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Author: Tygrus Gustav


“Welcome to M-City!, The weather is cloudy with a slight chance of rain, the temperature will be fine for a walk, the time of the year 2XXX….” The interface glitched, a couple of lovely ladies stared at the holo-tech face.


Miriam and Rose walked down the street as rain poured down on them, the colorful neon lights on the street making glitch sounds as well, but lighting up the darkening street, the night would soon be upon them.


“Well this glitchy thing couldn’t even get the darn year right!” said Miriam.


Miriam was a 25-year-old University grad, she looked the part too, dressed in casual jeans and blouse, blond straight hair past her shoulder blades, makeup done cutely but not too much, high heels but still comfortable to run in, toned legs, pretty brown eyes, full lips, perky breasts.


Rose, oh Rose, on the other hand, was your Goth to the bone kind of gal, she wore a very elaborate and frilly black dress, the skirt went down to just below her knees, the top had uncovered shoulders and a corset, which struggled to keep her lovely large breasts in place, her black hair had red tips on it, also straight, but with a very straight fringe, right above her very detailed eyebrows, framing her face in a very lovely way, her make was heavy, her eyes covered in purple and blue eye shadow, a cat-like eyeliner defined and enhanced her large green eyes, her lips adorned with a lovely shade of black and purple lipstick, she wore high heels as well, taller than Miriam’s and way more elaborate over her black transparent stockings.


She turned heads wherever she went, and Miriam knew it and loved her a lot more for it because she knew Rose was hers, and hers alone.


Both girls continued running away.


Both girls were running as it seemed the rain would be kind of monsoon, a flickering sign got Miriam’s attention as she took Rose’s hand and went straight for the door.


“In here, I think we found refuge,” she said smiling.


The Colorful Neon Sign above the door simply flashed the word Punk’D in purple light.


The place was well lit, even if the windows were completely darkened, and it was a lovely vision.


In front of them, a fully automated salon opened.


“Interesting choice of refuge,” said Rose smiling.


“Well you did say you fashioned a minor makeover, why not try one of these?, I heard a lot of good stuff” responded Miriam hopeful.


“Well, that is true…” sighed Rose.


“May I help you lovely patrons?” a voice came from behind a counter, and a cute robot, with a round metallic smiling face, a Super Mario Kind of mustache and a cute barber attire sprang up, his eyes lit up and looked at both girls.


“Hello!, My name is G1 and we offer a full variety of services for our lady patrons to enjoy! from the normal cut to the deluxe sultan services!” said the little robot in a very friendly manner.


“Hi!” replied Miriam “Thank you, my friend here would like to have a makeover!”


She took Rose’s waist and walked closer to the little thing.


“Oh my god you are so cute!” said Rose as soon as they looked upon the little thing closely.


“Why, thank you M’am! And I’ll be more than glad to assist, if you please follow the lights on your left we can begin in earnest” said the little thing as a series of white warm lights lit on the floor pointing to the back of the store.


Rose looked at Miriam, she smiled, Rose sighed and walked away from her friend and disappeared down a hallway.


“Will this be a normal treatment?” G1 asked Miriam.


“That depends, is the normal treatment cheaper?” she asked wondering.


“Marginally madam, our chain of Punk’d Automated chain of Barbershops and salons pride itself when it comes to comfort and prices, making the sultan deluxe treatment only 25 credits more expensive than our regular services!” responded the little robot candidly.


Miriam thought for a bit…

“Well, that is certainly not expensive, sure why not, go for the full thing and pamper my friend,” she said smiling.


“Oh, that we shall dear madam! would you like to wait for your friend in case you feel like joining her?” G1 asked.


“That sounds great,” said Miriam smiling.


“Why, of course, madam! please follow the light on the right and take a seat” offered the little robot.


Miriam smiled as another set of lights, this time purple, lit up to guide her to her seat.


She saw a gleaming barber chair waiting for her, chromed, with red bright leather, quite an antique if you asked her.


She was confused, she had not requested anything, G1 popped up right in front of her, on a counter close to a mirror.


“Ehm, G1, I don’t know yet if I want a haircut or a treatment,” she asked hesitantly.


“Of course madam!, however, as I mentioned, Punk’d automated chain of barbershops and salons, pride it.self on good customer service, our chairs are top of the line, very comfortable and perfect for resting in case you feel like ordering any service, Punk’d automated chain of barbershops and salons have allowed me to offer you a hot towel steam treatment to relax and enjoy yourself while you wait, completely free of charge,” said the little robot nodding and pointing to the chair.


Miriam sighed.


“Alright, if you assure me it’s free!” she said jokingly.


“Absolutely madam”


Miriam sat on the chair, it was big and comfy, she lowered herself on it, and as soon as she was seated, the chair tilted back, letting her almost lie down on it, a couple of mechanical arms appeared from the ceiling and placed a towel around her chest, next thing she knew a warm moist towel was being wrapped around her face, while another set of hands began massaging her arms and legs.


She smiled and relaxed, knowing that she was going to enjoy this.


Meanwhile on the other side of the salon, Rose had reached another barber chair, however, this one had black leather on it.


Another G1 popped up on a counter in front of a mirror.


“Please take a seat madam, and allow the wonders of Punk’d automated chain of barbershops and salons to work on you,” said the robot with pride.


Rose chuckled as she sat on the large chair, it was very comfortable, and it seemed like, the chair was made just for her, it was kind of perfect!


“If you may please place your arms on the armrest of the chair, we will secure you to it so that the calibration can be performed,” said G1 politely.


“Kinky,” said Rose smiling, as she placed her hands on the chair and a couple of wrist bands closed around her wrists


She felt a couple more at her ankles, and one around her waist, finally one circled her neck, it was not tight but it restricted all movement, she was nice and secure she thought, she was not nervous, lots of automated establishments had this kind of thing too.


She looked at herself in the mirror, and felt a little bit naughty, being tied down to the chair as she was, she even blew a kiss at her reflection.


“Your wonderful friend has selected the Sultan Deluxe treatment for you madam” announced the little robot “We shall proceed as such!”


“Oh?” asked Rose intrigued “And what is the sultan treatment?”


“It is the most wonderful service we have to offer madam, please let yourself be surprised by our expert image advisors! just relax and leave everything to us!” exclaimed the little robot as his eyes lit up.


A beam of light was emitted from G1 and scanned Rose entirely.


As soon as the light was off, the little robot disappeared and the machine sprang to life.


A couple of mechanical hands appeared from the ceiling behind Rose, with what appeared to be a large latex cape, this was fastened on her neck, covering her completely.


It felt nice against her skin, the cape was not tight either, Rose felt as the hands began gathering her hair as some liquid was being poured from above, she looked at her image right in the mirror in front of her.


It seemed to be a white cream, the hands slowly began massaging her head, then picking up speed making a rich and creamy foam on her head.


Rose smiled, a shampoo!


The hands continued the massage for a few more minutes, relaxing Rose quite a bit, she closed her eyes with a smile.


She then felt something that made her open them though, a large black helmet was being lowered on top of her head, from inside two small ear protectors were set on her ears, once it been lowered to just above her eyebrows it began retracting itself until it fit like a latex cap on top of her head, she was amazed, it did look like some sort of cocoon that surrounded her head and had some sort of tube connecting it to the ceiling, this one was a little bit tight, she felt water inside as well as movement, and… some electricity? it tingled a bit, it was not uncomfortable thought.


“AH!” she heard the voice of G1 “our experts have found the perfect style just for you!”.


Rose was confused, she had not spoken to anyone yet.


The helmet opened up and retracted as another set of guides came down, along with two-tailed combs, this combs moved to her forehead, and selected a strip of hair, about 1 cm wide making it stand up, all the way to her crown, and down up to just above her occipital bone, a pair of hands came down and rolled up this 1cm strip of hair on top of her head on hair rollers, it looked neat, like a hollow snake running down the middle of her head.


The rest of her hair was combed straight down, the hands retracted and another guide appeared, closing itself gently on her chin and jaw so she could not move her head.


What followed next shocked her, 4 hands with hair clippers appeared and as fast as they could, mowed down all of her hair, except for the strip, it was a matter of second, she couldn’t even react, she was frozen as the clippers ran fast across all her head, from her forehead to her nape and down her neck, down the sides of her head and sideburns, clearing all signs of hair.


A moment later, a hot towel appeared from behind and was wrapped around, it felt nice, and Rose would have enjoyed it if she was not in almost complete shock.


A couple of minutes later another device appeared in front of her, it looked like two cups, a little bit of water was poured, and then two arms with brushes sprang up, rotating in a fast manner the moved into the cups, and lather began to form up.


They wouldn’t… Rose thought but her fear was realized as the brushes began a tender dance all over her head, covering it in a warm thick layer of lather, 2 arms with disposable razors appeared and began gliding over her skin, shaving her quickly but very, very carefully, this process was repeated 2 more times, hot towel, lathered up slowly by 2 brushes, razor shaving with care.


She couldn’t mutter a single word, a pair of rotating buffers appeared and ran all around her freshly denuded scalp, applying a creamy substance, it felt nice, she relaxed a little bit as her head rocked gently from the buffers dancing on her skin, it shone after they were done.


Two more hands appeared and removed the hair rollers, she was terrified it was going to shave her completely but the black latex helmet appeared again covered her ears and once more wrapped itself around her head, she felt a creamy substance inside the latex cap all around her head.


The guide under her chin retracted… and the chair was laid back, making her look to the ceiling, she looked confused, as another hot towel was being lowered, and wrapped around her face…


A couple of hands began a very relaxing massage on her arms and legs, the chair began a gentle massage of her back and buttocks as well.


For a moment she forgot that nearly all of her hair was gone…


A couple of minutes later the hot towel was removed, she opened her eyes, and saw the cups again…


But the latex cap was still on top of her head…


She was once more surprised as the brushes began spreading the lather gently over her cheeks and chin, on her neck and lips, she protested a bit, but she knew these automated devices would not stop until they had finished.


A single latex finger appeared and cleared the lather from her lips, as two disposable razors appeared, and began shaving her face in earnest, quickly and methodically, her chin and neck and cheeks, another hot towel, the brushes, and the lather, the second shave was performed by two straight razors in a very delicate and slow manner.


A third how towel was wrapped around her face as the machine continued her massage, a couple of minutes later, the hot towel was removed but it was dabbed over her face cleaning all her make up.


The machine, however, lowered everything it needed to apply her make up once more, she couldn’t see the color, but she knew eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and her eyebrows were being done.


A few minutes later all hands retracted, she was brought back up, so she could see herself in the mirror, her eyeshadow was now red with hints of black, her lips were a dark sensual red, a small hint of copper blush and perfect make up base, she was stunned, she looked amazing.


A few moments later the latex cap began expanding, and steam emerged, she still felt the hair that had not been cut, she closed her eyes a little bit scared but she felt that line of hair being styled.


Once she opened her eyes she was really surprised, half her face and head was being covered by the curtain of hair, it had more body on it now than it ever had before, even if the tender shaved skin was showing a little bit…


She was amazed, she looked completely different and… she loved it!


“You have received the Sultan deluxe treatment!, the makeover was selected from your preferences and memories!” said G1 proudly popping back up as the cape was being removed and the bands retracted freeing her from the chair.


“We hope you’ll be back next week for the touch-up! Free of charge for such a lovely lady!” said the little robot with a hint of flirt on its voice.


Rose blushed a little, she got up, her legs felt a little bit wobbly, it seems she did enjoy the sultan treatment a lot, she walked back out…


Miriam had enjoyed the massage and the hot towel treatment, G1 had also provided a cup of tea and some biscuits, and she even had her hair washed and styled quickly and she make up redone, it had been a wonderful time.


“Madam your friend is ready and waiting for you in the other room!” the little robot announced.


Miriam smiled, she wasn’t sure she would like a haircut right now, but she was going to try it soon she was sure.


She walked out and what she saw stunned her…


Rose was always a very beautiful lady but this woman in front of her was completely out of this world.


The shaved sides gave her quite an exotic look, she looked sensual and amazing!


Miriam was completely at a loss for words.


“Well?” asked Rose fearfully.


“Oh my god you look so sexy,” said Miriam running up to her and planting a kiss right on her girlfriend’s lips “I could eat you up right here and now!” she said.


Rose smiled.


G1 popped up.


“We hope the Punk’d automated chain of barbershops and salons have been to your liking and we hope to see you again next week!, your appointments have been scheduled at this same time,” said the little robot “It seems like the deluge has passed lovely ladies!”


Both girls walked out, truly the rain had ended, and the sweet smell of wet earth and the familiar chill of spring greeted Miriam and Rose as they strode down the street hand in hand.


The little neon sign turning off, done for the day.


They will be back, that is a certainty…

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  1. The machine can do anything you request it to do to hair, It can dye, it can cut, it can perm, it can do hairdos, it does shaves, massages, and makeup!

    As for treatments, well some of those happen to be secret and revealed only to the right client, however G1 knows how to relax and bring pleasure to even the sturdiest of clients =)

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