Razor’s Edge: The Day After

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I was still riding the high of my head being shaved as Jennifer and I drove home, but reality didn’t quite hit me until we pulled into the garage next to Bill’s car. I turned off the engine and sat there in silence, staring at the back wall.

“You okay mom?” Jennifer asked, running a hand over my smooth scalp. “I’m sure dad is going to love this.”

“I know, but I didn’t warn him or anything.” I said as I reached up to touch Jennifer’s hand with mine. “And now I’m bald. I’m sure he’s going to freak out or think I’m crazy.”

“Well then, let’s go pull that bandaid off then.” Jennifer said smiling as she turned and opened her door. “Delaying the inevitable doesn’t help anyone.”

Jennifer and I left the car and walked into the house. I could see Bill was sitting in the living room watching television.

“Hey honey.” I called out to him as I put my purse on the counter. “We’re back from the salon.”

“Oh great! Hey girls. I figured we’d order dinner in tonight. Do you have a craving for anything?” Bill asked turning towards us. Jennifer had the biggest grin on her face as Bill’s gaze met my own and his jaw dropped.

“They were able to squeeze me in after all.” I said as I ran my hands over my scalp. “Do you like it?”

“Your hair.” Bill replied with his eyes locked on me. “It’s gone.”

“Yep.” I replied. “ I decided that I wanted something new and exciting. “

“You’re bald.” Bill said as he stood up from the couch and walked towards me. “Like bald, bald.”

“Yes. That’s the idea.” I said as I guided his hand to my head. “First my hairdresser buzzed my hair short, and then she shaved it smooth. What do you think?”

“It’s different.” Bill said as she continued to caress my head. “It’s so smooth. It feels good.”

“Well I got the side of my head buzzed just for your information.” Jennifer said with a grin. “I’m going to leave you two to discuss mom’s impulsivity.”

I led Bill back the bedroom. His hand had not left my head since he started touching it. As if he was in a trance, I unzipped his pants and pushed him to the bed. The bulge that greeted me when I pulled his pants off told me everything I needed to know about my new cut. I exposed his throbbing penis and engulfed it in my mouth. As if on queue, Bills hands shot straight for my head and began to dig his fingertips into my scalp as I proceeded to suck on his member. I made sure to move nice and slow so he could explore my newly exposed head. After a short while, I felt Bill give in and explode in my mouth. He convulsed briefly, and ran a hand softly over my head. After swallowing, I kissed my way back up to his face.

“I’ll take that as a ‘I love your new hairstyle dear.’” I said pecking him on the cheek. “I’m sorry I didn’t give you any warning about this. It was a spur of the moment thing.”

“I like it Rhonda.” Bill said back, kissing the top of my head. “I knew you were hoping to get your hair cut tonight. I just wasn’t expecting you to come home bald.”

“So you approve?” I asked as I nuzzled into his chest. “Because I am actually in love with this feeling.”

“Of course I approve.” Bill said as he flipped me onto my back. “And since you gave me a treat, you need to let me return the favor.”

Bill reach up my skirt and pulled off my panties. I reach to the back of his head and gently pushed him into my mound. I wasn’t shy about what I liked, and Bill knew what to do to make sure I got everything coming to me. As he lapped away at my glistening mound, my hand shot up to my own head to feel the glorious smoothness. It wasn’t long before I climaxed, pulling Bill’s head hard against my pelvis until the sensation died down. We spent the rest of the evening loving on each other in the bed, completely ignoring dinner. The night quickly passed and Saturday morning reared it’s ugly head.

I woke up to an empty bed, which was pretty typical on Saturdays. Bill likely got up around 6 to check in at his office, leaving Jennifer and I to our own devices. I crawled out of bed and threw on a bathrobe before shuffling to the kitchen where Jennifer was eating cereal and scanning her cell phone. She had her hair flipped to the side, exposing her buzzed section.

“Hey baldie!” Jennifer said looking up from her phone with a sly smile. “Glad to see you’re alive. I ordered a pizza last night, but you and dad seemed too busy to join me. You gotta be hungry.”

“I’m exhausted.” I said pouring a cup of coffee. “Sorry for ditching you last night.”

“That’s okay.” Jennifer said as she got up to put her bows in the sink. “I’m a big girl, and it looked like you and dad needed some alone time. How does your head feel today?”

“A little raspy actually.” I said running my hands over my scalp. “That’s a little disappointing compared to freshly shaved.”

Jennifer came over and touched my head. “You’re right. Smooth felt much better on you. What are you going to do about it?”

“I guess I could shave it myself.” I said as I poured the creamer into my coffee. “I don’t know if I can wait for my appointment. The regrowth will drive me nuts.”

“I could help, if you want.” Jennifer said as she sat across from me. “It may be hard to do the back of your head by yourself.”

“Sure.” I said with a chuckle. “If you don’t think it’s weird to shave your mother’s head.”

“Shut up and finish your coffee.” Jennifer laughed back. “Meet in your bathroom in 30 minutes?”

“Sounds good.” I said as I downed the last gulp of coffee. “I’ll shower and find a good razor. I’ll see you there.”

I walked over to the bathroom, closed the door before I disrobed. It was my first time seeing myself bald and naked at the same time. I looked good but the stubble was very noticeable compared to the smoothness from the night before. I rummaged through our vanity drawers and found one of Billy’s Mach 3 razors. Buried deep in the same drawer was Bill’s old beard trimmer. He had lost the guards to it years ago, and I had begged him to trash it or put it in one of our yard sales, but he never would. I took them out of the drawer to inspect them. They had a good heft to them.

I hopped into the shower and felt the hot water beat on my bare head for the first time. It was heavenly. If I needed one more reason that reinforced my new haircut, my shower time was reduced in half! From outside the curtain, I heard my bathroom door open.

“You almost ready mom?” I heard Jennifer ask.

“Almost, just enjoying the sensation!” I replied as I soaked up quickly. “I found some supplies.”

“I see that.” Jennifer said as I finished up. “What’s up with the clippers?”

“It’s your dad’s old beard trimmer.” I replied, turning off the shower and reaching for a towel. “It was hiding in the drawer with his razors.”

“Do you think he’d mind if I used it to trim up my side buzz?” Jennifer asked, plugging the trimmer into the wall. “I was thinking of graduating to a side shave.”

As I stepped out of the shower, I could see Jennifer staring at the trimmer in her hands, clearly turning a thought over in her head.

“No, I don’t think he’d mind.” I said taking the trimmers from her hand. “You help me shave my head smooth and I’ll help you with your side shave.

“Deal.” Jennifer said as she grabbed a can of shaving lotion. I sat down on my bathroom stool with my towel pulled tight over my breasts. Jennifer took her tine to work up a good lather and spread the cream all over my scalp before taking the razor and start to scrape the growth from my head. Strip after strip was removed until my head was as smooth as it was the night before. I did a quick inspection with my hairs and only felt pure smoothness.

“Great job honey.” I said as I patted the remaining cream off from around my ears. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome mom.” She replied with a smile. “Now get your butt up, it’s my turn.”

We traded places and she flipped her hair over to the side, exposing her side buzz. I ran my hands over her buzzed blonde hair and then through her mid back length hair.

“So we’re shaving the side to the skin?” I asked as I picked up the trimmer. “Your dad lost the guards to this year’s ago, so you really only have one option.”

“Shave it smooth.” Jennifer said tilting her head to expose the buzzed part. “Just like yours.”

“Just the side?” I asked with a chuckle. “Because if we made it ‘just like mine,’ you’d be losing a lot more than quarter inch of hair.”

“Let’s start with the side.” Jennifer replied, returning the chuckle. “We’ll see how I feel after that.”

I flipped the trimmers on with a pop. Jennifer didn’t flinch as I brought them towards her and quickly pealed away the short hairs on the side of head. I made several passes with the trimmers, which did a good job  of reducing the hair to a fine stubble.

“How does that feel?” I asked, running my hands over the area.

Jennifer tilted her head to get a better view in the mirror. “Looks good, but do you think you could expand the shave? I want it a little bigger.”

“Sure honey.” I said, turning the trimmer back on, and moving it to her hairline. Without hesitation, I pulled the trimmers along the shaved part, sending a cascade of long blonde hair to the floor before turning them off. “Wide enough?”

Jennifer tilted her head again to inspect my work. “Not really.” She said biting her lip. “Maybe a little wider?”

Seeing that my daughter appeared plagued with a certain thought, I turned the trimmer on again, before placing them at Jennifer’s center part. Without a word, I dragged the trimmers back over her crown and down her nape. Jennifer sat there awestruck. “I’m going to shave your head nice and smooth honey.” I whispered in her ear.

Jennifer nodded without saying a word. I resumed my work, sending strip after strip of mid back length blonde hair to the floor until her entire head was reduced to stubble.

Jennifer’s hands reach up to her head and ran over every inch of it while staring at herself in the mirror.

“We can leave it like this.” I said picking up the can of shave lotion. “Or we can take it all the way. Your choice.”

“Smooth.” Was all Jennifer said.

We wetted her head with warm water before I began to spread the thick cream over her head. Jennifer sat there transfixed by her image in the mirror as I began to scrape away the cream, revealing her beautifully smooth scalp. Strip after strip disappeared until Jennifer was completely bald.

“Feel better baby?” I asked as I ran my fingertips over her scalp.

“Yes!” She replied with her eyes shut.

“I guess we’re both bald beauties for now.” I said, kissing her on the top of her head. “At least until we decide to grow it back.”

“Never going to happen mom.” Jennifer replied, running her hands over her head with an ear to ear smile. “I think this is more of a long term look for me.”

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    1. Thank you! It means a lot to me that people enjoy my stories. I travel quite a bit, so writing helps me pass the time. Feel free to reach out to me if there’s a particular topic that you’d like me to explore. The whole Lake-house series came from the request of one of my readers. Thanks for reading!

  1. Love your style and the sexual manner you write your stories please don’t ever stop ?
    By the way… could you write about a threesome. two women and a man
    A husband finds a dominant call girl to shave his wife bald to satisfy his fetish.

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