Razor’s Edge: A Brand New World

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***Author Note: Greetings all. I’m sorry for taking so long between submissions! I appreciate all of the kind words of encouragement that many of you have sent me. I hope to begin publishing again more frequently, so please feel free to reach out to me with ideas on where you’d like me to continue. I know I’ve left a few stories dangling! Thanks again for reading.

I spent much of the afternoon after my denuding exploring my newly smoothed head. Where I would normally feel the subtle roughness of hair regrowth after only a few hours, now I only felt a soft, smooth and slick scalp. I even noticed that it had a sheen to it, that it never had before, either from the growth inhibitor, or from the natural oils of my scalp. One thing was for certain though, I took every opportunity to look at myself in every reflective surface in my house. Although I didn’t look too different from when I left this morning, I certainly felt different; sexier, more confident, and definitely more bald than ever. The tightness I felt from the growth inhibitor seemed to subside after a while, which I assumed was part of the process. I was skeptical about the permanent claims of the ointment, but if what Beckah said was true, I was well on my way to being a permanently bald beauty. I snapped out of my daze and hopped into the car to pick Jennifer up from School.

I was both curious and terrified about her first day as a bald girl would go as I drove down the street. While I waited in line I turned her appointment card over in my hand. I made it for Friday, but perhaps I was too presumptuous about her love of being bald. I needed to make sure that this was something that she wanted before I let Beckah take her hair from her. As I pulled forward I could see a mob of girls around Jennifer talking to her. She had the biggest grin on her face as she talked to them. When she was nervous in the past, she would unconsciously play with her hair. Without her safety blanket attached to her head anymore, she spent the conversation reaching up and brushing her non existent hair back behind her perfectly exposed ears. Without too much hassle she finally noticed my car and bounded towards me after saying goodbye to her entourage. 

“New friends?” I asked with a smile. “They seem nice.”

“Yeah!” Jennifer replied half out of breath from her jog over to the car. “I knew I would get some attention today, but I didn’t think I’d become a popular kid powerhouse overnight.”

“So I’m assuming today went well?” I asked nervously.

“Beyond well!” She replied, throwing her backpack into the back seat. “At first I got a lot of stares, but in home room when Mrs. Turner asked what happened, I told them I was in the mood for a fresh start and decided to shave my head. Everyone was super supportive.”

“No ugly comments?” I replied.

“None.” She said back with a smile. “In fact, Matt from my Biology class told me that I looked beautiful!”

“Matt, Matt?” I smiled back in disbelief. “The boy you’ve had a crush on since 3rd grade?”

“The one and only!” Jennifer said reclining her seat all the way back and stretching. “This has been the perfect day.”

“And it only took you shaving your head to happen.” I said reaching back to rub her head. “Feels a little rough.”

“I know!” She said annoyed. “I hate how fast my hair grows. I started feeling stubble by 4th period.”

“So are we continuing with this experiment, or are we going to grow it back out?” I asked, testing the waters.

“I’m not ready to deal with hair yet.” She replied back. “I want it to be smooth again.

At home, we enjoyed taco night as a family as Jennifer told us about her day. Bill was absolutely beaming with joy to hear that she had a great day. Although I was externally more nervous than he was, I knew that it weighed on his mind as well.

“Well I’m just glad to be surrounded by my two favorite women tonight.” Bill said with a smile.

“Two favorite bald women.” Jennifer corrected him with a smirk.

“Very true.” Bill admitted.

“Mom, what did you put on your head to make it shine like that?” Jennifer asked. “It looks perfectly smooth.”

“Just some stuff I picked up from the salon.” I smiled. “Nothing special.”

“I love it!” She replied. “Can I borrow some after I shave again?”

“We’ll have to see.” I replied. “I don’t have much of it.”

After dinner, Jennifer went into her room to jump onto a Skype chat with her friends while Bill and I cleaned up.

“Your scalp really does look perfect.” Bill said kissing me on my head.

“Really?” I asked making a mock model pose. “How perfect?”

“Like you’ve never had a single hair grace that head of yours in your life.” Bill replied. “I don’t see the shadow of your hair anymore.”

“Beckah said once I get some color on my scalp that my shadow shouldn’t be as noticeable.” I half lied as I loaded the dishwasher. “Does it bother you that you can’t see it anymore?”

“Not at all.” He replied with a smile. “You look gorgeous.”

“Good answer.” I smiled and kissed him on the lips. “That may have earned you a little treat later.”

“You know I’ll never turn down a treat.” He said wrapping is arms around me and nuzzling into my neck. “Whatever product you’ve put on your head smells great.”

“It’s a growth inhibitor.” I tested the waters. “It will hopefully increase the time I have between shaves.”

“So it’ll stop your hair from growing back?” He asked while kissing the back of my neck. “How long does it work?”

“For as long as I want it to?” I said as I turned to face him. “For a few weeks, all the way to forever if I want.”

“And do you want this forever?” He asked as he ran his hand over my slick head. 

“Would I be stupid in saying yes?” I asked as I passionately kissed Bill. 

“No.” He replied back as he walked with me back to our bedroom. “I love my bald and beautiful wife.”

With that, I pushed him onto the bed and pulled his pants down to expose his throbbing penis. Without saying a word, I knelt down and engulfed Bill’s manhood into my mouth. As I bobbed up and down on him, he reached down and ran his fingers all over my head. After a few moments, I felt Bill tense up as he gripped the back of my head and came into my mouth. It was almost too much to handle as I gulped it down. Eventually his gripped lessoned and I did what I could to clean him up with my tongue.

“Thank you.” He said breathlessly. “You are amazing.”

“I expect the favor to be returned in kind.” I smiled

“Yes my Queen.” He replied.

“Bald Queen.” I corrected.

Bill smiled as he flung me onto the bed and buried himself in my mound. He dutifully lapped away at my juices as I played with his salt and pepper hair. After a few minutes I lost control and came harder than I ever had before. Afterwards we played there together as he continued to pet my hairless scalp.

“So. Forever bald.” Bill said kissing me on my head. “I could get used to this.”

“Seems like you already have.” I smiled back. “I do worry about what Jennifer will say.”

“Like mother, like daughter?” Bill asked.

“Exactly.” I replied.

“It’s just a cream.” Bill said. “Theoretically she could just stop using it when she wants for her hair to grow back. Right?”

“Not entirely.” I said sheepishly. “I may or may not have let Beckah do an experimental treatment on my scalp that destroyed all of my hair follicles and unceremoniously removed them from my scalp.”

“Wow.” Bill replied. “I knew you liked being bald. But I never would have guessed you’d sign up for that.”

“She’s very persuasive.” I said back. “Besides, a few moments ago, you were very much so in favor of a permanently bald wife.”

“I am!” He smiled back. “But this adds a whole new level of realism.”

“I know.” I kissed him on the forehead. “I also may or may not have made an appointment for Jennifer to have the same treatment done.”

“Wow.” Bill replied.

“Stop saying wow!” I hit him with a chuckle.

“I have a feeling Beckah won’t need to convince her at all to shed what’s left of her hair.” Bill said rubbing his arm in jest.

“But is that the right thing for her?” I asked seriously.

“It’s her head and her life.” Bill replied. “Let her choose.”

The rest of the week went by uneventfully. I dutifully used my growth inhibitor after every shower and did not see a hint of regrowth all week. After a few days, my scalp stopped feeling tight, but I did notice many small, hard, white specks on my pillow each morning. Upon closer inspection, I determined that they were dormant hair bulbs that my scalp pushed out. 

Friday afternoon, I waited for Jennifer in the pick-up line. She was once again, surrounded by girls. Once she noticed me, she said her goodbyes and hopped into the car.

“How about we have a girl’s night tonight?” I asked. “Dinner, movie, and maybe the hair salon.”

“Sounds like a blast!” She replied. “I’d ask if you were going to get re-shaved, but you still look perfect.”

“That’s one of the reason’s why we’re going.” I replied as we made our way to The Razor’s Edge. “How badly do you want to stay bald?”

“Pretty bad!” She replied with a smile. “I love the look, but hate shaving every day.”

“What if there was a way that you could stay bald forever?” I asked “Would you do it?”

“In a heartbeat!” I said excitedly. “Is that what you did to your head?”

“Maybe.” I said sheepishly. “I just want to make sure you know what you’re signing yourself up for. You’ll never have hair again.”

“What if I told you that the idea of growing my hair back, makes me physically ill?” She replied back. “I would love to be permanently bald. How do we do it?”

“I made you an appointment with Beckah.” I said handing her the card. “That is your ticket to losing your hair for life.”

“You are the best mom ever!” She squealed. “I promise I won’t ask you for anything else for at least a week!”

“So what will Matt think?” I asked as we pulled into the parking lot. “Do you think he’ll love the new permanently bald and beautiful Jennifer?”

“I think so!” She replied. “But even if he doesn’t, I don’t care. I’m doing this for me.”

With that, we walked into the Salon, and no sooner had we walked in that we were approached by Beckah.

“Are you ready my dear?” She asked leading Jennifer to her chair.

“Yes!” Was her only reply

I watched as Beckah smeared the conductive gel all over Jennifer’s head. Although she winced from the cold, her excitement shone through the discomfort. I held her hand as Beckah ran her machine over the hardened gel, and again before she began pealing the cap from her scalp.

“How do you feel?” I asked

“Like a new woman in a brand new world!” She replied

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  1. Welcome back, Secretshaver.

    I’ve been a fan since you first appeared in 2019 with The Razor’s Edge and The Lake House trilogies. That said, I like so many things about your writing style, and story content (particularly your affinity for permanent hair and teeth removal). Yeah, your stories speak to me as if you’re reading my mind. Go figure.

    And, as far as your writing style … I always prefer stories written by people who understand what a paragraph is, and how important it is to use them. Besides the fact that it makes anything, and everything, easier to look at … easier to follow … and ultimately, easier to read. Yeah, I know. It’s not a perfect world. Not even close.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say ‘Hi’, and offer best wishes upon your return. I look forward to reading, and enjoying, more of your thoroughly entertaining stories in the near future.

    Jenna (aka ‘Insatiable’ and ‘Fantasy Girl’)

    1. I believe I left the epilogue hanging on the Lake House. I’d like to finish that up, but I know that there are several other story lines I need to put to bed as well. I’ve been bad about using “to be continued,” and then moving onto another story. Thanks for reading.

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