ReEnter after 2 Years

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Priya Long hair was back to the length in two years .

Priya and Mom was walking and it started to rain heavily. they both entered the barbershop knowing that the barber uncle is the know person . the shop was empty . Mom made conversation with the uncle . they both were talking for sometime . mom and Priya was completely wet and barber offered to dry their hair . mom told ok went and sat and asked Priya also to sit .

Priya and mom sat in two separate chair .barber gave head message to her mom and asked why Priya is not coming to shop these days . mom told she is here only ask her only . she will fight with me every time when i take her for head-shave.

Barber smiled and told i will take care and he went to Priya . Took comb and started to check the length . Your hair is growing faster . see the length its close to ur knee .mom was watching this and told priya you are due for a shave after long time . today you are caught in uncle hand . Priya was scared . Barber took sprayer and sprayed more water . mom smiled and asked are you going to shave her? . barber laughed and told i’m shaving my daughter hair you stay out of this .mom smiled and told ok between you guys wake me once the shave is over .

Priya head was shave smooth agin . her knee length hair was now lying in the floor . he studied her face and thought he will shave her face too . he did quick shave her face .once done he told its done.

Mom told show her . barber rotated her towards mom. her mom smiled at her and told you made her completely bald like baby . priya shocked to see paid the barber .

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