Quarantine Buzzing

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I have been quarantined for about 4-5 months and it was also the last time I got a proper haircut since the quarantine started, I’ve always kept my hair at a longer than average length really, middle part with long sideburns, bangs and back. Now it’s completely overgrown to my shoulders, with hair constantly swaying in my eyes. I was getting very frustrated by my haircut because it was getting out of control and I just didn’t like how messy it looked. I had my hair all over my ears so it looked like a helmet, which looked to me a bit stupid. Every morning I tried to style it to make it look normal but it always falls out of place or is blown. With no Salons and Barbershops being open it was just a lingering problem.

“Your hair is a bit long y’know?” My girlfriend had asked me, she didn’t live too far up the road and I often went to visit her during lockdown. I laid my head in her lap looking into the cloudless sky “Mhm, I know I know” I gave a short response, as she began to play with it. “Mmm, well, did you know I cut my brothers hair?” I stared at her odd eyed, for a second not sure what she was getting at. “Ehm.. What kind of haircuts do you give them?” She locked eyes with me before bursting into a giggle “Short ones… Sweetie” She said brightly. I wasn’t sure whether to take her seriously or not. I began to feel really nervous, having my haircut outside of my control has always been one of my biggest fears, one time when I was a kid I jumped out of a barber chair because my hair was being cut too short. I’d practically always have scissor cuts. “Well.. I guess that can work” I said almost trying to brush over the matter. I was the lazy type. She laughed again, “I wasn’t offering babe, come” She stood up grabbing my arm pulling me with her to porch area where she told me to wait. Moments later the door opened, and it was her carrying a small bag full of various barber tools. She pulled a stool over and told me to take a seat. When I sit down she very kindly told me to take off my shirt. I was a little bit confused but I did what she told me. After that, she put a paper towel very tight around my neck. When I was quietly sitting in the chair, she was going through my hair with her finger and said, “That’s a lot of hair, but don’t worry I will make it short and neat again, it doesn’t look like you’ve been washing it either” I nervously smiled and she asked me, “So what are we doing sweetheart?”. I took a phone from my pocket and showed her the pic I already prepared to show her. She was looking at it for 10 seconds and said, “That’s still pretty long” and grabbed her phone and showed me a picture of her brother’s finished cut, with very short hair with almost no hair on the sides and a flat box of hair on top of his head and asked me, “What about this one baby? It’s perfect for your face shape.” I cringed almost looking at it, I’d never have had any clippers taken to my hair I was feeling somewhat brave however, my hair constantly swaying in my vision had started to become a problem. I didn’t even have a chance to reply when she suddenly pushed my head until my chin was touching my chest and said, “Let’s do it I will make it a little longer for you, you are gonna love it!”. When she did that, I could imagine how her brothers must’ve felt when they were having their heads completely buzzed. I could feel sharp blades running through my hair and see a huge bulk of hair falling all down my shoulders and lap. After 3 minutes my sides and back were done and she moved to the top of my head. It took so long until she was fully satisfied with the look of my flattop. I was very nervous to see how it’s gonna look like and how short it is. Then she took a hand mirror and handed it to my hair so I can see the final results of her work. When I saw myself in the mirror I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instead of my usual shaggy haircut, I saw myself with a completely shorn head, bare of my long locks and bangs. She kept running her hand on my back feeling the little hair and said, “What do you think sweetheart? Do you like it?” I wasn’t sure what to say so I just slowly nodded.

She raised the clippers to my forehead and drove them back all the way to my nape once again, making sure to erase any straggler hairs. She went for another pass and said “ive wanted to shave you bald myself since we met”
i became rock solid down below and continued to let the clippers be driven back over my head. she just kept smiling as my penis grew even harder. She was gentle but firm making sure the clippers took a clean even swath every time, watching her body as she buzzed me down with the clippers was mesmerizing.”You’ve been very good” She said with a smile sitting in my lap, softly kissing my neck. “I want your hair to stay like this though.. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind doing that to keep me happy” I nodded softly almost just without thinking.




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