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“I’m out front.” I text, waiting patiently in my car.

“The door’s unlocked,” you text back with a wink.

It’s been well over two months since I’ve gotten to see you. Sure, we’ve FaceTimed nearly every day, but it’s just not the same. At least not for what I had planned. I grab my bookbag from the passenger seat, the same one from High School that you’ve been telling me to throw away, and make my way to your front door. Carefully I open it to see you standing in middle of the living room with sexy black lingerie and that smug look you always give me. Your long luscious locks that drape down to your ass glisten in the light.

“What do you think?” You say with a devious smile.

“Damn,” is all I can muster. I’ve waited for this for too long to be able to see you in all your glory.

As you see me checking out your body, you ask, “Well are you just going to stand there all day? Or are you gonna fuck me?”

I drop my bookbag by the door and make my way over to you, caress your hips while I kiss your sweet lips.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” I say.

“So, shall we head to the bedroom?”

“Actually,” I continue, “I’ve got something else in mind.” You raise your right eyebrow in confusion, wondering exactly what I could be thinking. “Wait here.”

I go into your storage closet and pull out a padded foldable chair and place it in the middle of the living room. “Have a seat.”

Curiously, cautiously you ask, “Just what are you up to?”

“If you want me to fuck you, you’ll have a seat.”

You haven’t had sex in months, but you’ve yearned for it. In my absence, you’ve masturbating with your largest dildo hoping it was me. Despite your hesitation, you take a seat.

As your ass hits the seat, I dart back for my bag, bringing it behind the chair. Ruffling through it, the sound of chains and other things rustling about, I say, “Now, you’re going to have to trust me.”

“Why would I not trust you?” You say wearily.

Gently, I reach around your head and slide a padded blindfold over your eyes.

“What are you doing?” You ask with a giggle.

I whisper in your ear, “You just have to trust me.”

Reach back into my bag, I pull out some more things and pull your arms behind the back of the chair. With a pair of padded restraints, I link your wrists together. You don’t say anything at first; you merely giggle. But as I spread your legs wide and pull your ankles underneath the chair, restraining them together, you ask sweetly, “Okay, you have me. Now what are you gonna do with me?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see!” I whisper into your ear.

“But I can’t see.”

“Now this next part might be a little uncomfortable.” I pull out another object, spherical in shape. “I need you to open wide.”

“Why?” You ask hesitantly.

“Just do as I say.”

To humor me, you open your mouth as I slip in a balloon gag. Quickly, I pump the balloon up until it fills your mouth, forcing it open. Inaudible moans and groans are all the sound you can make. I then return to my bag and grab a few more things out, placing them on the floor. Grabbing one of the items, I say, “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

You wonder what I mean until you feel me tug at your bralette. With a quick snip, you feel it coming loose. You groan while I cutting it to shreds, revealing your plump breasts to the cold room. “They must have been expensive,” I added as an aside, pull the least bits of your bra off.

My left hand reaches around and fondles your right breast while my mouth descends on your left nipple. I suck on your nipple, pulling it into my mouth and rubbing it along my teeth, while my hand rubs your other nipple between my fingers. Through the gag you moan while I continue to massage your breasts. With one last lick, I pull my mouth away and slide down your body, moistening your body with my tongue. I then take the scissors and cut away your panties, first on the left side… then the right side…, and then by your pussy. As I full them away, throwing them onto the floor, I noticed you’ve gotten a tad bit lazy.

“Let yourself grow out, I see,” I say as I pull at your public curls. You groan a bit in pain, but I whisper into your ear, “I’ll take care of it.”

Frantically you start to object while I reach into my bag. There’s a high pitch buzzing sound as you feel my hand firmly on you right thigh. Diligently and carefully, I bring the trimmers to your pubes and start shaving them away. You dig your hips deeper into the chair as your feel the vibrations around your clit and pubic mound. But there’s no escape. Instead, you bite down on the gag while they continue their task, denuding your womanhood to the tiniest of stubbles. “Don’t move,” I say as I move your vaginal lips from side to side, being very careful not to cut you. When the trimmers silence, I rub my warm hand on your mound. “We’ll shave you smooth later.”

Exploratively, I slide on finger into your pussy, sliding right in with ease. “Look at you already wet! You must be enjoying this.” I pull my finger out to instead insert two fingers, bending them back to hit your G-spot. You start to moan louder, but as you do, I press my tongue on your clit. Thrusting my fingers in and out vigorously, I lap your clit like a dehydrated pet while you moan and scream. Your pussy tightens around my fingers, but I continue on until you orgasm, secreting cum all over my fingers. While I pull my fingers out, I’m not done with you. My mouth latches on to your vagina and sucks it in. Your fingers and toes clench hard as I grind it against my teeth and lick it passionately. Cum continues to pour out into my mouth until I pull myself away, letting it drip onto the seat.

I walk back from between your legs back around the chair. “Would you like to see the mess you made?” I ask as I pull your blindfold off. Your breathing has quickened as you look down at your mound, now bare with severed hair sticking to your sweating thighs. Just as you think it’s over, I pull your hair back behind the chair, playing with it just like you love me to. “You know, your hair’s gotten quite long since quarantine began.” I say innocently enough; you pay no attention to me at the moment. That is until I whisper into your ear, “I think you need a haircut.”

Your eyes grow wide as you look over at me; you desperately try to shake your head. But I’ve got a fist full of hair in my hand. “Oh, I’m going to cut it for you. And then I’m going to fuck you again and again and again until you pass out from pleasure. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

You don’t know quite what the think! Immediately, you’re mind melts at the eroticism of everything. Secretly you’ve wanted this all along. You’ve wanted your hair to be taken… in this very manner… for so long. But you’ve never told anyone about this, aside from random strangers on Reddit. As I collect your hair behind you into a ponytail, you cringe. It’s your hair after all! It’s taken years to grow! Years of shampooing and conditioning; years of countless hours of brushing it. It’s part of you. But not for much long.

After rubbing your hair into a ponytail, securing it with a rubber band, I draw the scissors. You see it glisten in the corner of your eye. Inside you are screaming, “Please no! Fuck yes! Please no! Fuck yes!” But when you hear the first scrunch of the scissor, crunching down into your luscious lock, you slam your eyes shut. Tears swell into your eyes…

I press on. Your hair that you’ve taken care of puts up quite the fight. It takes several attempts to cut through it until…. You feel hair along your nape, your cheeks, but nothing further. From side to side, you turn your head to see your short hair dance around your face. You look up only once to see me holding a few feet of hair in front of you like a trophy. “What do you think?” I ask. While you look upon it, you scarcely believe it. You have never had your hair this short before and had been growing it out for quite some time. Seeing it dangle in the air, you heart sinks… but your pussy throbs. As I put the ponytail down, you body warms and tingles. You desperately choke on the fact you lost your cherish locks but at the same times want to be fucked so hard.

I run my fingers through your shortened hair and say, “This is cute, but not short enough.”

You shake your head again, the defiance in you making your wetter.

But I ignore you. Instead, I grab some hair… and cut it close to your scalp, dropping the hair in your lap. You look on in horror as it falls but feel me grab another chunk. Before your eyes more hair falls and you wonder how short I’m cutting. In truth, I’m cutting it randomly. A trim here. A few inches there. At the scalp there. As your hair continuously falls in front of you, onto your bare body, you realize… I’m destroying your hair. There is no ceremony to what I’m doing. You just see me grab your hair in the corner of your eyes and just hack at it. When I stop, your hair is a complete disaster. Some dangles around your eye while you can’t even see the hair on the other side of your head. You don’t know whether to cry or cum.

Placing the scissor back down on the floor, I grab another object before leaning into your ear. I whisper, “You know, I’ve always wanted a girl with a nice flat top.” Then you a flick and a loud droning hum behind you. You know that sound all too well as your mom used clippers to cut your brother’s hair. I place my left hand firmly on your head and say, “This won’t take long.”

I grip your head and pull it gently downward until your chin touches your chest. You know what’s coming… and you’re wanting it. Watching your brother get shorn turned you on so much that you immediately went back to your room just to play with yourself. But now, as you feel the bare metal blades touch your delicate nape, you bite down, clench your fists, and embrace it.

Cold steel against your skin sends shivers down your spine; the vibrations rack your body. I hold them there for a brief second, either wanting to torture you a bit longer… or let you enjoy yourself. Nonetheless, I slide them up you neck, your hair giving little resistance. Hair tumbles down your back and onto your lap as you feel a bit of a chill in a way you never had before. Yet as you wait for the next pass, I stop, turning the clippers off. “Oh, I nearly forgot.” I go back into my bag and pull out a long black box. Coming in front of you, I ask, “Do you know what this is? I bought it special for you?” You say nothing; your body is trembling. I open the box and reveal… a long black silicone dildo. “I think you know where this goes.” You toss your head back while you clench your fists. Still soaking wet, I slide the dildo inside you. With a quick turn of the base, you feel the dildo pulsating inside you. You moan loudly as I make my way back behind the chair. As I place my hand back on your head, tilting your head down to your chest, you scream loudly in anticipation.

Flickering the clippers back to life, I waste no time shaving the back of your head, the vibrations of both the clippers and the dildo shattering your body. You moan and scream loudly, but it’s muffled into your chest. After shaving the back of your head completely bald, I tilt your head towards your right shoulder and place the clippers on your temple. In my hand, I can feel your body trembling. Knowing that you’ve orgasmed more than once by now, I take little sympathy and shave the side of your head, folding your ear down to get the hair around it. I tilt your head to the other side and shear it down to your bare pale skin before turning the clippers off. As I do so, I come back around and pull the dildo from your soaking, drooling pussy.

“Looks like you’re really enjoying this,” I say.

You can barely comprehend anything at this point; you’re barely able to catch your breath. As your body tries to relax, I throw my leg over you and cradle your head in my hands. Gently I lift your head up, your eyes barely able to stay open. I kiss you on your fat, swollen mouth as the gag has stretched you out. When I pull back, I inquire, “Actually…, while I’m here.” I reach over onto the floor and grab the trimmers. Tipping your head back, I loom over you with the trimmers buzzing close to your face. You finally come to just as the clippers are on the edge of your right eyebrow. But your rebuttal comes too late as your eyebrow is completely gone. Gently I wipe away the hair before moving onto your other eyebrow. “That’s better.” I say with a smile, my hand caressing your face. “You’re going to be so beautiful after this.”

I make my way off your lap and grab the clippers once more, this time affixing a guard to it. My fingers run through your hair on last time before gripping the back of your head. You look up at me with submission. With your unspoken permission, I slide the clippers down the middle of your head, sending hair of all lengths down into your lap and on the floor, leaving behind a patch of soft fuzz in its wake. I watch as you close your eyes and smile as best you can while I run the clippers over your head. As I said, it didn’t take long. Whatever hair you cherished before I came over is gone, lifeless on the floor. Instead, it’s a proper flattop with only a quarter of an inch left. As I rub my hands over your fuzz, along your bald sides, I say, “You have no idea how much I want to fuck you right now.”

Eagerly, I undo the restraints around your arms and legs; instinctively, you close your legs, your pussy still throbbing. After inflating the gag, you say loudly, “I fucking love you!”

Innocently, I reply, “What did I do?” As you come to your feet, you’re still a bit wobbly. But you do manage to grab my face and pull me in, kissing me passionately, shoving your pierced tongue into my throat. “Can we fuck now?” I ask, hastily, taking my clothes off.

“No.” You said sternly.


“No. I can’t fuck a man who has unkempt hair and untrimmed balls.” You step behind the back of the chair, grabbing the back of it. “Have a seat.”

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