair since she knew I liked her better with long hair. In fact I even liked amy masturbating me with her long black hair round my penis.I explained to her that it was the right thing to do. First as a punishment for my humiliation of her having slept with somebody else and secondly since I wanted to do things to her he had never done. If she agreed to do more strange things with me than with him she would show that she cared for me more than for him. Beside I told her that I’m going to enjoy taunting her and that I was to take pictures and movies of her process of shearing. I even told her that I was going to send those pictures of the process of her shearing and denudment to a printer who would then make a calendar. In the calendar her face would be blurred and the calendar was to be sent to 1000 houses at random close to were we lived. Maybe someone could recognise her without clothes and her beautiful hair. I did take photos and photoshoped myself a calendar, but in truth it was only for me and I never made copies of it or sent them to anyone.
After the cruise I took her to a nudist resource. She would wear only her collar, a chain round her hips and leg necklace on her right foot. I continued to shave her for a week more then I knew I had to let her hair grow for we were to return back home and back to work were a bald lady would look out of place in such a conservative office block. While she was bald and her hair was growing I relished fucking her with different whigs on. It was like fucking a different girl every day with the same result and comfort.

The last five weeks we traveled across europe were I fucked her :in an elevator with a blonde whig; an escalator witha squaw like whig with pig tails; a cable car were she had curly chestnut whig hair; an old phone booth with her bald head sticking out; in the toilet of a restaurant were she had a whig similair to amy’s normal very long black hair she used to have before I made her head into a shiny baldy and several other public places including a circus, a theme park, a garden and a shopping complex always with different whigs. I liked going lingerie shopping with amy especially if the shopping assistant was a male. I would always ask his opinion and tell him that I wanted her to look submissive since she liked being submissive.

Those two years before our marriage were the best ever. I used to fuck her before office hours in different places of our huge half-empty office block. I used to fuck her during our two lunch breaks. I used to send amy to her office two stories below with her now regrown hair in a mess how it looked immediately after a great fucking session. With her tight ass anal fucking was great fun. I used to like her walking awkwardly going to the elevator after some great tight butt fucking. I must have fucked her about twice a day at work for two years. After work at our apartment I used to have her give me a blow job. I would give her an option of either swallowing the cum or else let me release it in her beautiful black hair which was now growing fast or on her innocent oval shaped face with slanting small black eyes.

I started treating amy very well and she liked it. She felt a real affection for me and was looking forward to our marriage. Although I treated her kindly especially in public and showered on her all the affections a man in love bestowed on his beloved, I made it sure I showed her I was the master. I even started doing some light bondage on her and did some light spanking sessions. At first she was apprehensive, but then she started getting used to it although never completly loving it. It was during one of these bondage and spanking sessions which I videotaped that I told her about my punishment plan for our honeymoon. I did not go into detail, but I told her there would be some sort of quiz and that she better studied. Meanwhile I made all the adjustment online for what would be a honeymoon night to remember. At least for me.

Chapter two: the honeymoon:

I won’t bother you with the boring details of our marriage. I said I wanted her to have her dream wedding, but I would have my dream honeymoon. She was alright with that, but by now she was my total submissive slut. I often felt the more submissive a wife is the more her husband would want her. I like being able to say to myself I have a submissive slut wife who would do anything I ordered and I like it better that none of our family and friends suspects what a hot wife I have and some even suspect that she is some kind of prude, because in front of them she dresses and behaves almost like a nun. However, in private amy is my complete submissive whore wife.

The day of her second punishment started. We were in a holiday resort for a week and had befriended some tourists from different countries. I took the extra trouble of checking that nobody from our country was around, by going to a far off country not favorite with our countrymen. I invited all our new foreign ‘friends’ to the special night were I was to present a special quiz.

During our week there I refused amy from getting a suntan. She could not go swimming and she was never to wear revealing clothes. She was to speak very little to our friends and always to appear in front of them as fully clothed with baggy clothes and no heels or make-up. This would make what was to come much more of a surprise.

Meanwhile amy was to study. It was in her interest. All she knew was that there would be 26 questions with 4 options and for every wrong answer she would have to forgo some clothing in front of everyone. I prepared 26 questions one with a theme starting with every letter of the alphabet.
She was to have 12 items of clothing and remove one item of my choice for every wrong answer. I tried to reassure her that the odds were on her side as she would probably get more than half of the questions right. At worst she believed she would be topless or naked and she had already experienced that two summers ago.

The night came and I got her dressed in a special sexy outfit, but covered at first by a light rainjacket. I introduced the night in front of our friends. I told them that I would ask my wife amy a question and for every wrong answer she would remove an item of clothing. This got the crowd excited a little, but not much. With the baggy clothes she was wearing all week no one suspected what a hot body amy had hidden behind those clothes.

Before the quiz I introduced her as my beloved wife amy. All applauded and a sizeable crowd of about 50 people had gathered in the bar. I made amy sign a document in which it was written that if she refused to remove her clothes I had a right to fuck any one of the many prostitues around on the island for the rest of our 2 weeks stay. I know that amy just like me is very jealous and I did not want to fuck those bitches, but I made it clear I would if she refused to show us her skin.

The first question was an art question. I asked her about some flemish artist as I had seen her study italian art. Sure enough she got it wrong and had to remove the first of her 12 items of clothing. She removed her light raincoat and it revealed a sexy outfit with a pleated skirt with a large belt, black stockings on very high heels and a silk silvery light blue shirt all bootomed up with a nice collar. She looked like a sexy secratary and even had silk velvet gloves on her hand reaching to her elbow. All the guys applauded.

The next question was about boxing. As she did not know that rocky marciano had won 49 fights and guessed 50 she had to remove her second item which was her big belt. Her third question was about cats and she answered it correctly. She got her d question about drama wrong an had to remove her collar and open the two top buttons of her shirt revealing a sexy violet bra.

Amy got her e question about ecology and her f question about film right. I was surprised as she is neither an enviormentalist neither a film buff. However her next question was about the state of georgia and she got the state anthem wrong. She went to remove her gloves ,but I ordered her to remove her shirt revealing her violet bra in full. She got her history question wrong and I ordered her to remove her skirt. As she removed her skirt and turned around she got a round of applause as all the men could she what a hot ass she has. Yes, my wife’s ass is a masterpiece and can get any man stiff in seconds. She was still in her matching violet panty, but one could already realise her small frame and gravity defying ass.

I was happy as by the 8th question amy was already in lingerie. She had already removed 5 items of clothing and had only 7 more items before she was completly naked. Fear that she would remain completly naked in front of all those people focused on her body had already took over the expression of her face. That expression of fear still makes me go hard for hours, because thank godness I had the bright idea of paying two professional cameramen to videotape all the event in hd. A photographer also took pictures.

The next question was about the internet and she got it right. The next question was about jokes and she got it wrong. Now amy was to remove her sixth item that was her garter belt. I told her that the next item would be her black tights and that the high heels she was wearing did not count as an item. Her k question was a strange question about kites. By luck she got it right and she also got her next two questions about lands and monopoly right. Three right questions in a row rebalanced the game in her favour and the look of fear was slowly disappearing from her face.

The next question was about a mayor of new york and she got it wrong. She removed her black tights in a slow sexy move. Her legs are short, but just perfect. They are exteremly thin and have no veins or stretch marks. They look like the legs of an 18th year old and not a 32 year old wife. All applauded and I threw the tights to the crowd which had suddenly increased from the original 50 to way over a hundred mostly men, but also couples.

That was her seventh item removed. She still had the gloves, but I told her the next to go would be her violet panties. Soon enough they were off as she got her origami question wrong. All went silent as she removed her 8th item. I knew under her pants she had the smallest of thongs which showed all of her ass in all its perfect glory while still hiding her small cunt I had been stretching for two years now. Amy was now on the stage with her violet bra, her velvet gloves ,the smallest of thongs and a mysterious item. Her face was all read and she was blushing. This made her look more horny. The next to go would be her bra I said. Now everybody could see that she was a b cup at best, but they did not know everthing.

Amy got her p question about politics wrong and she had to remove her bra. To the surprise of the crowd she had two star stickers which covered her nipple. Her breasts were erect more than usual as she was clearly getting aroused. The next to go would be the gloves she interupted. I corrected her as I said that everybody wanted to see her nipples. Her next question was about the queen of england. She got that right. Then, the next question was about rights and she got it wrong. As she was about to remove her stickers I had the loudest and most abnoxiuos man in the crowd to take off her stickers. Her nipples are amy’s pride and joy even more than her ass. She is not asian , but like most asian girls her nipples are very dark and are pionted and protruding. I had the same man who took off her stickers to measure the protudeness of her nipples with a verner caliper. It was almost 5 cm protuding. I declared a world record and I challenged all the girls in the crowd to come and let their nipples protudness be measured. If anyone surpassed her they would get a 100 u.S. Dollars. None came and all men applauded and whistled.

Now amy was standing there topless with her super erect nipples on high heels with the smallest of thongs and long velvet gloves. I asked the crowd what they wanted her to remove next and they all answered the thong. So for the thong she answered her superhero question. To the dismay of all she got it right. She even got the tennis question right and she was clapping herself. This is when I got angry and decided to change the questtions I had prepared to more difficult level. Her next question was about the planet uranus and yes she got it wrong and had to reveal her anus and snatch. To the chants of ‘off, off’ she submissevely removed her thong gave it to me and I threw at the crowd. I had her turn around and bend over and than sit on a chair and have her legs spread up. I informed the crowd before hand thay could not take photos and paid security to check nobody got any pictures except my paid professional photographer and two cameramen.
Now all amy had covering her was her gloves. I said to myself she looked really sexy with no clothes, high heels and long velvet gloves to her elbow.

Her next question was about the vatican and she got that right. Still four more questions remained and I had the intention of going all the way. The w question was about the wind and she got it wrong. She removed the glove and made a sign with her hands that it was all over. However, I made a gesture to her that it was not all finished. She said what more can I remove. Meanwhile at the back a mime had told the public to keep quiet by showing slides. As amy was being interviewed by me about her experience unknown to her , but for all the public to see a particular scene was being transformed at the back of the stage.

I told amy that since she had been such a good sports that I would add an item of clothing. Everyone booed, but than all laughed when I retrieved a blindfold. I had one of the stage hands blindfold her. Another started working on some sexy bondage which pressed her tits even further out. With the bondage the only movement she could make was sit down.
Here comes your x question I said. It was about a strange character of the x-men. This time she got her superhero question wrong. ‘what shall I do ?’ asked amy in a soft undertone voice filled with fear.
‘first sit down’ I said.
‘where ?’ she fearfully asked.
‘in this special chair.’ I said.
Everybody started laughing as they knew it was a barber’s chair an the scene behind was that of a barber shop with mirrors.
Now amy I said to her you had agreed to show all your skin and I removed the blindfold as the barber tighed her hips to the chair in a way she could not escape.
‘I showed all my skin.’ she answered in a broken voice as if about to cry.
‘no’ said I ‘nobody here had seen the skin on top of your head. We want to see your lovely scalp. I want you sheared completly bald.’
Now although this was not her first headshave as I had headshaved her two years before, that headshave was over four days, had been prepared for it and was not done in such a public humiliating and surprising way.
I said ‘your hair must go and you will be bald for the next three months.’
‘no.Please not again I love my hair. Even you love it.Please don’t headshave me please don’t.’
I asked the public and they all answered in unison encouraged by the mime’s slides ‘shave it off, shave it off.’
I told her that I would be generous if she shouted out that she was my submissive wife forever and will always obey me.
‘I love you. You are my one and only master for ever. I am your submissive wife.’ amy shouted out.
‘very well’ I calmly said. ‘I will be generous and I will not ask you the next 2 questions. However, amy my dear you answered the x question wrong and you did sign a contract. I don’t want to get you in the habit of breaking promises. I mean we did promise loyalty in our wedding. Didn’t we ?’
‘please, please I’m begging you not my beautiful black hair again my master. I am your submissive wife forever.’ she said while crying.

‘you are right my love you are my submissive wife and I am your master and I want you completly headshaved and bald like a billiard ball with a shiny head. Please mr.Barber proceed.’ I ordered.
In a few minutes her beautiful black her was off and after 3 razor shaves amy was completly naked on a stage with no hair sporting a shiny bald head. She cried, but I took her off stage and fucked her for the next two days without getting out from the hotel room. What a day, what a punishment, what a fuck.

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