Punishment set/perm and clippers, sissy training

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John stood up and pulled up his pants. Elizabeth took him to the other room where the shampoo sink was and had him sit down. She leaned him back and wet his hair and proceeded to work the hair color into a rich lather. She rinsed it thoroughly and applied some green colorfast shampoo to his hair. She worked that up into a lather and then rinsed his hair. She wrapped his hair in a towel and sat him up. John got up from the shampoo chair and had me sit down in it but kept it upright. He removed one of the rods to check the curl and said she is ready to be rinsed and neutralized. He called to Michael who came into the room and took over. He leaned me back into the sink and rinsed the perm solution from the rods and elizabeth checked to make sure it was completely ready for the neutralizing solution. She helped Michael mix it up into a foam and used a sponge to apply it to my hair. Before too long my rods were covered in a thick foam that had to sit until it soaked in.

John sat in the styling chair as Elizabeth removed the towel from his hair. She began to check the color and then used a blow dryer before we used the clippers. When his hair was dry John and Elizabeth came over to the sink and told michael to remove all the rods and apply the rest of the neutralizer solution and work it through. Elizabeth stood on one side and Michael on the other and removes the rods. Michael applied the rest of the foam and worked it in. He rinsed it and then gently wrapped may head in a towel.

Elizabeth had john sit back down in the chair and handed me the clippers. I asked what she wanted me to do with them and she said we are going to shave down the sided of his head and leave the length on top so we can set it in small rollers. I combed up the top of his hair and placed it in a clip to keep it out of the way. I turned on the clippers and started on each side by his ears and clippered it down to almost skin level. I cut it just about an inch and a half above his ears. I then started in the nape of his neck and blended it to the sides with Elizabeths help. She handed me some shave cream to apply so we could shave it down even closer. I was a little nervous using a razor, but it came out great. Nice and smooth. I then removed the clip and Elizabeth handed me a spray bottle and some setting lotion and I set the top of his hair in little blue and orange rollers. I tied a black cotton net over them and sat him under the dryer.

Michael told me it was my turn, and he was going to roller set my hair now. He took me by the hand and led me to the chair and removed the towel and got ready to set my hair.

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