Rebecca’s Fed Up

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Claudia had extremely beautiful, long, flowing blonde hair. It went just past her butt. Her girlfriend, Rebecca, loved her long hair. She loved to play with it and braid it. Rebecca didn’t much like long hair on herself though, and kept her dark hair in a short bob above her ears.

Rebecca and Claudia used to spend a lot of time together, drinking tea, watching movies, cuddling – all the things couples usually do. But lately, Claudia has been spending a gross amount of time on her hair. She spends hours combing, straightening, and conditioning it, and it’s starting to get on Rebecca’s nerves.

One night, Rebecca decided she wanted to rekindle her relationship with Claudia. She rented a movie and cooked a romantic dinner.

Claudia!” Rebecca called upstairs. “Come down, I have a surprise for you!”

In a minute!” Claudia replied. “I’m still straightening my hair!” That greatly annoyed Rebecca but she chose to wait a little while before getting angry. However, an hour later Claudia had still not come downstairs. That was the last straw for Rebecca.

That night, after Claudia went to sleep, Rebecca snuck out and went to a store, buying supplies to teach Claudia a lesson. Then, she came home and went to sleep, awaiting that afternoon for when she’d put her plan into action.

That afternoon arrived, and Rebecca slipped some Benadryl into Claudia’s afternoon tea, knowing it would put her right to sleep, and it did. After Claudia drifted off, Rebecca hauled her into a wooden chair and tied her to it, binding her arms and legs so she couldn’t move. And then she waited for Claudia to wake up.

When Claudia awoke, she was confused. “H-huh? Where am I?”

You’re in the kitchen,” Replied Rebecca. “You’re in for a treat.”

What?” Claudia realized she was tied up. “What’s going on? Why am I tied up?!”

Rebecca slowly reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of scissors and some hair clippers. Claudia gasped.

That hair of yours has come between us. You spend more time on it than you do with me. It’s time for that to change.”

No, please don’t!” Claudia begged.

It’s too late.” Rebecca shoved a piece of cloth in Claudia’s mouth and moved around to her back. Claudia tried to beg for mercy, but the cloth wouldn’t allow her to.

Slowly, Rebecca opened the scissors and lifted a large chunk of Claudia’s golden tresses. She slid the scissors close to the blonde’s scalp and SNIP – off the chunk of hair came. Claudia started crying, knowing her fate was sealed.

Rebecca continued lifting pieces of Claudia’s hair and snipping them off at the scalp, throwing them to the floor without mercy. Tears continued rolling down Claudia’s face as she watched her treasured locks get hacked off and tossed to the ground. Pretty soon her previously butt-length hair was all hacked off, short and uneven.

Then the clippers came. A look of pure terror flashed on Claudia’s face, but Rebecca didn’t care. The job had to be finished. She switched on the clippers and pressed them to Claudia’s forehead, and then slid it down her head, leaving a trail of white skin. She continued shaving, strip after strip, until the top of her head was nothing but stubble.

Then she moved to the back of Claudia’s head, starting from the nape and moving up. Again, she shaved strip after strip, and more blonde hair slid to the floor. She made sure to get the sides and behind her ears. Then, to be sure all of the troublesome hair was gone, she went over Claudia’s entire head again with the clippers. Then she switched them off and pulled the cloth out of Claudia’s mouth.

So,” said Rebecca. “Lesson learned?”

Claudia nodded, vowing to never let anything come between her and Rebecca again.

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