Real Red Rapunzel

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Recently I met Rose, a short haired redhead with a lovely face and a soft Spanish voice to melt… She told one of those things which triggers me as a hair-fetishist the most, and certainly has my full attention…

She had participated in a video for which her hair had been cut. I was all ears from that moment on…


She let me read the introduction on the landing page of her video:


No one knows how many naturally red-headed Latina women there are out there. Very few, that much we can say for sure.

And now there’s one less.

Triple R – Real Red Rapunzel – as you’re about to find out, is pretty, delightful and hella brave. We say this because you have never seen hair like this cut and shaved off before. Her hair is not just long, it’s not just thick, it’s luxuriant. It’s unique. When she secures her hair atop her head for the last time it’s like she has tamed and secured a wild, beautiful creature.

What you’re about to watch is a head-shaving transformation unlike anything you’ve seen before. And the thing is this: Triple R’s haircut lasts forever. We don’t just shave her in seconds, this is a haircut and shave that lasts and lasts. And lasts.

So buckle down, subscribers. Savour this one


I looked amazed at her, interested in the whole story. Rose smiled at me and teasingly stroked her short hair.

“You wanna see it? Or shall I just tell you what happened.. or maybe both?”


I gaped, sure I wanted to see this transformation, on the other hand, hearing her talking in her soft Spanish voice was an erotic experience in itself. Her voice had this special effect on me that made my member become harder. Talking about cutting her lovely long red hair, it made me horny and she understood it… as it made her horny also.

See Rose with her long red rapunzel hair

“Indeed I had this long thick hair as they describe. It reached past my butt, with those lovely waves from the middle of my back till the end. My hair was healthy and I loved to play with it, even, or maybe you’d wanna hear “even better” when I was alone in my room, naked. It was such a soft material, I loved the feeling of it tickling on my skin. Therefore I didn’t plan to cut it, but you know, that’s just what happened last year. Let’s say I was at the wrong time at the wrong place, or maybe not.“ she laughed, I melted for this girl, hungry for more of her story.


“There was this mall, and there was this barbershop. In front of it was some modelling going on it seemed. I saw a few long haired girls and a few people taking pictures of these girls. They did modelling with emphasis on their long hair, which was obvious as a lot of attention was paid for poses in which their hair came out good. After a while a couple of girls entered the barbershop and some photographers followed them. They repeated this action a few times, which gave me the hint that it was a film shoot. Eventually the girls went in and didn’t come back. I was intrigued. Long haired girls in a barbershop…  It made my juices boil, I had to see what was going on. You certainly recognize this feeling… wrong time, wrong place…”


Again this marvellous laughter and the touching of her hair. I could guess the story, but loved to hear it from her. Her lovely Spanish voice telling me she got turned on by the idea of a few long haired girls entering a barbershop. Oh yes, I certainly recognize the urge to discover more.

“So I decided to walk to this barbershop, curious to see a glimpse of what would go on inside. But because my juices were so hot, I wasn’t paying enough attention to acting secretly. I more or less stumbled on the film crew. Just at that moment the door of the shop opened and a completely bald girl stepped out. I stopped and my mouth fell open, she looked stunning, but was this one of the girls I saw before? Couldn’t believe it, shaving a head would take time… So this was somebody else… and thus the others were still inside.

I heard one of the photographers speaking to me, “nice result isn’t it? Would love to see you there…” I turned to her, an attractive young lady with some tattoos and also a bald head. I was still under the spell of my conclusion about the others, that her remark didn’t reach me. So I asked her to repeat her question. Which she did with a laugh. I was struck by the implications of her remark.

But when she added, “why don’t you go in and see what’s happening, I guess that’s what you like, which is no shame. Maybe we can talk afterwards. Go in, don’t hesitate, follow your lust” she literally used that word “lust” as if she could smell the juices in my panties. I hesitated but she urged again and then opened the shop door… guess that at that moment I was sold, but didn’t know it yet.

I entered the barbershop, a place I never would have entered under other circumstances. As a woman this was no place for me. Nevertheless, there were these long haired girls I had seen before. One of them was already sitting in this huge barber chair, the others in the waiting row. The barberette was combing the long jet black hair of the girl. It shined beautifully after so many passes of the brush. The long hair was then divided in parts. Partly pinned on the head, so you could see the long black hair in her neck.

I was captivated by the view, especially when the clippers were set at the base of the neck. I kept my breath as I saw these long black tresses fall to the ground. Half of the length was shorn this way, then came the comb and the clippers were run over it, cutting the rest, some five or six centimetres. I loved what I saw.


The photographer whom I met outside had some colleagues working here. Inside they were filming the haircut. She had entered after me and stood behind me. Silently she played with my long red locks. I didn’t realize it… until her soft sexy voice said “such beautiful hair, so long and so red… I’d love to take pictures of you and I’d love to see you in this chair. I think that’s what you want deep inside, am I wrong? “
Well, I thought at that moment that she was wrong indeed. But instead I could only utter a confirmation… “I thought so, enjoy this haircut and of the other girls, choose one whom you’d like to be next, so enjoy your view to the maximum. Then come with me outside and let me play with your lovely red hair… you won’t regret it” 

Choosing the next girl was an intriguing act, I got excited, more juice in my panties. It was hard to choose. All had long flowing hair, locks to die for and all young beautiful girls. But only one was blond, so I chose her and told the photographer. The girl stood up and walked to the free chair, the fate of her locks had been decided by me… Never ever in my dreams had this been possible.

“Okay and now you have chosen, you may even tell us how you’d like us to cut her hair. We can shave her head, all long blond locks in one rush of the head. A big pile of long blond hair rapidly on the ground. Or we can cut her with scissors, in stages till she has really short hair on the head. Or shall we shave one side and cut the other. More hair on the floor if we cut half of her, give her a bob and cut her later again. 

Only condition is that she ends up bald.

As you will this afternoon my dear, which is why we let you participate. I want your hair, your fiery red long soft locks lying on my table, my trophy. To touch it and remember you and this afternoon… We’ll make a video of you, you’ll get your copy. It will be displayed on our platform, you’ll get your share.“ 

A bit flabbergasted as I was, I looked at her and told her my name. This was a turn of events completely unexpected.”


She paused, I asked her to tell me her name, as I was starting to like her and wouldn’t want to see her as a stranger. So it was Rose… Red Rose I thought, but that must have been a joke she has heard her whole life. Nevertheless, she herself made it. We both laughed about it.

“Yeah, my parents must have known that they would get a redhead. But never mind, that’s my name. They liked this British actress, with almost the same name and red hair. You know her? Rose Leslie…, from Mortal Engines.”

“I think you have a beautiful name, it fits your appearance. Although, I can Imagine that when your hair was longer, it was more obvious. Interesting what you tell me, so lively… How was it to be able to choose the style of cutting, and how did you feel when she was bald… did you touch her head? “


I was full of questions… and still feeling my hard member!I wanted Rose to continue,to stay with this nice feeling in my pants. I wanted to hear her telling about her own haircut, to know and hear about how it was cut.

If she had been bald also…

And I wanted to experience my erotic feelings with her, in a private setting. As I told earlier, she must have guessed this as she was building tension in her story…


“Want to hear more about what I chose? You enjoy this hey… well I did too at that time. And I still become wet when I think about this blondie… Ow… that’s not what a lady should say.” she laughed and her face went red.

I laughed also “Don’t worry, it is good to know you got turned on, as is your story doing to me, to be honest dear Rose.”

“Thank you for being honest, I thought so to see it in your eyes. I don’t mind, on the contrary. After I have finished, come with me and we’ll enjoy my video, wouldn’t you like that? And we’ll see what happens further.”

“Oh Rose, that’s an amazing invitation, I hardly can wait to see or hear what happened to your long red hair” I told her and her hand stroked my hand.


“Good, so there was this blonde… I love to see scissors being used to cut off long hair, so my decision was partly made already, on the other hand, half cutting with scissors and half shaving the locks was exciting also. So I told my wishes and the photographer told me to lean back and enjoy… I stood by the blonde girl and let her locks glide through my hands. Soon this was all off her head, on its way to the ground. No more lovely locks, but converted into trash. A shame I thought and asked if I could keep some of the blonde locks after cutting. My own trophy…

“Would you like to cut yourself a few locks of her blonde hair ? That’s what you may keep then, as I’ll keep yours…”  The photographer told me… I was turned on by the idea of cutting this blonde hair. Still touching it… they gave me a pair of scissors. I was surprised how it felt, blonde locks in one hand, scissors in the other. Only in my fantasies I had been able to do this, and now this beauty was ready to be shorn by me.
With my free hand I stroked the hair and lifted a few strands from her head. I got a comment to show it to the camera and show the scissors before closing them on the blond strands. Slowly I put the scissors in the blonde strand, less than a centimetre from her scalp. I really enjoyed the feeling when I closed the scissors and heard this shrink shrink shrink sound of hair in scissors. My juices nearly escaped my pussy – oh sorry again, I lost my manners – when the strand came loose and I held it in my hands. I realized what I had just done… and wanted to do it again.

The sweet taste of something you longed for and now being able to do at one time, you certainly know how that feels… I gave the strand away and took another one from the head. Soft blond hair on my free hand, oh boy that was a wonderful feeling. I didn’t even notice the people around me any more, I only saw this long blond hair in front of me. I also didn’t notice the caressing of my own long red hair by the photographer, who was turned on by it as she told me later. The second strand was a bit thicker, as I was bold enough to take some more this time.
It took me a bit more time to cut it, I loved it and proudly showed my trophy. Only then I heard the clicking of the cameras and the encouraging voice of my photographer, telling me that I did well and should go on… I looked at her and she took the opportunity to give me a soft kiss.

Totally unexpected, but not unwelcome. My first of a bald woman. Her hand stroked my red locks.

She still murmured all mine soon, all mine soon, which turned me on even more. Why would she want my hair? I didn’t have much time to think about it then, as I was urged to go on cutting. The first strands had left a visible spot on the blonde’s head. I took again a bunch of strands, cut them rapidly and let them drop on the floor. Encouraging voices asked for more action like this. So I cut a bit more and more, above her ear was a really long strand… I cut it off with one snip and let it drop.

The power surge it gave me was phenomenal, I didn’t know that cutting hair could cause me that. After a while I had cut half of her head, and still she was tranquil, as if nothing had happened. And I was hot and wet… My photographer started caressing my neck, she shoved my long hair apart and I felt her tongue near my ear.

“Finish her up, I want you to be next, your hair over this chair, your hair hacked off by the barberette. It makes me hot honey, you’ll make a good model, you’re such a beauty, even without all your hair I will get turned on by you dear Rose. 

Now be a good girl and fetch the clippers and shave our blondie to stubbles. Have you ever shaved a woman’s head? I guess not baby, you’re gonna love it and want it for yourself also. Which I’ll gladly do for you. Today you’ll experience this. Can’t wait to have your lovely head in front of me” And again she kissed me, this time I knew how to respond and our kiss lingered a bit more.”


“Okay, so now you needed the clippers, just to shave the cut stubbles or did you do her all the way, second part also?  Sorry, I seem to be in a hurry, that’s not it. I love to hear your voice, but I am so excited to know how you ended up with this shorn redhead. And I am curious about this photographer… you haven’t told her by name, are you in a relationship or something?”

“Ha ha, boy you certainly are in a hurry… sorry, once I start telling a story I can’t stop to put more details in it… And this blonde, well as a first timer it was a special happening with my own feelings, thought you would love to hear that too… Well…”

I interrupted her, confirming her ideas. Sure I really loved to hear the way she felt during the cutting. Because I had never experienced it! So to hear it from someone who had, was as if I was reading one of the better haircut stories. It aroused me!


“okay, well sometimes I better finish my stories before you get bored. So, yes I needed to shave the blonde’s stubbles. The rest was for a barber to do, they didn’t trust me with clippers without guards. I loved the feeling of the tiny stubbles on her head after the first pass with a number 1 guard. Amazing that you could see the difference, partly because I hadn’t cut each strand the same distance from her head. Tiny puffs of blonde wool were what I harvested, it is incredibly sexy to see what effect it has on a head. I enjoyed it very much and wanted to shave the rest also, but my photographer told me to stop. Time for a professional to step in.


You asked about her name, well that’s weird, I never have had it. And nor have we been in a  relationship afterwards. She just wanted me there, enjoyed the feeling of my long hair, the sensation afterwards to have my ponytail as a trophy. Yeh, pff, apparently kissing someone and caressing doesn’t mean “I want you to be with me”.  I guess she used me to get turned on, for the adrenaline it gave her.

Hell, no I haven’t seen her in a year, I don’t think it would work, although I’m curious what she’s done with my ponytail…if it still exists.”


“Oh what a pity, I also  thought she’d like you, maybe as a lover. Was it she who cut your hair? Or did she only shave you? “


“Boy, I need a drink after all this talking, let’s order something. Then let’s go to my place for the video with comments from my side of the couch. Deal? “


“Yes, deal, I love to see the video.”


“Need to go to the toilet first? Or can you wait till my place, so I can help you and receive my reward…

Sorry If I’m a bit direct… but it is not always I can enjoy the company of a fellow hair fetishist and getting turned on both on this subject. Oh yes I’d love to give you a handjob, while watching my video, turns me on also.

And if you’re a good boy, well you’re welcome to help me, as self care is a bit boring sometimes.”

Again this laughter which I loved to hear. Her proposition was, let’s say, very unusual, but interesting enough to accept.


“I can wait, I prefer your help above a fast self care at the toilet here.”  I told her, laughing also.


“Let’s go then… let’s skip the drinks.”


To be continued


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