Punishment set

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When I was about 12 or 13 my mother had to go out of town for a week or so and I had to stay with my aunt Marie. She was not a fan of my long hair and used to make some comments now and then but my mother would shut her down when she heard them. I had two female cousins there to keep me company who were 11 and 13. On Friday my cousins had me come into the kitchen where my aunt was standing. She said “Ok girls you know what day this is, go get the big box of rollers.” I looked at her and she said: ” that includes you, if you are going to wear your hair like a girl then we are going to set it in rollers like a girl.” I do not think she knew that my mother used to do this for me every week. My cousins came back with a big box and the shampoo and creme rinses and towels. My aunt grabbed a towel and a bottle of shampoo and went to the sink. She turned on the water and kept feeling the temperature of the water and looked at me. She told me to come over to the sink, I thought I was going to be first. She handed me the bottle of shampoo and she turned around and bent forward with her head in the sink and wet her hair. She reached up and turned off the water and told me to open the bottle and pour some shampoo in my hand. I asked her “do you want me to shampoo your hair?” She looked at me and said, “Wow you even know the right term, yes shampoo my hair.” So I did as I was told and applied the shampoo to her hair and lathered her up. She said, ” you do know how to shampoo hair, ok now rinse me and take that pink bottle and put that on my hair.” After the rinse, I opened up a pink bottle and applied a very thick pink creme to her hair but she told me not to rinse it. I took the towel and wrapped it around her shoulders as she stood up. She walked over to the kitchen table and sat down and handed me a comb and told me to comb her hair and make sure the creme got distributed well. I combed and then began to section her hair when she had me stop. She had one of my cousins bring to the box of rollers over and open it up. My aunt had me give her the comb and she started to comb up a section of hair, she told Julie, my younger cousin, to hand her a large gold roller. We watched as she rolled to curler down and then she had Julie hand her a clip and secured the roller. She said, ” Julie you help me set my hair and Stephie, her nickname for me, you go shampoo Cindys, my older cousin, hair.” So Cindy jumped up and laid down on the kitchen counter with her head leaned in the sink. I turned on the water and used the sprayer to wet her hair. When it was saturated I turned off the water and applied the Prell shampoo. As I lathered her hairĀ  Cindy asked: ” Mom can I shampoo Stephie’s hair?” Aunt Marie said ” yes you can do the first shampoo then Julie can do the second shampoo. ” Marie told me to rinse Cindy and do a second shampoo with the creme shampoo in the jar. I rinsed her and opened up the jar and scooped out a bit of the shampoo and applied it to her hair. It really lathered up a lot and smelled wonderful. After a while, I rinsed that shampoo and applied the pink creme and sat her up. She jumped off the counter and say down next to aunt Marie. Marie told me to start to comb Cindy’s hair and she was going to set it while I shampooed Julie next. By this time Marie had almost finished rolling her hair as I combed and sectioned Cindy’s hair. Marie told Julie to go jump on the counter and get her hair shampooed. Marie put a black cotton net over her rollers and had me help her tie it. She said, ” you have got one more shampoo to do then it is your turn, I have got some rollers just for you, they are pink just like the nightie you are going to sleep in tonight.” She looked at me and waited for a reaction. I just told her ” Mom said not to give you any trouble and do as I was told so I will.” She said,” well aren’t you a good little girl, now go shampoo, Julie.” So I went over to the sink where Julie was laying on the counter just like her sister did with her head in the sink. I turned on the water and wet Julies’ hair. After I turned off the water I grabbed the Prell shampoo and applied it to her hair and began to shampoo it up. I rinsed that shampoo and then applied the creme shampoo from the jar and lathered her up. I began to rinse her hair and noticed that Marie was almost finished setting Cindy’s hair. Now I started to get a little excited but did not want it to show, did not want Marie to think I was enjoying this. I applied the pink creme to Julie’s hair and sat her up as she jumped off the counter and went to the table. I began to comb the creme through and sectioned her hair as Marie was finishing Cindy. Marie pushed the box of rollers over and said: ” OK let us see how you do with the rollers, try setting Julies’ hair.” I combed up a section and Marie told me to use the blue rollers on the top. It took me a couple of tries but I got the first four rollers in and secured. Marie had finished Cindy and put a pink cotton net on her rollers. She came over and looked, she said: ” not too bad, soon you will be setting your own hair.” She corrected a couple of Julie’s rollers and then she began to finish her roller set, She told Cindy ” OK go get Stephie’s hair shampooed.” Well, I was a little too big to jump on the counter so Cindy asked her mom ” how do I do this?” Marie said ” just have her lean forward in the sink, put a towel around her shoulders and wet her hair. Then have her sit in the plastic chair and shampoo her sitting up.”

So away we went. I wrapped the towel around my shoulders and leaned forward so she could wet my hair. She turned on the water and used the sprayer to wet my hair. She then turned off the water and I stood up and let my hair fall around my shoulders and then sat down in a crome/plastic chair with my hair still dripping. Cindy opened up the bottle of Prell shampoo and poured some in her hand and applied it to my hair and began to shampoo. She shampooed and lathered me up as I watched Marie set Julie’s hair in blue and beige rollers. Cindy asked ” Mom can I do the second shampoo?” Marie said, ” No Julie gets to do the next one, but if you want you can apply more Prell to her hair and get more lather.” Cindy grabbed the bottle and poured some more on my hair and worked it into more lather. Marie finished setting the last roller in Julie’s hair and put a yellow net over her rollers. Marie told Cindy to rinse me and Julie to get ready. I got up and leaned into the sink where Cindy rinsed my hair. Then I sat back down in the chair and Julie stood on a step stool behind me. She opened up the jar and applied the creme shampoo to my hair and got to shampoo me. She was doing good for a while then Marie stepped in and said “ok I will finish the shampoo and rinse her, yo girls get her rollers ready.” Marie began to scrub my hair and said: ” We have to make sure your hair is clean so it will hold a set.” She scrubbed and Lathered for a while then rinsed my hair. She had me sit at the kitchen table and applied the thick pink creme to my hair and combed it through and then sectioned my hair. She said, ” Cindy you set the right side, Julie you set the left side and I will set the top and back of her hair.” They all grabbed combs, rollers, and clips and went to work as Marie oversaw and coached them on their setting technique. The rollers were pink magnetic and she used the good roller clips. It took a while but I did not mind. When they finished and Marie corrected and rerolled some of them I had a headful of rollers. I got a pink cotton net on mine too. Marie took me in the girls’ bedroom with the girls and handed me a pink nightie and robe. She said this is what you are going to wear tonight to bed. She told Cindy to get a pair of panties and a bra for me and one of her dresses and then left the room. The girls looked at me and asked if I was ok and wanted to get dressed? I said, ” I am fine, I like this but do not tell your mom.” After we tried on some dresses and other clothes Julie asked her mom if we could polish our nails. Her mam said ok but make sure that Stephie gets the pink polish.

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