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I was heading back to college after a long weekend home to see family and friends.  I was still feeling the effects of the last night as I had gone out with my best friends until the bars closed. It was only a two hour drive to campus, which was normally a straight thru shot.  Today however, my body told me to stop for a recharge.  I pulled off the interstate at an exit I had only driven by before, after I took care of what needed to be done I grabbed an energy drink and some munches.  I also decided to try my luck at a couple scratch off tickets.  To my surprise I won $500 on one of the tickets, elated by my luck I went back inside to collect my winnings.  The cashier congratulated me on the win, and suggested I might want to pay it forward.  The town was having a fund raiser for a twenty year old girl who had cancer.  My parents had raised me right, and as much as any college student could use $500, I headed across the parking lot to the VFW  where the event was being held.  I figured if I gave $25 I would have a guilt free conscious.


As I entered the hall I was met by an older lady.  I told her my name was Laney, and I was here to make a donation and she stated “Oh great we were waiting for you to get here”, and she pointed me to go down a hallway towards the rear.  I thought this was a little strange, figuring I would just leave the cash at the door.  When I got to the back room there were 6 other girls waiting, they were all talking amongst themselves about how scary this would be.  Before I could start to figure out what was happening, a woman and a girl about my age entered the room.  The girl starts making her way around to each of us thanking us for our donation.  Just as she came and introduced herself to me as Alyssa the woman announces that they are “ready for us on stage”.  I still had no clue of what was happening, when Alyssa grabs my arm and tells me that she is going to shave me herself.  I started to panic.  I had only come in to donate a little cash, but now this girl was expecting a whole lot more.  I told Alyssa that there had been a mistake and I was not here to have my haircut.


When Alyssa looked at me I felt like I was ripping her heart out.  She looked me in the eye and said “Laney, I picked you, so get over to that last chair like your told”.  I don’t know why, but I felt like I was a little kid, and made my way to the seat.  I sat and watched as the first 3 girls were sheared down to a mere 1/2″ of hair.  As the next 3 girls were also sheared of their long locks, my stomach start to turn, and I thought I might not be able to keep myself from wetting my pants.  I was the only one left and the announcer stated that Alyssa had chosen to do my hair herself.  Alyssa come next to me and whispered in my ear “Those girls got off easy, but I have other plans for you Laney”  My underwear was now drenched, and I feared that the chair and stage floor would be next.


I was shaking as Alyssa brought the clipper close to my head.  They still had the same guide comb that the other girls had used on their heads. The clippers roared in my ears as the laid waste to the sides of my head. The top was next and didn’t put up much of a fight under Alyssa’s hand.  I now had the same clippercut as the other girls then Alyssa comes and whispers to me again “Now your gonna look just like I do when I have to have treatments”  Alyssa then shows me a different clipper.  It is much smaller with tiny little teeth on the blade.  Alyssa starts right in front of my ear, and as she runs the little clipper to the top all I see is pale white skin. All my energy is going towards keeping myself from wetting my pants, so I have not yet thought of the fact that she is making me bald and I am letting her do it.


I am no longer sure that I am not going to wet my pants as Alyssa shows me the large dollop of shaving cream in her hand.  As she starts to smear it across my head I feel that my jeans now have a very large wet spot.  I quickly stopped worrying peeing my pants when Alyssa starts scraping the foam from my scalp.  I was having feelings like I never did before, not knowing if I would flood the stage with my pee, or would give the audience a show from the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life.  In a matter of a few minutes Alyssa had finished shaving me bald and as the crowd cheered for her victory over cancer she whispered into my ear “You’re mine forever Laney”.


We spent the next hour with Alyssa taking me around and introducing me as her girlfriend from college.  I was still in a state of shock over the whole incident.  I didn’t know how I was going to explain this to my friends and family, or Eddie, the boy I had just started dating at school.  Alyssa on the other hand seemed to have everything planned out.  I was to go back to college for the last 4 weeks of the year, but on the weekends I was supposed to drive back to spend them with her.  Even though I was instantly drawn to her as a friend, that was all I thought she would be, but Alyssa told me that we were now a couple and she again reminded me that I belonged to her.


When I arrived back at my dorm everyone was shocked at my appearance, especially Eddie who looked at me in disgust when I opened the door for him.  My roommate just laughed it off as a college prank, but Eddie quickly forgot my address and phone number.  I was distracted all week long, but then my phone rang on Friday morning.  It was Alyssa, she told me she had an exciting weekend planned for us.  I spent my Friday daydreaming about what she had in mind.  Even though I considered myself straight, somehow I was getting excited being controlled by Alyssa.  I managed to finish my classes for the day and headed back to my dorm.  I picked out a couple of my best outfits to take with me and I changed into a cute t-shirt dress for the ride to Alyssa’s house.


Alyssa had come out to her parents when she was 16, so it was no shock to them to bring a girlfriend home.  In my mind I still insisted to myself that I was straight and Alyssa was just another female friend, but deep down I knew that I was more than that.  We enjoyed a nice meal with her family and then headed out for the night.  We decided to go to a movie, and we certainly drew more than a few stares from the locals. It was a small town, and seeing a 2 girls, one of which had a buzzcut, holding hands was still quite the sight.


I slept on the couch, out of respect for Alyssa’s parents.  I had a restless night wondering what Alyssa had in store for me the next day.   I was already sitting up when she came downstairs, shooting me a big smile, telling me “I see you can’t wait to start our day.  We both got dressed and headed out to get breakfast.  As I sat in the diner and looked out at the main street, Alyssa said “I think we need to get your hair cleaned up first.  I’ve got just the place”.  I had thought the haircut was a one time thing, but seconds later we were walking down the main drag.  I had never been in her town before, so I had no idea where she was leading me, but then I saw it a couple blocks down the road, a spinning barber pole.  I had seen barber poles all my life, but this was the first time it actually meant something to me personally.


We walked up to the door, it read “Village Barbershop”.  As we entered I see that it was just a little shop and the barber was a middle aged women.  She welcomed us to the shop, and asked Alyssa how she was feeling and if she was ready for another headshave.  Alyssa told the barber (Carol) that she was well and that I was going to take her place.  I was a little lost in their conversation, but then I realized that Alyssa was going to have my head shaved again.  Alyssa looked over at me and said “Up you get.  You know why you’re here”  I couldn’t even think for myself and just made my way to the chair.  Carol was a no nonsense person.  Within a minute I was prepped and I heard the whine of her clippers just behind my ear.  Her industrial sized clippers stripped off my peach fuzz in mere seconds and after she hung them up I saw her reaching for what looked like a little refrigerator.  The item she returned with was a rolled towel.  She unrolled it then laid it around my head from back to front.  I was somewhat shocked by the heat, but Carol told me “You’ll get used to it in a minute”.  A minute later the towel was removed, only to be replaced by some thick white lather that had a strong manly smell to it.  Carol then proceeded to scrape all the lather from my head with a straight razor.  After a quick clean off with the towel I am released from the chair.  Alyssa paid Carol for her services and as we head towards the door Alyssa speaks out, “Thanks again Carol.  See you next week”.


Once we are on the sidewalk I asked Alyssa “Are you having your hair cut Alyssa?”, but Alyssa smiled and said “No silly she’s your barber now, not mine.  I’ve had to have short or bald hair for 2 years and I’m growing mine out.”  She spent the rest of the day showing me around her town and we went to dinner.  On Sunday morning, her mother made us a huge breakfast and as we sat together her mother told me how happy she was that Alyssa had a new girlfriend.  I still couldn’t see myself as that, but later that day, as I was getting ready to head back to school, Alyssa gave me a big kiss and hug right in front of her parents.


We repeated our weekend routine for the next 3 weeks, with me sitting in Carol’s chair while she shaved me smooth.  As the school year ended, i was offered a summer internship at the company where Alyssa’s father was an executive.  The company gave me a small salary, plus the use of an apartment for the summer.  This meant that Alyssa and I would be living together and she quickly to control over me.  I grew more and more comfortable having Alyssa control me.  She made every decision for me from wardrobe to what food I ate.  It was about 4 weeks in to the summer when Alyssa decided I should be bald all over.  On Thursday, before heading to work, Alyssa tells me that “Carol is expecting you to come in today.”  I had started going to the barbershop on Thursday afternoon’s and thought nothing of her statement.


I arrived at the barbershop by 4:45.  As I came through the door Carol came over and locked it and flipped the sign to closed.  “Come on we have a lot to get done tonight” she said.  I just sat down on her chair and she made quick work of making me smooth again.  As she finished the shave and smoothed my scalp with some warm oil Carol said “Okay your head is smooth now we can take care of downstairs.”  I wasn’t getting a grasp of what she was saying when Carol tells me “Lets head in back and you can strip those clothes off.”  I knew that this was Alyssa’s plan.  I went into the back room and there was an exam table in the back corner.  I ask her what the table was for and Carol tells me “Alyssa wants that crotch as smooth as your head and that’s what you’re going to have”  I had no idea what I was in for, but Carol started the process of permanently removing the hair between my legs.  The whole thing took 5 hours and I finally saw my now permanently hairless crotch for the first time.  Carol used more of the warm oil that she had put on my scalp and told me “Alyssa will be so happy, she might want to do your head next”


I knew I didn’t want to be bald forever, so when the time came to go back to school I thought I would make my break from Alyssa, and just not go back to her.  To my surprise, Alyssa was going back to school, and her parents rented us an apartment off campus.  I knew I was going to be under Alyssa’s control for the next year.  By the start of the school year, Alyssa’s hair was now past her shoulders and mine of course was still smooth.  Alyssa quickly found a nearby barbershop for my weekly visits, and I was surprised on the first trip to find it was run by 4 old Italian barbers.  After they had a laugh at my expense, my head was again smooth, but this time the barber put a coat of wax on my head and buffed my scalp until it shined.


Alyssa laughed at me when I came through the door.  She told me that I was to go back to that barber every week, unless I wanted to let Carol take care of it for good.  Surprisingly after 6 month’s of Alyssa’s control of me, I was actually considering seeing Carol for one last visit.

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