Redhead’s Adventures Pt.3

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And all of a sudden Vani felt bare metal clippers on her nape…………..”now this is the final cut and you will be bald to the scalp.”……………She was aroused by touching her bald head…………Kissed on her bald head and said “you have been a good girl.”

The Dr. then asked his assistant to put Vani’s pony tail in a bag and make the lounging chair ready for use. The Dr. now sat down next to Vani and started to talk to her, he said, “You are the most beautiful looking bald woman i have seen in my life, i would be honored to go on a date with you.”, “Do you have a boyfriend” he added. Vani’s eyes widened and she jumped out in excitement and said, “I have been wanting to have every inch of you since i saw you an hour ago. ”

She bent over and started teasing his dick with her hands, she then saw straight in the Dr.’s eyes and said, “looks like you haven’t left me with much choice after this haircut.” She then leaned in to kiss him, she bent down and started to tease the Dr. with her tongue. The assistant stood all oiled up at the door pleasuring herself, Vani stood up and took the Mr.V to the lounging chair and also pulled in the assistant. Vani had never been in a threesome before, but the way she took control in the scenario showed her to be very experienced in the department.

With the assistant she now shared the Dr.’s dick and he even kissed her, she then positioned herself on the dr.’s lap and thrusted the large throbbing dick in her wet pussy. The feeling of his large dick almost roaring with pleasure and the glass plug up her ass made her eyes roll back in pleasure. Vani took control over the assistant and laid her on the lounger and positioned herself on top in a doggy position, Vani started to play with the assistants bald head and eat her out. The thrusting from behind started to get faster and faster. In all this Vani removes the butt plug and indicates to the Dr. to put it in the other hole.

while she is playing with the assistant’s head she can feel the silky smooth bald oiled head. She raises herself to and asked her, ” how is your head so smooth and how do you maintain it.” Shaking with pleasure the assistant replied, “Thi…..thi…..this is actually removed by the laser. ” Vani looked out of focus for a moment and then sat up straight on the chair.

Vani was completely in a different state of mind due to the day’s experiences and had Dopamine running all through a body. She suddenly shouted, in a rather demanding tone,” I want my head Laser shaved as well.” The Dr. and assistant stood still for a moment and then, Mr. V replied, “I would love to give you one but you must know that after that your hair cannot grow for a whole year, only after a year would it start to grow.” Vani who had made a stern mind that is what she wanted. Vani replied, “I do not care I want it.”

The Dr. and the assistant rapidly stopped the pleasure activities and set up the laser machine to fulfill Vani’s desires. The Dr. quickly picked up the laser and set it on Vani’s head, he moved with swiftness and precision. They were done in no time. Vani got up from the chair went over to the Dr. and whispered, “Next time maybe one of my girlfriends can join us in our pleasure.” She quickly gathered herself, got dressed and kissed him goodbye. Before leaving she took one last look in the mirror and felt a feeling of daring accomplishment.

She quickly covered her head with a scarf and drove off. Thinking of the weird and judgmental looks she would receive from the people around her and specially her mother. And how would she look at the Goa trip with her friends.

In the next couple of hours to her way home she had taken multiple stares at her head in the car’s mirror and almost grew accustomed to it.




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