Razor, Lather, and Nipple Clips

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It was 6:00, I was getting ready to close when she walked in. We had met a couple months before in a bar and our conversation seemed to go straight to kink and eroticism. She was in her 40s, curvy, and attractive. I had given her a card with the address of my shop.

She apparently remembered the conversation specifically, she wore a nice satin pussy bow blouse with billowy sleeves and a high waist leather skirt. She had full eye make-up on and her hair was teased and sprayed. She was a vision of how I like to see a woman dressed.

She asked if I was busy, I said “No, what can I do for you?”

I’d like to sit in your chair, and I want you to take me, and do as you wish. I’ve dressed and made myself presentable for you.

I see, and smiled at her from the reflection in the mirror. I wrapped the tissue paper around her neck and draped her in a black vinyl cape, I fastened it a little tighter than normal. I stood behind her and massaged her shoulders and neck, then each of her arms through the billowy satin sleeves down to her wrists. She closed her eyes, I tilted the chair back. I smoothed the cape over breasts, I noticed she had worn a shelf bra, I gently massaged her nipples for a few seconds very lightly. I pumped the chair up higher. I placed my hand between her legs, I fingered her pussy and noticed she could use a trim down there. I took the electric clippers and sheared her pussy hair. I went to the drawer and took out two pairs of nipple clamps. I took one pair and attached them to her pussy lips. She let out a slight gasp. I waited 30 seconds and tightened a bit more, she gasped again. The other pair I fastened to her nipples in the same way through the vinyl cape and the satin of her blouse. I took a warm towel and wrapped under chin and over her face.
I cupped both her breasts with my hand and gave them a slight jiggle watching the clamps do a little dance on her nipples. I took a pair of belt straps and fastened her arms to the side of the chair.

I put a string quartet CD on the stereo, the music was Bach.

I rubbed pre-shave cream on her face in a circular motion with my finger tips, starting on her left cheek, chin, and neck, I use my entire hand to rub it in more deeply. Next I got a handful of hot lather from the machine and covered her face with it, I heard say “mmmm.” I placed a hot towel over face tightly. Then placed another hot towel over that and held it over her face causing her to concentrate on taking slow deep breaths. I let her lay there for a couple of minutes I cupped her breasts and jiggled them a bit and watched the nipple clips appear to dance. I tightened the clamps on her pussy lips, and tightened her nipple clamps too.

I took the straight razor and stropped on the leather strap, pfffft, pfffft, pffft, pfffft.
I removed the towels from her face and re-lathered her face with the hot shave cream.
I asker her “are you ok.” She replied with a smile. She had attained a blissful state and was in the moment of the experience. I took the razor to her cheeks in a downward, then across her chin, and short strokes under her nose and lips. I then placed the razor to her neck I told her to “be VERY still.” I wiped the remaining lather off her face, placed another hot towel tightly over face and gently covered her nose and mouth, I was in control of her breathing. I applied a green facial masque liberally on her face and left it to harden.

I wiped my hands, strapped an electric massager to the back of my hand and applied KY jelly to the thumb and middle finger of my other hand. I sat on a rolling chair by her side, switched on the massager and massaged her shoulders and chest. I inserted my thumb in her pussy and my middle finger very slowly in to her ass, I slid them in and out several times and squeezed the fingers together through her vaginal wall. I used the massager on her thighs, on the top and sides of her stomach. She has large DD or DDD breasts and admit I love to see them jiggle and see the nipple clamps “dance.” I brought her to orgasm. I let her lay there alone as the facial masque continued to harden.

I placed a hot towel over her face to melt the facial masque and gently remove it. I applied one more hot towel. Next I applied a moisturizing facial cream and gave her a gentle and thorough face massage. I wrapped 2 more hot towels over her face very tightly. I removed the clips from her pussy lips, and loosened and removed the clamps from her nipples. I held the towels over face and controlled her breathing, I watched her chest rise and fall through the shiny black vinyl cape. I removed the hot towels, applied a cool towel, then powdered her face dabbing it with a dry towel to smooth it over her face and neck.

I stood over her and looked at her authoritatively, she slowly opened her eyes………….

I raised the back of the chair facing her towards the mirror. I stood behind and stared at her reflection in the mirror, as if I was thinking about what to do next. I did it long enough that she got a bit uncomfortable, she asked “are we finished?” I said “no, I have something else I need to do to you. Sit still. I unfastened the cape from her neck and pulled it away. I ran my hands over her satin covered shoulders, arms, and breasts. She sighed blissfully. I released the straps on her arms, I stood behind her and untied the large bow of her blouse and unbuttoned her blouse exposing her breasts. I put my arms around her and released her bra strap, unbuttoned the cuffs of her blouse and removed it and her bra. I stood behind her gently fondling her breasts as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. I again strapped her arms to the side of the chair. I took out a leather corset collar, I told her there is a rubber ball attached and you need to open your mouth so that I can insert it. Her eyes widened with fear. I laced up the back of the collar tightly and evenly to restrict her head movements. I proceeded to gently massage her breasts, I applied the cool pre-shave cream to her breasts and massaged it in much like I did on her face. Circular movements with my fingers progressing to a full open hand massage, I them squeezed breasts with increasing force just enough to cause her some slight discomfort.
I went to the lather machine and dispensed a large handful of cream and applied it to her breasts. I began stropping the straight razor again, pffft, pffft, pffft, staring at her. Her eyes teared up. I instructed her “if you remain still everything will be fine, if you move though, well, you know what could happen. Do you understand?” She nodded yes. I took the razor to her left breast making short light strokes. “That isn’t so bad is it?” She nodded no, yet she was still tearing up. I then shaved her right breast. I got some more hot lather from the machine and applied it under her breasts. Re-stropped the razor a few times. “Now be VERY still.” I grabbed her left nipple and lifted her breast so I could shave underneath. She squealed through the rubber gag, “remember, be very still” I lifted her nipple higher and shaved the underside of her breast. Ok, now one more to go dear. I grabbed her right nipple and lifted it, I said “are you ok?” Knowing very well I was causing her discomfort. We’re almost done, I lifted her breast higher and shaved the under side of her right breast. I took a hot towel and wiped off the excess lather from her chest. I tilted the chair back and covered her chest with cool towels. I dried the tears from her eyes, and applied eye shadow to her eye lids. I removed the neck corset, applied some blush to her cheeks and applied a pink lip gloss to her lips. I raised the chair, and pouffed her hair a bit, re-spraying it for that salon perfect look. I handed her the bra and blouse and said you can use the backroom to get dressed. She didn’t make eye contact, she went to the room and closed the door.


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