Punishment set continues

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After we all had been shampooed and set up in rollers, the girls and I got out some nail polish and proceeded to polish each others nails. I did get the pink polish like my aunt had requested on my fingers and toes. Marie brought in some open toed sandals for me to wear so I did not mess up the polish. Marie then told all of use to come back out to the kitchen so she could check our hair and give it a good spray. She had both of the girls sit down and took off the nets to check the rollers and then she grabbed a big can of Aqua Net hair spray and had the girls close their eyes so she could cover their hair with the hair spray. She sprayed Julie first in a wide circular motion and got every inch of her hair. Marie then handed me the can and had me spray Cindy just like she did. I used the same circular motion and got her hair covered.

I asked Marie why she used hairspray on the rollers and she said just to get the curls set in. Now she said it is your turn. She had me sit down in the chair and both of the girls took turns spraying my hair. I whole kitchen was a mist with hairspray when we were finished. We all felt our hair just before we pit each others nets back on. It was so crisp and stiff. I knew that we all were going to have some gorgeous curls by morning.

Just before the girls and I were going to go to bed there was a knock on the door and Marie told me to go get it please. It was Marie’s neighbor Elizabeth who had come over to have Marie do her hair. Elizabeth took a look at all of us and said ” well I came to the right place, is this the beauty parlor?”  She reach over and touched my rollers and asked ” who is this pretty girl?” Marie told her that I was her niece visiting for a few days. Elizabeth said ” How lucky for you to have your aunt do your hair, it is going to be so beautiful.” Elizabeth had a bag she set on the table and Marie reached in and took out a couple of boxes and a box of rollers and clips. I recognized the boxes, they were hair color. Marie said ” we are going to color Elisabeth’s hair then shampoo and set it up in her rollers. She said “Stephie, you are going to help me.”

She had me open the boxes and get out all the contents and put them on the counter. She had Elizabeth sit in the chair and she began to comb and section Elizabeth’s hair so she could apply the color. Marie had me mix the developer and the color together for one bottle only for now. She told me she was probably going to have to use both boxes since Elizabeth’s hair was so long and thick. I handed Marie the first bottle and she told me to watch as she applied the color and that I was going to do the second one. I said ” I get to help color her hair?” She said ” yes you are, you have got to learn some of this if you are going to be a beautician someday.” Elizabeth asked me “you want to be a beautician? That is wonderful.”

I watched intently as Marie applied the color little bits at a time to each section. Just before the bottle ran out Marie had me mix the other and get ready. I put on the gloves and started to apply the hair color just like Marie did. She guided me and when her hair was completely saturated Marie had me work it through. She said ” work it into a lather just like a shampoo.: She told Elizabeth that I had shampooed all the girls and her that night and that I was going to help rinse and shampoo her too. As I shampooed her color in Elizabeth said ” If she shampoos my hair like she is doing now I cant wait.”

Marie told me that we had to let the color set now for about twenty minutes and then we would be ready to rinse. The girls and I went to watch TV for a few minutes until the timer went off. Marie called me back into the kitchen and she had Elizabeth already at the kitchen sink. She turned on the water and wet her hair a bit and had me work it through and lather her up. I then rinsed all the color our of her hair as Marie watch to make sure i was all gone. I applied some shampoo and Elizabeth asked if she could sit down for a minute because it was hard for her to keep bending forward. She sat in one of the kitchen chairs and I continued to shampoo her hair while she sat and relaxed. Elizabeth said ” you know there is a beauty parlor in Palmdale that shampoos me like this, then take me to the sink to rinse.” After a few minutes we went back to the sink and rinsed her. Marie wrapped a towel around Elizabeth’s hair and had her sit back in the chair. She applied the same thick pink setting cream to her hair as she did to mine and combed it through.

Marie and I started to work combing and sectioning her hair then proceeded to get her all rolled up in her curlers. I got to place the cotton net around Elizabeth’s rollers and tied it up front. Marie removed the towel and Elizabeth went to the bathroom to check my work. She came back and told me that i had done a good job with the color and setting her hair. She said she had something for me and reached in the bag and took out another box of a different hair color. I had seen this one before also. New Dawn 2 hair color I ha seen in commercials. I asked Marie what it was for. She told me that tomorrow Elizabeth and her were going to color my hair for me. Elizabeth told me not to worry it was just a shampoo in color and it was jus a bit lighter than my original hair color and that I was going to love it.

Marie told me that tomorrow after dinner she was going to give me a good shampoo and towel dry my hair, then Elizabeth will apply the color and shampoo it in. You got to color and shampoo her and tomorrow she will get to color and shampoo you and I will put you right back in rollers where you belong.

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