Rem, Ram, and Emilia Shaving in the Bath

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When Ram has the idea to shave her head, it’s initially a purely practical idea. With no hair to think about taking care of, better depth-perception due to her blinding bangs being gone, and less heat to worry about in the summer, it’s a reasonable idea.
Lord Roswall agrees that she’d be more efficient, and cuter, and when Ram asks Rem to join her, Rem agrees quickly, trusting her sister.

The two quickly gather supplies- a couple straight razors, moisturizing cream for the affected areas, and everything they’ll need to clean a pile of sheared hair off the bath’s floor.
After they both disrobe and step into the bath, Ram asks Rem to sit down, and Rem does so quietly. Ram holds the razor to her sister’s forehead, and quietly, carefully runs the razor into her hairline, shearing away a thin stripe of blue hair, letting it tumble onto Rem’s nude form, and from there to the floor, leaving a pale, creamy strip of scalp. Ram moves the razor down the right side of Rem’s head, shearing away everything, and causing Rem to close her eyes, sighing. “This feels so lovely, sister,” Rem says, “I hadn’t thought of what this would feel like, until now…”
Rem gasps as a large clump of hair falls off the side of her head, and onto her shoulder. Ram doesn’t respond, focusing on her work, pinning Rem’s ear forward and shaving behind it, careful not to leave behind any hair whatsoever, but also not to accidentally cut her sister. When she has shaved almost perfectly half of Rem’s hair off, leaving half of a blue ring around her on the floor, Ram complains, “Sister, my arms are tired- would you please take over for a little while? I’ll need your help shaving as well.”
Rem nods, smiling- she knows that Ram wouldn’t get tired this easily. She just wants a part of the fun, and is too proud to say it.

Rem takes the straight razor, and Ram takes the seat. Rem expertly holds the straight razor to Ram’s pink nape, and shears up in a long, smooth stroke, leaving behind a long pale stripe, and a rain of pink hair landing next to the end of the blue half-ring. Ram bites down on her lip as Rem continues shaving long strips of her scalp clean, dropping big clumps of hair down her back, and onto her shoulder. When Rem pushes her ear forward to shave behind it, Ram can’t help but shiver, and Rem holds her head still with her arm. She deliberately shaves the area slowly, softly, drawing out the experience, and when there is nothing left to shave, she runs the flat of the blade against it, letting the cool metal soothe her warm, sensitive skin.
After a bit of teasing, Rem continues shaving, until, as she comes to about the same half-way point as Ram stopped shaving her at, Emilia walks in.

Emilia stops, and looks at her half-bald maids, at the perfect ring of pink and blue hair around them, and at the straight razor in Rem’s hands. She blinks, before asking, “Why didn’t you guys tell me about this? I want to be a part of it!”
The two jump in front of Emilia and bow repeatedly, apologizing, and Ram elaborates, “I’m sorry Miss Emilia. This was entirely my doing. I should have notified you, but my mind was lost in the task at hand. I-”
Emilia puts a finger on Ram’s mouth, smiling sweetly, and tells her, “It’s okay, I understand. The important thing is that I want to be a part of this now, please. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair for a while, but the thought of shaving it just seems so… exciting. You’re so smart, Ram.”
Ram feels as if Emilia has grabbed hold of her heart with a compliment, and she nods.
“Of course Miss Emilia. If you want to have your head shaved, sister and I will do so with the utmost care and skill. You will not have a hair remaining on your head, I promise.”

The two lead Emilia to the shaving spot, and have her sit down. Emilia looks at the ring of shaved hair, and shudders with anticipation. The half-bald twins rub up close against a nude, helpless, willing Emilia with razors in their hands.
“It’s almost a shame to shave away all of this beautiful white hair, but just being so close is starting to make me feel flushed.” Ram says.
“I couldn’t agree more sister. Of course, I wouldn’t do anything without Miss Emilia’s permission, but she could do anything she wanted to me.” Rem replies.
The twins simultaneously push their razors up Emilia’s sideburns, up over the side of her head gently, leaving long, white, hairless spots. White hairs trickle down amongst the mist, and land by their feet, in a pile of blue and pink hair.
Emilia can barely stand the feeling of hot breathing in both of her ears, and wet bodies up against her, and her pristine white hair being sheared away mercilessly, so she puts a hand on her pussy and starts massaging.

Rem smiles at her without breaking concentration, and asks, “Would you like help with that?”
Emilia bites her lower lip and, when she feels a lapse in pressure on the blades, nods.
Rem and Ram look at each other, smiling, and Ram gently pulls Emilia’s hand away. Instead of putting her own hand in the same place, she gently runs the razor along, collecting hair and brushing it away, leaving a smooth path behind it.
Rem does the same on the other side, and Emilia sits shocked, with her legs open, trying not to move even though all the blood in her body is running to her genitals.
The two look at her in unison, and smile, both shaving down to the skin, without a single nick.
When they are finished, Emilia has a bald pussy to match the bald spots on her head, and after rinsing the razors, Rem and Ram continue shaving her head thoroughly.

Emilia gently puts a hand on her mound, and finds it immediately and extremely sensitive to touch. She gasps, but starts rubbing it, starting to move so much after a few seconds that Ram has to hold her head still. The twins simultaneously shave behind Emilia’s ears, breathing into them gently as they concentrate on their work, causing a shiver to run down her body. As the two continue shaving, Ram works her way to the back of Emilia’s head, shaving away all the long locks running down her back, and Rem works her way to the front, gently pushing her chest toward Emilia’s face while running her razor down the top of her head.
When Emilia is fully shaved, and while she’s masturbating furiously, Ram explains to her, “I got a jar of this cream in town.. it’s from the city, and it’s supposed to be absolutely wonderful for hydrating and rejuvenating skin. There’s enough for all of us, and of course we wouldn’t leave you out even if there wasn’t, miss Emilia.”

Ram and Rem both take some of the cream in their hands, and apply it gently to Emilia’s scalp, rubbing it in hard enough that she can feel the pressure, but not enough to hurt her. The cool cream on Emilia’s sensitive, hot scalp among the steam is one of the most pleasant feelings she can think of, and she relaxes under her servants’ calm touch. The only thing that Emilia feared when being shaved was that there would be nothing like the feeling of skilled hands running through her hair- this is certainly nothing like that feeling, but it is actually better, somehow.
Emilia closes her eyes, and leans into the gentle touch on her, content.
After Emilia has cum multiple times from the feeling of careful fingers on her smooth, sensitive head, she pants, unable to stand up in the humid room. Rem and Ram smile at each other, and continue shaving each other’s heads careful, starting with Ram shaving Rem. Before she can finish, though, Emilia asks for a turn.
“That’s really not necessary-” Ram tells her, “I’m sure we can finish on our own if you’d like to go and… attend to other matters. Unless you’d like us to… accompany you.”
Ram comes up to Emilia, and her hot breath washes over her face. Her chest is pressed right up against Emilia’s erect nipples, and she closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling.
After a minute, she replies, “No, I just.. think it would be fun to try a little bit of shaving myself.”

Ram nods, and hands her the razor.
From behind, her wet body pressed up against Emilia’s back firmly, she guides Emilia’s hand and arm movements, helping her shear away the bulk of Rem’s remaining hair, letting blue locks fall on the multi-colored pile, but leaving a thin stubble on Rem’s head. Emilia savors the unbelievable feeling of shaving her maid bald, and remembers all the fetishy fantasies and dreams she’s had about this, all the times she’s run her hands through Rem’s hair, just wanting to see it fall. And now here it is, littering the floor of the bath.
Rem is quite cute, even with half of her head shaved formally, and the other half scattered with thin stubble. Emilia reaches out to touch her head, and pets it gently.
Rem smiles and closes her eyes, making her even cuter than normal.

Emilia practically melts as she strokes Rem’s bald head, but Ram’s warm hand on her forearm reminds her that this fantasy is not over. Ram smiles as she runs a hand through her remaining hair, and asks quietly, “Would you like to shave me as well, Miss Emilia? It would be an honor.”
Emilia is unable to respond, so she only nods. She holds the razor carefully, and puts it to the front of Ram’s head. She gently, slowly pushes the razor in, severing a few pink locks, pushing them away and onto Ram’s shoulder and the floor with her hand. Ram tries to stand still as a statue, but her erect nipples, closed eyes, and bitten bottom lip are only the first signs that she’s having trouble holding together. Rem presses against her, holding her up, as Emilia runs the razor down her scalp several more times.
When a particularly large clump of hair falls on her shoulder, Ram gasps, and Emilia checks for nicks. But there are none.
When all of Ram’s long hair is on the floor of the bath, Emilia withdraws the razor, and Ram opens her eyes. As she did with Rem, Emilia touches Ram’s head softly, and pets it gently, savoring the feeling of her bald head. Ram bites her lip to the point of bleeding, but Emilia tells her, “It’s okay, you can let it out. Don’t worry about it.”
Ram lets out a loud, long moan, and Emilia giggles, still petting her head, running her nails along it every so often.

After a few minutes of petting, which Rem joins in on when she takes Emilia’s other hand and puts it on her head suggestively, Ram finally remarks, “Alright, I should finalize Rem’s shaving, and we should probably moisturize our scalps so that they stay properly silky for you, Miss Emilia, and for everyone else in the mansion. You have given us so much, that I wouldn’t expect you to stay for this.”
Emilia thinks for a moment, then smiles, and asks, “Would you two like it if I moisturized you?”
In unison, seconds after the question, the twins reply “Yes.”
Rem continues, “Miss Emilia, your fingers feel like the love bestowed by a goddess onto mortals.”

After Ram finishes Rem’s shave, and vice versa, Emilia grabs their hands, and leads them to a place where they can sit. She asks Rem and Ram to lay on her, holding her torso, and they graciously oblige- Emilia puts cream on both of her hands, and strokes their heads in unison, applying cool, smooth cream to their smooth heads.
Both moan, out of unison, differently experiencing Emilia’s soft touch on their sensitive scalps. Rem loses herself in the massage, and hugs Emilia tightly, rubbing her cheek into a breast, wanting to memorize every detail of the experience. Emilia stiffens with the increased skin contact, but allows herself to enjoy it when she begins to understand it.
Ram is more reserved, until Emilia plays with her ear- this seems to melt the tension away from Ram, letting her collapse into a puddle in Milli’s lap. The two enjoy themselves for some time- nobody was keeping track- before eventually, Emilia stops.
The twins sit up almost immediately, red as tomatoes in the face, and Emilia giggles. She gives each twin a kiss on the cheek, and stands up.
Both watch her beautiful, nude, hairless form in the dim light and mist of the bath, even as she tells them, “I’ll see you again at dinner. And.. come to my bedroom tonight, please. I have something special in mind.”
The twins nod vigorously, even as Emilia is leaving.

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