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“Babe, why are you crying?”

Roxie felt a tear fall from Jo’s eye onto her own chest as her wife burrowed her head into it, curling as much of the rest of her body as she could around Roxie while having to maneuver around her 8-months pregnant stomach. “I’m just exhausted,” Jo lamented, as Roxie wiped her tears. “I’m so happy we’re doing it, and we’re going to be amazing moms, but this pregnancy thing…it’s overwhelming.”

At this point into the pregnancy, Jo was no longer able to carry on with life as she usually did. Having to pee so often meant no long car rides, which kept them home for the holidays this week instead of visiting Jo’s family as they always did. As much as Jo and Roxie had to celebrate this holiday season with their impending gift, and as comfortable as they always were just being alone together with their cat Oscar, not being able to celebrate both the holidays and their little girl’s imminent arrival with the rest of her family made Jo lonely. It was an especially lonely time when she also felt too sick to go out and see friends this far into the 9 months.

At this point, Jo was spending most of her time in bed watching YouTube video tutorials so that she could learn how to pamper her little girl by giving her fun hairstyles. Roxie was her Guinea pig as Jo tried—and often adorably failed—to replicate what she learned in the videos on her wife’s long red tresses. Currently, Roxie’s hair was still in the two French braids Jo had practised on her earlier that evening. Jo couldn’t wait to give her daughter’s hair all of the love hers never got growing up and to have special time with her when she’d do her hair every day.

Roxie pushed Jo’s sweaty locks off her face and gave that pretty forehead a kiss. “I just feel disgusting,” Jo lamented. “I’m huge, the vomiting, the heat, only being able to waddle around, and of course the hair issue…” Not only did Jo experience her body temperature rise like some pregnant women do, her hair was starting to subtly darken in colour too. It was also growing faster and wavier, forming into loose curls, from hormonal changes— a change many women would welcome.

But Jo was not like most other women—she preferred her hair so short that it was cut to be totally off her ears, neck, and mostly off her forehead. The constant new growth of thick hair springing all over those spots and sticking to them with sweat was driving her nuts. Fran, her usual barber, promised she’d make house calls once Jo became unable to leave the house for long periods of time, but she was out of town for the holidays, and Jo found her mop of overgrown dark blonde waves unbearable.

“Don’t you dare call yourself disgusting—that’s very insulting to my taste in women!” Roxie chided Jo, ruffling her messy hair with one hand while rubbing her stomach with the other. “Especially when pregnant Jo has been the cutest and sexiest Jo yet.”

Indeed, the last eight months had been a fun and stylish time for Jo. Something about being pregnant had brought out her girly side, as embarrassingly conventional as that made her feel. She took advantage of her new shape by buying cute empire-waist and baby-doll dresses, which were charmingly gamine paired with her short crop of blonde hair. For Halloween that year she’d even been Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, a comparison she got often as a pregnant blonde with a pixie cut and decided to take advantage of. Roxie, of course, dressed up as the devil who’d impregnated poor Rosemary Woodhouse.

But Jo hadn’t gotten a haircut since before Halloween, when Fran had made sure it was cut precisely to look just like Mia Farrow’s, and blonde waves much longer than she usually allowed her hair to grow fell into her eyes, over her ears, and onto her neck. Between that unkempt mop and her oversized stomach, Jo hardly recognized the woman in the mirror.

“I know we’re gonna love her,” Jo sighed, sinking even deeper into Roxie’s chest, “but Rosemary is making my life hell. I’m ready for her to just come out already and we’ve got another month of this to go!” After hearing the name repeated over and over while fielding all the Rosemary’s Baby jokes Jo’s gamine look invited during Jo’s pregnancy and Halloween, Roxie and Jo had realized they actually loved it and wanted to give it to their little girl.

“We had fun with you in there for a while,” Roxie sternly said while putting her head under the covers to talk to that swollen stomach, remembering all the good memories they’d collected during most of Jo’s pregnancy, “but little Ro, you’ve gotta stop giving your mommy such a hard time!” Roxie laughed and kissed that stomach that was so dear to her; her little girl inside her favorite girl.

Roxie then sat up, a mischievous grin on her face. “Oh no, I know that look. What shenanigans are you thinking of?” Jo asked, sitting up on the other pillow next to Roxie’s and pushing her hair off her face for the umpteenth time.

“I know this,” Roxie elaborated, winding one of Jo’s curls around her finger, “is such a nuisance to you. So how about…” she grinned cheekily and put her fingers in front of her face, turning her fingers into a pair of scissors and snipping them.

“But Fran’s out of town,” Jo reminded her, but Roxie’s smile never wavered.

“Who said anything about Fran?” she teased. “Sure, I could try and trim it into a manageable pixie, and it’d probably look decent enough, but I think…” Roxie held one of Jo’s wavy locks between her two fingers, then slid the fingers down till they lay flat on Jo’s scalp, “we should do something much easier for both of us instead. Something that’ll really make you feel free and comfortable in this next month or so.”

It took a while for Jo to connect the dots, but the lightbulb moment that struck on her face was so precious for Roxie to see. ”Do you mean-“

Mhm,” Roxie cut her off. “Why don’t we get out our pair of clippers and just bzzzz,” Roxie slid the palm of her hand through those unruly locks, “all this right off. It’s gonna feel so refreshing.”

Jo giggled, then sat up when Roxie finished. “Well, a buzzcut would efficiently get this mop out of the way…but,” she looked down nervously, “this seems silly to ask, but I’m already a bloated fucking whale…so would I still look pretty when buzzed and bloated?”

Roxie shook her head incredulously and nestled into Jo’s chest. “You’re the prettiest woman in the world, and even more so with a little life inside of you. You’re not a whale, you’re a milf,”— Jo smirked at this—“and I’m not gonna lie, the idea of you in those cute maternity dresses you’ve been wearing with your head buzzed… there’s something so thrilling about it. Like, embodying a new kind of motherhood. A daring brand of femininity. And also,” she added, “since you’re hellbent on doing a natural birth, having no hair sticking to your forehead or ears or neck while you’re going through that nightmare will be such a relief. With how fast it’s been growing, you’ll probably have some cute little waves sprouted by that point next month when you’re due, anyway. Oooh,” she guided Jo’s hand to her clit, which was soaking, and Jo grinned. “Let’s do it,” Jo decided, and Roxie nodded approvingly as she continued to guide Jo’s hand inside her. “Keep your clothes off, and I will too,” Roxie instructed.

“Of course,” Jo replied. They hadn’t done a home buzzcut for ages, but that was always the protocol. “Help me over to the bathroom, won’t you, Rox?”


Roxie carefully led Jo to the bathroom, letting her sit comfortably on the toilet bowl as Roxie happily dug into the cupboard to fetch the tools for the job. It seemed like forever since she’d busted out the clippers, but what a momentous occasion it was to finally get them back into action. She got out a couple accessories to help her out— a comb for good measure, and the neck brush.

“Oh, before I forget,” Roxie exclaimed just as she left the bathroom in a hurry, then returned once more still empty-handed.

“What did you- oh,” Jo was grinning from ear to ear when she realised it. “Now this is a look I haven’t seen before.”

“Well I’ve got to make sure I can see what I’m cutting. Any other time we do this I’d at least have the time to put on some contacts. It’s way too late in the night to bust out a pair,” Roxie chided, pushing the round spectacles up her nose bridge cutely.

“And somehow, glasses while nude is such a sexy look on you,” Jo tilted her head, admiring her breathtaking wife.

Roxie only smiled coyly in return, her attention fixated back on her tools for the evening. “So how short did you want it? Start with a #4 first? Or did you just wanna jump straight into the #3 all over?” Roxie asked, waving the different guards for Jo to see.

“Let’s do a #2,” Jo replied confidently.

Oh?” Roxie was taken aback. “You sure? You’ve never had a #2 on top,” she asked.

“I mean, the shorter the better, right? And it’s gonna grow so fast, anyway,” Jo said, exasperated. “It’ll be so nice to have nothing to worry about for a longer time.”

“And at least it’ll still be fun and fuzzy,” Roxie added, playfully ruffling through those wavy locks for the last time in a while. “#2 it is, then,” Roxie agreed, immediately clicking the guard onto the head of the clippers. She made sure the plug was connected to the socket, then placed the clippers and her other tools on a little stool that she set beside the bathtub. “Alright, so this is how we’ll do it,” she started as she took Jo’s hand, bringing her to her feet. “I’ll get in the tub first and sit against the edge. I’ll prop the pillow in front of me, and then you sit in front of me and lean back a little so you’re comfy, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jo obeyed gleefully.

“Good. Now, in we go, slowly,” Roxie commanded as she helped Jo into the tub with her. Roxie lowered herself first, up against the edge of the tub before placing the cushion between them. “Now your turn, make yourself comfy, babe,” she said, patting the pillow as Jo gently lowered herself.

Their tub was thankfully wide enough to accommodate both women comfortably— a consideration they’d taken when they were out shopping for their apartment’s bathroom when moving in together.

Jo slowly leant back into Roxie as they’d planned, her lower back softly against the cushion so she could sit comfortably. “You sure this is alright for you? I’m not putting too much weight on you, am I?” Jo asked.

“Not at all,” Roxie replied. “The real question is: are you comfy? I’m gonna be moving your head around quite a bit, so make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be.”

“It’s always comfy being in the tub with you,” Jo dreamily said.

“Okay. If it gets uncomfortable at any time, just let me know, alright?” Roxie reminded, then reached over to the stool where her tools were. She went straight for the clippers, making sure the wire wasn’t getting in the way as she figured out a convenient way to wield the implement. Once settled, her finger flicked the switch.

Pop. Bzzzzz.

Roxie could’ve sworn she felt Jo’s body jump ever so slightly, to which she instinctively patted Jo’s fleshy arm to calm her. “Ready?” she asked, poised to provide her wife with the relief she so desperately needed.

So ready,” Jo affirmed, already closing her eyes in anticipation.

Roxie took a deep breath, suddenly becoming the more nervous one— even though she wasn’t the one losing her hair. Out of all their experimentations with home haircuts, they’d never done something this extreme. It was usually harmless trims around the ears or on the neckline, or maybe even a cheeky inch off the top for Roxie to practise with the shears. But now, Roxie was going to give Jo the shortest cut she’d ever had. The highest honour she could have, but with it came the weight of responsibility. “It’s just a buzzcut— how hard could it be?” she tried to tell herself as she took a moment to square up the task in front of her.

She gently tilted Jo’s head forward, deciding to start slow with that section that was closest to her. The clippers found their way to the base of Jo’s neck, humming against her soft skin that was about to be freed from the tyranny of her clumpy, overgrown locks. With one last sigh to muster up some confidence, she pushed the clippers up right into the nape.


“Mmm,” Roxie stifled a soft moan that was covered by the changing tune of the clippers— a special type of thrill blooming in her as she saw it all happen so quickly and vividly in front of her eyes. Just as the clippers reached the occipital bone, she flicked it backwards like how she saw a barber once do for Jo— on that fateful, hottest day of summer that Jo first went full buzz. Heavy blonde tufts slid down Roxie’s clippering hand, exciting her immensely as she took a moment to survey the damage that was done. A finger traced that straight, fuzzy path she’d carved up Jo’s nape, and she had to bite her tongue as her finger was tickled by such short pricks of hair.

Roxie kept the momentum going. She firmly planted the clippers on the base of Jo’s neck once more, this time directly beside the path she’d mowed. The ecstasy injected a newfound confidence in her, and she was now ready to clean up her wife’s mop.

Bzzzaaa. Bzzzaaaa. 

With a free hand holding Jo’s head in place, the clippers worked their way up the nape so effortlessly. Roxie had forgotten how powerful these clippers were— the way they shredded through Jo’s wavy locks with hardly any tension. In a few clean passes, Roxie was able to shear off that stubborn mess of locks that crowded Jo’s nape, giving way to a simple fuzz that was too addictive to touch. Short waves of blonde tumbled down Jo’s neck and back in a delightful mess, littering the floor of the tub if they didn’t land on Roxie’s legs.

Ooh, I’ve missed that feeling,” Jo hummed in delight, sinking in the sensation of the warm, buzzing clippers that mowed through her nape.

“And I’ve miss touching all this fuzz,” Roxie indulged, running her hands up the nape sensually.

“Stay focused, Rox,” Jo chided playfully. “Finish it all up, and then you can have every chance to feel it all over my head.”

Mmm,” Roxie squirmed a little, forever thrilled that Jo knew just the right words to get her going. “As you wish.” Roxie’s free hand took hold of Jo’s forehead before gently pushing it back. “Head back for me a little,” she instructed as she eased Jo’s head into Roxie’s bosom. Her free hand slid down to Jo’s chin, directing it downwards slightly so she was looking down at her big tummy. Roxie took a moment to sweep off those stubborn, wavy locks that drooped forward onto Jo’s face annoyingly, caressing them between her fingers for the last time in a long while. Then the clippers entered the corner of Jo’s vision— finding their way to the centre of her forehead.


Roxie had to bite her lip as the blades of the clippers sunk firmly into the hairline, and she had to keep her hand on the clippers as firm as possible to make sure she didn’t just lose it to a moment of weakness out of pure delight. The clippers mowed a dark blonde path down the middle, ending where the fuzzy nape met the edge of the crown. As Roxie pulled the clippers away, the severed locks that were shorn and pushed up by the clipper simply slid forward, down Jo’s face.

Jo shut her eyes instinctively, though couldn’t help but crack a soft smile when she felt her discoloured blonde hair trickle past her eyes and onto her bare body. Seeing those dark blonde clumps litter her swollen stomach made her softly smile. “Our baby’s getting tickled!” she sunnily informed her wife, and held the severed hair to her stomach for a moment tenderly before brushing it off so that it fell aside her body. As Jo picked up that bundle of hair, Roxie geared up for another pass through the top of her head.

Bzzaa. Bzzaa.

Jo giggled as more locks tumbled forward, plopping onto her body ticklishly as she imagined their little girl feeling tickled herself. The tears she’d been shedding in bed so recently were a distant memory now. After a few firm passes across the crown, Roxie’s free hand slid down to grab Jo’s chin— pushing up just slightly so Jo could see Roxie’s sexily spectacled face at the top corner of her vision. She was slow with the clippers here, running them decisively across that front section near the hairline to make sure not a single spot was missed. Jo was absolutely starstruck watching Roxie with the most delectable smirk on her face— being at the mercy of her mermaid-haired lover that took great pleasure in the process.

When the top was shorn to a nice pelt of #2, Roxie’s hand found the top of Jo’s head again— biting her lip when she felt that soft fuzz all over her palm momentarily— to tilt it to her left. The clippers were placed near the temples, where the short patches of hair met the heavy waves that still crowded around Jo’s ear. Roxie folded down Jo’s right ear— something she’d always loved seeing Fran do, and was doubly thrilled to do herself— then pushed the clippers through that mass of curls that had been annoying Jo thoroughly. With each pass a chunk of curls tumbled down the side of Jo’s head, cascading straight down onto the base of the bathtub while some hung on Jo’s bare shoulder. Before Jo could even get a chance to sweep it off, Roxie’s hand was there already— flicking those loose curls forward into the tub. The soft sigh that left Jo’s lips when she saw the heavy curls tumbling only invigorated Roxie, and she was already making quite a drenched mess of the pillow she’d tucked between the two of them.

There’s your cute little ear I’ve so missed seeing” Roxie announced before softly blowing off any little clippings that clung onto the ear.

Ooh,” Jo let out with a slight shiver. “So cold.”

“You’ll have to get out the beanies you love knitting since it’s freezing outside,” Roxie said, cleaning up the little sections she missed on the right side with the clippers.

“Babe, I can hardly even leave my bed to waddle to the bathroom,” Jo reminded her. “But at least I won’t have any hair sticking to my head anymore,” she excitedly added, and it was Roxie’s turn to shiver at those thrilling words— imagining her wife’s fully buzzed head without a single lock long enough to run her fingers through. And they were already more than halfway there. Roxie couldn’t help but indulge for a moment before progressing, placing the clippers down so she could lean forward and embrace Jo from behind, her arms encircling that pregnant stomach so dear to her as she dove in to give that cute little ear some nibbles, delighting in the giggles her nibbling elicited from Jo. After that moment of pleasure, Roxie struggled to pull herself away, eventually steadying herself and getting back to work.

It didn’t take long before the right side was fully shorn, with only the left side of Jo’s still filled with curls while the rest was simply short fuzz. Roxie had to be careful when tilting Jo’s head over to her right— making sure her touch didn’t linger on that fuzzy goodness that covered most of the landscape for fear of indulging a little too prematurely while she still had a job to do. She took a bit of time here to run her fingers through that last bit of thick, wavy hair that still graced Jo’s adorable head. It was always a joy playing around with Jo’s hair while it grew out, especially now that it was fluffier than ever due to the hormones. Roxie’s naughty hands always took every bit of pleasure in messing it up when it got too long, and Jo would take that as a sign that it was time to sit in Fran’s chair to get it all cropped short again. But with Fran out of reach to give her that relief, it was all in Roxie’s hands now. And she wasn’t planning on keeping her wife waiting in suffering for too long.

Roxie positioned the clippers on Jo’s left cheekbone, holding her head steady before pushing the clippers up into that last, heavy section that was left. The clippers were ruthlessly efficient at their job, but Roxie was sure to take her time with it— savouring every chunk of hair she could shear off so effortlessly while making sure each section she went through was cut evenly to the intended length. Jo relented obediently to Roxie’s touch, letting her work as seamlessly as she could while Jo took the time to play around with the soft clumps of hair that were littering all over her.

With only a few more passes the left side of Jo’s head was buzzed neatly, and all that was left was short, dark fuzz that could use some sunbleaching filling the landscape of Jo’s scalp. Not a single lock that was more than a quarter of an inch remained— simply too short to even think about getting the length of hair messed up.

“Okay, that’s most of the bulk gone,” Roxie eventually said as the humming of the clippers shut off. “But we’re still not done yet. I’m gonna have to look at you from the front and maybe clean up some of the parts that’re a bit uneven, okay?”

“Mhm,” Jo cooed, eyes still shut in pure bliss as she could feel the cool air already gracing her scalp.

“But first,” Roxie continued as she picked up the brush from the little stool beside the bathtub, “let me clean you up a bit.”

Jo giggled when she felt the bristles going to town all over her neck and shoulders. Roxie took great pleasure in drawing out those sweeps of the brush— making long, broad strokes across that bare skin of Jo to dust off those short, stubborn locks that still clung to her body. She slowly swept upwards, letting the bristles dust off any loose hairs that might’ve fallen onto the scalp, while also indulging in her wife’s adorable laughter after what’s been a stressful few weeks for Jo.

“Alright, I’m gonna get out of the tub for a bit here— you can come lean back on the cushion,” Roxie said after setting down the neck brush, gently leaving the bathtub so Jo had the space to move back slightly.

She slowly stepped back in, and the moment she settled herself to face Jo— her heart skipped a beat. It was the first time she could see Jo’s full face with her head all cutely buzzed, sitting so gingerly with their little Ro still in her tummy. “Hey,” Roxie said as she gently lifted Jo’s chin with her forefingers, “you are so gorgeous.” Jo could only blush coyly, feeling so vulnerable without anything to hide behind now. “Now sit still for me, I’m gonna clean up the front a bit,” she instructed.

Jo sat as still as she could, though her eyes were transfixed— glancing up at Roxie’s face as her redheaded goddess focused on those little patches near the forehead and sideburns that needed a bit more work. While this may have been a wholly pleasurable endeavour for Roxie, Jo was having the most comforting time being mesmerised by how serious Roxie was throughout the entire process. Even if it was a ‘simple’ style like a buzzcut, she took every ounce of care to make sure it’d turn out as perfect as it could be.

Before long, Roxie had done all she could with the clippers, shearing everything on her ravishing wife’s head down to an even pelt of #2. She did indulge herself a little, taking a few more passes with the clippers over the top of Jo’s head just for the fun of it, even when everything seemed short enough. And with a small sigh, she finally shut off the clippers. She picked up the neck brush once more, this time playfully dusting off Jo’s forehead where the hairline began, then slowly dusting away any short, loose clippings that clung to her face. Jo only giggled heartily, still so humoured by the feeling of those bristles against her scalp.

“How’s it feeling so far? Cool and fresh?” Roxie eventually asked as she put down the neck brush, then gently tilted Jo’s chin here and there to inspect the full breadth of the buzz.

“So much better than having all this,” Jo tossed a few of her severed locks around, “crowding all over my head. It’s like my scalp can breathe again.” As she dusted off her hands, she slowly reached up to begin touching that fresh, prickly landscape she’d subtly missed since her first buzzcut. But her fingers never made it up to her head, as Roxie’s hand quickly grabbed her wrists.

“Uh-uh,” Roxie interrupted, firmly bringing Jo’s hands down and away from her head. “Not yet. I never said I was done.”

Oh,” Jo guiltily placed her hands back on her tummy, giving Roxie her best puppy eyes “sorry.”

Roxie giggled a little naughtily. “Don’t worry, I promise it won’t take long,” she reached forward to give Jo a full kiss on her forehead, where the skin met that fuzzy hairline. “Be a good girl and sit still, I’ll be quick.”

Roxie climbed out of the tub, then went straight for the cabinet above the sink. She fiddled with some stuff for a bit, all while Jo sat patiently, wondering what else Roxie could be planning for a cut that already seemed done. Once Roxie slipped back in the tub, Jo’s eyes perked up when she saw the safety razor in her wife’s hand.

“It’s a fresh blade, don’t worry,” Roxie waved the disposable razor, then used her free hand to slowly turn Jo’s face to her right. “Keep real still for me here, okay?”

“Mm,” Jo cooed in return.

Roxie held Jo’s head as steady as she could, then carefully positioned the razor on her sideburn, aligning with the bottom. With one quick motion, she firmly pulled up the blade, letting it scrape off that small patch of Jo’s sideburn up to her ear cleanly. She tapped the blade lightly against the tub to knock off those tiny bits of hair that were shaved off, then carefully returned to the same spot with the razor. She did her best to sculpt it, making sure the ends of the sideburn were a neat, straight line. Roxie carefully traced a finger along that bare patch of skin beside her ear, a smile brewing on her face as she was satisfied with the result.

She carefully tilted Jo’s head to the other side, then repeated the same motion for the other sideburn— a free hand keeping her head still as a rock while the razor in the main hand aimed accordingly. She made a clean swipe, then started carving the edges once more so that it matched up with the other side that she’d already done.

“It’s no hot towel and straight razor at a barber, but I think this’ll do, yeah?” Roxie asked as she did her careful work.

“Well you’ve got the razor part down,” Jo replied, “and you’re gonna be giving me a nice warm shower after this to make up for the hot towel.”

“Sounds like a deal,” Roxie agreed cheerily. “Alright, scooch forward a bit, lemme do the back,” Roxie instructed as she hopped out of the tub. She took her position behind Jo once more, tilting her wife’s head down so her bare neck was fully exposed to her. Carefully, she carved out the neckline— razoring off any of the stray hairs that grew below the hairline, slowly edging it up so it formed a neat line that followed the shape of her neck smoothly as it joined up to the sides.

Roxie set the razor aside when she was finally done, then began a brief inspection of her work. Her finger traced through that baby smooth skin below the nape, so deliciously exposed and free from any of the bothersome curls that Jo had been tiring of. Roxie leaned forward, giving a full kiss on that neck that was hers as much as it was Jo’s.

“Mmmh,” Jo cooed, still obediently waiting with her hands on her tummy for Roxie to conclude the cut.

Roxie gave a small giggle, remembering how much torture she must’ve been putting her wife through by not allowing her to feel the end result. “Go ahead, babe,” she finally gave the green light. “Touch it all you want.”

Jo’s hands immediately reached up, and she was like a kid on Christmas morning just revelling in that fresh fuzz on her head. Her palms rubbed against every nook and cranny so delicately as she hummed with brimming delight. Roxie merely sat behind her for a moment, indulging in this part of the cut that she always adored. While watching (or in this case, doing) the haircut was the most ecstatic segment, that small epilogue after the cut itself when Jo started feeling through it was just as important. And this time it was extra special— seeing Jo feel so much more comfortable after being so bogged down by those last weeks of her pregnancy melted Roxie’s heart.

Jo soon turned around slightly, giving her wife a suggestive look as she realised how much Roxie had been controlling herself this entire time. “You’ve been staying very focused,” Jo complimented as she leaned back a little, now resting her head against Roxie’s bosom.

Oooh,” Roxie let out as she felt Jo’s fuzzy head tickle against the bare skin on her upper body.

“Go on,” Jo urged gleefully. “You know you want to touch it too.”

With a deep breath, Roxie finally brought her hands fully up onto Jo’s head— and she had to stifle a large moan when she felt it all. It had been way too long since Jo’s last buzzcut, and now that Roxie had a chance to feel it all over again, she remembered how much she’d missed that fun little venture they had together. While Jo’s usual crop had her hair just short enough on top that it barely eluded her fingers’ attempts to grab onto it, the buzz was a lot blunter— not a single lock was long enough to even tempt any entanglement. Her hands just couldn’t get enough, and knowing Roxie, her naughty hands were going to keep ruffling through Jo’s cute little buzzed head for the many days to come.

“Why don’t you come back in front so I can kiss you while you get wet over my hair,” Jo suggested teasingly, wholeheartedly enjoying the feeling of Roxie’s hands on her scalp. While it did mildly annoy Jo when Roxie’s hands would mischievously mess up her hair from time to time, now she only got satisfaction from it— especially since there wasn’t any more length to mess up.

Roxie giggled in agreement. “What hair?” she quipped as she gave a good rub on Jo’s head, then slowly got back out of the tub so she could put herself in front of Jo again.

Jo immediately pulled Roxie in, giving her a full kiss on the lips as Roxie’s hands slipped up the back of Jo’s neck and onto her scalp. She was on cloud nine, and if it was possible to be on cloud ten, she certainly reached it when she felt Jo’s fingers slide into the wetness in between her legs. Roxie opened her legs as widely as the tub’s circumference would allow her to as Jo reached in further, all the while grabbing her wife’s buzzed head into her chest with one hand and running the tips of her fingers over its circumference with the other. Roxie took extra care to run her fingers in circles around the tender bare flesh that she’d shaved to the skin above Jo’s ears and on the bottom of her hairline. Her fingers started to shake as her whole body trembled, and she grasped Jo’s head to her breast in a fervor as her chest heaved, her breathing becoming heavier. As Jo’s fingers continued to arouse her, she grabbed Roxie to her tightly with her other hand around her waist. The two women fused together as one, clutching each other for dear life and feeling as though they melted into one another as Roxie let out a moan. She’d reached her climax, and Jo delighted in feeling her wife’s legs shake violently against her own pregnant stomach, pulling Roxie in for a kiss.

“Mmh, okay,” Roxie eventually whispered as she pulled away slowly, catching her breaths. “Why don’t you go warm up the shower first while I clean all this up, then we can continue in there?”

Jo gave a playful pout as the kiss ended, but quickly smiled again when she realised she was about to get that warm shower she was promised. “Deal.” The tub was a hefty mess when Jo vacated it, but it was the type of clutter Roxie would happily clean up any day— just being able to feel those soft, shorn curls between her fingers as she swept them up could keep her going for the whole night. There may not have been a ton of hair on Jo’s head before the buzz, but the pile Roxie had amassed was quite the dramatic one. And as much as feeling severed locks was stimulating, she knew there was a much more pleasurable time waiting for her in that shower. “I can’t believe all that was on my head” Jo giggled as Roxie swept up those masses of waves, “looks like a dead animal!” “Well, now Oscar is back to having more hair than you, just as all three of us prefer!” Roxie reminded her, finally sweeping all those locks and curls into the bathroom trash can that her shorn wife handed over.

Showers had already been touchy with how much Roxie enjoyed being the one to bathe Jo when she was struggling to get around, but that night it was extra touchy. They’d spent about as much time in there together as they did in the tub, and eventually a pinch of exhaustion kicked in as they realised how late into the night it already was. After they’d gotten out of the shower, Jo took her time in front of the mirror— still turning her head from side to side, taking in that fresh image of her buzzed head that she’d been afraid wouldn’t look too good with her plump figure. But her worries were unfounded, especially with Roxie right behind her, spending every waking moment telling her how gorgeous she looked.

“I forgot how fast that dries up,” Roxie teased after she rubbed a towel over Jo’s fuzzy dome, wiping off all the moisture in a matter of seconds.

“I feel free,” Jo was still basking in her reflection as Roxie helped her dry up. “Thank you so much, Rox.”

“It’s the least I can do for the most incredible woman carrying our daughter,” Roxie said as she gave Jo a hug from behind, giving the tummy housing little Ro a soft rub. “Now let’s get you to bed and you can finally have some comfortable rest tonight.”

They found their way back to bed, a much heartier mood now amidst their cuddling compared to much earlier in the night. Jo dozed off soundly, and Roxie’s heart melted seeing their orange fuzzball Oscar curled alongside her and that smile that was still plastered on her wife’s face— a smile so big that she hadn’t seen for a long while ever since they’d been going through that last, tumultuous phase of the pregnancy.



“Is that my little Jo?”

Jo stirred as that familiar voice rang in her ears, slowly trying to sit up in bed as her eyelids opened, Oscar stirring alongside her. And she was immediately awakened.

“Mom?” the surprise was rife in Jo’s voice as she regarded the older woman.

“It’s the holidays—of course we had to see you if you couldn’t come to us. Your dad is just still finding parking.” A soft smile formed on her face as she took in the sight of her sweet youngest child, about to have her own child. “Oh, honey, look at you! You’re cute as a button,” Elaine said as she walked up to Jo’s bedside, hands going tentatively to feel her daughter’s dark blonde buzz. “Was this your idea?”

“Mine, actually,” Roxie said as she trailed behind Elaine, smiling away that her devious plan to sneak in Jo’s parents for a mini-holiday party worked out.

“Well, I was the one complaining about how stuffy and annoying all that hair was getting. She was the one to suggest buzzing it off, and I thought ‘what the hell?’. One less thing to worry about in these last few weeks, and it feels much more comfortable now,” Jo explained, embracing her mother’s soft touch over her fuzzy head.

“Oh yes, those last few weeks don’t get any easier. I’m glad you’ve at least found your own little way to help make it more bearable,” Elaine said, a thumb sliding down Jo’s face to appreciate this stark look of hers that somehow accentuated her femininity. “I thought you hated my short hair, mom” Jo replied, with the shadow of a smirk on her face but also with some earnesty. They way Elaine had excitedly asked if Jo was growing her hair back every time it got slightly longer than its usual length and then the subtle disappointment on her face when she’d see Jo all neatly-cropped again, all those comments about how lovely her outfits would look with longer hair, and now her mother was calling a buzzcut “cute”? “I got used to it,” Elaine shrugged, and smiled, “and seeing how happy it makes you, and how radiant and self-assured you are with your hair short, well…” she trailed off and leaned over to give Jo a gentle kiss on the top of her buzzed head, Roxie beaming as she watched.

“How did you do this four times, mom?” Jo lamented, leaning her face into her mother’s hand as Elaine knelt down next to her. “I can’t even imagine doing this all over again once Rosemary is out.”

Elaine let out a small chuckle, gently rubbing Jo’s cheek. “I got a little used to that too, maybe. It doesn’t get any easier each time, that’s for sure. But it got me brilliant rays of sunshine,” she cupped the sides of Jo’s face with her hands now. “And then eventually, even more rays of sunshine came to life when they got older.”

Elaine sniffled as she stared at her youngest child— the one that always had a bit of trouble fitting in, struggling through so many awkward stages to figure out who she was. Her shy little tomboy who only ever came out of her shell when playing sports as a little kid, who Elaine couldn’t even force out of sweatpants or to comb her hair for special occasions as a teen. And now here Jo was, fully-confident in her own unique brand of womanhood and about to bear her own little girl, in the comfort of a loving home, with a loving wife and mother.

“Are you okay, mom?” Jo asked, noticing her mother’s glassy eyes.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, it’s just,” Elaine took a deep breath. “I mean, when you came out, and moved away, and then got married, I guess I just came to terms with the fact that that was it about you ever having a child, y’know? And I know it sounds so stupid, but that was just what I’d thought for so long— that I had all the grandchildren I was getting. Which, of course, is so many, and every day I’m grateful for them. Some don’t even get to see this many. But I always just knew you’d be such a wonderful mother, and I wanted that for you. Then you called me that one day,” Elaine gently placed a hand on Jo’s tummy, where this miraculous child was slumbering, “and I just couldn’t believe it.”

“Well, I had to leave one more surprise for you, I guess,” Jo quipped as she gently wrapped her mother’s hand with hers. “At least thinking I wasn’t going to give you a grandchild made the surprise even more dramatic. But in a good way, I hope.”

“One of the best surprises you’ve ever pulled off, Joanna,” Elaine smiled softly before pecking the back of Jo’s hand.

“Guess you’re gonna have to do one more of those big Forrester family portraits you love, huh?” Roxie chimed in as she knelt down next to Jo with Elaine, grinning from ear to ear as she witnessed this picturesque moment between her wife and mother-in-law.

“And little Rosemary will be right at the centre of the picture,” Elaine added, blinking through her tears.

“The miracle Forrester,” Roxie proclaimed, a tear coming to her eye as she’d found herself in this warm embrace. With a family.




Jo’s pregnancy style inspiration — Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby

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