Race to the Bottom

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The bump was totally unexpected. Jujou had been running round the track for some time and had fallen into that trance state so well known to the long distance runner. She hadn’t even noticed that another runner had joined her on the track and when the contact came she lost her balance and spilled on the ground.

“Watch out slow poke!” The taunting words drifted over the girl’s shoulder as she passed Jujou’s sprawled form.

In a flash she was up and running, chasing down the bitch who’d sent her careening into the dirt. As she gained upon her tormentor Jujou realized just who it was she was chasing. “That’s that swim team bitch Chastity!” she thought. “When I catch up to her I’m going to kick her ass!” But, catching up to the 5’11” captain of the girl’s swim team was no easy task. For every pace the willowy swimmer took the 4’11” Jujou had to take two but, after a few laps she was able to close to within striking distance but, all to no avail. Just as Jujou got close enough to grab the back of Chastity’s jersey the boy’s track coach walked onto the field at the head of his team.

“Damn!” she muttered under her breath as they both came to a halt, “I so want to punch her in the mouth!”

“What’s the matter, shorty?” asked the subject of Jujou’s anger from behind her, “Out of breath?”

Jujou stiffened at the veiled insult and turned, only to find herself staring at Chastity’s heaving breasts. Adjusting her gaze upward, Jujou smiled sweetly and replied, “No, it’s just very hard to breathe in your presence, what with the fishy small and all…”

Chastity’s face flushed red and for an instant Jujou thought the taller girl was about to physically attack her but, Chastity relaxed and the moment passed. She looked down at her defiant but diminutive opponent and said, “This isn’t over little girl, not by a long shot.” Turning away she headed for the showers leaving Jujou in triumphant possession of the field.

Though satisfied with her victory Jujou wished that there had been somebody there to witness the way she’d so easily handled the popular swimmer. Time enough for that later, right now there were classes to get to.

As she walked from the university gym showers drying her beautiful red hair Jujou detected the distinct sound of snickering laughter. Wrapping her hair in a clean white towel she headed for her locker. The soccar team’s lockers were at the far end of the row they shared with the swim team, so Jujou had no choice but to pass through the gaggle of lithe, toned girls that made up the University’s championship swim team. They looked like fucking vikings and while she was by no means unattractive, Jujou always felt like something of a tiny elf as she passed through their tall ranks on the daily trudge to her locker. “Fuckin’ bitches” she muttered as she stole a glance at their tanned nakedness. As usual, they were whispering to each other while staring at her. Every now and then one of them would say something witty behind a protective hand and the entire group would laugh loudly while looking her way.

“What ever…” she said as she opened her locker to change back into her street clothes. They were a bunch of silly spoiled bitches with credit cards and the best smiles money could buy but, Jujou had a secret weapon, one that NONE of them possessed. Something that attracted guys like honey attracts a bee. As they giggled and gestured in her general direction Jujou reached up and pulled the towel from her head. Out spilled the most magnificent head of beautiful coppery hair imaginable. It fell in waves of natural curls half way to her trim waist and when the light hit it it shown like a cascade of liquid gold. The giggling stopped in an instant like it always did and she smirked a slight smile in their direction.

“That’s right girls” she thought as she dressed. “You may be taller than me but, I’ll take THIS over height ANY DAY!” They dressed in angry silence as Jujou brushed out her glorious mane, When she was done, she retraced her path right through the middle of them and with a playful smile on her lovely lips said, “See you in class!”

The day was uneventful and Jujou sailed through her classes without even trying. School let out for the day and she headed straight for the one thing that really mattered in her ho hum high school existence…Soccer practice! This was where she was in her element. This was where she ruled. Practice went exceedingly well and as she and her girls headed to the showers Jujou was on top of the world.

All of that came crashing down as they entered the locker room. The entire girls swim team was swarming all over the place. They were in a jubilant mood having just trounced their cross town rivals to claim the city championship and a birth in the State finals.

Jujou and the soccer team stripped down and hit the showers doing everything in their power to ignore the celebrating swimmers. They showered in silence and Jujou luxuriated in the in the cascade of steaming hot water that coursed through her burnished curls.

Suddenly, unexpectedly she felt an intense sting on her left butt cheek accompanied by the sharp report of a snapping towel. Blinded by soap and water she protectively turned her cheek away from the perceived source of the sudden attack only to receive another snap on her right cheek. As she frantically attempted to clear the foam from her eyes she turned her butt to the wall. The next attack was expertly aimed and scored a direct hit upon the top of her pussy cleft. Its power was such that it forced her lips apart and the adder tongue of the towel struck painfully against her unprotected clit. In an instant the intense pain sent her to her knees, weeping in agony.

Minutes passed and as the stinging pain subsided, Jujou regained her feet and rinsed the shampoo from her red rimmed eyes. As she returned to the locker room she could clearly see that the rest of the soccer team had dressed and left. Only the fully dressed swim team girls remained. She painfully limped through them and some one reached out from behind, ripped the loosely held towel from her body and sent it flying atop the tall lockers. Jujou suddenly found herself stark naked, wet and surrounded by tall, lithe, fully clothed swimmers.

“What’s the matter Shorty?” inquired Chastity. “You look like a wet dog!”

“Smells like one too!” added Brittany, the team’s co captain.

“Fuck you!” replied the angry and hurt little redhead. “One of you chicken shit bitches snapped a towel on my pussy while I was covered with shampoo! Who was it? I gonna kick her fuckin’ ass!”

“Us?” replied Chasity in mock confusion. “One of us? Impossible! Why we’ve all been right here, together the entire time!”

“Yeah, musta been some other girl. Maybe one of the ones you stole a boyfriend from. Eh Carrot Top?” Added Brittany.

“Bull Shit! I KNOW it was one of you ass wipes!”

“Prove it!” quipped Chastity with a nasty smile.

“Just you wait until the next time I catch you alone on the track.” retorted the diminutive soccer star. “We’ll see just how tough you are then.”

“Ha!” laughed Chastity, “As if YOU could EVER catch ME in a real race!”

“Fuck you bitch!” I can run you into the ground on my worst day!” This was met with a chorus of laughter from the tall swimmers.

“Any day you want to try Li’l Bit, you just let me know.”

“Oh yeah?” answered Jujou, “OK, tomorrow, after school…at the track.”

“You’re on!” Chastity quickly replied. “But, on one condition.”

“Anything you want…bitch”

“Looser has to submit to what ever punishment the winner wants.”

“You’re ON!”

The swimmers filed out and as Jujou’s breathing returned to normal she stalked to her locker and ripped it open.

EMPTY! Her locker was totally EMPTY! No clothes, no shoes…nothing!

“You Fucking bitches!” she yelled as she slammed her locker shut. One by one she searched all of the lockers. Nothing, not a scrap of clothing anywhere. She walked to the towel room…locked.

“SON OF A BITCH!” she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

In the end, Jujou had no other choice. After many tries she was able to retrieve the skimpy gym towel from the top of the lockers where the swimmer had tossed it. Night had fallen and it was a very, very long trudge home dodging cars and pedestrians while wearing only the filthy towel that failed to cover what needed covering.

“OHHHH, that bitch! When I beat her tomorrow she’s going to pay for this…BIG TIME!

Jujou was getting angrier and angrier as she trotted across the campus toward her appointment with Chastity.

“Ha! Chastity.” she said to herself as she reached the halfway point in her journey, “There’s a joke, she’s had more turns than a door knob!”

She traveled at a moderate pace, just enough to warm up and get there in time. She was looking forward to humiliating her rival in front of the combined soccer and swim teams and had some great ideas for the punishment of her rival once she won the race.

Upon arrival she was appalled to find that not one of her team mates had shown up to witness the humiliation of the girl who had badgered harassed each and every one of them. The leggy blond was already there and made a great show of stretching, bending over and displaying her shapely ass to the assortment of football, basketball and swim team men who had filled the bleachers.

“What the hell is going on here?” she asked Jujou. “I thought this was just between you and me?”

“Oh, it is,” answered her adversary, “I just invited a few close friends over to enjoy the show, didn’t think you’d mind. Besides, with all that trash talk in the locker room I thought you’d have an audience here as well.” Chastity shielded her eyes from the sun and looked pointedly over the head of her shorter rival.

“Hmmm, looks like you don’t have any friends.”

“Fuck you!” retorted the red head, “let’s do this so I can embarrass you in front of the whole lot of them.”

“As you wish!” answered the tall swimmer.

The two took their places and as in a drag race they took off with the drop of a cloth. The race was of moderate length, one mile, four laps around the track. Long enough to eliminate any advantage the swimmer’s longer legs might give her. Chastity gained an early lead but the tough little redhead soon caught up passed her but, try as she might, Jujou just couldn’t shake her rival.

As they rounded the final turn Jujou could hear the rasping breath of the swimmer as she tried to keep within striking distance. A slight smile crossed her lips. She had her! With plenty of gas left in her tank Jujou kicked in the after burners and finally began to pull away. The desperate swimmer was flagging fast and her running was getting ragged. As she pulled away, the finish line only 20′ away, Jujou raised her fist in triumph, middle finger extended toward her rival and…tripped! Before she could regain her feet the desperate swimmer rolled past and crossed the finish line ahead of her.

“That’s not fair!” Yelled Jujou. “I tripped!”

“You lost! Fair and square.” replied the swimmer. “Now…it’s time to pay up!”

“Fuck you!” said Jujou to the to the long legged swimmer, “I had you beat! If I hadn’t tripped you’d have lost and you know it!”

“Yes…but you DID trip and…I DID win and now…it’s time for you to pay up!”

The diminutive red head was seething but, the boys in the stands had now migrated to the field and surrounded the pair.

“Come on carrot top, time to pay up.” said one of the larger football players. “Don’t tell us you’re going to back out on the bet.”

“I’m not, I’m not backing out! I tripped! It’s not fair!”

“YOU LOST!” shouted Chastity. “That’s all that counts and the longer you make me wait, the worse your punishment is going to be!”

“Yeah!”…”Come on!”…Pay up!” Suddenly EVERYBODY was shouting at Jujou.

“No way!” she continued to shout, “I tripped, it wasn’t a fair race!”

The shouting continued and as it grew in volume the spectators began to poke and prod her. Suddenly someone behind her grabbed her by the shoulder strap of her jersey and yanked…hard. The seem on the strap parted and the remnants fell, revealing the top of Jujou’s sports bar.

Before she knew what was happening everybody was pulling and tugging at her clothes. The cheap material simply wasn’t up to the test and in a matter of two or three minutes Jujou had been stripped to her sports bra and panties. The tugging not only continued but, increased in intensity and it was only a short time before the shredded remnants of her sports bra were tossed into the crowd as well.

Jujou tried desperately to cover her jiggling breasts but, when the boys began to attack her panties she needed both of her hands to keep them from joining the rest of her clothing on the ground. In the end it was no use and a tug-o-war ensued but, the gossamer fabric simply was not up to the test and the panties were roughly stripped from her shapely hips.

She crouched down and tried to cover her nakedness but Chastity was having none of it. She grabbed a handful of Jujou’s beautiful red hair and jerked her roughly to her feet, dragging her backwards toward the BOY’S locker room!

“Come on guys!” she shouted. “We got us ginger bitch to take down a few pegs!”

Once she saw where Chastity was dragging her Jujou panicked. She fought back like a cornered cat, scratching and even biting at the tall swimmer. But, Chastity was no slouch. Each time Jujou lunged at her she jerked the petite red head’s head back and forth by the hair, effectively throwing her off balance as well as disorienting her. Still, the going was very slow and Chastity knew that the longer they were exposed out in the open the higher the likely hood they would be discovered.

“Hey guys!” she shouted to the handful of athletes who followed behind them, “Gimme a hand getting this little bitch into the locker room!”

Suddenly Jujou felt her self being swept off her feet and quickly carried along. No matter how hard she struggled the hands that held her aloft would not let go. Somewhere along the way her running shoes disappeared. Moments later her socks went as well and she entered the boy’s locker room jay bird naked.

“This way guys!” cried Chastity, “Let’s take her stinky cunt to the showers for a little clean up!”

The group made a right and as she looked up Jujou saw the walls change to tile. The guys set her down and corralled her against the wall, effectively cutting off her escape. Still, she had to try. Over and over again Jujou charged the wall and each time she was pushed back until, at last the diminutive soccer star was spent. As Jujou leaned against the wall in exhaustion the beefy wall parted and Chastity casually passed through and bending down, addressed her.

“Well, not so high and mighty now, are we?”

“Fuck you” The exhausted girl said between gasping breaths.

“Fuck me? Fuck ME?” exclaimed Chastity. “I don’t think you understand. YOU”RE the one who’s FUCKED!”

Chastity reached out and turned the water on and in an instant Jujou was soaked. She tried to escape the water but, the swimmer was just too fast and Jujou quickly found herself sitting in the cold tile floor. As she tried to clear the water from her eyes unknown hands seized her ankles and yanked her legs apart. Her legs were bent at the knees and belts were wrapped around them securing her calves to her thighs. Seconds later she was flipped on her belly and another belt quickly pulled her elbows painfully together. They picked her up and set her upon her knees as the water shut off.

“Now then,” said Chastity, “We were discussing who won the race. What’s your take on the situation?”

“It wasn’t fair! I trip…

The sudden rush of water cut her off in mid sentence and for a period of time it was all she could do to breathe.

“Who won…?”

“It wasn…”

Once again the water cut her off. The pattern continued for some time until…

“Who won?”

“You did.” answered the dejected and disheveled red head.

“Very good!” said Chastity as she began removing the soccer player’s bonds.

As Jujou stood, Chastity threw her a towel. “Dry off.”

She dried her hair as best she could and when she was done Chastity snatched the towel back. She said “bring her” as she walked back to the locker room.

The boys escorted her to where the swimmer waited and as she indicated Jujou stood atop one of the changing benches. Chastity turned and addressed the audience.

“Tell me,” she began, “How many of you boys find this drowned rat attractive?”

Hands went up around the room.

“Why? What is it about her that turns you on?”

“Her hair.” answered a long tall basketball player.

The others assented with affirmative noises all round.

“So,” continued the swimmer, “if she didn’t have all of this beautiful red hair you wouldn’t find her so attractive?”

“She’d still be cute without red hair, just not as cute.” said a male swimmer. “Might be nice as a blond though.”

“So, what you’re all saying is she’d still be cute with say…brown hair, just not as cute?

“Yeah,” answered an enormous lineman, “I’d still do her.”

Brittany had joined the group as the discussion began and Chastity bent down and whispered something into her ear. With a nod Brittany left only to return a few moments later.

“So guys, what you’re saying is…in order to make her undesirable I’d have to really fuck up this wonderful hair. That right?”

“Uh, yeah…I guess” answered the basketball player.

“You don’t seem too convinced. What if she had NO HAIR?

“No hair?” asked the incredulous basketball player. “None at all? You mean like…BALD?”

“Hmmm, none at all…” said Chastity, “I was only thinking about shaving her head but…”

“You mean totally bald?” repeated the basketball player, his eyes bulging a bit.

“Wha…? Oh, yes, yes, I mean bald.” answered the distracted swimmer as she contemplated the possibilities.

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed Jujou in a panic. “You can’t actually be serious!”

“Shut up BITCH!” yelled Chastity as she slapped Jujou sharply across the cheek.

Jujou’s ‘s hand went to her burning face and with a sharp glance from Chastity her head lowered and her eyes went to the floor.

“Kneel!” The order caught Jujou by surprise and in her shock she froze. Chastity grabbed a fist full of red curls and pulled hard. She pushed her head away as she released Jujou’s curly locks. “I said KNEEL bitch!”

Slowly, ever so slowly the petite red head sunk to her knees, head bowed, eyes deferentially averted.

Chastity placed her hand on top of Jujou’s head as she and the boys began to discuss her fate.

“I…I don’t know, I really love her curly red hair.” said the football player “It would be a real shame to destroy it. I mean…who in the world would want to fuck a baldy? Not me!”

“Me either!” said the basketball player. “Yuck!”

“Here’s an idea!” said Brittany, “why don’t we do a little experiment?”

The room went silent and all eyes were upon the normally silent girl…even Jujou was curious as to what she meant.

“What sort of experiment did you have in mind?” inquired the now very curious Chastity.

“Well, these guys here are telling us they wouldn’t fuck her if she was bald…right?”

“Yes…?” said Chastity.

“And you want to punish her by shaving her head…right?


“And you’re contemplating shaving off ALL of her hair…right?”


“So, here’s what we do…we start relieving her of her hair from the bottom up and see at what point these guys no longer want to fuck her!”

Jujou attempted to squirm away at this point but Chastity’s fingers closed tightly in her locks and painfully held the now clearly panicking red head in place.

“So Brittany,” inquired Chastity, “How exactly do we determine that the boys no longer want to fuck her?”

“Oh! That’s the easiest part of all!” she replied as the suddenly curious boys now leaned in closely. “Every time we take off some hair we have them fuck her! When the can’t get it up any more we’ll know that’s the point at which they no longer find her attractive!”

“Sounds good to me!” said the football player with a shit eating grin.

“Me too!” said the basketball player.

“Now just you wait a minute!” exclaimed Jujou from the floor.

“Shut up looser!” said Chastity as she gave the redhead a good shake.

“Now, wait a second,” continued the leggy swimmer. “How do we know that they aren’t just tapped out? How do we know that they actually find her unattractive?”

“Don’t worry Chastity,” said the football player. “We have all night, there’ll be PLENTY of recovery time.”

“Yeah…” echoed the basketball player, “let’s get this show on the road!”

Chastity grinned from ear to ear then turned to Brittany and said, “Brit, be a doll and go get me the paper bag in my locker.”

“On it!” answered Brittany turning away with an evil grin.

Brittany returned in record time and as Chastity ran her hand up and down Jujou’s leg she silently held the bag up. Chastity nodded with satisfaction.

“Well now my little looser, it seems that you shaved your legs this morning so…” as she paused for effect the swimmer casually reached out and pinched a bit of Jujou’s auburn pubic hair, “I guess we’ll just have to start on your pretty little muff!”

Jujou tried to rise from the bench in protest but, Chastity pushed her back and with a nod four strong young guys each took a limb and held her spread eagle. Brittany reached into the bag and proffered a small pair of scissors. Chastity took them and slowly began whittling away at Jujou’s beautiful red bush.

“Fuck!” Chastity exclaimed in exasperation. “This is taking forever!”

“Um, I got a beard trimmer in my locker” the football player volunteered. “Will that help?”

“Couldn’t be any slower” she said “and I bet it’ll be a much closer cut. Go get ’em.”

Five minutes later and the trimmer buzzed to life. As the swimmer aimed the buzzing instrument at Jujou’s endangered pubes the redhead raised her head and began once again to struggle violently. The football player who here to fore had been an observer circled around the bench and grabbing a hank of Jujou’s hair, savagely pulled her head back.

“Better hold still bitch, a bet is a bet and you lost!” he grinned in her face, “Struggle too much and Chastity here might accidentally buzz off something important!”

He twisted Jujou’s locks into a rough pony tail and stood, placing his enormous foot squarely on the hair that spilled across the floor. This pulled her head back severely and left her green eyes staring directly at his crotch.

Moments later, she felt the clippers ravaging what was left of beautiful bush. In no time at all it was reduced to a shadow of it’s former self.

“What do you think guys?” she asked the assembled boys.

The basket ball player who’d been holding Jujou’s left ankle reached up and slowly stroked the red head’s nearly naked mound.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “That’s really rough! That would be like fuckin’ a block of sandpaper!”

“Don’t worry Honey” Chastity replied, “I got you covered!”

Moments later the red head felt shaving gel spreading across her mound followed quickly by the scraping of a straight razor as it was dragged over the skin of her cunt. It took a while but in the end, Jujou’s pussy was as clean and as hairless as the day she was born.

Chastity ran her fingers sensuously across Jujou’s newly hairless cunt skin and loudly pronounced: “Clean as a whistle guys…Have at it!

It took the guys all of 10 seconds to get naked and five seconds after that the first one was in her and pumping away. They all had released the broken spirited girl’s limbs and now formed a line between her legs as each awaited his turn. All that is except the foot ball player who still stood upon her hair. Only now, his erect cock was bobbing up and down before her.

“Fuck,” he said under his breath, “Why wait?”

With that he knelt down and pressed the tip of his dick against Jujou’s lips.

“You know what to do…” he said as he stared into her wide eyes.

Reluctantly, Jujou opened her mouth obviously regretting the bet that was now costing her all her dignity and modesty and accepted the ‘offer she couldn’t refuse’. He grabbed her by the hair and savagely began to face fuck her as if she was a porn star.

“Well,” inquired Chastity as Jujou was being fucked from both ends, “has removing her bush made her any less desirable?” she asked the boys.

“Hell no!” said the basketball player as he stroked away at Jujou’s hairless pussy, “If anything, she’s sexier than ever!”

“Sexier than ever you say? So, you’ve had your eye on her all along?”

Pausing for a moment he replied, “Had my eye on her? Hell, I asked her out at least ten times and she acted like I’d stepped in dog shit! Turned me down EVERY TIME!” He aimed a quick slap at Jujou’s ass and as the sound died away looked down at her and said, “Not so high and mighty now…are you?”

A few minutes later he finished and the handsome young swimmer took his place. At about that same time the football player filled her mouth with his hot load. He pulled out and before she could spit, covered her mouth saying, “Oh no you don’t! Swallow…all of it!”

She had no choice and though the salty taste made her stomach roil, Jujou swallowed. She had barely a second to catch her breath before another anonymous and swollen cock magically appeared before her eyes and the entire process began once more.

When it was over Jujou had taken a total of 12 loads, 2 from each of the six boys. One in each end ending any chance of having a decent reputation again around these jocks.

“OK guys! Time’s up.” Announced Chastity, “What’s the verdict boys?”

“I gotta tell you Chas,” said the football player, “She’s even HOTTER ‘n before with that shaved pussy!”

The others all nodded in assent making comments like: “No hair to get in the way” and “Really sexy to watch my dick fuckin’ her pussy”.

“Hmmm,” exclaimed Brittany, “That’s NOT at all what we wanted!”

“No,” answered Chastity, “it’s not but, the fun is just beginning!”

Chastity reached down and pulled Jujou to her feet, gobs of fresh cum dripping down her thighs.

“Lift your arms bitch!”

Jujou complied and Chastity ran an assessing finger down the length of the red head’s arm pit.

“Hmmm…” she said aloud, “Pretty smooth but, let’s shave them again, just for shits and giggles.”

Having said this Chastity proceeded to squirt a generous portion of foam into her palm. He wiped most of it on to Jujou’s waiting arm pits but still had a substantial amount left in her hand. she picked up the razor but the extra foam in her palm was impeding her ability to effectively shave the red head’s armpits. Chastity glanced the the foam in frustration and with a disgusted growl, wiped the extra off on the redhead’s fore head. “Here, hold this” she said sarcastically as she began shaving away at Jujou’s defenseless arm pits. It didn’t take long to relieve her of the minute down that had sprung up in the course of the day and Jujou sighed with relief as she was ordered to lower her arms. The relief was however, very short lived.

Without a word Chastity reached up and quickly whisked away Jujou’s beautiful auburn eyebrows. It was such a shocking move that the stunned girl didn’t immediately realize what had happened!

“Holy SHIT!” exclaimed the football player as Jujou’s exploring hands tentatively reached up to confirm what her mind was already telling her had taken place.

“You took her eyebrows off!” he continued. “That’s fucked up!”

The guys gathered round and stared wide eyed at the now eyebrowless redhead. As the look of shocked realization crossed Jujou’s face the entire group burst out laughing in disbelief at what was happening to one of the most attractive and unapproachable girls on campus.

As the realization that Chastity had stolen her perfectly shaped eyebrows sank in, Jujou finally broke. Until now she had been able to maintain a modicum of control but this? This was simply more than the petite redhead could take.

“My eyebrows!” she cried out as she sank to her knees in disrepair, “You took my eyebrows!”

The laughing only got louder as she looked up at Chastity, tears brimming in her eyes.

“What am I going to do?” she continued, “I look like a freak! No one will ever want me again!”

“That’s the whole idea you stupid bitch!” snapped Brittany.

“No one will want you? You think?” said Chastity as she leaned in close to Jujou’s face. “Well, I guess we’re about to find out…aren’t we? Gentlemen! Round two…have at it!”

This time there was no need to hold her down as she was well aware that this was one of the stakes of the bet. The football player just pointed to the bench and said “hands and knees!”

With a sniffle, jujou slowly complied. The removal of her eyebrows had taken any and all resistance from her and as the first guy positioned himself in front of her she meekly opened her mouth and without so much as a second’s hesitation began sucking his cock.

“Wow,” said the swimmer as he forced his dick deep into her throat, “This is really freaky! She looks so…so, alien without brows!”

“Can’t see it from here!” laughed the football player as he pumped away at her cunt. “Guess I’ll have to wait for round two to find out how it looks.”

“Are you turned off by her ‘new look?” asked Chastity.

“Um, well…not really.” replied the basketball player as his face registered his eminent orgasm.

“Hmmm, Not at all what I expected!”

An hour later Chastity polled the boys as they rested.

“OK guys…show of hands, how many of you found her lack of brows a turn off?”

Two of the guys raised their hands, the other 4 just shook their heads in the negative.

Chastity turned to the two naysayers and asked, “OK, so, you guys found her less attractive and yet, you both still came twice. Even when she was sucking your dicks and her bald face was in plain view. What goes?”

“Um…well,” began the first guy, another member of the swim team, “She’s still pretty hot, even if she does look a bit freaky.”

“Yeah,” added the other, a tennis player, “I mean, it’s weird but it’s still a blow job…and I LOVE blow jobs!”

“And you guys,” Chastity asked the others, “What do you think?”

“She sure does look strange, that’s for sure!” answered the football player. “Kinda like fucking some kinda strange bald faced monkey or something.”

“The hardest part for me was not laughing the whole time!” said the basketball player with a small jockish laugh.

The other guys nodded and smiled knowingly.

“OK,” announced Chastity, “I guess it’s time for the final phase of our little experiment.” She reached out and grabbing her by the hair pulled jujou’s head sharply back. Staring directly into jujou’s defeated eyes Chastity asked, “You ready to get naked bitch? TOTALLY naked?” as her other hand fondled the long red curls on her rival.

Jujou’s defeated eyes registered nothing. Chastity ordered the broken girl to lay prone upon the bench, her head lolling forward over its end providing easy access to her lovely mane. Like the football player before her, Chastity chose to prevent any escape attempts on jujou’s part by kneeling on part of her lovely red pony tail. Not that it really mattered, jujou was utterly defeated and the thought of escape no longer existed in her mind. Instead, she just lay there, dull eyed and complaint.

“Brittany, pass me the scissors please.”

With trembling hands she passed the scissor to her team captain.

“You’re…you’re really gonna do it?” she timidly inquired as Chastity took the shears from her nervous grip.

“Yup,” answered the smiling swimmer. She bent close and stating into jujou’s vacant eyes added “After all, a bet is a bet! Right shorty?”

Jujou just continued to stare dumbly at the ceiling as Chastity quickly opened and closed the shears several times.

“Huh, it would seem that red has left the building!” she opined to the group “Oh well, guess she wont get to enjoy the show…but, we will!”

In fact jujou was anything but unaware of what was happening to her once beautiful appearance. She was in reality acutely aware of every sound, every sight, smell, touch and even taste. From the snicking sound of the scissors to the metallic taste of fear on her tongue and everything in between each and every sensation was being burned indelibly onto the record of her mind.

When the first scrunching of shears severing hair found her ears jujou finally realized that all was lost. Slowly at first, Chastity began hacking away at jujou’s pride and joy. As the rough cutting accelerated in pace and her head was jerked from side to side jujou found new depths of despair in which to wallow. Chastity was stealing from her the one thing that had set her apart from the crowd, the one thing that had given her an edge in the grand competition among the fairer sex. Without her beautiful red curls jujou would be just another face in the crowd. “NO,” she thought “make that a freakish face in the crowd.”

Chastity continued to hack away at jujou’s curls and slowly at first…the boys began to laugh. It started as a titter here and there, smallish nervous giggles of quiet laughter but, with time it grew as realization became clear that they would not get into trouble for any of this as Jujou was paying up as agreed. First one and then another would burst out in loud guffaws and soon the entire group was laughing hysterically at the damaged little being who had been a beautiful woman only a short time ago.

“Oh my god!” cried the basketball player as he gasped for breath, “THAT…that is THE ugliest hair cut I have EVER seen!”

“Ha…Ha, ha, ha!” belly laughed the football player as Chastity continued to chop at jujou’s ragged locks, “Oh…my…God! She looks like an escaped mental patient!”

As jujou’s eyes traveled about the room full of tormentors only one person wasn’t laughing…Brittany. The mousey swimmer simply stared. Mouth open, eyes wide, hand surreptitiously stroking her pussy through the leg of her shorts.

The shearing and the laughing continued until Chastity dropped the scissors to the floor. “This is hard work!” she said to the room. “I’m over this!”

For a second, jujou felt a surge of hope. “Maybe it’s not too bad!” she thought, “Maybe my hair dresser can clean it up…a cute pixie cut?”

“Brittany!” yelled Chastity, “Get your hand out of your pants and pass me the bag!”

With a start Brittany pulled her hand from her crotch and blushing as the guys looked on with no little curiosity, handed the crumpled bag to her team captain.

“Um, here…” she said as she retired in complete embarrassment.

Jujou’s thoughts were interrupted as a pair of electric clippers popped to life by her left ear. She turned her head and the guardless shears loomed massively in her sight.

“Thought I was going to leave you some fuzz…didn’t you?” Chastity said through an evil smile. “No such luck shrimp, it’s ALL coming off!”

As the last words left her mouth Chastity plunged the clippers into the front of jujou’s defenseless hairline and ran them back over the top of her head. Strip after strip of hair succumbed to the hungry blades and slowly…surely, the last of jujou’s beautiful red hair was taken from her.

Finally, the clippers fell silent and Chastity spoke into the sudden quiet. “Not much to look at now, is she boys?”

“Oh man!” said the tall swimmer, “she looks freaky as hell!”

“She looks…looks kinda…unfinished or something.” said the football player as he leaned in for a closer look.

“So, are we supposed to fuck her now?” asked the clearly uneasy basket ball player.

“No, not yet…not quite yet.” answered Chastity.

The team captain turned and held her hand out to Brittany and gave a slight nod. Brittany swallowed hard and slowly, very slowly extended her hand to the team captain, a gleaming cut throat razor in her up turned palm.

“Keep ’em hard boys! This wont take long.”

Just when jujou thought things were as bad as they could get, Chastity once again proved her wrong. As the boys looked on with intense curiosity, Chastity reached into her bag and removed 3 items. An old coffee mug, a tin of shaving soap and a badger brush. She poured water from a plastic bottle into the mug and dipped the brush into it. Then, with a fluidity borne of long experience she rapidly stroked the brush over the soap and in moments whipped up a healthy lather. As she slowly applied the soapy foam to jujou’s stubble covered head she addressed the room. “I LOVE using this razor. It shaves sooo close and it feels really great as it slides up and down my legs or over my pussy.

She put her hand under jujou’s chin and gently lifted her face to her own.

“Now, for the first time it’s going to shave a head…YOURS”

The ex-redhead looked pleadingly into Chastity’s merciless eyes and tears slowly ran down her cheeks.

Chastity just flashed her best smile and with a voice as sweet as honey said “Like I told you, it’s coming off…all of it.”

The razor’s path took it straight down the middle of jujou’s defenseless scalp, ensuring that there would be no mercy, no second chance. Ensuring that when it was all said and done, jujou would be totally bald.

The ex-redhead’s eyes glanced around the room in search of mercy, sympathy…ANYTHING! The boys all looked on with a certain shocked surprise and Brittany, who had by now shed her shorts and panties, was busy masturbating as she looked on.

Scccrrraaapppe! Scccrrraaapppe! The relentless razor cleared strip after strip of hair from jujou’s head leaving behind it nothing but clean, white skin. Soon, the top of her head was smooth and shiny. A few minutes later and the sides were gleaming as well.

Chastity ran her fingers slowly over jujou’s denuded scalp then said, “One more time…just in case we missed a spot.”

She relathered jujou’s scalp and shaved it once more. This time, the razor was almost silent as it passed over her head, proof that there was nothing left to shave. Jujou was completely bald ensuring that the advantage she had flaunted just the day before was gone for a very long time.

By now, jujou was openly sobbing. Once again, Chastity tilted her head back and stared into jujou’s sky blue eyes.

“Seems that all you have left is eyelashes…be happy I left you those. If you ever fuck with me again, I’ll take them too and next time I’ll make sure you’re bald FOR GOOD! Understand shrimp?”

The ex-redhead nodded in fear. She knew that Chastity meant every word of it.

“OK boys!” Chastity announced to the room as she roughly pushed jujou to the dirty locker room floor, “She’s all yours!”

The fucking seemed to go on for hours. Every time, one of the guys would enter her and start pumping away only to pull out after a short time without cumming. They began to get frustrated and jujou feared they might start to take it out on her.

“It’s just no use!” said the football player as the others nodded in agreement. “I get it up, start fucking her and then…I get a look at that bald head and everything goes south. FAST!”

“Yeah, I mean, one look at that creepy bald head and I’m done!” added the swimmer.

“Me too!” was echoed around the room.

“Well,” answered Chastity as she nodded in sympathy, “It would seem that our little experiment was a success then! I seriously doubt she’ll be getting any action as long as she looks like this!”

“Yeah, but what about us?” inquired the basketball player. “We get to go home with blue balls?”

“Seriously guys?” said Chastity. “You all have been fucking her all day! How could you possibly have blue balls?”

“Easy!” he replied. “We got all hot and bothered to fuck her again and then…THIS!” He reached down and cradling his cock said “What am I supposed top do with this?”

“Um, I have an idea.” said Brittany from behind the group.

They all turned to look in her direction, even jujou and she shrank back in embarrassment.

“Well? We’re waiting…” prompted the football player.

“Well…um. I just thought, um…”

“Don’t be embarrassed, spit it out honey!” said Chastity.

“It’s just…you see…”

Everybody was looking on, waiting anxiously to hear what she had to say.

“OK…OK it’s just…Well, I think she looks kinda…kinda sexy this way and well…I just thought if she went down on me and you guys um…do it from behind her you could, um…look at me instead of her.”

The mousey swimmer clasped her hands in front of herself and looked at the ground, thoroughly embarrassed that she had let slip her own craven desires.

“Hmmm… that just might work!” said the foot ball player to Brittany’s complete surprise.

“Yeah, I could go for that.” agreed the basketball player.

“OK girl, get naked!” added the swimmer with a nod.

Brittany grinned and in 3 seconds flat was naked and on the floor, legs spread wide in front of jujou.

The hapless ex-redhead tried to turn her head away, buit the suddenly empowered Brittany simply grabbed her by the ears and pulled her forward.

“EAT!” she demanded while still pulling painfully on jujou’s ears. What choice did she have? Slowly at first jujou began to eat.

“Faster!” demanded Brittany as she crushed jujou’s face tightly into her cunt.

“Your turn guys!” said Chastity, happy to see that they were back on track and had yet to reach the bottom of jujou’s humiliation.

Some time later jujou lay on the dirty locker room floor exhausted, catching her breath, and covered in the cum of five guys and a girl. After they’d had had their fill, Brittany had ordered jujou to roll over onto her back and while she rode her face to yet another intense orgasm the boys stood around them and jerked off until they’d all ejaculated and covered jujou’s spent body with what had to be the last of their collective cum.

At last, Chastity felt vindicated.


A year later the students at the school were still wondering what had happened to turn the hard assed gorgeous little soccer star into the swim team’s bald bitch. She had abandoned her promising soccer career (another casualty of the bet as she had to quit after finding out Jujou planned for her to quit the swim team) and yes, she was still totally hairless (some said as a tribute to swimmers who often shave themselves for a few tenth of a second) and though she attended every swim meet she rarely showed any emotion, win or lose. No one could fathom it.

Well, almost no one.

It was the bottle that kept jujou in line. It also kept her silent about what had transpired on that terrible night last year. Yes, the bottle. The one that held the new, experimental and PERMANENT hair remover that Chastity claimed she had stolen from her chemist father. The ex-redhead had no idea whether or not this was true, but after what had transpired in the boy’s locker room that night she was taking no chances. It was far better to keep her self hairless from head to toe and submit to regular “inspections” by Brittany until graduation than it was to run the risk of total and permanent depilation.

After all, graduation was only 2 years away…

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