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After three months of being locked in a house with her parents, Shannon began wondering if this quarantine was ever going to end. When she had initially been let out of college, the idea of quarantine was not so bad. Online classes, no homework, easy take home exams. But after 12 weeks of this madness, Shannon was ready to get out. Especially since her parents wouldn’t let her experience the finer things in life, like quarantine happy hours and bong rips. They wouldn’t even let her visit her boyfriend, Scott. After the semester ended two weeks ago, she really started getting cabin fever. Now there was no school work to prep for and she had already watched Tiger King. The only thing left for her to do was binge watch Tik Tok videos.

It was during one of her late night Tik Tok binges that she stumbled across a new series of videos. #quarantinechallenge. Playing in the background was a recording of a girl ordering other chicks to “Shave that fucking head” while girls ran clippers right through the middle of their hair. At first, Shannon thought these bitches were crazy, but after a couple of weeks of watching these videos, she realized they made her excited, almost horny. Each time she watched a girl run the buzzing clippers right through the middle of her scalp, clippering their luscious locks down to nothing but peach fuzz, Shannon felt herself grow wet between her legs, she felt her palms grow sweaty, and she felt her head grow light as she became engrossed in each video. Soon her Tik Tok feed was nothing but videos of #quarantinechallenge. Shannon knew she had to do it, not just for herself, but also to spite her parents.

You see, Shannon’s parents were hyper conservative. They had always wanted Shannon to be the picture-perfect southern girl, long blonde hair, blue eyes, no tattoos, no drinking, no smoking, no boys, just church. In high school, Shannon and some friends left school early. They went to a hair salon to donate to Locks of Love. Shannon cut off 28 inches of hair, leaving her butt length blonde locks, in a Taylor Swift-esque short blonde bob with bangs. She remembered how the scissors chopped into her hair arranged in two long ponytails. She remembered how amazing it felt to just chop all her hair off, without a care in the world. Her parents were furious. How dare she cut her hair without asking them first. She was grounded for two weeks. Since then, she had vowed that the next time she cut her hair, it would be even more dramatic than the first time. Her parents would rue the day the grounded her for chopping off her own hair. Plus, what could they do to her now that the government had grounded her?

With her mind made up, Shannon opened her door. She could hear her parents chatting downstairs. “She hasn’t come out of that room all day. What on earth could be wrong with her?” “They are about to find out,” Shannon thought. She crept to the upstairs bathroom. Shannon knew where her Dad kept his clippers. She had watched as her Mom had used them to giver her Dad a quarantine trim just last week. She opened the drawer and sure enough, there were the Wahl clippers just waiting to vibrate over her head. Shannon plugged the clippers in and took one last look in the mirror. Her long luscious blonde locks hung in loose waves just past her breasts. She positioned her cellphone camera and started recording. Shannon fired up the clippers. She saw they had a “1” guard. A loud buzzing sound filled the room. “Shannon, what are you doing?” her Dad said from downstairs. “Bill, are those your clippers?” her mom asked.

Shannon put the clippers are her middle part and pushed them back. The clippers crackled as they reduced her thick blonde locks to nothing but stubble. Shannon looked in the mirror and gasped. Her thick, wavy blonde hair was now divided by a path of stubble. Her parents hurried up the stairs. “Shannon what are you doing?” her dad called. “Shannon don’t you cut that hair!” her Mom yelled.

Shannon quickly shut the door to the bathroom and locked it. She could feel her body trembling with excitement as she positioned the clippers to the right side of her buzzed stubble. Her parents were frantically knocking on the door. “Shannon, you know there are no locked doors in this house. Now open up,” her dad said firmly. “Shannon, whatever you have done I’m sure we can go to the salon and have Trish fix it,” her mom said nervously. Shannon plunged the clippers down the right side of her head. The clippers crackled. Shannon gasped as they vibrated on her scalp, passing through her blonde hair and leaving stubble in its wake. Shannon felt herself grow wet. She turned off the camera. The sound of her parents banging on the bathroom door now felt miles away. Her hand slid into her panties. The clippers passed on the left side of her head, clearing another swath of stubble where her once long blonde locks used to be. Now the top of her head was buzzed, while the sides were long. She felt herself becoming more and more aroused, but that quickly subsided when she heard the door unlocking.

She yanked her hand out of her pants just in time. “OH MY GOD SHANNON,” her mom screamed, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” Her dad just stood there with his mouth agape as he looked as his daughter. “DO YOU SEE THIS BILL? THE TOP OF HER HEAD IS BUZZED! TO A 1!” “I see Martha.” Her Dad said calmly. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” her mom screamed, “YOUR HAIR WAS BEAUTIFUL. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” “I was thinking that I wanted to buzz my head, so I decided to do it,” Shannon said calmly. Her Dad grabbed the clippers out of her hand. Shannon could tell he was furious. With a firm grip, he pushed her slowly, so she was sitting on the toilet. Then Shannon flinched as the roar of the clippers filled the bathroom. “BILL WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “I’m not going to leave her looking like she’s got male pattern baldness. If she wants a buzzed head then I’m gonna give her the full buzz. We can punish her later.” Shannon felt shivers down her back as her Dad pulled the clippers up the back of her head. Each time the vibrating clippers contacted her head, Shannon felt herself grow more and more wet. She just could not believe she was going to have a buzzed head.

As the blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders, her mom announced “Well, you are gonna be grounded for the whole summer. You thought it was bad when you cut that ugly bob. This time you won’t have a summer. Say bye bye to Scott, not that he would date you with a buzzed head!” Shannon didn’t even process what her mom was saying. She was too busy enjoyed the clippers stimulate her scalp as they roared over her head.

Finally, the clippers turned off. All done her dad announced. Shannon got up and glanced in the mirror. Damn, she looked hot. Her buzzed head really showed off her long neck and blue eyes. She knew that no boy would be able to keep her hands off her when she got back to school. “Now, go to your room while your Mother and I figure out what to do with you,” her Dad said sternly.

Shannon walked across the hall to her room and shut the door. She quickly posted the video to Tik Tok. #Quarantinechallenge. She climbed into her bed and under the sheets. She stripped off her pants and her panties and began to finger her sopping pussy. Rubbing her left hand over her head, she could feel the short stubble as she touched herself. Shannon came thinking about what it would be like to have a shaved head.

To be continued….

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