Resting Bitch Face

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A real bitch! That’s exactly what I’m looking at right now. Sitting here writing this account of what just happened at the barbershop. A quick trip to Walmart followed by a surprise haircut for the wife. I’ve watched her for over an hour sitting on the sofa with her “RBF” (her words) she has used in the past to describe women with just an overall snooty look. Well now she’s wearing the same. Funny how every few minutes she feels the back of her neck, rubbing it with her palm, hoping for any signs of life. Not a chance. Mildred at the Family Barbershop really did a number on my love this morning. So I sit here watching her squirm, tear up, pout, sniffle, all while trying to rub, tease, pull whatever hair the ole’ Barber left. I shoot her a text to really get under her skin. It read:

Holy shit babe, that’s one bald ass nape ya got there. Ya know, I think I’ll go ahead and lather that neck up before bed and get it smooth bald. Come over here and get on this cock, I want to feel that prickly nape

She walked over and slowly kneeled down and opened her mouth. My cock now rock hard as I slowly inserted my shaft in her mouth and went to work. Fucking her till she gagged at times, choked here and there, all while hold her bald nape and ramming my dick down her throat. She did have just enough hair on top to grab, literally yanking that short patch Mildred had left.

Fuck her, run your mouth some more why don’t you. Go ahead, text your fake ass friends and run that mouth. You would think she would be more appreciative after 3 marriages and just a shit ton of baggage. I saved her from all that shit, and for what, being disrespected like a damn dog? She’ll eventually learn, or maybe not. But one things for certain right now, the more she rubbed, the more she realized – she’s been scalped!

I still have visions of her in the large black leather chair, sitting still as the old butcher wrapped the tissue super tight, pinning the black cape snug to the neck. The shop was empty, just me, my love, Mildred and her counter full of clippers and shears. A scorching hot day, the temp already in the 90’s at 8am, and the shop was almost as hot. The TV in the shop playing reruns from the 70’s, the magazines dating years back, as any of you who know frequent any old school barbershop. Mounds of hair all around the chair, Cheri knew hers would add to the pile.

She snapped the cape on and called out, “next” looking in our direction. I had ushered Cheri in right as the shop opened this morning, the thought of that hot metal blade attached to that powerful Oster clipper hitting her neck had my cock throbbing. I motioned for Cheri to head to the chair. Seeing my gal strut over and take her seat like a “real man” was a sight to remember. Gingerly walking over, 6 inch heels, super tight jeans I asked her to wear this morning showed signs of her recent weight gain. A long sleeved polo, tucked in tight with a necktie to boot! She looked super uncomfortable as she sat in that hot, sticky leather chair, legs crossed, adjusting the cape to cover her legs. The frumpy barber now aligns all her tools, firing each clipper up one at a time, shooting each with a quick puff of lubricant.

“How short are we goin” Ms. Mildred said slowly rotating the chair – Cheri now facing the mirror. Oh those words made me rock hard, words that sent a cold flush down my lady’s spine. Funny how most old fashioned barbers address a customer when they sit for a cut. She knew the drill, we’ve been down this road many times in the past. There was a dead silence as my girl waited for my sign. There are only a few choices, I would hold up a finger for clarification.

  1. Just a light trim
  2. #1 crewcut
  3. A high-n-tight
  4. A mens regular
  5. The military G.I

A few weeks back we dropped in a local chain salon, and for her loyal service at home, only one finger for my girl, she kept the house sparkling clean amd she was spot on with my “blow job on demand” another little game we oftern played. That day just a slight trim for my lady. Now looking straight into the shop mirror she had a clear view, waiting for my response. I smiled, mouthed I love you, and held up one finger. She looked relieved and told Mildred she wanted just a little off the ends.

Not today bitch! Today would be a high-n-tight. Of all the cuts over the years, the one she dreaded theĀ  most.

“Hey babe, you’re getting a #1, look over at the poster on the wall. Cheri glanced over to see an old barbershop poster titled -The Styles of Today. The poster looked to be 50 years old, but sure enough, the #1 picture was of a boy with a classic high-n-tight! She dropped her head down in obvious disgust, even slightly seeming to say no, please, please… I wanted to humiliate her to no end this morning.

You’re going to be dropping that head down soon enough babe, but you need to tell her how short you want it today” I said as she raised up and sat silently.

“I guess a high-n-tight” she said in a rather pissy voice.

“Are we skinnin’ the sides” ole’ Mildred asked slowly turning the chair, Cheri now facing me – just a few feet away.

“Skin-er’ down real tight, down to the skin” I said walking over to her chair. I rubbed the hair just above her ear, which had actually grown long enough to cover the tip of the ear.

“She hates when anything touches her ear, and I do love a good whitewall, and of course, your traditional landing strip on top” I said as I sat back down, Cheri looking at me, glassy eyed with that pouty look. This is where it gets really good. Several times in the past I’ve halted the scalping, jumping up and practically begging her not to get it cut that short. A few times we’ve actually walked out of a shop, call it clemency, like a stay of execution.

The clippers came to life and were running at full power as the chair was pumped a few times, Mildred hitting the grinding blades with another shot of lubricant. Cheri peered right into my eyes, but today would not be her day. We broke eye contact when the clippers hit her nape and the command that always gets me rock hard – especially when the blade touches my ladies neck.

“Head down” Mildred paused as her head dropped slightly. She moved in position from behind as my girl desperately tried watching me for a last reprieve if you will – a stay of execution.

“All the way down hun” she again asked, now noticeably more forceful this time. Cheri knew the drill. When a barber instructs you to drop your head, by god you drop the damn thing. And you keep it down until told otherwise.

“Babe, don’t let her have to tell you again, drop your head, we’ve discussed this all morning. The hair is coming off, like it or not” I said walking back over toward the chair.

Her bangs dangled in front, it was all the leverage I would need to assist my favorite barber, she certainly didn’t need this type of combative customer at her advanced age. Now with a tuft of her bangs tightly in my fist, I pulled her head down firmly and now the clippers had the perfect angle to take it all off.

“Skin her real good Mildred, and I do apologize for her lack of discipline in your chair, she’s usually much more cooperative right before a shearing” as I held her head down, her chin depressed hard against her chest.

“No worries, She’s just like a youngin’ gettin’ a back to school buzzcut, I’m used to it after 40 years’ Mildred said now really in control of the situation.

The blade chewed through her gray locks. I pressed her head down hard as the barber moved the clippers slowly up her nape. I wanted every fucking bit of hair off her head! Damn those things are strong I thought as she literally scalped her ass. The view I had of the blade grinding into her scalp made my cock rock hard. Watching and smelling the metal chewing through her hair is a sight I’ll never forget. The contrast of her gray hair on the black cape was a beautiful site. Sitting like any classy lady would, allowing the hair to gather in her lap. It was not long and it seemed as if the clippers hit another gear, peeling everything off leaving a smooth bald scalp. Watching the vibrating blades pull her hair in and slice through her scalp made me melt. And after butchering both sides, Cheri sat still with a look of defeat, as the barber moved to the top mowing it down, leaving her signature “landing strip” so flat, even a novice pilot could set his plane on. And since I was now her official helper, I held my girls head straight and firm as the big Oster 76 clippers hummed across her head. I swear the lady is half blind, but she got the top flatter than a pancake. I loved seeing the chards of hair literally sticking to her forehead and face, and the few tears only gummed it up more. I snapped a quick picture. Mildred walked over for a quick cup of coffee which gve me an opportunity to rub it in even more.

“Tell me you love it baby” I said whispering in her ear, careful not to disturb her newly shorn scalp.

“You look like a fucking dog that’s just been groomed” I said reminding her that Mildred’s horseshoe flattops are legendary around these parts. The top no more than 1/2 inch on around the “shoe.”

She slowly turned my girl around and was now facing the mirror for the first time. The chair dropped and she removes the neck strip and cape. Mildred has cut my lady many times in the past and she never disappoints. And with a quick burst from the air hose, a splash of 20 year old tonic, it was over!

“OK young lady, tell me what ya think” now positioning the mirror in the perfect spot for a full back view.

“Triple zero all around, and a nice landing strip up top” as she pulled the cape off.

“How does that feel back there,” as she motioned for her to take a quick feel. All while this was taking place, Hal, the shops other barber had just walked in. A mother with her two boys were also now waiting near the shops entrance, as Cheri took a quick feel of her nape, looked down and stepped out of the chair.

“Hal, can you ring up a Flattop for me, these boys have been waitin a while” she said as the old dude barked out the price and I gladly paid. I peered over to catch the younger mother staring right at the back of Cheri’s head. Her hair in a long pony tail, ball cap, sipping on a Starbuks coffee. Typical soccer mom, right? Her thoughts most likely of “my god that poor woman” or “I feel for the lady.”

“Dang babe, she did a great job, the sides, the top, boy your head is shining” I said purposely speaking a bit louder as we walked past the young mother, now placing my hand on her neckline with a gentle rub. To add insult to injury, I made her pay for her own scalping! Always the gentleman, I opened the truck door and helped her in the big 4 wheel drive.

“When you woke up this morning babe, you didn’t think for a minute you would be sittin’ in ole’ Mildreds barbershop gettin’ that fucking mess of your cleaned up like that, did ya’?” I said as we drove home. Boy the looks you get when you roll up to a red light, a guy and his gal sporting his and her Flattops.

So again here we are. Cheri on the sofa with her own self described resting bitch face. From behind I rest my hands on her store bought breasts and slowly kiss the bottom of her nape. Literally not even a hint of hair on her neck until about halfway up the nape, and even then, just a slight prickle leading to that super flat, squared top.

“Hold still babe. I think ole’ Mildred may have you a little higher on the right side” I said as I fired up our own big Oster Titans, held her head steady and pretended to shave it down even more.

“Real still babe, let me take a quick snapshot of this golf ball resting on here,” placing a Tiltlest golf ball square on to of her head.

“Gonna post this on YouTube babe, want to see if any of my golfing buddies think they could chip the ball of your head without touching your bald ass scalp, pretty funny right babe?” Also, I’ll shoot it over in a text, how about updating your profile picture on Facebook?” I sent it over and we sat for a while reading some of the replies from her so-called Facebook friends. So humiliating!

  • Real funny addition- A few day later we were camping as we like to do often and I was having a few beers with a few guys at one of their sites. Talking football, politics etc. when Cheri walked from the camp laundry area. I watched as she walked toward our camper I cracked a joke.

“Damn that bitch has some short hair” I said laughing somewhat and one of the old rednecks looked over at her walking past and commented: “I’d beat my old ladies ass if she came home with some shiit like that, looks like a damn dike to me” he said

“We’re all good, at least for now. Those drunken text messages will get you every time”








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