Quadruplets (Part 2)

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“Hi girls, I’m glad you all could make it.” said Karen.

“So, what are we going to do tonight? Movie night?”

“Come to the bathroom and I’ll show you!”

Karen led her other quadruplet sisters, Kelly, Kira and Kattie to her bathroom. There, next to the sink, was a pair of scissors, an electric clipper and some old photos.

Kattie picked up one photo and exclaimed, “Wow! This was so long ago. I remembered that day when mum forced us to get our hair cut.”

Kira picked up another one and said, “And this was the days when we all looked alike with the same hairstyle!”

“These really brings back old memories of our childhood,” said Kelly.

“Indeed. That’s why I’m planning another makeover for the four of us,” said Karen, as she brandished the scissors and the clippers in both hands.

“Karen! Have you gone nuts? Your hair is marvelous! Look at its length and condition! Why do you want to cut it off?” said Kira as she stroked Karen’s silky butt length blonde hair.

“I don’t know what got over me, but when I found those photos, I really wanted to do something,” said Karen as she looked intently at the three.

“Okay, you’re the big sister. Whatever you say, boss!” said Kira. “But it would be a shame to cut off all these.”

“Actually, I agree with her. We all need a makeover!” said Kattie.

“Agreed then! Let’s do it! Starting with me!” Kelly exclaimed.

“Let me do it!” said Kattie.

Kattie had Kelly standing in front of the bathroom mirror, and brushed her golden hair. Her hair was a grown out layered V shape, with the longest parts touching her waist and the shortest layers around her face reaching her breasts.

“There’s a serious amount of split ends. A lot of this has to go!” said Kattie.

“I’ve never had bangs before. Mum didn’t cut in bangs last time. Give me something short and sexy with bangs,” said Kelly.

“Yes, ma’am!”

Kattie combed down Kelly’s long bangs which reached her breasts and tucked the rest of the hair back behind her ears. She grabbed the scissors and positioned it about half an inch above the eyebrows.

“Here goes”

Shick! Shick! Shick!

Blonde locks cascaded down to the floor, leaving behind blunt bangs.

“You look cute in bangs!” said Kattie.

“Hack off the rest!” said Kelly.

Kattie grabbed the rest of Kelly’s hair with one hand and hacked it off at nape level and then threw it over her face!

Schrunch! Schrunch!

“Eek! So much hair!”

Kelly’s hair was now a rough bob to jaw length. Kattie evened it up by cutting a blunt bob to chin length, working her way around her face.


Kelly shook her head, and flipped her bob across her face. “I love it! It’s so light and easy to flip around!”

Kattie eyed Kira and said, “You’re next!”

Kira was the only one amongst the four of them who maintained her look from childhood. It was still the same style as in the old photo; mid-back length with bangs, a “Cleopatra”. The exception was that her bangs were grown out, to nose length.

“I don’t know.”

“Come on, Kira! You’ve had that style for ages. Time for a change!”

Reluctantly, Kira stood before the mirror. “I’ll give you a layered shoulder length look”, said Kattie.

She gathered all of Kira’s hair into a front ponytail, tight against her forehead. The golden tail was about one and a half feet long. Kattie cut the ponytail off at nose level.

Schrunch! Schrunch!

You could tell from Kira’s expression that she was shocked at the amount cut off, but she did not say anything. Kattie undid the rubber band and Kira’s hair fell across her face. It was now reduced to a layered shoulder length style; the shortest bits at nose length in front and shoulder length at the back.

“Now that’s a sassy style!” said Kattie.

“Not bad at all, although I’ll need to get used to these layers!” said Kira.

“Kattie, are you doing everyone’s hair because you don’t want to get your own hair cut?” said Karen.

“Of course not!”

“Then it’s your turn next!”

“Give me a bowlcut. I’ve always wanted to try that adventurous hairstyle for so long but never had the guts to do it.”

Karen smiled and had Kattie, her youngest sister stand before the mirror. Kattie’s hair was shoulder length, all one length. Kattie’s hair was combed around her head, covering her face as well.

“A bowlcut at eyebrow level?”


Karen positioned the scissors at Kattie’s left eyebrow, and hacked away her long bangs.


One foot length of silky blonde hair fell to the floor. “That should create the guide for the rest of the haircut!” said Karen.

Kattie shook with excitement as the scissors cut away the rest of her long bangs, revealing her face.

Shick! Shick!

“There’s no turning back now!” said Karen as she continued to cut off Kattie’s shoulder length mane at eyebrow level, working around her head.

Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick!

Locks and locks of straight blonde hair fell to the floor as Karen sliced through Kattie’s hair. Next thing she knew, the clippers came on and Karen brought the clippers on Kattie’s nape.

“Oooooo! That feels soooo good!” Kattie moaned as she felt the vibration of cold steel on her nape.

Karen cleaned up Kattie’s nape and temple with the clippers. Smaller pieces of blonde hair joined the mound of hair on the floor. The bowlcut soon finished and Kattie squealed with excitement as she fumbled her hair.

“I guess we have left the best for last,” said Karen, as she undid her ponytail. Her silky straight blonde hair reached down to her buttocks, cut straight neatly across. “It has taken me more than ten years to grow it this long from the pageboy with bangs in the photo. I treasure you all as my dear sisters and therefore each of you will have a hand in cutting it off in stages.”

“Kira, you have the honour of being the first.”

“I don’t know about this. but I’ll do it since you insist.” said Kira.

Kira combed Karen’s hair until it shone, and then took the scissors. She positioned it under Karen’s shoulder blades, with about half of the hair above it and half below it. Slowly, she closed the shears.

Shick! Shick!

Two feet of silky golden hair fell to the floor. Kira continued to cut across at that level.

Shick! Shick!

Karen’s hair was now mid-back length, blunt cut to one length. “Oh, that feels much lighter!”

Kira handed the scissors over to Kelly, “All yours now.”

Kelly positioned the scissors at shoulder length, about one foot of hair below the blades, and cut it there.

Shick! Shick!

The shortened hair sprung forward to the front, because it was not long enough to remain at the back.

Shick! Shick!

Karen’s once butt length hair was now just touching her shoulders. She flipped her head, and tingled with excitement as her shoulder length hair swayed beautifully. “I haven’t been able to do this for years!”

“I think you’ll look good with an angled bob, with a buzzed nape.” said Kattie as the scissors was handed over to her. She place the scissors at Karen’s nape and hacked off the hair there at nose level.

Shick! Shick! Shick!

Six inches of hair fell to the floor. With the electric clippers, Kattie buzzed Karen’s nape up to where she made the cut earlier. Small bits of blonde hair floated to the floor. With the nape done, she put it away and reached for the scissors.

Starting from the nape, she angled the scissors down at 45 degrees and cut her way through the left side of Karen’s hair, and then did the same on the right side.

Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick!

Karen’s hair was now a gorgeous angled blunt bob, buzzed to nose length at the back and three inches below her jaw in front! She inspected herself in the mirror and squeled, “I love it! I can still flip my hair and feel the long bangs in front across my face and yet have this great buzzed back. Thanks Kattie!”

“Mum’s not going to believe what we did!” said Kelly.

“Let’s take a photo of us and send it to her, making her guess which one is who in the photo. That would be hilarious.” said Karen.

Kattie took out her camera phone and had the sisters squeeze in around her as she held out her arm, with phone in hand.

“Camwhoring to the max! Cheese!”


*You have new email from Kattie*

*Download attachment?*

*Attachment downloaded to desktop*

Mum opened the image file and she was surprised at what she saw.

Her four daughters had all sported new haircuts! One had a short bowlcut, another had a layered shoulder length haircut, the third had an angled bob and the fourth had a box bob with bangs. The caption of the photo stated:

Guess who’s who!

The end.

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