Rebecca’s Envy

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“It’s just not fair.” 18 year old Rebecca glared across the room of the full
small town coffee shop at her former classmate. Her latte had gone cold from
her constant complaining.

“She’s going away to college in a couple of weeks, relax.” Danielle flipped
through Tik-Tok videos.

Rebeccas green eye’s burned into the top of her sister’s brunette head. “I will
not relax! That bitch took my boyfriend!”

A slender finger pushed Danielle’s oversized glasses back into place. “That
was two years ago. And she’s not even dating him any more.” Bangles clinked
on her wrist as she tipped the last of her tea to her lips.

“Exactly! I’ve let her get away with shit for too long!” Rebecca smacked her
still untouched latte against the table. “I bet she wouldn’t be so perfect
without that rats nest!”

Danielle admired the intricate braided dark brown updo across the room. She
puzzled how it was held in place with only two large hair-sticks. “It is
something. How long do you think it is these days?” Her Tik-Tok search swapped
to Pinterests of extremely long hair.

“It’s been years since that bitch has let anyone see it down.” Rebecca’s high,
strawberry blonde ponytail swung across the cushioned seat as she shook her head
in anger.

“You do know your hair is pretty great too?” Danielle enjoyed poking the beast.

“She transfers in 8th grade… Hair down to her thighs. Fucks me over…” Rage
coursed through Rebecca’s veins.

Danielle tapped on a video showing knee-length hair being put into a pretty bun.
“Your hair is amazing. How many people can say they have hair past their butt?”

“I’m going to make her pay. I swear it.” Gears ground as they turned in Rebecca’s

“Sure you are…” Danielle considered if she wanted another tea.




A precision cut, chin length, bob elegantly played against Danielle’s cheeks.
“You look great!” She held up a small mirror behind Rebecca.

Several small braids wove an intricate pattern on the back of her head. “You do
good work, sis.”

“I have an amazing canvas.” Danielle carefully packed her makeup, and hair tools.

“Steve is going to love me, tonight.” Rebecca pushed against her hair to see if
it was secure.

Danielle pushed her lips together while she put her lipstick back into her purse.
“And if he doesn’t, I’ll have Adam hit him for you.”

“I think you trimmed too much.” The dusting of hair on the floor disagreed with
Rebecca’s statement.

“Quarter of an inch, just like always.” Danielle swept the trimonthly trimmings
into her dustpan. “Just get your purse. The boys are probably already at the

“I need these.” Rebecca swiped Danielle’s shears. “In case I see The Bitch.”

Danielle emptied the dustpan into an aluminum trash can. Her foot released the
pedal, allowing the lid to clunk closed. “She’s gone tomorrow. Then you’ll have
the prettiest hair in town, again. Just leave it alone.”




In the hour just after sunset, Rebecca, and Danielle turned onto the main street
of their country town. The theater waited a few hundred feet after a right at the
stop light. The light turned green as they approached.

“That’s their car!” Rebecca swerved into the gas station on the corner to surprise
them. Her boyfriend laughed in conversation with Laura. “Is he talking to that bitch?
No fucking way she’s doing this again!”

“Chill, Becca. We have no idea what is going on. They’re probably just talking
about the weather or something.”

“The fucking weather?” The shifter of Rebecca’s car slammed into park. “Oh, she’s
walking away. That’s right bitch.” She stared down the back of Laura’s head. “You
better fucking run.”

“Come on, she has no idea we’re here.” Danielle checked her phone. “The movie is in
15 minutes, and I don’t want to mess up this date with Adam.”

“I’m glad she’s not after your boyfriend. You’d just let her take him.” Rebecca
shifted the her car into reverse.

“Like you’d do any different.” Danielle checked her make up in the flip down mirror.

“That’s it, I’m going to do it.” Rebecca back into traffic with zero concern for
anything else on the road.

Danielle stared forward, counting down the seconds until her sister’s temper tantrum
inevitably faded. The red light passed overhead. “She’s probably getting Pizza. Do
we really need to do this?”

Rebecca turned the corner, and stopped two building down, in front of the pizza place.
“This ends, now.” Her purse popped open. Large shears caught the green of the stop light
behind the car. The door slammed behind her. Down the sidewalk she went to cut off Laura.
“Come on, bitch.”

“Becca, this is insane!” Danielle opened her door. “Give me back my shears!”

“Fuck you!” Rebecca yelled back. As Laura approached, humming a tune, Rebecca pinned her
too the wall. “Give me those!” She yanked two hair-sticks from Laura’s enormous bun,
sending it to the ground, where it kicked up dirt. “It’s got to be that long. Of fucking

“I’ll give you anything. Please, just leave me alone.” Laura stood in shock. She’d
been saved from a concussion only because of her cushion of locks.

“I just want your fucking hair.” Rebecca grabbed a first full of Laura’s soft dark hair.
It shone blue, then red. Her shears opened to destroy Laura’s pride.

“POLICE! Put those down!” A fairly overweight officer stood behind her with his
flashlight drawn. Shears hit the gravel of the alley. “Hands behind your back!”




“I didn’t think she’d actually do it, Officer.” Danielle pinched the bridge of her
nose, pushing her glasses up. “She’s talked about doing things to Laura’s hair, but
she’s never been one for action.”

“I take it you feel quite different about what happened, Miss…, Laura?” The
officer readied his notebook.

Laura finished putting her hair back up while the patrol car with Rebecca drove off.
“I’m pretty damn sure she was about to scalp me, sir. She would have knocked me out,
if not for this.” She pointed to her bun.

“I assume you’re pressing charges.” The officer scratched down his understanding of

“Yah, she’s crazy.” Laura sat on the stairs leading up to the Pizza Place. “I just
wanted a slice, and she jumped me. You’d think after four years she’d leave me alone.”

“Come on. She only acted out tonight because she knew you were leaving tomorrow.”
Danielle checked the time on her phone. Steve, and Adam walked by quietly. “You’ll
be gone by the time she gets out. Just let her cool off, and she’ll never do this
kind of thing again.”

“No! She needs to learn a lesson from this! Mugging me is NOT OK.” Laura’s stomach
grumbled at the smell of pizza.

“There has to be something she can do to make up for this.” Danielle begged.

A couple walked past Laura with two fresh pies. “I’ll tell you what. She wanted
my hair? So, her punishment should fit the crime, right? How about she donates
her hair to charity, and I call it even?”

Danielle balked at the idea. “There’s has to be something else.”

The officer interrupted. “Miss, it’s her choice if she wants to press charges.
If she’s giving you an out for this mess, you should think about it.”

“Fine. I’ll talk to her.” Danielle sulked to her sister’s car.

“Am I free to go, sir?” Laura stood.

“Yes, just stop by the station to let me know if you’re pressing charges.” The
officer nodded.




Strawberry blonde hair went high up into a ponytail to keep it safe. “Bitch
wants all of my hair?” Rebecca fumed.

Danielle pulled into the last free spot of a six car parking lot. Two girls
sat in salon chairs visible through a large pane of glass. “Martha was kind
enough to make time for you this morning.”

“Wants to screw me over herself. She’s always trying to get at my hair.”
Rebecca remained unmoving in her seat.

“Come on, it’s this, or you end up back in jail.” Danielle waved her sister
out of the car. “And the officer was kind enough to offer dropping the
reckless driving charges.”

The car door clunked loud enough to make a point. “That FAT ASS cop wants
to take my license too!” Shining locks flipped free of the door at the last

“People are staring, Becca. Let’s not make a scene.” Danielle offered the
open salon door to her sister.

“Fuck this bitch. If I lose anything, it will be as small a donation as I
can give.” Old wooden stairs shook from Rebecca’s show of defiance.

Laura sat against the wall with her oiled hair up in a single large bun,
secured by a hair clip, and a hair stick. “Good morning to you, too.” She
motioned to the chair by the window, now being vacated by it’s former
occupant. “Are you ready to make amends?”

“I’m donating 8 inches, and I’m out of here.” Rebecca planted her feat.

“Chairs free, sweety.” Martha held her cape up for Rebecca. Her gray hair
crop did nothing to soften her harsh features.

“8 inches, and I’m fucking done.” Rebecca scowled at Laura as she was

Martha removed Rebecca’s hair from it’s ponytail, and brushed it’s barely
tapered length out. “A young girl is going to love you for doing this.”
She got up from kneeling like a woman half her age. Gathering Rebecca’s
locks for an elastic.

“Fuck that little girl, just get this over with.” Rebecca white knuckled
the arm rests. She gave the finger to a group of onlookers, outside the

Danielle tried to defuse the situation. “Becca! Just get this over with.
This time next year it will be like nothing happened.”

“I don’t think she’s learned anything. Bring it up to her hips, maybe
she’ll decide to be nicer.” Laura sat expressionless.

Martha slid the elastic to the top of Rebeccas belt loop. “Ready?”

Rebecca clenched her teeth, and nodded. “Bitch…”

“WOH, that’s not being kind, at all.” Laura warned Rebecca.

“Fuck you.” Rebecca spat towards Laura.

“Damn it, Becca! Calm down.” Danielle tried to save her little sister from

“You know what, Martha? I’ve tried to be nice to this girl since Jr. High.
And she keeps coming at me in some crazy delusion that I’m out to get her.
Just donate it all, and I’m going to finish packing.”

“WHAT? You can’t do this!” Rebecca tried to bolt from her chair. But, her
sister, the other stylist, and Laura pinned her in place. “FUCK YOU!” The
crowd pointed, and commented on the spectacle.

“You’re lucky I’m not going to press any charges. Martha, show her how
to play nice.” Laura dodged Rebecca’s spit.

Shears sliced near the back of Rebecca’s head. “You can’t do this!” The
slicing continued despite her protest. “Why are you helping her, Danny?”

Danielle leaned on Rebeccas leg, and held her left arm in place. “I’m
trying to keep you out of jail.”

The sound of metal winnig against hair continued. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”
The shears stopped, and her head fell forward. Her glossy ponytail appeared
before her on the counter.

“Are you? Laura appraised the damage, not sure if it was enough.

“Yes, yes. Please, just don’t take any more!” Rebecca’s head fell into her
hands. Her make-shift angled bob fell in front of her eyes. “Please…”
A girl in the crowd with waist length blonde hair held it tight in empathy.

“Give her a bowl cut, and call it done.” Laura went back to her seat.

“Bowl cut it is, Laura.” Martha helped Rebecca to sit up straight. “Only
take a few minutes.” Lengths of Strawberry Blonde gathered on the cape.

The shears sliced over Rebecca’s ears, making her stomach churn. Her urge
to scream was squelched by her fear of an even worse outcome.

“Ok, Rebecca. I just have to shave it down.” *POP* Martha’s clippers removed
clumps of red-blonde locks.

The foreign vibrations kept Rebecca quiet as a mouse. She compliantly moved
her head for Martha.

“I think we’ve made progress today.” Laura stood up from her seat. “I’ll
mail this out afternoon.” Rebecca’s donation hung limply from both sides of her
fist. “Thank you for doing this Rebecca. It’s very kind” Laura opened the door
to leave.

Rebecca felt cool air over the the sides of her head, and across her nape. She
glared across the room at her old classmate. “It’s just not fair…”

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