Rayne’s Alleyway Transformation

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Author’s Note: this story combines together many of my more niche kinks, and so the haircut itself is a smaller part of this story as a whole. That being said, I still hope you enjoy it. You will likely notice the influence of other authors on this site in reading this work. There was a large time span between my starting this work and my finishing it, so if there are any glaring inconsistencies I apologize. Enjoy!

Rayne ran after her friends as they stumbled drunkenly out of the nightclub, just barely managing to catch one of them before she keeled over into the street. Harriedly, she followed their shambling steps, trying to guide them back to her car, which was in the complete opposite direction. It was like herding cats, however, and in her determination not to lose them, she soon found herself in a random alleyway where they had collapsed in a drunken heap. Hopelessly lost, and with no way to locate her car, she decided to call them all a cab and instructed them to wait in the alley. They seemed to listen to that, at least, and started poking through the various junked items littered around as Rayne pulled out her phone.

Rayne, dutifully trying to find the number of the cab company, dimly took note of the others’ cries of merriment at finding some disgusting item in the trash, but ignored any and all pleas to look at it. Ever the maternal one of the group, she was more preoccupied with getting them all home safely. Her more reserved, mature nature made her the odd one out in more ways than one. She stood on the corner in a relatively conservative dress that did little to flatter her rounded figure, in contrast to the bold, brash, and downright skimpy outfits her friends were sporting. She was almost always the designated driver, as she disliked the taste of alcohol, standing by with a Coke while her friends downed shots and fussy mixed drinks. And, as per usual, when their antics got out of hand, she was always the one to step in and keep them safe. Occasionally they would try to persuade her to “live a little,” particularly when they all got drunk, but she always turned them down, no matter how pushy they got.

After finding the cab’s number, she punched it in and called, only to find that the nearest cab was half an hour away. Determined to take what she could get, she assured the person on the other end that that was not a problem, then hung up to face the task of keeping everyone there until the cab arrived. Immediately after putting her phone away, she looked up, only to find everyone clustered around some kind of glowing screen. She walked over to them for a closer look.

The screen was attached to a structure slightly larger than a vending machine, which appeared to have a clear glass front. Beyond it, Rayne could see an interior made of shiny black metal, which appeared to have several fine seams in it. It looked roughly the right size for a person to stand in. The screen all the women were looking at appeared to be attached to the front panel at a slight angle, displaying the text: “Perfect You Transformations” in a bold red font at the top, with smaller text underneath saying “Press here to open door.” As Rayne watched in concern, her friend Rylee curiously pressed the screen. The door swung open, and the screen switched to displaying “Waiting for transformant…” Rayne instinctively knew that this could be very bad, and pushed her way to the front of the group.

Turning to face them, she said: “Hey guys, back away from the machine, we don’t know if this is safe and I don’t want one of you to get hurt.”

“Ugh, Rayne! You’re such a spoilsport, can’t you ever let us have our fun?” Rylee pouted.

Another friend, Sarah, chimed in, “I think you need to lighten up some. Wait, I’ve got it! Let’s give you a makeover! I bet this machine could do it easy peasy.”

“Makeovers are so fun. Let’s do it!” said Rylee.

Rayne was taken aback, and instinctively stepped backwards and almost into the machine. “Wait a second guys, I don’t want to do the makeover, you’re all drunk and this is a really bad idea…”

She was cut off by Eva, ever the beautiful troublemaker of the group, who stepped in close and whispered, “Bold of you to assume every one of us is drunk,” before giving Rayne a shove, sending her stumbling backwards into the machine, and quickly closing the door.

Rayne beat on the glass, frantically feeling for a latch to let her out, but there was none. Swiftly, her hands and feet were grabbed by metal rings that came out of the black metal, which bound her hands behind her back and her feet to the floor. Another ring reached out and wrapped around her waist, while another forced a ball into her mouth and held it in place around her head, leaving her fully immobilized. She saw a green light run up and down the interior corner of the machine, assuming that it was some kind of scan. Helpless, she whimpered as scissors came and cut off her clothes, leaving her standing naked and shivering in the cold night air. She groaned internally as she saw Eva take up the position in front of the screen, knowing that she was in for a wild ride if Eva was in control. She could faintly hear her friends chattering outside, and she listened closely, eager to hear any snippet of what was coming for her.

“Hmmm, looks like there’s a list of body parts first, and then some other options at the bottom. What do you say we just go down the list?” said Eva. Rayne could see the other girls nod in agreement.

“Looks like that means we get to pick the haircut first!” Eva cried with glee. The sound of a couple passing cars drowned out their discussion of what haircut, specifically, she was to have, and she was only able to catch the last couple sentences.

“Okay, so we’ve decided on the Whore Goddess preset, which is good since it seems like a combination of several features this thing has” said Eva, tapping something on the screen, “and it looks like we can do a temporary one or a permanent one.”

“I wanna do the permanent one!” shouted Rylee, reaching over to tap the screen. “I’m sure Rayne won’t mind that much.”

Rayne, did, in fact, mind, screaming internally as the machine whirred to life. She was about to get some random whore haircut and it was going to be permanent? It ran entirely counter to everything she stood for. She stood there, terrified, as the smooth black metal arms of the machine gathered her waist-length, chocolate-brown hair into a ponytail, and she nearly fainted when she saw the clippers waggled before her eyes, as if to rub in what was about to happen, then felt them plunge directly into the center of her hairline. She saw Rylee and Sarah giggling as the clippers mowed down strip after strip of hair, while Eva fixed her with a look that could only be described as lustful. Rayne had no time to process what this meant, as she was too preoccupied as the machine pulled away her ponytail, leaving her once long and beautiful locks reduced to mere stubble. The machine then proceeded to lather up her head with shaving cream, as the clippers moved down to her nether regions, buzzing off the small bush of hair she had there. On the way, they quickly snipped off her eyebrows, as Rayne whimpered in despair. Was nothing sacred? Would her friends really take everything from her?

Once her entire scalp, along with the remnants of her eyebrows and pubic bush were shaved smooth, the machine sprayed a strange translucent green liquid all over her body, which seemed to harden into a thick shell where it touched her. It tingled at first, which quickly became a burning sensation, making Rayne groan around her gag with the pain of it. After the burning subsided, the machine peeled off the hardened liquid, leaving no trace of hair behind. Rayne noticed that even her arms, which normally had a fine pelt of baby hairs, were completely smooth and hairless. She started to cry as she realized that this was probably the “permanent” part of the process, and she would most likely never grow hair anywhere on her body again. Her chocolatey-brown hair, her pride and joy, all gone in an instant.

Terrified of what would come next, Rayne redoubled her concentration on what was happening outside, desperate for any sign of clemency. Unfortunately, there appeared to be none, as her friends chose a preset called “Cocksucker Supreme” for her mouth, and Rayne trembled at what this could possibly mean.

The band around her head forced her mouth wide open, and a needle came down and injected a strange fluid into her gums all over her mouth, making them go numb. A nozzle then proceeded to fill her entire mouth with a strange foam, and a vacuum cylinder of sorts came down and fit itself over her lips. It started to suck on them, and Rayne could do nothing but feel the sensations as her lips started to swell. When the cylinder finally released, they felt absolutely huge and puffy, and any hope of this being a temporary effect from the suction was dashed by the needle that came and injected more fluid into them, which Rayne assumed was some kind of reagent that made the changes permanent. The machine then forced her mouth open again, and pulled out the foam inside. Rayne could see a perfect semicircle of what looked like small white beads embedded in it as the machine took it away, then felt around with her tongue in horror and realized that it had taken her teeth. Sobbing even harder at the realization, she completely tuned out the sounds of her friends outside, resigned to her fate as a dress-up doll for them to play with without any care for the consequences for her.

Unfortunately, her friends were entirely determined to try out each and every aspect of the machine, and continued with the transformations. She barely caught the words “figure” and “ass” from the outside, but at this point she figured her situation could hardly be worse. The machine sent down four large vacuum cylinders, two of which attached to her wide-but-flat ass cheeks and two of which attached to her sleepy B-cup tits. She could watch this time, as the machine sucked on her breasts and they expanded to fill the cylinder, leaving her with perky breasts each the size of volleyballs. As the vacuum cylinder stayed on, her tits pressed up against its glass walls, a needle came and poked through the valve at the top, pumping her tits full of more green liquids as it pierced through her nipples. She felt a similar process happening on her ass, and assumed that she now had an ass to match her tits.

As this was happening, metal sheaths wrapped around her arms, legs, and waist, and began to squeeze her tightly. Again, she could feel suction, but not the same swelling sensation as she felt in her breasts and ass. When the machine seemed satisfied and the sheaths were removed, she glanced over to her arms and found them to be skinnier and more toned than they were before. She supposed that that was a positive, at least: she had always been on the chubbier side and never really liked her weight.

When the vacuum cylinders were removed from her breasts, another, smaller pair came down and encircled her nipples, again sucking until they filled the cylinder. With another injection of fluid, Rayne now had nipples sticking out a whole inch from her massive tits. She didn’t know if they were just erect or if they would permanently stick out that much, but her gut told her the latter was true.

After another short period of discussion, which Rayne tuned out once again, she was jolted back to awareness by two thin rods penetrating her asshole and vagina. Though she was incredibly wet from the manhandling her breasts and ass had received, the rods were too slim to do much more than tease. They both sprayed a fluid inside of her, which tingled but did not burn, before pulling out. Then, two more vacuum cylinders covered both her asshole and her pussy, and started to suck. This only proceeded to make her more horny, but again did nothing to bring her anywhere near orgasm. The vacuum cylinder on her ass released itself, followed by the now-familiar needle treatment, but the vacuum cylinder on her pussy remained there longer, until the skin was stretched achingly tight. Rayne almost couldn’t bear it any longer when the cylinder finally released and the needle injected her with the locking fluid. She noted looks of shock on Rylee and Sarah’s faces as the cylinder lifted, during which she felt a wobbling sensation, but she couldn’t see anything behind her massive tits.

Similarly to her nipples, another cylinder came down and covered Rayne’s small clit, sucking very hard and very intensely. Again, it wasn’t the stimulation Rayne needed to cum, so she could do nothing but sit there as she grew more and more aroused. She felt a jiggle as the cylinder was removed, followed by the slight pain of the needle once more. Noting that she could see the end of the syringe beyond her massive tits, Rayne once again was shocked, amplified by the fact that she could not see the transformation. How big had they made her down there?

Thankfully, they finally seemed to be done modifying Rayne’s body parts directly. However, her friends still had other tools to play with. After more discussion, Rayne watched as two needles came down and pierced her newly elongated nipples, giving her two thick and heavy nipple rings. She moaned in pain as the machine forced the jewelry through the small holes. They also gave her a matching septum ring, two helix piercings in each ear, and even had the machine pull out her tongue to give her two studs that sat awkwardly in her toothless mouth. Additionally, the machine pierced her earlobes twice. The piercing needles then moved lower, giving her a belly button piercing before stopping at her pussy. Rayne felt the clamps on the sensitive head of her clit, and screamed as the needle pushed through and a ring was forced inside. To add more insult to injury, it clamped and pierced her clit’s hood too, and she felt something fit around its base. She tried not to let the distance between the two piercings bother her. Finally, the machine added four studs in her labia, two in each lip.

All was still for a moment, then with another touch on the screen, the front glass wall turned mirror-like and Rayne could finally see herself for the first time. She could see her eyes grow wide with shock as she took in her new form. In her eyes, she was something hideous, something grotesque: every aspect of her body was altered to be sexualized in some way.

Her eyes first landed on her massive, wobbling tits, each one the size of her head and topped with a puffy areola and achingly erect nipple, her piercings stimulating them from the inside out.

Her gaze then fell to her lower half, not before noting that her waist had been pinched in beyond normal human proportions, making it look like she was wearing a corset and amplifying the apparent size of her tits and, as she noted, her ass. It too had been expanded; it was hard for her to see in the mirror but she reckoned each cheek must be near the same size of one of her tits as well.

Her attention quickly shifted to her pussy, which had been radically changed from the mere slit between her legs it had been before. It had been pumped viciously by the machine, to the point that her lips furled outward like some sick flower, studded folds framing her hole. She was grateful that the hole itself seemed mostly unchanged, and quickly focused on the thing she had been trying not to focus on, despite it being the seeming focal point of her new pussy: her clit. While before it had been a small thing, tucked within its hood, it now stood out like a stamen on a flower, three inches in length as far as she could tell, and like her nipples, achingly erect. She saw the thick ring through its head, the weight of it pulling the tip down slightly, and the ring encircling the base snugly, just tight enough to keep blood in the shaft and keep it erect, much like a cock ring. It mesmerized Rayne just as much as it sickened her, and she could barely tear her eyes away from it to look at her head and her face.

Her face was, at its core, still hers; cold comfort, given all of its differences. Rayne decided to examine her lips first, once again wanting to avoid looking at the most marked change. The machine had ungagged her, so her lips sat one on top of the other in a pout, forced slightly open by how swollen they were. Bee-stung, Rayne had heard it called before. She opened her mouth, and, as she expected, found it devoid of teeth, only an expanse of smooth gums broken only by the two studs pierced through her tongue. Closing her mouth, Rayne noted that her cheekbones seemed more noticeable, her cheeks sunken slightly with the lack of teeth. Her attention then shifted to the large, thick septum ring, bead just brushing her upper lip. It was humiliating to look at; she felt like some sort of livestock animal. With nowhere else to look, her gaze fell on the vast, smooth expanse of skin on the top of her head replacing her hair. Permanently so, if the machine was to be believed. It looked strange, almost alien when she considered her lack of eyebrows and eyelashes. On its own, she could have perhaps grown to like it, but with everything else, it completed the feeling that she had been made to be a walking sex toy. The thought disgusted her, and when the wall in front of her turned transparent again, she could see similar looks of disgust on her friends’ faces. All of them but one: when she looked at Eva, she could see her face blazing with lust, eyes roaming hungrily over every inch of her changed form.

A honk at the end of the alleyway drew everyone’s attention. Rayne saw the taxi, and watched as all her friends stumbled drunkenly towards it, piling in and leaving her alone with Eva. Eva watched them go and then turned back to Rayne with an evil, lusty smile on her face.

“Would you like to mark your transformant as your own?” Eva read off the screen. “Don’t mind if I do,” she said, pressing a button on the screen.

Rayne watched, heart sinking as she realized Eva was not yet done with turning her into a twisted, sexualized version of herself. The machine flicked on an attachment that looked suspiciously like a tattoo gun, and she quickly realized that’s exactly what it was as it started moving back and forth over her pubic mound, bringing a slight stinging sensation where it went. She couldn’t see what was happening beyond her tits, of course, but the wall once again went mirror-like over her lower half so she could see once it was done marking her. Her pubic mound now bore a circular design of random squares, almost like a QR code. In the center, there was another smaller circle completely filled in, except for the letters EM in a clean, modern font. Rayne realized rapidly what they meant: EM. Eva Montemerde. The initials of her tormentor. The QR-code like pattern gave the air of her being someone’s property, a mere product to be bought and sold, and her pussy was now permanently marked as Eva’s. The sheer shame and humiliation she felt at having fallen so far surged through her, and she felt herself go completely numb. What more could Eva do to her that would be worse than had already happened?

She barely paid attention to what happened after that. Eva made more selections on the machine, and she felt a thick needle shove something in the fleshy part of her arm. It then covered her eyes with some sort of VR-like headset, and played her a sequence of glowing lights and sounds that she couldn’t quite remember. She did remember her head feeling woozy, like her thoughts were being scrambled in a way she couldn’t quite place. She felt various bits of what felt like clothing being put on and taken off of her during this time, but couldn’t quite put together what was happening. At long last, Eva finally seemed satisfied, and the machine finally stopped its ministrations. It set Rayne back on the floor, and let her walk out, still a little lightheaded and wobbly on the high heels it had put her in.

Eva was there waiting for her, of course, and Rayne nearly fell headlong into her since her center of gravity had changed so much. Having regained her balance, Rayne just stood there on wobbly legs, staring at Eva with a look of pure helplessness on her face. She barely managed to croak out a small “why?” before Eva started moving towards her, that look of lust stronger than ever.

“Why? You want to know why I did this? I suppose that’s fair,” Eva drawled. “I did this because I wanted you, Rayne. I have for a long, long time.”

“You could have had me,” Rayne said, “You know I’m bi, you know I’d give you a chance, why this?”

“I am a woman of specific tastes. And I didn’t want you in just any old way; I wanted you like this. I wanted you to be my whore. And now you are.”

Rayne almost broke down into tears at this, throat choking up as the emotions overwhelmed her. “I had a life, I had a plan; what am I supposed to do looking like this? Looking like some souped-up sexpot for the rest of my life because of your stupid fantasy?”

Eva simply smiled and said, “You’ll live with me, I as good as own you now, after all. I’ll provide for your needs and you, in turn, will provide for mine. I will train you to be my perfect whore. You will know pain, of course, but you will above all know pleasure. It’s what you were made for now, after all.”

Rayne shuddered as Eva pulled her close at those words. She felt a hand running over her arms, teasing, until Eva reached under the crop top the machine had put on her and began to play with her tits. It felt heavenly, her touch, Rayne’s skin somehow being made more sensitive somewhere along the way. When her hands found Rayne’s nipples and gently tugged on the rings, Rayne could not help but let out a loud, lusty moan, clapping a hand over her puffed-up mouth as she did so, and letting out a softer moan as she felt her hand on her lips.

Eva gave a wry smile at that response and said “There will be pleasure just as good as that, and then even more. Now come along, our cab is waiting.”

Rayne had no choice but to follow, as Eva took hold of a leash attached to a collar the machine must have put on her and led her down the alleyway towards the street. She hobbled along, getting used to the high heels and trying her best to walk in a way that did not make her new assets jiggle too terribly, nor a way that rubbed her puffy pussy and asshole between her legs too maddeningly. Eventually she gave up, discovering that she could now only walk in a way that set her breasts and ass jiggling, thrusting them out in front of and behind her like she was presenting them to people.

As she got to the street, she could see her reflection in the window. The machine had dressed her in a horribly slutty outfit that almost made her feel worse than being fully exposed. She was wearing a thick collar around her neck, which forced her to hold her head high. A cropped tank top barely covered her breasts, exposing her now-ample cleavage and draping flowily over her nipples, making their erectness very apparent. The hem of the top was flowy, and only just reached past her areolae, leaving the bottom half of her tits exposed. Her tiny waist was exaggerated by a tight corset, leathery and clearly bondage-inspired. Beneath it, she was wearing an almost comically small miniskirt, which she could clearly see covered only half her ass in the back. It thankfully covered her in front, but was clearly being pushed outward by her throbbing clit. She was also wearing fishnet thigh-high socks, and heels which must have been at least five inches in height. They amplified the garish sexuality of her body, and in that moment she resigned herself to her fate. Even if she had completely covered every inch of her skin, she could never get past how her body was transformed, made for sex. What else could she do?

When Eva led her over to the cab, she made no further protest and simply got in the car alongside her new master. She tried and failed to suppress a moan as Eva’s hand curled around her erection under her skirt, and felt the pleasure wash over her as the cab pulled away, taking her into her new life.

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  1. This may be one of the most erotic and humiliating stories I’ve read here. No fetish was left untouched. I imagined myself in Rayne’s place, totally at the mercy of Eva’s exotic idea of perfection. Maybe a sequel? Eye opening and awesome!

  2. This is one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. The combination of permanent hair removal and body transformation is very creative, love it! Can’t wait to read more of your stories.

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