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As a child my mother had a beauty salon. I would see all types of woman come in the shop one way, and leave looking totally different. I was intrigued by the whole salon experience, the capes, the chair, the beautician’s uniforms. The beauticians always looked fantastic in their uniforms, perfect hair and make-up. They represented what a woman could look like if she took care of herself. I would watch the women with rollers in their hair sit under the hair driers, smoking a cigarette and reading magazines. This was time for themselves where they could relax. The warm air of the drier quieting the outside world and soothing. Even at a young age I knew they were thinking about being beautiful for their man, and possibly a romantic evening to follow.

My mind would run away into fantasy land. This was the 60s. Any woman can be beautiful in her own individual way if she chooses to. This imagery has stayed with me as I got interested
In the fetish world.

Some women I wanted to hug and hold, others I wanted to touch their breasts while they were fully clothed, others I wanted to massage their face, breasts, ass, legs etc. It always started with them fully clothed, hair done and perfect make-up.

A few women I knew said “everybody has sex, it’s foreplay that is exciting” That stuck in my head. In my way I came up with scenarious I found exciting. In most cases the mature women I experienced enjoyed them too. Most were divorced. I loved it when they would say “my husband NEVER did that!”

I shared my ideas of what turned me on too, some women understood some didn’t.

My interests were shaving, dressing for pleasure, sensory deprivation, breathplay, etc. My fascination with salons, barbershops, lather, and razors. The older women understood, where as younger women thought it was weird or perverted. I don’t think they had experienced enough sex to expand their erotic interests. The song “Is That All There Is” by Peggy Lee often played in my head.

Almost all women said they hated having to shave their legs. I responded “I’ll do that for you, I’m very good at it.” I’m really great at shaving women’s legs. At that point I would ask them to wear a certain blouse of theirs I found exciting, tie a sash around their waist to accentuate their breasts, prop a couple pillows behind their head so they could watch, and I could see them. .

I would spend 30-40 minutes doing their legs and they would relax and bliss out. They would smile, I knew they would be stimulated.

I personally do not derive pleasure from hitting or slapping women. I do enjoy them experiencing pleasure from it if they choose. I will do it only if they ask (or beg) for it. This lead to me creaming their faces up so there would be less friction. I would place a vinyl salon cape around their neck. I always wanted the women fully dressed for play and did not want to mess up their outfits. The cream would gradually come off as they were slapped, and the slaps became more stinging and intense. I would gently re-lather their faces if they wanted the scene to last longer. Prior to this I would soak some thin barber shop towels in ice water. I would wrap their faces after a face slap scene, I would repeat with 3-4 towels at about 5 minutes each. This would put them in another state of relaxation and take them out of the “scene.”

Another way I did this was to wrap the woman’s face tightly in a satin blouse. Less friction as my hand made contact with their face. I was also enable to inject some breathplay by covering the mouth and nose with me hand. I would time the hand presses to 5 seconds, and gradually increase the time as they slowed their breathing down. I learned what was comfortable for them and when we were close to the edge. As I said before, I did it purely for THEIR pleasure.
I was providing a service.

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